3 Valentines Day Outfits


As Valentines Day is now only a week away, I thought I would give you a few ideas for outfits you can wear for the day. Whether you’re going out for drinks, and want something slightly more casual yet still dressy, going out for a really fancy meal or just going for a relaxing day date, I’ve got an outfit idea to suit every occasion.

If you’re off to a lovely posh meal this Valentines day, then a statement dress would be the perfect choice. I always think they ooze femininity, and are so easy to create an outfit around. You can so easily make the dress the statement and then keep it neutral with the accessories, like I’ve done with this gorgeous lazer cut Karen Millen dress. This is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, because I just love the pop of red. I always think red looks beautiful on women, and I love pairing it with bouncy curls and top it all off with a red lip. I’ve then kept the jewellery and accessories neutral, with a nude bow clutch bag from Coast, and kept the rose gold theme running through into my circular Pandora necklace. Which has small cut out hearts around the edge, which I thought would be perfect for valentines.

However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed day date outfit, then a classic cami and a leather skirt would be the perfect choice. I love matching a really delicate and lacy piece, with a more masculine leather piece, and the two just compliment each other so nicely. But, as it is valentines day, I thought the added pink of the skirt still keeps it girly and perfect for a day date. Whether it’s a picnic, a walk in the park or a day out, this would really work, and then you can take it into the evening with the addition of this pink blazer from L K Bennett and a statement necklace.

What date are you planning this Valentines Day?

Rachel x


Spring Wishlist | White High Low Dress, Designer Bags and Embroidery


Untitled design (3)

Lulu Guiness Rucksack | £375, Blue Vanilla Jacket | £60, Zaful Embroided Tunic | $27.99, Zaful Cut Out Pointed Stiletto’s | $35.99, Ted Baker Red Bag | £160 , Topshop Embroided Jeans | £59

As it’s starting to get warmer in the UK, I’m really enjoying dressing for the spring season and purchasing some new items to add to my wardrobe. So, I’m working with the beauties at Zaful to show you some of the pieces I’m currently lusting after; such as this embroided white high low dress or dress formal dresses, which would be perfect for an upcoming summer party or a prom.

This season I just can’t get enough of embroidery. It’s just so feminine and also adds a nice amount of detail to a usually plain pair of jeans or a jacket. I particularly love the traditional red and green floral embroidery, on these Topshop Jamie Jeans because it adds something extra to the denim and makes them more of a special and seasonal appropriate pair to wear. The embroidery is also not too in your face, and doesn’t take away from how well-fitting the jeans are. So many pairs similar to this, are always boyfriend or mom style, and even though they are a nice addition to your wardrobe, I honestly don’t think you can beat a really good pair of skinny jeans.

If you’ve been a reader for a long time, then you will know that I have a real love and border line addiction for handbags. I especially love the British brand Lulu Guiness because of just how feminine all of her iconic bags are and particularly the traditional lips design. However, recently this gorgeous black leather backpack with a gold lips clasp, has caught my eye and I can’t stop thinking about it since. I just think that backpacks are so useful for summer and this one would just add a bit more style and glamour to the whole idea. But, it’s super expensive and definitely a piece that I will have to save up for or buy when it’s on sale.

Shoes are also quickly becoming another love of mine, and I’m really into more pointy stilettos styles at the minute. I bought a nude pair back in March, for one of my best friends wedding and I’ve just fallen in love with how elegant they make you look. They really elongate your legs and add a bit of a stronger contrast to an otherwise very feminine outfit. So, this gorgeous cut out tan pair from Zaful, caught my eye straight away. I love how well these will work with this seasons embroidery and lace, but also work perfectly with for both a casual day look or a dressy evening vibe. They would be so versatile and be a pair in my collection that I would wear over and over again. I definitely need to pick these beauties up.

What items are you lusting over this season?

Rachel x

My Top 5 | Spring Wardrobe Essentials



A Summer Jacket

A summer jacket is an absolute essential for me when it comes to styling up outfits for Spring, as it can still be quite cold and I really need another layer to keep me warm. So, this is why I just can’t live without this grey suede biker jacket from New Look, because it’s so super versatile and can be worn with any outfit, whether that’s a spring dress, jeans or even a playsuit. I had a jacket identical to this, but only in a lighter colour, last spring/summer, but I lost it and I had to purchase a new one; as I was so lost when trying to pair outfits together and I was always wishing that it was still in my wardrobe. So, I knew that this new purchase would instantly be a staple in my wardrobe, and I’m also loving faux suede at the minute and the fact of how good the cropped biker style looks, with any items that highlight my waist.

Lighter Washed Jeans

I know this pair in particular aren’t exactly light washed, however they’re definitely a summer jean and look perfect paired with gorgeous, floaty tops and tan sandals. I wouldn’t usually wear a pair of jeans this blue, during the winter months, however they really bring much needed colour to my spring outfits and this pair also fit amazingly. I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect jean, because I like a really skinny fit and I’m tall; so finding a jean that’s not too short and fits well right from the waist to the ankle, is very difficult. However, these are a very recent purchase from M&S, would you believe it, and I’m so happy with them. They look great on and were also a bargain at £19.50 a pair; miles better than all the other high-street jeans I’ve tried on.

A Pair of Converse

Converse are the perfect spring/summer shoe, as they’re made for events such as festivals, picnic’s and long adventure’s. They are so comfortable and are such a classic shoe, which you can wear from day to night with any outfit, for any occasion. They’re super versatile and I love to have at least one pair to get me through the summer. So, this year I’ve gone for this gorgeous tan leather pair with rose gold eyelets. I’ve already raved about these beauties a lot in their own blog post, so I will link it HERE and you can go and have a good read.

An Embroided TopIMG_2999[1]

This season I honestly cant get enough of embroidery, and so it’s no wonder than an embroided top is an essential item for my spring wardrobe. There is something so feminine and girly about embroidery, and that’s why I’m loving to wear it as we go into spring and I’m wearing more light and floaty items. With this top in particular, which is a little River Island number by the way, I really love how all the details are in red, which makes it stand out and also looks great with a red lip. The wide bell style sleeves also look surprisingly flattering and perfectly compliment the peplum at the bottom. This is my favourite spring piece from my wardrobe, and I cant get enough of how beautiful it is.

The Lace Dress

This white dress is a real staple in my spring/summer wardrobe, as it’s so light, cool to wear and also looks amazing with a tan. I love how it has a real festival and bohemian vibe, and it looks perfect paired with a plaited hair style and tan accessories. The lace really just adds detail to both the piece and compliments your outfit really well; making it super girly and feminine. It’s just the ideal throw on and go piece, and I could wear this endlessly during spring and summer. I’m so glad it’s now getting warm enough to wear it.

What are your style essentials for this season?

Rachel x

Key Staple Items

The must-haves in your wardrobe this season

Hello Lovelies


So I am really sorry for being almost non-existent on here! I know that I have not posted for about 4 days but I am here now and thank you for everyone who has visited while I have been away. I have just been sooo busy the last few days! Also the fashion challenge has seemed very popular and I am glad that you have all enjoyed the interactive bit.


When you are creating a great wardrobe, you need to have key items that you can wear and use all season. So I decided that as October is coming and winter weather is well and truly here, I decided that I would do a post about what must-have items you need this season in your wardrobe. After reading a leaflet, from my look magazine, I thought I would all let you know the things you are really going to wear and need.


The key thing to know about staple items are that they need to be totally interchangeable with your other pieces. They need to be something that wil go with all your clothes and can be just chucked on and will look fine. Also they can be key items that will be great for the whole season or add a different dimension to an outfit.


1. Leather Jacket

leather jacket

The leather jacket is a key item that everyone should have in their wardrobe this season. It’s a great item that can add a different dimension to any outfit. Although this one is £90, it would be a great investment and something worth spending your money on.


2. Barely There Sandals

barely there sandals

These sandals are sooo popular and something that I just think are so chic and perfect for a staple item. They can be a great item for a night out but also great in the day, as they are not that high but also add a little height. I also love the suede detailing. Perfect investment at £60.


3. Camisole

Camisoles are just bang on trend right now. They go with almost anything and are great to add a girly dimension to a hard, grungy outfit. These ones from Topshop are great quality and are just plain black and white,so they go with anything really, they are a real must have this season.


4. Monochrome

monochrome dress

This trend is just so timeless and will always be on trend this season.  This dress is a steal at only £12.00 and will be a great piece to just throw on. It could be dressed up with heels or dressed down more grunge with Doc Martins. A steal you need this!!


5. Pink

This trend of pink is something that should be either small or statement. This two-piece from River Island is a great statement for this season. It’s a great price and would be at least double if it was designer. I love it but I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I hope people understand this saying and not just in my area.


6. Statement Jewellery

statemnet necklace 1

I just love this necklace! Statement necklaces are so big right now and give an outfit a complete different view. They are allowed to be completely out there and i love that. This one from River Island is great and I really want!


7.Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots

OMG!! Love these. They are just so versatile and will go with anything and everything. These from ASOS are great as they are leather and will obviously last ages. They are great as they are not to high and great for style and practicality. 


8. Statement Coat


This coat is amazing. The price is just a steal at only £34.99! It would be best over-sized and with a really wintery outfit. I just love it and I actually want this coat so go and get it before I do!


I hope you find this post interesting and something that will help you with your winter wardrobe. This post has been great for me so I am going to take a leaf out of my own mind and learn from it.


Love you all