Let’s Celebrate Being A Woman

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Being a woman in this modern world means so much more than it did 100 years ago, when women finally won the right to vote in 1918. Since that point women’s place in society has grown massively, and we are now at the point were we’re equal to the men that stand beside us. For me, being a woman in 2018 means having a unity between a man and woman and working as one unit to achieve one goal. Not degrading each other’s sexes, but instead building each other up, and also building up the women around us. Being a woman is about being strong, independent, working to smash our goals and to have the drive to achieve what ever we want to in this world.

To celebrate the recent International Women’s Day, I went to some of the wonderful women in my life to ask them what they thought being a woman was all about;  and they came back with some amazing responses….

The quote on the left suggests that we should take inspiration from the pure drive and determination of the women back in 1918, to push ourselves to achieve in 2018. We should be so grateful for how well women are respected and treated in our modern day society, and should never take that for granted or forget how far our sex has come. This is one of my favourite out of them all, and one that I’m going to keep as motivation to forever keep pushing to achieve my goals.

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The quote on the right looks at how being a woman means you have to make a lot of sacrifices in your life, especially for your family. Even though it’s now a modern world where there is a large majority of women that work and also have a family, they are still juggling that life and making sacrifices so that they can have good family life. Whether that’s taking a few years out without a career progression to have a child, or sacrificing your own personal time to spend that with your children and your family.

This quote on the left is another one I really love, as it shows how much of an impact women are having now, as we act as role models to both younger men and women around us. It shows how determined we are to succeed in life and that we can also have careers and progress in life, just as much as men can and are now no longer limited by our sex.

So, let’s celebrate being a woman, and someone who is not long limited by their sex and can have a future and a career, not just a family, just as much as man can. It’s about equality between men and women and creating a powerful team that nothing can break down.

Rachel x

My 2017 Gratitude List


The year of 2017 brought so many amazing moments for me and was honestly the biggest year of my life so far. It went from high to high as I passed my driving test, smashed my a-levels and got results I was super proud of , met my gorgeous boyfriend, got a new part-time job and also started university. That’s only a few of the biggest moments, and there was also so many smaller memories and victories that I hold in my heart too. So, as 2017 did really feel like a year of love, moments, friends, family, memories and  new beginnings, I thought i would share 25 things I was grateful for during the year and through to this brand new one too.

  1. My family and all the amazing things they do and the lovely people that they are.
  2. Meeting my boyfriend and finding someone who is like a bestfriend who I also happen to love too.
  3. For my own hard work and determination to be able to get great a-level grades and go on to study the univeristy course of my dreams.
  4. The teachers and lecturer’s that have faith in me and my career journey, and pushed me to succeed nothing but the best.
  5. For having some more spare time in the week to work on this blog and to dedicate to my boyfriend and my family.
  6. Finding a university course that I love and leading me to a career I can’t wait to be in.
  7. My mum and my aunty’s who are all such amazing women and have helped me to become such a great young woman now.
  8. For my boyfriend’s family who have all welomed me into their family so well and always make me feel supported and loved.
  9. Small day and night dates with my boyfriend
  10. Always having moments to laugh about and memories to remember. Whether that’s a car karoake or just a funny random life moment.
  11. For holidays with my family and friends, where I’ve made unforgettable memories.
  12. For summer park walks, letting life go by and setting the world to rights.
  13. For new friends who I’m loving getting to know and spending time with.
  14. Opportunities to be able to do amazing things, like arranging the 6th Form Ball.
  15. Those sunny days that make you feel so happy about life.
  16. For those moments of pure content and happiness that you have when you sometimes look at the world or a perosn you love.
  17. For amazing conversations with people, where you learn so much about them or just a random topic.
  18. To my little dog Menzes for always being a companion and creating joy and happiness wherever he goes.
  19. To be able to drive and visit so many new places, as it took me so long to learn.
  20. The ability to work with brands and starting earning a bit of money from my blog.
  21. To able to look back on great times and memories we have about my dad.
  22. For working hard and being able to save and afford to go on holiday and buy nice things for myself.
  23. To be able to volunteer at Brownies again and now guides as well. It’s super rewarding and I’m so glad i get do it again.
  24. For a bit of me time, when I can go and have a relaxing bath, catch up on my favourite TV programme’s or read a book.
  25. For my love towards life and my appreciation that life is too short and you should enjoy it, not worry or stress about unimportant things and live every moment.

How was your 2017 and what amazing things were you grateful for over the last year?

Rachel x



5 Things I’ve Learnt From Studying Fashion Buying So Far


I’m currently studying Fashion Buying at university, and thought i would share 10 things I’ve learnt about studying a fashion business course so far. Fashion is always so misunderstood as something that is purley design, and the more business side of it is rarely spoken about. So, I thought i would highlight the side of fashion people don’t always see and to show any of you that are thinkng about a career in fashion, another great way to be a part of the fashion industry.

  1. Being a Fashion Buyer is a big job– Until you start studying fashion buying i don’t think you really have any idea how big of a job it actually is, I didnt even realise and I chose to study it. It might seem like you just get a design, buy fabric, go on insirational trips and get the product made; but there is so much time, effort, dedication and managing to do to create one range for a store.
  2. It really helps to have a background in business- I studied Economics with business at A-Level and I honestly couldn’t recommend enough to have some form of experience in business before you study a fashion buying course. So many of the terms and ideas that come up in my lecture’s i’ve heard about before and learnt, so it makes it so much easier for me to apply them to fashion and retail. It also helps you with ideas about profit margins, marketing, how businesses grow and so much fundamental knowledge you can use for the course.
  3. You need to have a brain to be a fashion buyer– This isn’t something i didnt already know before starting the course, however it’s something so many people think is true. When you say you study fashion so many people think it’s an easy route to uni and that you don’t really have a brain, however it’s the complete opposite. You would’nt exist in the industry without a smart business brain, that knows what it’s doing and has a real drive to succeed.
  4. The assignments are so diverse– This might just be for my course, but every single one of my assignments are so different. I do sketch books, essays, little phase tests, illustrator and photo shop assignments, reports and even a blog to create in the first year. Not only is this so interesting to get your teeth into, but is also so good to learn vital skills for the industry and for my job in the future.
  5. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a different route into fashion– I always wanted to work in fashion, but knew fashion design was never really a route for me. So, finding out there was some amazing fashion business courses in the country that I could do instead of fashion design was great for me, and i would honestly recommned it to anyone. It’s so interesting, relevant and perfect for any fashion lover.

Are you thinking about studying fashion in the future?

Rachel x

Bedroom Re-Design Inspiration

Untitled designUntitled design 2Untitled design 4

Interior design is something I’m really loving at the the minute, especially as im looking to re-design my room in the next few months. At the minte my room still has quite a teenage vibe, with a mix of pink and purple walls, however as my taste’s have changed i’m looking for something a bit more mature and feminine. As well as being a bit more chic and classic, which has a bit more of an adult vibe.

I’m really loving the more scandinavian design at the minute, with the mix of classic colours on the walls, matched with textured fur’s and plenty of prints and quotes on the walls. Also, as most of you know i’m obssessed with everything fashion related and have lots of fashion books that i’d love to display. So, I want to create a space that ultimately brings all these things togther to build a really nice relaxing space, that also reflects my love for fashion and style too.

I’ll keep you updated on all things to do with my bedroom re-design over the next few months, but I thought I would start my showing you some of my inspiration and creating a moodboard of images I love so far.

What interior design are you loving at the minute? 

Rachel x

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2017

Untitled design (8)From Left to right and top to bottom: Adventure Print £24| Not On The Highstreet, The Galley Holdall £120.50 | MAHI Leather, Dirty Gift Set £37.95 | LUSH, Wallet Gift Set £65| Ted Baker, Black Leather Watch £135| Ted Baker, Man Box £42 | Not On The Highstreet, Whiskey Distillery Tour £95| Not On The Highstreet, Beach Scene Wash Bag £55| Ted Baker

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and brings a chance for you to show that special man in your life just how much he means to you. It doesn’t have to be your dad, because in my family we also buy for my uncle’s and my grandad’s as well; as they are also the best emergency taxi service’s and a shoulder to cry on, whenever they’re needed. However, I personally think they can be pretty hard to buy for, as they have everything they could ever need or want. Therefore, finding that special gift, which they will love and not already have five of at home, can be really difficult.

So, I’ve sharing eight potential fathers day gifts, to give you some inspiration for those special men in your life. Whether they’re a food lover, whiskey drinker, adventurer or a true gentleman, who loves to look smart; I’ve got a unique gift for all of them this father’s day…

My Top 3 Gifts

  1. The Galley Holdall | £120.50 | MAHI Leather

This classic galley holdall from MAHI Leather would be more of a one-off and extremely special gift this Fathers Day. It’s more expensive than the rest of the gifts I’m sharing with you, however the money is truly shown in the quality of the product and the ethos of the brand itself. They aim to remove the middleman and ultimately provide you with a pure cow hide leather piece, which has been made to order and is not lining anyone’s pocket along the way.

So, not only will your family member have a good quality holdall, which in design is completely timeless and will go with any colour or outfit, it’s also extremely practical and could be used everyday, for small weekends away or for a longer holiday. They can also have a their own individual piece, which can’t be bought off the peg in a regular high-street shop; embroided with their initials or a special phrase. From every bag sold $1.50 goes towards FRANK Water and providing clean water for over 100 families in India; so not only are you buying a unique and beautifully made leather piece from the brand, you’re also doing your bit for charity as well.

2. GOTCH Leather Strap Watch | £135 | Ted Baker

I’m a classic girl through and through; I love a good bit of monochrome, simple lines ,shapes and pieces which will be super timeless. So, there’s no wonder why I love this Gotch black leather strap watch from Ted Baker. It would be the perfect gift for that special man in your life, as they will be able to wear it everyday and be reminded of a beautiful gift you’ve given him, every time he looks down at it. I love how this looks very simple, and modern, yet could be worn by a man of any age or style. It would go with a  variety of different taste’s, outfits and would be a piece he could keep for many years to come. It is expensive, however you could double it up with another special occasion, such as his birthday or even Christmas.

3. Personalised Adventure Print | £24 | Not On The Highstreet

My Dad was a true adventurer, and loved to plan holidays and making family memories; so in honour of him that’s why I really love this unique adventure print idea, from notonthehighstreet.com. It’s a beautifully illustrated print featuring the individual silhouette’s of your family, to celebrate the adventure’s you have had together. It’s completely unique and you can choose to have a different landscape,  either mountains or hills, beach or grass, and a choice of trees. You can then say how many people are in the tent and add a title to finish it all off.

It’s really a gift for the man who has everything, and instead loves to spend his money on making memories and spending time with his family. This is such a unique idea and unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the high-street.

Don’t forget to go and check out the rest of the beautiful products from MAHI Leather, Not On The High-Street and Ted Baker.

Rachel x