My 2017 Gratitude List


The year of 2017 brought so many amazing moments for me and was honestly the biggest year of my life so far. It went from high to high as I passed my driving test, smashed my a-levels and got results I was super proud of , met my gorgeous boyfriend, got a new part-time job and also started university. That’s only a few of the biggest moments, and there was also so many smaller memories and victories that I hold in my heart too. So, as 2017 did really feel like a year of love, moments, friends, family, memories and  new beginnings, I thought i would share 25 things I was grateful for during the year and through to this brand new one too.

  1. My family and all the amazing things they do and the lovely people that they are.
  2. Meeting my boyfriend and finding someone who is like a bestfriend who I also happen to love too.
  3. For my own hard work and determination to be able to get great a-level grades and go on to study the univeristy course of my dreams.
  4. The teachers and lecturer’s that have faith in me and my career journey, and pushed me to succeed nothing but the best.
  5. For having some more spare time in the week to work on this blog and to dedicate to my boyfriend and my family.
  6. Finding a university course that I love and leading me to a career I can’t wait to be in.
  7. My mum and my aunty’s who are all such amazing women and have helped me to become such a great young woman now.
  8. For my boyfriend’s family who have all welomed me into their family so well and always make me feel supported and loved.
  9. Small day and night dates with my boyfriend
  10. Always having moments to laugh about and memories to remember. Whether that’s a car karoake or just a funny random life moment.
  11. For holidays with my family and friends, where I’ve made unforgettable memories.
  12. For summer park walks, letting life go by and setting the world to rights.
  13. For new friends who I’m loving getting to know and spending time with.
  14. Opportunities to be able to do amazing things, like arranging the 6th Form Ball.
  15. Those sunny days that make you feel so happy about life.
  16. For those moments of pure content and happiness that you have when you sometimes look at the world or a perosn you love.
  17. For amazing conversations with people, where you learn so much about them or just a random topic.
  18. To my little dog Menzes for always being a companion and creating joy and happiness wherever he goes.
  19. To be able to drive and visit so many new places, as it took me so long to learn.
  20. The ability to work with brands and starting earning a bit of money from my blog.
  21. To able to look back on great times and memories we have about my dad.
  22. For working hard and being able to save and afford to go on holiday and buy nice things for myself.
  23. To be able to volunteer at Brownies again and now guides as well. It’s super rewarding and I’m so glad i get do it again.
  24. For a bit of me time, when I can go and have a relaxing bath, catch up on my favourite TV programme’s or read a book.
  25. For my love towards life and my appreciation that life is too short and you should enjoy it, not worry or stress about unimportant things and live every moment.

How was your 2017 and what amazing things were you grateful for over the last year?

Rachel x



My 18th Birthday Party


As this blog really is an online scrapbook of my life and all of the things I love within it, I thought that it was only right to share some of the lovely photos, that were taken at my 18th birthday party…

I held my party at a really amazing venue, in my local city, in their basement lounge/ mini club area. I’d been to the venue previously, for a work Christmas party, and instantly feel in love with everything about it. It looks so industrial, it’s super modern and chic, and also has a really great atmosphere and space for a party.  I wanted to make it really special, so I decided to hire an up and coming photographer, that’s a family friend, to professionally document the whole night; so I had lot’s of lovely pictures and memories to look back on. I personally think he did a really amazing job and I know I will always treasure these photo’s for years to come, whenever I look back on my 18th birthday.

To kick the whole party off, right from the outset, the venue’s manager suggested that he would be able to put out a red carpet, to make the venue’s entrance look a bit more special and party ready; but only if the weather was good. So obviously I was crossing my finger’s for weeks, in the hope that it would be. This, and a pair of big gold and silver, 18 balloons, set the backdrop for all the lovely entrance photo’s. I also wanted to give everyone a entrance drink, and with a rally cute addition of lot’s of gold stripy straws, and some raspberry’s, the drinks looked really amazing and I was really pleased with them. In the centre of each table, I made a glitter covered jam jar, and surrounded it with party poppers and some black and gold confetti. This just finished each table off, and it tied the whole colour theme together.dsc_3335


Inside the venue, all I wanted was for everyone to have a really good time. Happy guests = great party. So, to really document this, the photographer decided to bring along lots of cute photo booth props and get all the guests to have photos with them. There was lot’s of colourful sunglasses, loads of weird and wonderful mouths, and lot’s of genuine real smiles. These photos have to be my favourite out of all of them, because they’re so funny and really capture my friends and family so well.

The photographer also took the time, and the opportunity when it came, to get some really nice candid shots, of me, my friends and my family. In particular, my two favourite have to be the one at the start, where my two of my best friends had just arrived, a little bit more than tipsy. I also love the one of me and my friend Elisha hugging, it’s a moment you don’t usually get to see again on camera, but it’s such a special photo.

dsc_3402dsc_3385dsc_3390dsc_3396dsc_3397dsc_3400dsc_3408dsc_3413 dsc_3473dsc_3409dsc_3497dsc_3487

I had such a great party, dancing all night with my friends and family and getting very tipsy. There’s was so many events going on, to celebrate my birthday, and I’m so glad to have such amazing people around me.

Rachel x

18 Life Lessons in 18 Years


Throughout the short time I’ve been alive, I’ve been through quite a lot of difficult and challenging times, that have helped me to grow up and become the person I am today. However, I’ve also had so many amazing memories, that have shaped my views on just how important friends and family are, and that life is too short not to enjoy yourself and experience everything you can. So, in celebration of my 18th birthday, I thought I would share 18 life lessons, I’ve learnt ,in the 18 years of my life so far.


  1. Life is too short; buy the shoes, eat the cake and do everything you want to do, whilst you still can.
  2. Everything happens for a reason. You might not always realise the reason at the time, but everything is meant to happen in a certain way.
  3. You never know what is round the corner tommorow, so live in the moment and enjoy every minute of the present day.
  4. Family and friends really are the cure for any problem and will help you get through the most difficult times and celebrate the most amazing times, of your life.
  5. You’ll never be able to replace your parents and the bond you have with them. So appreciate every moment with them, as when they’re gone, you will be able to treasure those times and look back on the amazing memories you have together.
  6. Worrying really gets you nowhere. It will not change what is meant to happen and will just drive you insane in the process.
  7. Always work hard, as it will pay off and you will succeed.
  8. Reach for all your dreams and aim high. You can do what whatever you set your mind to do and if your really believe you can do something, and have enough drive, you will!
  9. Laughing is one of the best therapy sessions EVER, and will solve so many problems.
  10. Don’t deal with other people’s shit, speak your mind and the right people will respect you for that.
  11. If you don’t like me or want to be friend, then don’t bother. I’m not about impressing and changing for anyone, but myself.
  12. Give everyone a chance, and try to get to know everyone, no matter who they are or what age they are. Some of my good friends at work are a lot older than me, yet we can still relate to each other and I respect their opinions, about life and the world, a lot.
  13. Surround yourself with inspiring people that get you, love you and will always be there for you.
  14. Create the life that you dream of, and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s your life and only you know what will truly make you happy.
  15. Always try to act out of love. Even if it goes wrong, you know your intention was right and that your heart is in the right place.
  16. Make sure you make time for yourself, and your own time to renew and re-fresh. Sometimes having a bit of quiet time is all the therapy you need.
  17. Everyday is a fashion show, and every place and event you go, is your runway.
  18. Always be curious about what there is to come in life. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve and know there is so many more amazing memories to come.

If you’re interested in having a little nosy as to what I wore and got up to on my 18th birthday, you can go and have of my post all about it HERE.

Rachel x

My Style Struggles


When it comes to shopping for clothes, we all have our certain struggles with finding our latest new purchase. One of the main causes of my style struggles, has to be my height, because I’m basically a giant in terms of how tall women generally are. Being around 5ft 11 means that everything is long, including my legs, body and arms, and I’ve even got big feet just to top it all off. So, my struggles are mainly down to my height, but I’m also an example of those small boobed girls out there, who have almost nothing and just have to use it to our advantage.


Being tall when your a woman definitely has it’s advantages, don’t get me wrong. You always look tall and semi-elegant, you tower above nearly all women and a quite a few men too, which some do find quite intimidating, and you often get the suggestions that you ought to be a model. Which to be honest is my personal favourite one. However, when it comes to buying clothes, it’s almost anything but fun.

Playsuits have to be my number 1 struggle, because they’re never quite right. They’re normally not long enough in the body and you end up with a wedgie, where you don’t want one, or you can barely move or sit down, because it just about fits. Then there’s skirts, you have to get used to the fact that every short skirt is going to be even shorter on you, and will usually just skim the bum cheeks. Tights are always a must, and make sure you don’t bend over too far.

Talking about tights, they’re another nightmare for me. I have to always buy the biggest size the shop have, which is normally an XL, just because my legs are so long and no one likes a sagging gusset. That has to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever! Also jeans are another style struggle of mine, because they’re never quite right. I have to make sure I get the perfect leg length, which I’ve only just worked out is 31 inches, so that they are long enough and I don’t have to much ankle on display, but I also have to check they fit nicely around the ankle and aren’t too big and stick out at the side. I know it seems crazy but it really does happen to me; maybe its just my big feet stretching out the leg holes.

Then there’s the fact that I also have small boobs. This isn’t such an issue, but still brings a few struggles when it comes to choosing what clothes I can wear. Mainly, I generally don’t choose any type of dress or top that has a wrap over design on the boobs, or needs a good bit of cleavage. Let’s face it cleavage is never going to happen for me, so it’s always better to just avoid anything that might need it. Also, this creates problems when you’re trying to buy a bikini. The majority of bikini’s have the traditional triangle style top, however when you have small boobs they aren’t really that flattering, in my opinion. They look much better when you have bigger boobs and can fill the top out more. Otherwise if you have small boobs, you can easily look 13 all over again.

I hope you can relate to some of these problems and it would be great if you could tweet me or comment your style struggles too.

Rachel x

Learning To Drive | Tips & Advice

Learning to Drive Tips & Advice - Rachelspick.jpg

The topic of learning to drive, and all things driving related, is something I’ve been really keen to talk about and share my opinions on. So, for today’s post, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do just that. As I’ve now been driving for 8 months, I feel like I’m in a good position to be able to share my learning to drive experience, so far, and give you a bit of advice on the best way to do it.


So you all know where I’m at with the learning to drive process, I will give you a quick run down on what I’ve done so far, what exams I’ve passed and the manoeuvre’s I’ve mastered. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been driving for 8 months now and I started around early January. After a hell of a lot of practice, taking over 30 mock tests and panicking about my hazard perception, I passed my theory test in June. Since that point I’ve just been waiting for my driving instructor to tell me to book my test. I’ve currently completed a 3 point turn and reversing round a corner, and I’m just about to start parallel parking. I’ve driven around lot’s of different places, gained lot’s of experience, driven on the dual carriageway and tackled lot’s of roundabout’s.

As there’s so many different elements to learning to drive, I’ll break it down in little sections, so that you can just read one, or all of them, if you choose to.

The Basics

When it comes to learning to drive, there’s quite a few things you need to sort out first. The essential thing you need when learning to drive is your provisional licence and even though it may be a job that you keep putting off, it’s not actually that bad once you get doing it. Just make sure you give yourself a good amount of time to do your application online, and make sure you have your passport, and various other important documents, on hand.

The second thing, that’s key to learning to drive, is actually having an instructor to teach you. I think it’s really important that you get on with your driving instructor, so I would always advise you to try and get a recommendation from someone else, who you know is good and you’re not just taking a jump into the dark. Also, a key element for me was having a women as my instructor, I know this isn’t everyone’s preference but for me this was just something I really wanted to have. I’m all about that girl power. Driving lessons vary from £21 to £25, however they are all quite expensive and it’s really important that you think about how much this equals per month, before you decide how many lessons you will have every week.

The Theory Test

The theory test has to be the easiest part of learning to drive, other than the basics of getting your provisional and finding an instructor. It’s something you can do on your own, whenever you want and to practice it is completely free. I started learning my theory around March time and passed it in the June, however I could of done it sooner if it wasn’t due to my exams. But definitely don’t rush into it, or have a last minute quick learning session, just before your test. There’s over a 1000 questions they could ask you and to feel really confident, the best thing to do is practice it for a while and make sure you’ve got it down to a T.

I recommend that you get the app to practice all the theory questions and get the AA practice hazard perception CD ROM, because these were how I passed and I found them really helpful. If it’s hazard perception you’re worried about, then make sure you always practice when you’re not tired, remember that you won’t have a cursor on screen in the real exam and that you just have press the mouse instead.

The Driving

This is the most difficult part, the actual learning to drive and having the confidence to get on the road. I’ve got to admit that it’s not something that comes to everyone straight away and it can take a lot of practice to master and get all the skills right. I hate not being able to do something, and driving has definitely tackled this hate head on. I’ve had to really perserve with it at times and it can be super frustrating. You will have lessons that go absolutely awfully, but then also ones which are really good, and you just have to not beat yourself up, learn from it and try better next time. It also takes a lot of time to learn, and it’s not a quick process, so just be patient. Trust me I realise how frustrating it is when everyone is able to drive and learning to drive, and you can’t yet.

I hope that my driving experience so far, and my few bits of tips and advice have helped you in some way with your own driving journey. Good luck to you all of you who are becoming old enough to drive and are embarking on this journey.

Rachel x