“Own Your Bed Head” With Casper

Bed Head HairFrom Left to Right: Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo, Pink Tangle Teezer, Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturing Spray, Schwarzkopf got2b Styling oil, Hair Elastic Bands/Primark


Unfortunately, Bed Head Hair is just something that we all have to face every morning. It’s not a case of the fact that only a few people suffer with it, it’s just one of those annoying things that happens in life. However, if your one of those people who doesn’t care about what people think and just really embraces the messy lock’s, then I definitely applaud you, because I would never dare do anything like that. But some people just do suit the messy, just got out of bed look.


Even though over the last few years, messy hair and the “beachy” look has definitely become something that we all want to achieve, I still don’t think we’ve gone as far as to literally just embrace complete bed hair. Obviously some people’s bed hair is worse than other’s, it really depends on the length of your hair and ultimately what type of hair you have. However, we all don’t exactly adore the way our hair looks when we get up, and that’s why, along with Casper, I’m taking part in the “Own your bed head” project. To inspire and share tips on how to embrace your messy, bed head locks this Autumn/winter.


So, If your wondering what the brand Casper is all about, then let me rewind a little bit and tell you a bit about the brand. Firstly, It’s a luxury mattress brand, that is both proudly produced and made in America. They create the most amazingly comfortable mattresses, that will give you the best night’s sleep you will ever have, By uniting a top comfort layer of premium latex with a support layer of high-density memory foam. They have created a sleep surface that lovingly contours, while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature.

*Parts sourced from the Casper Website


My Bed Head hair is not really anything to shout home about. It’s not really super voluminous, although I would love it to be, and it’s definitely not out of control. However, it can start to get a bit unruly at times. I’m not saying that I don’t get bed hair, because I certainly do, but it’s more managed and masked by these few vital, life-saving tips and products that I could never live without.


  • Put long hair up into a plait at night, to prevent it soaking up any excess sweat and oil , and to just get it out of the way. Use small elastic bands to secure the plait, to ensure it stays in the hair all night and keeps everything in place while your sleeping.

  • ALWAYS use dry shampoo. It’s an absolute life saver.

  • Embrace the messy look, and just make that the look that you were going for. Use a salt spray to really enhance the whole effect.

There’s also many other products that I love to use to tame my messy locks every morning, which you can see listed above. A pink tangle teezer, which every girl needs to have in their lives, some styling oil, which is great for nourishing and smoothing the hair down, and of course dry shampoo, which I just could not live without. I really love this one from Aussie, it’s almost completely invisible and creates the gorgeous feeling of freshly washed hair.


I hope that with these few tips and a handful of products, you will now feel confident to really rock your bed head hair, and completely own it. Thank you to Casper for asking me to take part in the project, and if you would like to find out any more about the brand, then click HERE.


I love you all


Autumn Nights

Hello Lovelies


There’s so many reasons that Autumn is my favourite season of the whole year. I don’t whether it’s just because I’m an Autumn baby, and Autumn brings so many celebrations for me, or whether it’s just something that I’ve developed over the years. However, I’m not really that much of a summer person. I’m not saying that I hate everything about the season, but I don’t like being over hot, and having to dig out all your summer clothes to find something that is cool enough to wear all day. It’s just not really my thing, but everything about Autumn obviously is.


Pictures Sourced from Google Images


The one main thing that I love about Autumn, has to be the atmosphere. I just love everything that you do at this time of the year: from snuggling up in hundreds of blankets to keep warm, lighting lots of candles and watching them slowly flicker, or just the hot chocolate’s and hot food that we all love to eat to fill us up for the chilly day ahead. It’s just something that is so iconic of Autumn, and because it’s in between Summer and Winter, everyone seems quite happy to embrace the jumpers, coats, scarves, and all the layering. Which is also one of my favourite parts.


Being a fashion lover, the whole style and trends side of Autumn is super important to me. No one wants to look like an absolute autumn wreck, because they’ve got a cold, and they’re having to wear thousands of layers to keep warm. We all just want to embrace the fact of the temperature’s getting cooler, and look chic even though it’s freezing. That’s why I love to layer by wearing shirts under jumpers and have the collar just poking through, and coats on top of jumpers to snuggle it up a bit. Then add some cute wintry accessories, like scarves, gloves and maybe even a cheeky floppy hat or two.


Let’s face it, Autumn is Amazing and we all need to embrace everything it has to offer. Even if your a lover of the warmer months, you just need to light a few candles, switch on your fairy lights and sit down to a good old book, and I’m sure you will fall head over heels in love with it.


I love you all


The Best Of We Heart It- July Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


This round of The Best Of We Heart It posts are inspired by a health kick, a fetish for bright colours, and an eye for something unusual.


Following on from what I said in part 1 of this post, which you can go and have a read of HERE, the start of July really wasn’t a great time for me. I just felt so overwhelmed about all this work that I had to do, and how I was going to do it all in the time. I’m generally a person that get’s very overwhelmed very easily, and I think that in future I need to plan out my time more easily, so that I will never get stuck in that situation again! In case you’re wondering, I did manage to get all my work done, eventually, and hopefully all my hard work and stress pays off.


However, there was definitely light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as the summer holidays hit, I was on a serious chill out session and I almost felt free again. Obviously, no one forces you to do anything, but if you want to do well and get good results, then you need to do what they ask of you and really knuckle down. However, sometimes you need to think about yourself and your feelings, and put school in second priority.


July wasn’t all about stress and being overwhelmed, because during the second part of July I started to enjoy my life again. I spent a lot of time with my family and my mum, just catching up and having some quality time, as well as doing some serious shopping. I also spent time doing a few things that have been on my to-do list for ages, which is always a great thing. Sometimes life is so busy, that simple things that you need to do, get neglected to satisfy things that are on a time schedule.


The moral of this story is, that there always has to be a low before a high. This seems to be a quote that is appearing quite a lot in my life lately.


Considering all the low parts of my life during July, I needed some magical words of inspiration and encouragement to get me through, which all came from my good old friend We Heart It. So, without further ado, here is my favourite quotes that I “hearted” throughout July.


My Absolute Favourite

I think it has to be the second to last quote, “Find joy in the ordinary”! I think the reason why I love this quote is because of how relevant and real it is. After the whole stressful start to July, the small and ordinary things in life made me so happy, and I think it’s really made me evaluate how we all take the simple and ordinary parts of life for granted. Life is an unknown journey, but we need to enjoy every part of it and follow the ride.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round up of my favourite quotes and pictures from we heart it, as well as a little insight into my life during july. If you would like to catch up on the rest of the series click HERE, or to keep in touch with all of my posts and rambles, then click the follow button in the sidebar on your right hand side.


I love you all


The Best Of We Heart It- July

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


This round of The Best Of We Heart It posts are inspired by a health kick, a fetish for bright colours, and an eye for something unusual.


July seemed to bring so much to the life plate. It brought a lot of stress, anxiety and a head that was literally about to explode. But, it also brought so much realisation and joy to life. What I mean by this, is that before the holidays my life totally evolved around school and school work, to the point where I just lost all hope for myself and at times felt like I was falling flat on my face. Obviously, that wasn’t the case and I was still doing academically well, however I just didn’t feel like me anymore, and that really got me! It felt like I was living someone else’s life and almost like it was me trapped in someone else’s body. I’ve never, ever felt like that before, and I honestly never want to again.


So, as soon as I got all my controlled assessment’s and exam’s out of the way, I decided that some thing had to change. I had to relax and learn to just believe in myself, and realise that I need to be at my best, to be able to perform to my best. This was really a turning point for me. I started to just enjoy the simple things of being able to just please myself and decide what I wanted to do. Also, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of a healthy eating kick and really try to cut out some of my bad eating habits. I don’t have a bad diet but I definitely have a sweet tooth weakness.


What did July bring for you??


During July, I actually didn’t spend that much time on We Heart it. I think it was because of how generally busy life was, and also the app has been playing up for a long time, and it frequently put me off going and spending some time on there. However, the app has now been updated and is so much better. It’s a lot more organised and easier to “heart” things on the go. Although, I didn’t actually go onto we heart it that much during July, I’ve still managed to choose over 25 favourite pictures to share with you all today.


So, without further ado, here is my favourite pictures that I’ve “hearted” through-out the month of July:


My Absolute Favourite

Out of all this month’s pick of pictures, I think my favourite has to be the first picture of a book. It’s not necessarily that this is my favourite picture to look at, but it represents how my life is at the moment, and how life evolves and you have chapters of different events in your life. This is just so relevant for me and my family at the moment. It’s so simple, but is just so significant. I love it!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed another round up of how my July went along with some gorgeous pictures from We Heart It. If you want to read up on the rest of this monthly 2014 series, then click HERE.


I love you all


#Bloggersdoitbetter- How To Stay A Happy Person

How to stay happy(source)

Hello Lovelies


To be honest with you all, I’m far from being this amazing happy person that’s constantly feeling positive about her life and her self. I’m not trying to stay that I don’t ever get those days when everything about myself is just not working for me, and life is anything but spectacular. However, these days and these feelings are not unique to me or you, because were all human and we all have days when things just don’t go right, and life is just being a bit of a general bitch. There’s a quote that says “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and I think that it really just sums up this crazy thing called life, that we all live in.


Personally, the whole point of writing this post, is for me to be able to share some of my tips on trying to be a positive and happy person, and hopefully I will be able to help some one out there who is not having the greatest of times at the moment, or just needs a bit of encouragement to face the next couple of days. I know myself, that life is anything but easy and things seem to be so unfair and so unexplained, but the fact of it is, that were never certain about life, and nothing is ever definite. You see, we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow or the next day, it may be something really, amazingly positive, or it could be something that’s definitely quite the opposite. But we have to live life through all that, and just stay strong.


The reason why I feel so strongly about this topic, is the fact of how society seems to be unfolding. How teenage girls and boys are feeling the need to self harm and injure themselves because of their insecurities or something that someone might have said to them. It seems so unfair that someone should harm themselves in a reaction to someone’s stupid comment. No one is born with low confidence, it decreases over time and situations, and most of all what comes out of people’s mouth’s. I’m not saying, that I’ve not ever said anything horrible or spiteful to someone, but I would never go as far as to say to someone “to go kill themselves” or “to go die” because for me, that crosses the line. Not everyone’s going to get on and people will fall out and say hurtful things to each other, but we should never go as far as to tell someone to risk their lives because of it. Luckily, I’ve never had either of those phrases said to me, but I know of a few people that have not only had it said to them, but people that are also the sayers of those phrases.


Another reason that I feel so strongly about this, is because I’m a girl and I know that when your going through the stage of growing up and becoming a woman, your hormones and emotions are all over the place. You get days when you feel down for no reason what so ever, and days when you just want to cry, even though there’s nothing to cry about. Obviously, I don’t know about this stage for boys because I’m not one, but all I can say is that everyone at that age feels the same. You’re finding yourself and becoming an adult. You’re emotional and definitely a bit confused. But that’s alright, and you will come out of that stage and know that those feelings are not forever and that you can be a happy person even though your growing up and turning into an adult. Being 15, nearly 16, I’m around half way through this stage, and I’m learning to cope with how I can feel all over the place and how I will have days that are not completely amazing. But I think it’s key to think of certain things and do certain things in life, in order to keep your self happy.


So here’s a few things that I like to think about and do to keep myself happy.


Set Goals for yourself

Set goals for yourself in work or generally in life that encourage you to push yourself. This will enable you to learn and develop as a person, and you will also feel so happy and proud of yourself when you achieve each of those goals.


Treat yourself

If you’ve hit one of your goals or you got an A or an A* in a subject at school, then reward yourself with something. That could be a little present to yourself, or one night of complete food indulgence. Where you just pig out and eat chocolate, cake, sweets, ice cream, and just chill out and  enjoy yourself.


Try and drink plenty of water

A while ago, I was on a mission to drink more water. It was mainly because I was getting seriously de-hydrated during the day and I needed to force myself to drink more. During this time period, I noticed so many positive side effects of drinking more water; I felt more energetic and awake during the day, my skin looked a lot better, and most of all I felt so much happier and positive in myself and about life. Water really is a magical thing, and every human needs it in their life.


Do not worry about what other people think

The key to happiness is to not worry about what other people of you, and to just ignore them. I know it’s hard because everyone looks for acceptance and want’s to be liked, but you need to rise above other people’s opinion’s.


Get yourself in order

Organise your life and know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. I’m personally really bad at getting stressed out over feeling over-whelmed about what I have and need to do. If you organise your life you will feel in control and will feel a lot more calm.


Surround yourself with amazing people

You will feel so much better if you surround yourself with people who are positive and that really love you for who you are. No one want to be friends with people who are negative and horrible to them.


The key to stay happy and be positive is not simple and it takes time to feel that you are happy with yourself and who you are. I’m going to be doing a post series about body confidence in the next couple of months which I think will really relate to this post. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and feel like this post has helped you in someway.


Love you all