How To | Restyle Your Work Space


Having a well organised and ultimately a well styled work space, is essential for me to really be able to be productive and get things done. My desk is generally the hub for all things related to my blog, as well as a place to store a few folders and things to do with college. So, I feel like it always needs to be an inspiring place, that makes me feel creative and helps me to produce some great content, for you all to read. You can go and read My Desk Tour post HERE, for more info about my work space.

However, lately I’ve been getting bored of how it looks and how cluttered it seems. So, I thought I would rework and change it up a little bit and bring you all along with me; sharing my tips and the steps I go through, along the way.

1. Create The Atmosphere


Whenever I’m doing any type of re-organising or tidying, I will always put some background music on, to create the right atmosphere. It’s usually a Spotify playlist or the radio, because then I can listen to loads of different songs, back to back, and don’t have to keep going to choose a different song to listen to. My favourite type of songs, when doing this type of thing, have to be really good party tracks that I love listening to, know all the words to and that I generally jam out to, in the car. At the moment this is the likes of all Justin Biebers new songs, and anything on the charts.

It’s also essential, that when you set out on your re-organising mission, that you know exactly what you want to achieve at the end of it all, and that you have plenty of time to do it in. I hate it when you run out of time, when your tidying up and end up losing track of what you have and haven’t done, or really loose your motivation. The best thing to do is to just get it all done in one go and then you will have a lovely new space to work in.

2. Clear and Clean


In order to know what space your working with and to create a blank canvas, you first need to just clear your whole work space completely. In my case I just took everything off my desk and put into all onto the floor in our conservatory. This way I was able to see my desk completely empty, see all the things that I wanted to put back on and think about the way I would like to re style it.

It’s also a really great idea to just give your space a good clean and create a nice space for you to begin your re-organising in. This will just create a proper blank canvas and will make sure you’ve done a really effective job at restyling your work space. It will also make you feel better when you’re in there, if you know it’s lovely and clean. In my case I just dusted the desk and then gave it a quick clean, with some glass cleaner.

3. Re-Style


 The masterpiece of this whole process really is the finished result and therefore you need to now put everything back into your work space and decide how you will style it. I just decided to put a few notebooks and things away, tidy up and store some of the small items that were cluttering my desk and kind of switch the whole layout around. I decided to put all my fashion books on the right and all my work and notebooks on the left; leaving room for my small storage draws and my pot of pens, in the middle.

I’ve not changed it around that much, however to me it just feels so much more fresh and new now. I feel excited and inspired to go and work in there; knowing it’s looking a bit different and is also nice and tidy and clean.img_28291


Have I inspired you to give your work space a makeover?


My 18th Birthday Trip To New York

img_2705img_2709New York has to be one of the most amazing cities in the world, and being able to experience it, for the first time, to celebrate my 18th birthday, is something I will always remember. It’s way beyond anything you will have ever experienced before and anything that you thought it could possibly be. The only way I can truly describe it is that it’s so magical and honestly is the city that never ever sleeps. It’s constantly buzzing with people, shows, traffic and is the home of over 198 Starbucks. They’re literally everywhere you turn and are a true staple in every New Yorker’s day.

New York may only be 12 miles long, however it’s packed full of different streets and avenue’s; meaning there’s always something to see or do. One of the most iconic, but also the most busy and vibrant parts of the city, is Times Square. The place most well-known for towering skyline buildings and numerous digital advertising boards. It’s also home to a number of Broadway shows and if you’re looking to get a good bargain on a pair of tickets to see a show, then the large red step building, in the centre of Times Square, is a really great place to start. Personally, I found it a bit tacky and very focused on tourists, but it’s still a very iconic part of the big apple and somewhere that you definitely need to go and experience. We started our open top bus tour, from Times Square, and it really allowed you  be able to know more about the city, view it at a higher level and also learn more about each different part individually. So, I would really recommend doing that, as an essential part of the sightseeing section of your trip.


Sightseeing was an essential part of our trip to New York and being able to see and experience everything that the city has to offer. The bus tour, which I mentioned previously, enabled us to go around the whole city, both Uptown and Downtown.

Downtown is the home to most of the iconic places, which New York is known for, and is the more financial and tourist side of the city. At the top of downtown is the likes of Times Square, Soho and home to the Empire State Building. We visited this separately and went up to the observation deck, to see the amazing views across New York. Not only is the art deco building so beautiful, but the chance to go up there really is once in a life time and the pictures you can take are unbelievable. Soho is the home to a beautiful variety of shops and the Kardashian sisters DASH clothing shop. Right at the bottom of downtown Manhattan is where Lady Liberty looks over the river and Brooklyn bridge, which we were able to get really close to on a Horn Blower boat trip that was included in our Big Bus Tour ticket. Again, being able to see her is quite a touching experience because she is such an iconic symbol for New York, as well as freedom and peace between the US and France.


The top of the Rockafella centre was another one of the amazing observation decks that we visited in New York. The actual centre is a weird and wonderful combination of everything, from shops, to café’s, to restaurant’s and an observation deck, on one of their highest floors. We went on Saturday evening, just as the sun was setting, and it truly was one of the best experiences I had whilst I was there. You were able to see the whole of New York light up and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Each building has it’s own unique architecture and lights up in it’s own way. The dark blue and orange sunset also created the most gorgeous backdrop for the first photo’s of my holiday. This isn’t such a well known observation deck, however I would really recommend it, especially in the evening, when the sun’s setting.


Of course there is also a wide variety of shops that run throughout New York, some that are available in the UK, such as Victoria Secret and Pandora, but also shops that are exclusive to the US, such as Bath and Body Works. If you like a good shop, especially a department store then you have to visit Macy’s. It’s 7/8 large floors full of clothing, accessories, makeup, home wear, and much more. So, make sure you bring plenty of dollars, as you will definitely need them. You can also get 10% off the price, or buy it without the added tax, if you take your passport to the information area. Bath and Body Works is also another really great shop to visit, if you love all this body and skincare. The products smell amazing and they come is so many gorgeous smelling scents. So, be warned as you may spend a lot of money and luggage allowance on their lovely body washes, soaps, candles and much more.


Rachel x

18 Life Lessons in 18 Years


Throughout the short time I’ve been alive, I’ve been through quite a lot of difficult and challenging times, that have helped me to grow up and become the person I am today. However, I’ve also had so many amazing memories, that have shaped my views on just how important friends and family are, and that life is too short not to enjoy yourself and experience everything you can. So, in celebration of my 18th birthday, I thought I would share 18 life lessons, I’ve learnt ,in the 18 years of my life so far.


  1. Life is too short; buy the shoes, eat the cake and do everything you want to do, whilst you still can.
  2. Everything happens for a reason. You might not always realise the reason at the time, but everything is meant to happen in a certain way.
  3. You never know what is round the corner tommorow, so live in the moment and enjoy every minute of the present day.
  4. Family and friends really are the cure for any problem and will help you get through the most difficult times and celebrate the most amazing times, of your life.
  5. You’ll never be able to replace your parents and the bond you have with them. So appreciate every moment with them, as when they’re gone, you will be able to treasure those times and look back on the amazing memories you have together.
  6. Worrying really gets you nowhere. It will not change what is meant to happen and will just drive you insane in the process.
  7. Always work hard, as it will pay off and you will succeed.
  8. Reach for all your dreams and aim high. You can do what whatever you set your mind to do and if your really believe you can do something, and have enough drive, you will!
  9. Laughing is one of the best therapy sessions EVER, and will solve so many problems.
  10. Don’t deal with other people’s shit, speak your mind and the right people will respect you for that.
  11. If you don’t like me or want to be friend, then don’t bother. I’m not about impressing and changing for anyone, but myself.
  12. Give everyone a chance, and try to get to know everyone, no matter who they are or what age they are. Some of my good friends at work are a lot older than me, yet we can still relate to each other and I respect their opinions, about life and the world, a lot.
  13. Surround yourself with inspiring people that get you, love you and will always be there for you.
  14. Create the life that you dream of, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s your life and only you know what will truly make you happy.
  15. Always try to act out of love. Even if it goes wrong, you know your intention was right and that your heart is in the right place.
  16. Make sure you make time for yourself, and your own time to renew and re-fresh. Sometimes having a bit of quiet time is all the therapy you need.
  17. Everyday is a fashion show, and every place and event you go, is your runway.
  18. Always be curious about what there is to come in life. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve and know there is so many more amazing memories to come.

If you’re interested in having a little nosy as to what I wore and got up to on my 18th birthday, you can go and have of my post all about it HERE.

Rachel x

My Wonder Lust List


Wanderlust: A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Right from a young age, when my mum and dad took me on a trip to France at just over a month old, I’ve always travelled. My family are real travellers, and have probably visited most of the gorgeous countries around the world, between them all. So, that’s what inspired me to really want to travel and see everything that the world has to offer. Experience new cultures, try amazing new foods and most of all to be able to have lifelong memories to be able to treasure and share with my own children. Even though I do really just want to travel wherever I can, there’s a few places I would really love to go back to, or particularly visit, and that’s why I thought I would share my Wonderlust list, with you all.



My parents both had a real love for France and that’s what lead us to go on so many family holidays there. It’s a place that my late dad really loved and it’s somewhere I feel particularly close to him. So, it’s a country that I know I will always travel to and I feel like it will always have a special place in my heart. Paris is such a gorgeous city, full of love, life and so much beauty. There’s so many amazing places to visit and in nearly every corner you turn there’s a story and an adventure to be had. That’s why I really want to visit again. I want to experience the real side of Paris, away from all the touristy places and be able to delve into true Parisian life; especially the super chic Parisian style. France brings me so much closer to my dad and I know he will be so proud that I’m trying to live out his passion for travel.



Greece is somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for such a long time know. I’ve seen so many gorgeous pictures of Greece and heard some lovely stories about it, and that’s what really leads me to want to experience it for myself. The clear blue sea, the quirky cobbled streets/ village’s and the gorgeous weather; you couldn’t ask for anymore. I’d love for all the islands, however Mykanos and Santorini have to on the top of my list. They look like such lovely, relaxing places to have a holiday and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with as soon as I have my first real glimpse.

Africa & India


Africa and India are both places that I feel are a must visit, during my life. I really want to be able to experience a culture that’s so much different to mine, and make me realise just how lucky I am to have such a privileged life. In Africa, being able to see such a gorgeous part of the world and to experience the amazing wildlife so close up, is what attracts me to want to visit to much. The busy street markets, the amazing food and completely different way of living, is what I know I’m going to love about India. They’re both such life changing places to visit, that I know will impact me in such a powerful way. I really want to go and volunteer and experience the real Africa and India.

*This post is dedicated to my late dad and his true love wonderlust.

Rachel x

10 Ways To Gain Blogging Inspiration


1. Get on Pinterest– When it comes to looking for any type of inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go. It’s full of gorgeous images, for all matter of different occasions, which are bound to get your creative juices flowing. You could even write a post sharing some of your favourite pins or talk about your Pinterest boards.

2. Do something spontaneous – The real burden of blogging inspiration has to be routine, and so go and do something spontaneous, to really break that habit. Hopefully this should help you break out of your blogging box and feel inspired by being in a new place and doing something different. You could even take your camera with you, and make a blog post all about your spontaneous day.

3. Your favourite online creators- The best way I find to gain a bit of blogging inspiration is to go and watch, or read, some of your favourite online creators content. This is what first made you love blogging and they create content you love to read, and so this should spur your love for blogging to return, and even give you a few post ideas as well.

4. Get away from the internet- Spend some time away from the internet,  in order to truly reflect on your blog and where you want to go with it. It should help you to re-focus on yourself and your own content, and not be obsessed with comparing yourself to other bloggers and their success.

5. Switch up your blog design- I personally think there’s nothing more inspiring for your blog than changing up it’s design. I’m obsessed with having a Pinterest worthy blog, and so nothing makes me more motivated than to create amazing content, than when my blog is looking at it’s best. Try investing in a new blog theme from Pipdig, or just trying out a bit of HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

6. Grab a magazine- Magazine’s have to be the nearest things to blog’s and were probably what inspired a lot of people to starting writing one. So why don’t you go back to your blogging roots and have a good read of some of your favourite magazine’s. This always gives me so much inspiration for blogging in general, and also gives me lots of ideas for future blog posts.

7. Talk to friends & family- I always think that you can never under estimate the power of help from your friends and family, and they can actually help you out with almost anything in your life. So ask them about your blog, what content they would like to see on it and read themselves. They might have some ideas you’ve never even thought about.

8. Look back- Go on your blog and look back on some of your favourite posts and think about the times when you were on a really good run with blogging. You could even look back at past blog posts, which you maybe don’t like anymore or that you could re-invent and add to again now.

9. Reflect on what you want- Reflect on your blog, which direction you want it to go down and what you want out of it. This should help you re-focus why you blog and help you to nail down some content that you feel inspired by, and want to write.

10. It’s all about you- You blog is a reflection of yourself, your hopes & dreams, fears and down falls, loves and everything in between; so make sure you love your blog and would like to read it. Think about the content you like to read and make sure you’re content and blog just SCREAM YOU.

Rachel x