3 Valentines Day Outfits


As Valentines Day is now only a week away, I thought I would give you a few ideas for outfits you can wear for the day. Whether you’re going out for drinks, and want something slightly more casual yet still dressy, going out for a really fancy meal or just going for a relaxing day date, I’ve got an outfit idea to suit every occasion.

If you’re off to a lovely posh meal this Valentines day, then a statement dress would be the perfect choice. I always think they ooze femininity, and are so easy to create an outfit around. You can so easily make the dress the statement and then keep it neutral with the accessories, like I’ve done with this gorgeous lazer cut Karen Millen dress. This is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, because I just love the pop of red. I always think red looks beautiful on women, and I love pairing it with bouncy curls and top it all off with a red lip. I’ve then kept the jewellery and accessories neutral, with a nude bow clutch bag from Coast, and kept the rose gold theme running through into my circular Pandora necklace. Which has small cut out hearts around the edge, which I thought would be perfect for valentines.

However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed day date outfit, then a classic cami and a leather skirt would be the perfect choice. I love matching a really delicate and lacy piece, with a more masculine leather piece, and the two just compliment each other so nicely. But, as it is valentines day, I thought the added pink of the skirt still keeps it girly and perfect for a day date. Whether it’s a picnic, a walk in the park or a day out, this would really work, and then you can take it into the evening with the addition of this pink blazer from L K Bennett and a statement necklace.

What date are you planning this Valentines Day?

Rachel x


Valentines Style Inspiration With Zaful

Untitled design 2

Untitled design

Valentines Day is fast approaching and is a time for you to celebrate not only being in a relationship with an amazing person you love, but also to celebrate youself, if you’re single this year. Whether you’re taken or single, you still want to enjoy the day and look amazing doing it, so I’m working with Zaful this Valentines Day to give you some style inspiration and show you some of the beautfiul pieces they’ve got on offer for you to pick up.

When it comes to Valentines this year I want to look feminine and girly, as well as still challenging a chic and elegant look. So my key colour palette is going to be Red, Black and White, with a hint of cream and blush to go along side it. This is because they are not only appropriate colours for the day, but I always think that Red looks beautiful on women and shows a real feminine strength. It looks perfect as a dress, jumper, a statement jumpsuit or just as an accessory to an outfit; with a pair of red shoes or a good old red lip.

So, if you’re looking for a red piece this Valentines Day, this Crochet Cami Dress from Zaful would be a perfect buy. Lace is always such a gorgeous look and so why not wear it in a full piece this year. It would look beautiful paired simply with a pair of nude heels and some bouncy curls, or create a bit more of a european look by pairing it with a loose low bun. You can see more of the lovely dresses they have to offer when you click here. There’s also room for some gorgeous red underwear this Valentines Day, and body suits are the must buy this year. So, this Sheer Lace one from Zaful is the best buy for you. It still creates a sexy look, but keeps it classy and elegant; which you can’t ever beat with underwear. There’s lots more gorgeous choices over on the Zaful website if you’re looking for a new piece this year.

What are you doing this Valentines Day?

Rachel x

Get Ready With Me | Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re spending Valentine’s day with a special person in your life or you’re just going out with the girls; getting your outfit right is a priority. I always feel so much more confident and ready for the night, if I love my outfit; so choosing the perfect piece to wear is super important to me. It could be a jumpsuit, playsuit, or a beautiful dress, like one form AX Paris, it’s all about finding that item you love, that fits perfectly and makes you feel camera ready, at any point throughout the night. So, here’s what I would wear for a date this valentine’s day or just a few drinks with the girls.

This beautiful floral A-Line dress from AX Paris is the real star piece of the outfit, and is an item I really love in my wardrobe. It’s such a feminine and pretty dress, which is perfect for those more special evenings out or even a wedding. I’m actually planning to wear to one of my best friends’ wedding, so I know it’s super appropriate for that as well.

The A-line style is really great for my body shape, as it really highlights my small waist and flares out nicely to cover my stomach. It’s the perfect dress style for anyone who is more curvy and who finds that pleats around the waist just don’t do anything for their body shape. As the floral design looks really pretty and adds a more spring/summer vibe to your outfit. It looks effortlessly stylish, chic and the satin style fabric makes it look really expensive and a good quality piece.

To bring the whole outfit together, I paired it with these nude strappy sandals from Next, which are super comfortable and perfect for you to party in all night long. As, this silver clutch bag is a gorgeous addition to any outfit and especially when it’s paired with some lovely silver rings from Pandora. My fragrance of choice for the evening would be Olympea by Paco Rabanne, because I love how empowering and feminine this scent is. It lasts all night and ensures you always smell amazing.

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day?

Rachel x

The Realities of The Single Life


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and is the time to show just how much love that special person in your life. That could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or just a time to celebrate the single life. However, it’s far from the greatest day to enjoy when you’re single, and are surrounded by friends and family that are all in relationships. So, to give all those single guys and girls out there something to relate to this Valentines Day, I thought I would share a few of the good and bad realities of living the single life…

  1. “Is there something wrong with me?”- When you’ve been living the single life for a while, after many failed dates and messages; you start to ask yourself whether there is actually something wrong with me? You just start to think that you must be either really weird, a bit odd looking or just super unlucky.
  2. “I’m going to be single forever”- Single life is definitely fun, when you don’t have to worry about what anyone else wants to do or how they feel, but you do get to that stage where you think you will always be single and end up a crazy old cat lady. You think you might as well give up on love and ever finding that perfect man.
  3. “Do you have a boyfriend yet?”- This becomes a constant question, on all of your families lips, as all your grandparents ask you every week is ‘have you got a boyfriend yet’. Not only do they not realise it’s not as easy as just going up to someone and saying you think they’re drop dead gorgeous, but you also don’t want to be set up their friends grandson.
  4. “It’s all about going out with the girls and seeing some eye candy”- When you’re single you have time to dedicate to spending with your best girl mates and going out looking for some really good eye candy. You have no reason not to look at any gorgeous men, whilst you’re on a night out, and have no else’s feelings to worry about. You’re single and can do what you want, when you want.
  5.   ” I’m way too picky”- This is such a reality for me when it comes to the single life, because I’m just so picky about who I like and would even pursue. Unless I really like something about you and could see myself in a relationship with you, then I’m not interested and I think that’s where I’m going wrong?

Have you got any tips for saving a non existent love life?

Rachel x

Valentines Day Gift Guide | For Her


Valentine’s day is fast approaching and even though the lovely women in your life may not want anything this year, it’s still nice to give them a little surprise. That could be as simple as cooking them a meal, going out on a date or just giving her that extra special gift. However, I know that us women are not always the easiest to buy for, so I’ve created a small gift guide to give you all a bit of inspiration. Whether it’s just a small token gift of a Lush bath bomb or two, or even just a little gift to yourself to celebrate the single life. There’s a gift for everyone, what ever your relationship status….

If you’re looking for a smaller token gift to give this Valentine’s day, or even a nice little present to yourself, a lovely LUSH bath bomb would be the perfect choice. Even though I love more special and luxury gifts, I’m still a real fan of LUSH and I honestly don’t think you can beat a good old bath bomb. They smell amazing, I’m particularly into more fresh smells, look lovely in the bath and are also a real treat for your skin, especially the one’s with shea butter and essential oils. However, if baths and all things skincare isn’t quite the perfect gift, then this gorgeous Parisian street style colouring book is a great alternative. I’m really creative and love being able to channel my inner child and do some more grown up style of colouring. It’s a great way to relax and just focus your mind away from the stress of everyday life. So, if the woman your buying for loves to be creative or is a bit of a workaholic, then this would be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

On the other hand, we all love a more special and expensive gift and this iconic Tiffany necklace would be the perfect choice. It’s slightly different from the original silver, engraved heart design, as it also has a gold key hanging from the chain. I love how this mixes the two different metals; meaning you can wear it with silver, gold and maybe even a bit of rose gold as well. It also has a real key to my heart vibe, and it’s a very romantic and sentimental present to receive this Valentine’s Day. Or, if smelling lovely is more her thing, then this gorgeous scent from Paco Rabanne would be a great gift. This is my ultimate favourite fragrance, because it’s quite a deep femine smell without being too over powering. Olympea is very much a young woman’s perfume, which channels a very chic and glamourous vibe; allowing the woman in your life to always smell amazing and feel super feminine.

What would you love to receive this Valentine’s day?

Rachel x