A Day at London Fashion Week Festival

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London Fashion Week is something me and my mum have always wanted to go to. We’ve always wanted to sit as the side of a catwalk and watch a real show, and see the models walking down the runway showing the latest trends for the upcoming season. So, when my mum bought me tickets to go to London Fashion Week Festival for Christmas I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to go and be a part of something I’ve always wanted to experience.

From the moment I set foot on the strand, to the moment I was sitting second row at the side of the runway, I loved every moment. As you all know, fashion is something I love and a career I can’t wait to be a part of, and so it was right up my street. I loved sitting next to the runway and watching each new trend showcase their latest pieces, and browsing round the stalls for some new items to add to my wardrobe. It was so inspiring and a peak into what my career in fashion buying will bring.

I honestly couldn’t recommend the event enough to anyone who loves fashion and style. The experience is just amazing and the tickets are also really affordable considering the event. I still can’t believe I got to go and I’m already planning to go to the one in September.

Rachel x

Candy Girl On A Budget

Sweet, Sugar, Candy Man…

Hello Lovelies


It’s summer and the pastels are well and truly in. With this trend only pastels are allowed, mixed in with well tailored retro styling. A match made in retro and summer 2013 heaven.


As we all know fashion is great but it’s a lot better when we can have a great look and rock it, but on a budget. I love fashion even more than the next person and even I like to get a bargain and feel great but know that I have not spent a fortune, and that when this trend goes out I can just put the items away and not feel guilty that I have spent a lot of money on something, I have just put into the cupboard. Isn’t this something we all want as women of nice taste.


With this in mind I have created a view of the best on offer to cover this trend on the high-street. With nearly every item under £50, with just a few added extra’s that stretch the purse a little more, to get you thinking and inspiring.




Pale Pink Vinyl Pencil Skirt £38.00


Organza Insert Calf Skirt £48.00


Diamond Grid High Neck Top £24.00


Bright Fluro Shirt £38.00


Rees 2-Pat Hi Sandals £62.00


New Look

Pastel Blue and Pink Gemstone Necklace £12.99


Glam Three Sparkle Drop Earrings £5.99



Cardigan £34.99



Selected Ellinor Retro Shorts With Pockets £25.00


Shiny Pu Jacket £14.00


Bow Print Turban With Front Bow Tie Detail £12.00


Pieces Disle Leather Belt £12.00


Chunky Metal Keeper Waist Belt £8.00


Bag With Chunky Lock And Top Handle £30.00


PARDON Pointed High-Heels £30.00


Double Colour Drop Earrings £6.00


River Island

Pink Leather Plain Cluff Court Shoes £55.00


Short Sleeve Boxy Shirt £26.00


A Few Outfits To Get You Started

Outfit 1

outfit 1

Outfit 2

outfit 2

Outfit 3

outfit 3

Although there is not that much out there in the high street at a first glance, sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper and uncover the true gems.


This look is great with most of the items being under £50. This makes the trend affordable and great to rock for anyone. I love it and even if you can not afford every item you can pick a few that would be great staple pieces. I recommend the cardigan as one major staple piece. I could of put it with all of the outfits and it just goes with everything in this trend. Also the white boxy shirt. This item is also very versatile and great as it goes with everything. I love both these pieces and coming in at only £61.00 for both items, it’s a great investment and something that won’t break the bank.


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I hope you feel inspired and I can’t wait to see you all rocking the Candy Girl look!

Love Rachelx