An Outfit For £50 #2


Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second post in the An Outfit For £50 series. The last post on faux leather was sooo popular and I just thought WOW, this series is going to be great! I just love writing this post, finding a look to a certain brief and being able to give you all a few tips for money saving fashion.


So as the weather is beginning to turn and autumn is quickly approaching, I feel like everyone is looking for winter fashion! Whether that’s a new bobble hat, trench coat or boots, we all want to look fabulous, even when the weather isn’t. But unless you have an unlimited pot of money then this can be hard. I hate it when you want a new jumper or coat and you don’t have the money, it’s just so depressing!! But there are ways around this!!!


I never really like making posts that include really expensive clothes because I know the majority of my readers will not be able to go out and buy a item they like. It makes me feel really guilty that I have made you feel bad and that I wouldn’t be able to buy them my self either, so if you do feel like this then please don’t!!! So these posts are for any of you out there that in this position. So with this post you can save so much for the item you like and then buy the next items quite quickly or save £50 and buy the whole outfit. This makes me feel really liberated that I have given you an opportunity to get a great outfit for great money!!!!


This week the trend I have styled by is, Monochrome!! This trend is just so timeless (you have probably heard me say this a lot, but I really do think it is)!! It is back and staying for good. I remember doing a post back last year about monochrome and explaining what it was. It seems like sooo long ago and now it is just such a big trend. So I think we need a money saving look for this worldwide trend.

Black Skinny Jeans £9.99-New Look

Black Quilted Biker Hobo Bag £19.99-New Look

Tijah Studded Fold Over Beanie- £4.99-Miss Guided

Magicita Contrast Jumper £16.99-Miss Guided

I really wanted to do monochrome in a more youthful way and not just with lots of faux leather. It’s actually really hard as so many things that fit this trend have some faux leather on them or are just really plain- as obviously when you look up black and white, plain tees and vest come up. But unfortunately I did not get it on budget, by going over by £2. This was the beanie, but I just think it makes the look and makes it a lot more grungy. I really love it, it gives a different view on monochrome and will be great in the winter months.


So now it’s time for some savy tips for shopping. This is one of the most popular things on my blog, when ever I post any tips of advice it’s always popular!!! So join the ride and get savy for shopping on a budget:



  • If it is in an independent boutique then ask if you could have a discount.

Most independent shops have a certain discount that they will give if any one asks. So don’t be afraid!! Even if it’s just a few pounds, anything is great. Be confident and ask, the worse they can say is no!!!


  • Check for faults or it being the last one of something.

If the product has a fault or missing a button or something like that then they usually will give a 10% discount. That is great and will be an achievement. Also is it is the last one then just say, ” It’s the last one is there any chance that I can have a bit of money off!”. If it’s the last one then they usually want to get rid of it and will often sort something out with you.


  • Check receipts!

Sometimes, there is offers on your receipts, such as 10% off or offers on certain things. They are great and take no effort to find. So always keep your receipts.


  • Shop in charity shops.

I know sometimes they smell and have nothing worth having but it’s always worth looking round really well as you may find a diamond in the ruff. I went in a charity shop once and got a black jumpsuit from M&S from the expensive collection with the tag still on for £20. Sometimes you need a bit of imagination to see the potential in a piece. Maybe it just needs new buttons or something cut off or added on.


I hope you like it and take form this to always be open-minded about where you shop and keep your receipts!!


Love you all


What’s in my bag?- Zara

So I went shopping and this happened….



First of all I will get this out of the way and just quickly apologise for the fact that I am supposed to be posting everyday but have not posted for 2 days (I think). So I would just like to say sorry and also thanks for all the great feedback on the Zoella Style Post. You all seemed to love it and I can assure you that more are coming your way. THANKYOU to everyone Love you all.


So as you probably have already guessed, we have a new post concept again and I am sooo excited to be finally sitting down and writing this. I have been meaning to do this for ages and my camera was flat!! So anyway I got my camera charged up and went on a photo taking session for this blog post. I ventured into my garden for some pictures, so adventurous but I thought I would use the garden while I still can!!


I am just loving using my own pictures as much as I can because It adds a more personal feeling to the blog and the post. I love people’s own photography when I read blog posts so I know how you all feel. As much as I know I can not use my own photography for everything, anything I can, I am going to really try to. As I want to make this blog the best it can be, for not only my benefit but mostly yours, so you can all really enjoy reading it and keep coming back.








So this post is all about the few items I picked up from zara. Zara was a place I just never really went and in m local city it has quite a small window and I have just always walked by it without a thought. But one day I said to my mum ” Why don’t we go and have a look in there?”. I instantly loved loads of the pieces and new I had to come back and buy some. I loved the feel of the shop, it just has a totally different feel to any other high-street shop. It feels foreign and like a designer shop. All the staff were really friendly and the stuff is not only great quality but also really nice. So this is my new shop love at the moment.


So I thought I would do a post on what I bought but after seeing this idea on someone else’s blog, I decided this was the way to do it!!! It is just a great way to showcase a few items you have bought from a certain shop without doing a full on haul.


If you read regularly, you will have seen my wishlist post. About 2 weeks ago. This included a few items that are in this post and also some items that I have now bought. I did that post just before I was going to buy this stuff, so I was even more excited to get it!!


The Leggings

I don’t know if it is that clear but I bought two pairs of leggings, one grey and one black. These leggings are like the basics of Zara and they are quite thick with elastic on the sides so they don’t dig in at all. Also these leggings are a hreat price at only £19.99, because honestly they are the most comfortable leggings that I have ever worn!! They are just so confy and keep you warm and cosy, especially as it’s getting more wintery now!!! They are just something I think every girl needs to have in their wardrobe. They are just amazing, a must buy!!!


The Jumper

This was included in my wish-list and something I literally love. It is monochrome, so super good for autumn/winter and monochrome is soooo time less so it will last me ages. I just love how confy it is and is thick so will keep me super warm. Also with a pair of the leggings and this it is so warm and will look great with uggs. It was £25.99, a little pricey but great quality.


I hope you like this post and you will feel inspired to go and have a look in Zara. While your in there, buy a pair of the leggings!!


Love you all


Rihanna For River Island

She’s back….

Hello Lovelies


The superstar is back with a brand new collection coming very soon to a River Island near you!!


As most of you know (if you really are up to date with your fashion knowledge) that Rihanna has design a collection for River Island. It is based a lot on her personal tastes and has worn most of the pieces in her current collection. Her great sense of style is always commented on by fashion magazines and is often on the type of posts or pages that are “get her look on the high street”. Her style is just so popular and so many girls that follower her want to copy her style and boys that do take inspiration from her great eye for what looks right.


Well she is officially back, with a brand new collection previewing on the 12th of September!! With the collection being mainly inspired by army flares and the faux leather look. It brings back the camo feel that we had running through the highstreet a couple of months ago with the bang on trend faux leather,grungy, mainly black, look that we see in the high-street right now! It’s going to be amazing and I thought I would get all you guys ahead of the game by styling a few of the pieces, so that you can hopefully be inspired and want to buy one of the pieces for your self.


The collection really is an over view of the trends in the last few months and I think this also reflect rihanna’s personal style. I love that the pieces are either quite statement or a staple so you have a choice of two things that very girl needs in their wardrobe. Also some of the  items are quite masculine and would be great to man up an outfit.


Black zip front cross body bag £18.00-River Island

Gold And Black Chunky Chain £28.00-Topshop

White loco madame oversized t-shirt £15.00-River Island

LOLLY Skinny Heel Sandals £85.00-Topshop

This outfit is inspired by Rihanna and her usual styling. I have gone for the overall feel of a monochrome look with patches of gold to add a bit of grunge and a different edge to the outfit. It would be really versatile. Just by changing up the necklace it could be a completely different outfit and I just love it. I think it really reflects her collection and street style.


Crop Tee £12.00-Topshop

Black strap ankle boots £60-River Island

This look incorporates two of the collections pieces. It is a more harder and grungier look with the hard leather jacket and the boots. I love this look and also think it reflects the other side of Rihanna’s style. It is a really unique outfit and I love it.


I hope you like it and feel inspired to go out and buy one of collection’s pieces when it comes out.


Love you all


Style Bible#6 – How to walk tall.

Women always look better in heels

Hello Lovelies


I’m back with another edition of style bible. I have recently been going through my top posts and this has been one of the most popular series and I thought there is still so much to do in the series, so why have I not done it??


Also It’s september, where did august go!! I am going to try and post everyday in september just so you pop round everyday and see something new. I love going on a blog and seeing a new post. I think it’s important to keep your blog up to date and if I can’t post on a certain day then I will tweet a quick message to you all or I will write a status on facebook . If you want to like rachelspick on facebook or follow rachelspick on twitter then just look under my small bio in the right hand side of the blog and click the the logo’s, which will then take you there.


Every girl needs to wear heels. They make any women look instantly more elegant!! They have benefits for any size, whether your small or tall; if your tall they elongate your legs and make them look better and if your small they add height to you, stop you from looking stumpy and make your legs look a heck of a lot longer. With these tips on how to walk tall, the shops will be selling out of high heels because heels will become a permanent thing on any women. Hello to perfect high heel walk, good bye to “I can’t walk in these at all” look!!


  • Practice in your heels and make sure you know how to walk in them.

  • Have good posture! Don’t lean forward or backwards. Pull your tummy muscles in and stand up straight.

  • Hold your head as high as possible! Try the old fashioned, book on head, that will get your head in the right position.

  • Keep your shoulders down and always relaxed.

Images from We Heart It.


  • If you can not walk in your heels very well, never bend your knees really badly.

  • If you are finding your heels uncomfortable then invest in some shoe liners or gel pads.

  • Platform is best. If you want something that will appear high but not hurt your feet as much then platforms are the answer.

I hope you find this useful, especially in the upcoming months of winter parties. I hope everyone’s september is great and that you enjoy a post everyday this month. Source: How To Be Adored By Caroline Cox.


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Love you lots like jelly tots


A Few Fashion Words From The Professionals

A fashion insite



As I have a subscription for Look magazine, I was reading through this week’s and stumbled upon this great article. It was right up my street and I instantly was drawn to it and read every word. Sometimes in Look, the article’s like this are not always that good and often I already know what they are telling you about or they are interviews with the professionals. This is annoying as sometimes you just want a review telling you things that you don’t really know and that’s not an interview. This article was great and I thought I just had to share it with you!





This article was one of my most favourite articles ever in look magazine. It was just so informative for the rest of the summer and autumn/Winter 2013. It it full of great tips to help you with what to buy, not just for your body shape but things that will be a great investment and suggestions of what is a good buy.


The article is set out in 5 separate sections (as you can see in the picture), one from each stylist. There is five separate super stylists that give three tips. They could be a simple tick or a trend that is in or going to be in. Mostly the stylists include something to do with their signature styling point and a picture of a celebrity they have styled.


Katie Greengrass



Her main celebrity client is Alesha Dixon. Combining funky patterns with modern tailoring and structure. She always creates envious looks for Alesha, whether it’s on the red carpet or on Britain’s Got Talent. She is a star stylist and we can definitely lean from her.

“Statement accessories always strengthen a look- you’ll get the most wear for your money out of them and they can change the look of different outfits.”

Lauren Grant




She mainly styles musicians and her main two are miss Ellie Goulding and Miss florence welch. She  likes to make a trade mark look for each of her clients based around their own personal taste, and then adds wow pieces to keep it super fun and modern, including her trade mark peekaboo legs. She knows her clients really well and loves creating mood boards. Maybe we should!


“When you see a piece of clothing you want, don’t buy it unless it goes with at least three things you own!”

Karl Willett




He is one of the most well-known with an amazing array of celebrity clients, such as Ashley Banjo, Jessie J and Paloma Faith. He is self taught and so inspirational (he is one of my new idols) he is just such a great representation to how you can get anything if you try. With a client list this long he is obviously an extremely talented person and his key styling point is including stellar details.


“Treat every day the same and save nothing for special occasions! Mix up your night and day wardrobes and step out each day ready with that extra bit of glam.”


Alexis Knox



She is also so well-known, and she is as stylist and dj, and I want to be a stylist and want to learn to DJ. I love this women already, she is just right up my street. She is all about the new grunge and with clients such as Miley Cyrus, Katy B and Rita Ora, no wonder she is known for this look. I am really loving faux leather and more of an edgy look at the moment so I love her even more.


“I swear by Marks & Spencer’s seamless thongs-they have every single nude underwear option you can imagine. Always buy knickers a size bigger than your usual size so the underear sits on top of your skin and creates a smooth silhouette.”


Angie Smith




Her style is a lot more classic and girly to some of the other stylists, with many clients such as Laura Witmore, Danni Minoque and Lisa Snowdon. She creates looks around classic pieces and creates some actual show stoppers for many of her clients. She seems very up and coming.


“Decide what your best body feature is and work with it- for example MTV’s Laura Whitmore has amazingly long legs, so she looks great in jumpsuits and shorter hemlines.


These are just a few of my favourites from each stylist. They are all such an inspiration for me as I want to become a stylist. They all seem they know there style of styling and what they want the image to be like. So I think I should share a few more of my favourite tips:


  • Dip the soles of our shoes in Coca-cola to stop them slipping- it’s a good one for wearing heels in the winter!

  • Whether it’s high waisted shorts, skirts with a splits or tea dresses, figure out what worjs for your shape and repeat- buy items in different colours and materials.

  • I love using statement jewellery on clients. I’ll often use brooches and earrings as hair accessories by securing them with hair pins to create stand put pieces.

  • Customising your current wardrobe is the best way to freshen up your old clothes- I look to the catwalks, and current and past designer collections, for inspiration.

  • Miley and Katy B love and edgy look, so I’ll amp up basics with fierce boots or stacked jewellery.

  • Every woman should have a pair of nude patent heels to lengthen her legs.

  • When trying on clothes, take a photo and crop out your head- that way you can focus on how the outfit is working with your shape and not be distracted by your hair or face!

I hope you find this interesting and you can go and buy the look magazine for this week if you would like to read it for your self and any of the other articles. I loved it and I hope you do to.


Love you all