3 Valentines Day Outfits


As Valentines Day is now only a week away, I thought I would give you a few ideas for outfits you can wear for the day. Whether you’re going out for drinks, and want something slightly more casual yet still dressy, going out for a really fancy meal or just going for a relaxing day date, I’ve got an outfit idea to suit every occasion.

If you’re off to a lovely posh meal this Valentines day, then a statement dress would be the perfect choice. I always think they ooze femininity, and are so easy to create an outfit around. You can so easily make the dress the statement and then keep it neutral with the accessories, like I’ve done with this gorgeous lazer cut Karen Millen dress. This is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, because I just love the pop of red. I always think red looks beautiful on women, and I love pairing it with bouncy curls and top it all off with a red lip. I’ve then kept the jewellery and accessories neutral, with a nude bow clutch bag from Coast, and kept the rose gold theme running through into my circular Pandora necklace. Which has small cut out hearts around the edge, which I thought would be perfect for valentines.

However, if you’re looking for a more relaxed day date outfit, then a classic cami and a leather skirt would be the perfect choice. I love matching a really delicate and lacy piece, with a more masculine leather piece, and the two just compliment each other so nicely. But, as it is valentines day, I thought the added pink of the skirt still keeps it girly and perfect for a day date. Whether it’s a picnic, a walk in the park or a day out, this would really work, and then you can take it into the evening with the addition of this pink blazer from L K Bennett and a statement necklace.

What date are you planning this Valentines Day?

Rachel x


Get Ready With Me | Christmas Party

IMG_2888[1]IMG_2895[1]PicMonkey CollageI’m the girl that loves a good party, especially when they’re a festive celebration and Mariah Carey is on the playlist. So, my name is always first on the list when it comes to the work Christmas party or any festive celebration, that involves getting dressed up and buying a piece of clothing to wear. And, this year was no exception, as I headed to a college Christmas party, last week, with two of my beautiful best friends. I really loved the whole getting ready process,especially my outfit, so I thought I would share it all in a Get Ready With Me…

The Outfit: As you all know, I’m a clothes addict and I love any opportunity to be able to purchase a new item to add to my wardrobe. So, when I needed to find a outfit to wear for the college Christmas party, this beautiful red velvet, Karen Millen dress, was the perfect choice. It was a new purchase to add to my collection, and although Karen Millen dresses are quite expensive, the fit is perfect for my body shape and they’re pieces that will last a lifetime. I love everything about this piece, from the way is hugs my body in all the right place’s, flatter’s the fact I have almost no boobs going on, the gorgeous deep red velvet material, which is bang on trend, and how the top gathers to look like a bow. That is why I paired it with my beloved black bow heels, from M&S. I’ve raved about these a lot, but I just want to say how comfortable they are to wear and considering the price, they’re really good quality and look amazing on the feet.

To compliment the red velvet, I paired the dress with some of my favourite rose gold jewellery pieces, such as my lovely Pandora Rose rings and my fossil bracelet. I also wore my rose gold feather bracelet, which was a present from my mum for getting good AS results. It’s a feather for good luck, but also as a memory of my dad, and it’s a piece I will always treasure.

The Hair & Makeup: When it comes to my hair, I just can’t beat a really lovely curled look, which is voluminous and super girly. So, I did my go to hair style, of curling my hair with my lovely GHD’s and then added a bit of volume in the roots by backcombing and adding some dry shampoo. However, when I comes to my makeup I love to go all out and create a really lovely eye makeup look. My absolute life saver is the gorgeous Morphe palette 35T taupe palette, that was an amazing 18th birthday present. It has every shadow colour that I love to wear and more, and is ideal for creating the perfect eye look. In the end I went for a brown/gold smokey eye, topped off with this bronzy gold glitter pigment from Tanya Burr cosmetics and added some fluttery lashes.

To finish my makeup look off, I went for dewy skin with lot’s of bronzer, which has to be my second favourite type of makeup after eyeshadow, and a lovely matte red lip. I used this deep red one from Boujois, which really does create a velvet matte finish, however it is quite sheer and it takes a long time to build up a good strong colour on the lips.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and go to lot’s of Christmas celebrations.

Rachel x

Get Ready With Me | My 18th Birthday


Your 18th birthday has to be one of the biggest celebrations of your life. It’s a time when you childhood comes to end and you start your journey into adulthood. You’re no long counted as child and have to be responsible for yourself, which means having to book your own doctors appointments and not getting your mum to do it for you.

When I go out, I enjoy the getting ready process just as much as the actual event, and as it was my 18th birthday on Saturday, I thought I would share my getting ready process. The dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup, and the actual nights itself. It will be a really nice memory for me to look back on, and you can also be a bit nosy at what I got upto on the night of my birthday.

The Outfit: This had to be one of my favourite elements of the getting ready process, because I love looking through my wardrobe and putting together a really gorgeous outfit, that suits the event I’m going to. However, my 18th birthday required a brand new wardrobe piece, in the form of this stunning black and gold number from Karen Millen. I really loved everything about this dress, from the way the A-Line style suited by body shape really well, how the black and gold went with my party’s colours scheme and how mature yet also feminine, the design of it was. Karen Millen are an expensive brand, however their fit is so good for my body shape and I know I will treasure this dress, in my wardrobe, for many years to come.

The shoes were a little unexpected buy and were actually from M&S. I originally wanted gold shoes, however it soon became clear that the style and size I needed, didn’t actually exist. So, after a bit of persuasion from my mum, I opted to go and have a look in M&S, in the hope I would find something to my taste. To my surprise they actually had quite a few pairs that would of been great with the dress, however I fell in love with the black satin ones, with a black bow on the front. They fit so well, are really comfortable and look gorgeous on. I will be able to wear them with so many other outfits and love them to death. The clutch bag was a great little Christmas sale buy, from Miss Selfridge, and provides the perfect clutch to go with so many going out outfits. However, it’s not really that practical, and I can only just fit my phone, purse and lipstick in there, if I’m lucky! I paired the whole outfit with gold/rose gold jewellery, that I had for my birthday or that were already favourites in my collection. This includes rings from Pandora, and a lovely necklace from Links Of London.

The Makeup & Hair: The makeup and hair, really pulls your whole look together and creates the basis for a great night out. With my makeup it was all about creating a glamourous, but also natural party look. So, I created a gorgeous neutral smokey eye, with nudes, browns and lots of gold glitter, and paired it all with a lovely pairs of lashes from Eyelire. They’re a key part of my look, when ever I go out properly, and really pull your eye look together. The skin was dewy with lots and lots of bronzer, and I tied it all together with a lovely rose/nude lip from Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s collection for M&S. I’ve already raved loads about this product, in a previous post, which you can go and have a read of HERE!

The hair I wanted to keep really simple and glamourous, with loads of curls and volume. So, I went for my key hair look, using my gold GHD’s, curling all of my hair away from my face and back combing the roots to add texture and volume. I sprayed on loads of hair spray and then I was good to go.

The Night: To celebrate my birthday I had a party in a really lovely venue in town. It was a bar/lounge, with a real  club vibe, that was underneath a restaurant and provided the most amazing party venue. I had all my friends, family’s and people from work, altogether, and threw a really good night. I created a playlist for the DJ, on his request, and he played amazing songs all night long. I’m sure I’ve never danced as much as that, in my whole entire life. I had such a great time and it was definitely the best birthday yet!

Rachel x