Bedroom Re-Design Inspiration

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Interior design is something I’m really loving at the the minute, especially as im looking to re-design my room in the next few months. At the minte my room still has quite a teenage vibe, with a mix of pink and purple walls, however as my taste’s have changed i’m looking for something a bit more mature and feminine. As well as being a bit more chic and classic, which has a bit more of an adult vibe.

I’m really loving the more scandinavian design at the minute, with the mix of classic colours on the walls, matched with textured fur’s and plenty of prints and quotes on the walls. Also, as most of you know i’m obssessed with everything fashion related and have lots of fashion books that i’d love to display. So, I want to create a space that ultimately brings all these things togther to build a really nice relaxing space, that also reflects my love for fashion and style too.

I’ll keep you updated on all things to do with my bedroom re-design over the next few months, but I thought I would start my showing you some of my inspiration and creating a moodboard of images I love so far.

What interior design are you loving at the minute? 

Rachel x

Walk In Wardrobe Dreams

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Images Sourced from my Pinterest board


Having a walk in wardrobe has always been a dream of mine. I’d just love to be able to see all my clothes and accessories hung up, and then be able to choose each item to create an outfit with. Having all your wardrobe in one room, where you build your whole outfit; starting from the underwear, all the way to the clothes, and finally the accessories. To be honest I think it’s any girls ultimate wish, who is a fashion lover, to have a walk in wardrobe and a personal dressing area.


However, many girls aren’t as lucky to get a walk in wardrobe, or even a big enough wardrobe to fit their masses of clothes in. But a girl can always dream. Therefore I thought I would share with you some of my design and layout inspiration for my own walk in wardrobe, if I was ever to be lucky enough to have one. I love the boudoir style interior design, where you have shelves and rails for all your clothes, a luxurious chair or sofa to sit and relax on, a dressing table, and maybe even a cheeky chandelier. But I also really love the sleek and modern interior design, where all the wardrobe’s slide open to reveal your clothes and accessories, modern art on the walls and maybe a gorgeous light up mirror which reflects the ‘dressing room for film stars’ vibe.


Do you lust over having a walk in wardrobe? If so, how would you design it, what lines would you go down?


I love you all

Rachel x

My Desk & Blogging Space Tour

The time has finally come when I’ve going to be showing you around my work station/ desk / blogging space. It’s really a place for a little bit of everything.

Back in March to April time, as I was just beginning to really start revising properly for my GCSE exams, I decided that I really needed to get a desk and a work space, in order for me to be able to organise all of my revision, homework and also a base to write all my blog posts from. After only a short time of actually seriously thinking about getting a desk, my mum saw this gorgeous kidney shaped, white, glass topped desk in a local charity shop. Within a couple of days we went back to go and have a good look at it, and I instantly fell in love with it. It’s so modern, chic, simple and just so me. But what made it even better, was that it was a bargain at only £30.

What I love about this desk is how everything about it is so perfect for what I wanted it for. It provides a desk and work space that has plenty of room for not only my a-level work, but also all my blogging notebooks and fashion books; an amazing background for all of my blog photos, and the versatility of it being able to go with anything anywhere, and can fit in with any design theme that I decide to go with. The only thing that’s a real downfall, has to be how big it is, and how as it’s kidney shaped it’s a really awkward thing to move around, so I had to be careful when deciding where I wanted it to go.

These two little area’s of my desk above, have to be some of my favourite design wise. I love how I’m able to display all my fashion related books, so I can always admire them and I can easily just grab one and have a little read to gain some inspiration. And, what makes that even better is the gorgeous white, pug book ends that hold all the books up and add to my ever evolving desk design. Also, I adore these cute, little, patterned set of draws, that create another dimension to my desk design and provides a storage for a few things and also a display for my fake flowers and a lovely perfume bottle.

However, the part of my desk that I love the most, has to be my quote door, where I’ve got around half a dozen of my favourite quotes. There’s one’s that I’ve bought myself and one’s from my friends and family, and they all provide me with motivation and inspiration when I’m hard at work with this blog or with school work. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while then you’ll know I’m a pure and utter quote freak, and love them to death; so I’m so glad that I’ve got this part of my desk, as I feel like it just really reflects me as a person.

If you have your own work space and need some design inspiration, then why don’t you go and check out my post all about desk design inspiration HERE.

I love you all

Rachel x

Desk Design Inspiration

All image’s sourced from my Pinterest board


A few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get my own desk and be able to have a space to not only revise and do all of my school work, but also where I can sit and work on this little blog. I just had so many revision guides, past papers and work books, around the house, that it just wasn’t possible to be able to properly concentrate and revise. So after having a bit of a mini stress out because I needed to revise and everything was just so disorganised, me and mum were then on the hunt for a desk, and somewhere in our house to put it.


Fast forward to right now, and I have a lovely, kidney shaped desk with a solid glass top. It’s the perfect size for all my school work and revision related things, but there’s also room for all of my fashion books, which are too pretty not to display, and all my notebooks to do with blogging. I have an amazing view of the garden, as it’s situated in the conservatory, and I have a few of my favourite quotes and sayings hung up on the glass door.


However, the reason why I’m writing this post, is because as soon as I had my desk it went straight into use for school and revision, and although I did go and buy a few bits to dress it up and a few stationary bits, I don’t feel like I really got a chance to think about the design of my new desk, and what I really wanted it to look like. So, I thought I would create this post as a little place to inspire you and me on our desk design. I know it may sound stupid to some people, because surely what it looks like doesn’t matter that much. But for me it makes me feel so much better, and makes me enjoy being and work at it. There’s no point of having a desk if you never use it or never feel inspired to go and work.


I think I have done enough talking and explaining. It’s time that I just leave the pictures to do the talking and to hopefully inspire you on your office/desk design. If you loved reading this post or are looking for even more desk design inspiration, then go and visit my Pinterest board HERE.


I love you all


Modern Vintage

Pictures sourced from Pinterest


Modern Vintage is a style based around mixing the old with the new,and creating something utterly unique. It’s something that seems to cause a lot of chaos in the whole Interior design world, and I think that’s purely down to how you actually define the whole thing. Which I’m really not surprised about! As it really is such a broad , open style, and something that can be done in so many different ways. Which, I suppose is what makes it so very popular with the modern person.


The whole concept of Modern Vintage has always seemed to interest me, even if I didn’t exactly know the term for it! I think it’s just the fusion of the two completely different styles working in harmony together, and not looking completely awful. Also, I’m a big fan of so many different styles, such as modern clean lines, vintage, and retro, which are obviously all completely different. So, I just love how two styles that originate from such contrasting places, can be put together and just look absolutely fabulous. Overall, I think it’s a style that will be very prominent throughout my home when I’m older, because I just love how unique it is, and how you can really interpret it in so many various ways.


But the real reason that I’m sitting here writing about this, is not just because I want to write about an interior style that I love, or that I wanted to mix my content up a bit, but the fact that I actually have to incorporate this style into my GCSE textiles project. When I first saw this brief I didn’t actually know what the term “Modern Vintage” was referring to. I had a pretty good idea, but couldn’t have actually told you there and then what it was. So, I looked into it, and soon discovered that it was actually one of my favourite interior styles, and one that I’ve always admired when I’ve seen it on pinterest, just because of how individual it looks. I’m actually really glad that I get to do my coursework around something I love, and hopefully I’ll be able to nail it. I’ll keep you posted on that!!


So, How do you feel about modern vintage?? Did you actually know what it was before this post???


Love you all