4 Pre-Summer 18 Trends

Lace and RufflesEmrboidery and Cut outs

Images Sourced From Pinterest and WGSN

March is the first month that we start to see peaks of spring and summer start to come out, and it always gets me excited for the warmer months ahead. By this time I’m starting to get bored of winter fashion, wearing jumpers and boots all the time and having to always think about a coat. I just want to be able to wear jeans and sandal’s, throw on a dress and a jacket and just head out for the day, without the worry of the cold weather. So, to start getting your spring/summer style juices flowing, I thought I would share 4 pre-summer trends, which you can start to incorporate into your style now and also through the summer months.

RUFFLES: These were a massive trend last spring/ summer and they are having another big comeback. They work best when you keep them simple, on the trims of tops or dresses and look gorgeous on sleeves. They look so feminine and really add a fresh, spring like vibe to your outfit.

LACE: Every spring/summer lace seems to be in trend in some way, however this year it’s all about doing it head to toe. So, whether that’s wearing a fully lace dress or two lace separate’s, to create the all lace illusion. However, you have to really careful and pick your colours and style’s carefully. So think about pairing light neutral shades together, but focus the darker shade on the bottom half, such as a white lace top but a blush pink shirt. Again this looks so youthful and fresh and something I love to incorporate into my summer wardrobe.

EMBROIDERY OVERLAY: Embroidery has come back to clothing with a bang, and this year it’s all about over lays. So, wearing a black vest top with a sheer, embroided lace top over it, or an overlay of embroidery as a feature on a dress, top or a skirt. It looks lovely in so many shades and is available in multiple styles, you just need to find the one that’s right for you!

CUT OUTS: Lace year it was just starting to come through with the cold shoulder top trend, however now it’s all over the body, with cut outs on the arms, neck, waist and stomach. However, you need to play it carefully and make sure you pick an item that still looks classy and chic. You want to look on trend and also up market, not on trend and slightly trashy.

What trends can you not wait for this Spring/Summer?

Rachel x

My Style Inspiration- Olivia Palermo

All images sourced from my ‘Fashion pinterest board


Hello Lovelies


If you read my ‘How to find your style inspiration’ post back in September last year, then you will know that I’m generally not someone who really admires a certain person’s style; and if I was going to, then it definitely wouldn’t normally wouldn’t be a celebrity. I think the reason for this is because celebrities are just so out of my reach and wear clothes that cost money that I would never dream of spending on a item of clothing. Realistically I will never be able to go and buy an item that I see a celebrity wearing, normally this is the case but obviously there is a few exceptions. So, generally I normally admire more fashion bloggers and youtubers who are real people and have real realistic budgets for clothes, that still have amazing style.


However, as I was flicking through my Pinterest, as I literally do every single day, I noticed that a certain celebrity’s style kept appearing over and over again on my ‘fashion’ pinterest board. To be honest, even when I wrote that style inspiration post back in September, I said that Olivia Palermo was one of my only style inspiration exceptions, and since then I have continued to love her style and decided to dedicate a whole post to her and her amazing sense of personal style.


There’s quite a few things that I love about Olivia Palermo’s style, for example I love how she wears realistic items of clothing that are normal and that you could find a high street alternative for quite easily. What I mean by this, is that you often see celebrities wearing a really unique style of jacket, that you might of never seen before; and obviously that’s great for them to have unique items, however you will never be able to recreate that item or look unless you have an item made or make an item yourself that is similar to that. As she always wears items that would be accessible and in turn that makes you relate to her style a lot more, as you can think about what items you have in your wardrobe and how you can use them to recreate similar outfits to her.


Also, I love how chic her outfits always are and how she never looks over done or fake, she always looks very pretty, feminine and super chic. I think the reason for this is because I always strive to try and be very chic with my clothing choices, because I think that you just create an air of elegance about yourself and then you always look presentable. It may also be because I love and admire Parisian style, and that real channels the idea of being chic, and that’s probably why I love the idea and strive for it so much.


I love you all

Rachel x

How To Find Your Style Inspiration

Finding Your Style Inspiration- Pinterest 1Finding Your Style Inspiration- Pinterest 2

Recently, someone asked me “Who’s your style inspirations”. Well, to be honest i didn’t really know what to say. I’ve never really known how people that get interviewed in magazines, ever know who they take they’re inspiration from, and how do they even know that how this person dresses, directly influences they’re own personal style.  It’s always been a bit of blank to me, and it even got to the point were I almost felt like I wasn’t a proper/legit fashion blogger, if I didn’t even know simple things like who do I take my style inspiration from! It made me feel like such a hypocrite, and It really made me question my whole love for fashion and what I do on here.


Personal style is something that is so “personal”, so it always did baffle me how someone could really have lot’s of people that they take inspiration from; and after getting asked that question, it really made me think about who’s style I admire, and who could possibly be one of my “style inspirations”. But, after thinking long and hard, going on pinterest and reading lots of fashion magazine’s, I decided that there really isn’t one or two particular people that inspire me, not celebrity wise anyway. Obviously there is a few exceptions, such as Kylie Jenner and Olivia Palermo, but generally I feel more inspired by street style and fashion bloggers, than any celebrity. I think that’s just because celebrities seem so out of reach, and I would never be able to afford some of the pieces they’re wearing, so why would I want to admire them and read about them, if I’m not going to be able to re-create that look or buy one of the pieces.


Overall, I just find real people’s style so much more inspiring than anything else. I love to go on pinterest and pin lots of looks that I love and that inspire me, or just watching a few of my favourite you-tubers that make some really good styling videos, such as Patrica Bright. If you want to get some great fashion/styling advice from a really down to earth, real person, then you should definitely go and check her out!


So, now you know how I found my style inspirations, here’s a few tips on how to find yours.



The first thing you need to do in order to work out your style inspirations, is to define your own personal style and what elements of fashion you really like. That could be the trend of monochrome, with a splash of colour, or a more vintage vibe with a modern twist. Whatever style’s you like, collect anything to do with them to create a picture of what your personal style en-tales.


Bloggers, Bloggers, Bloggers

Some of the best people fashion wise, are bloggers. There is some seriously talented people out there who have amazing style that I love to admire and take inspiration from. Look out for bloggers going to fashion week or any kind of half dressy events.


Pinterest and Tumblr

I love to find inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr. There’s some amazing things on pinterest, but street style is one of the best of them. I love spending a bit of my spare time flicking through Pinterest and pinning images that I really like, and coming up with ways that I can re-create that with my wardrobe. the internet is an amazing place for people to share what they’ve done or looks they have created, so use it.


I hope that you know you feel more confident about finding your style inspirations, and know that they don’t always have to be someone well known or famous. You can go and check out my fashion board HERE, to start of your style inspiration.


I love you all


Hello Spring

Hello Lovelies


Although I love winter and all the positive things that it brings along with it, I’m actually really starting to get bored of it. Even though it isn’t the longest season of all, it definitely feels like it, especially this year. I’m just so sick of all the wind, rain and freezing cold temperatures, which seem to have made another appearance recently in the UK. 


So I was so happy when I went to search for something on Google and found out that today is technically the first day of spring. I don’t know whether today’s weather has actually been that spring like, but at least now we can finally say that it’s spring and that winter is over for another year.


For me, spring just brings so many things. Obviously one major thing is warmer weather, the opportunity to finally pull out those shorts, longer days and lighter nights and the opportunity to fit more into your day. What is there not to like?? Also there’s plenty of things coming up on here for you all. I’m looking forward to working with some other bloggers and having someone else’s input on my little baby. I’m also working on a few new projects and posts, one of them that will be based around different people’s fashion problems and generally just trying to make my

blog bigger, better and more personal than ever before.


As it’s a new season I feel like there’s a few changes I want to make ready for the few moths ahead. One of them is to connect with you all through social media. Whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr…. I just want to be able to share and connect with you all more, because there’s so many of you now. This leads onto another change that I want to make. I want to build my following and have even more fun blogging and potentially doing YOUTUBE, but properly this time. I feel now is the right time to expand rachelspick and do something that’s slightly more out of my comfort zone. Please bare with me, but I will get there eventually.


If you want to find me or follow me on any social media then look on the sidebar just to your right and all my links are in pink circles under my mini bio.


Do you feel inspired by the new season??


Love you all


Spring Hair And Make-up Inspiration

All pictures sourced from Pinterest (you can see my boards HERE)


As spring is finally starting to make an appearance, all us girls want to get in the spirit and this is often through our hair and make-up. Whether that’s changing up your lip colour for something more bold and bright or messing about with braids and plaits. We all have our own little ways to get into the mood of the new month and the fact that were finally starting to move away from winter. This is something that I’m so glad about because I just feel like this winter has been so long, but I suppose we always say that because who really loves winter, it does drag and get very boring!


Spring make-up has gone very natural and muted. So get out you nude lipsticks and your mascara because your going to need them. But definitely don’t throw away that orange lipstick because that’s having one massive come back this year. Also dig out your pastel colours, because let’s face it their fading onto our faces as well.


This season’s hair is all about the messy, textured and again natural look. Also braids and plaits are making a massive comeback, whether that’s a simple fishtail braid or a more complicated wrap around plait. I absolutely love this trend just because they’re so pretty and feminine and give that real flirty edge in the hotter weather. You also need to dig out your curling wand because it’s all about the beachy and loose waves.


What are you doing to change up your hair and make-up this season??


Love you all