4 Accessory Trends You Need To Invest In Now

Accessories are a piece of fashion that I think are the best thing to invest in. They are completely versatile and can be used to compliment any outfit, whether it’s day or night, casual or smart. They are the pieces that pull a look together and ultimately add interest and detail to every inch of your outfit. My favourite ones have to be a classic handbag, as there is not only so many beautiful ones out there, they are also an essential for any woman, as otherwise you would have no where to carry your go-to items. I also love a great shoe, as they really elevate your look and makes sure that you look good even down to your toes. Jewellery is also another one of my favourite accessories too, its so dainty and delicate, and I love wearing pieces that have a special meaning to me.

So, if you’re looking to invest in some new accessories, ready for Autumn/Winter 2018, there’s four key trends that are owning the high-street and catwalks this season…

Velvet Dreams

Velvet was so popular a few years ago, and now it’s come back with a bang. It’s the material that not only has a beautiful texture, but also looks amazing in so many different colours. If you pick a light colour, like this one on this nude block heel, you get a really feminine and girly look to your accessory. However, if you choose a darker navy colour, like the boots in the first image, you get a more autumnal and luxury vibe.

The one thing that velvet always gives is the ability to look beautiful for an evening out, but also lift and add texture to an every outfit too. No matter what you choose to have velvet in, it always looks expensive and adds an instant statement to any look. 

It’s All About The Pearls

This season pearls are everywhere, whether it’s through the classic pearl earring or necklace,they’re also a key embellishment on handbags, shoes and also clothing as well. What I love about pearls is that they have always been so elegant and chic. Every older lady seems to have a classic pair of pearl earrings and a necklace, and that shows how timless they really are. They pair perfectly with anything, and instanly add a tocuh of classic glam and make your outfit look that bit more put together.

Pearls come in all different shapes and varieties, depending on your own taste and and you favourite colours. However, this year the classic white and cream pearls seem to be the colour of choice, as they pair with any other colour and also really stand out against darker colours. If you’re looking for some beautiful pearl accessories, ASOS would be a great place to have a browse. They have an amazing range of jewellery pieces, as well as handbags and also clothing pieces too.


Black & White = Monochrome

Black and White has been a classic for as long as we can remember, and only recently have we decided that it’s about time it got an official name. So, monochrome it is.

Monochrome is actually one of my favourite colour palettes and ways to dress, as it’s so chic and really channels the icon Coco Chanel. I love how you can wear it no matter what situation and you always look pulled together, chic and extremely fashionable. So, its a natural thing that I also love monochrome accessories too, as they literally go with everything!

However, this year it’s not about choosing a black or white accessory, it’s about having block colours highly featured in the design. Such as this Christian Dior flat bottomed bag. It’s all about taking two classic colours and mixing them in different patterns or designs to create a chic, yet on trend accessory.


Silky Head Scarves

The trend is one of my favourites for the whole season, as silky scarves have always been a love of mine. I just love the way they add such a luxurious, rich feel to your outfit and that you can wear them in so many ways. Whether it’s a head scarf, which is super big this season, as an accessory to your bag handles or as a traditional scarf around your neck, and even then there’s lots of different ways to style it. 

This year it’s all about the wearing the scarf on your head, and making hair accessories fashionable again. You could wear it in the traditional way, around your head and tied in a gorgeous bow, or you could tie it around your bobble on your classic ponytail, or even wrap in your hair, through a plait. 

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My Updated Pandora Jewellery Collection & How I Style My Pieces


Jewellery is something I’ve really grown to love over the last few years, as my style hs developed and I’ve been able to find more timeless jewellery pieces to pair with my more classic style; and Pandora has been one of my favourite place to get these from. It’s far from the cheapest place to find jewellery, however they offer a good level of quality, and style for the amount of money you’re paying for your pieces. They also regulary bring out new season collections to keep your love for their jewellery going and create beautiful items that you can really customise and make completely personal to you.

So, as I’ve now got quite a substantial collection of their pieces, I thought I would share my collection with you, and my favourite ways to style them up with my wardrobe…

Woven Leather Bracelet | £45

This bracelet out of my whole Pandora collection, is the one I wear the least simply because nowadays I’m just really into more classic jewellery pieces, that I can pair with any outfit and it won’t clash. As this pink woven leather bracelet is a little bit more unique and wouldn’t tie in with every outfit that I wear, however it is a really good casual Pandora bracelet as it’s not super heavy, like all the others can be. It has a round, silver floral clip on which they no longer make, but I love how it ties in with the silver clasp and having the single bead just keeps it looking nice and simple.

How I Style? –  So, my favourite way to style this bracelet up is just with a really casual, everyday look. Maybe a pair of jeans, a graphic or slogan tee, and a pair of converse. Then the bracelet just ties in really well and adds a little bit of casual glamour to your outfit.

Pandora Jewellery 2Silver Cream Flower Enamel Ring & Silver Floral Band

These were the first two rings I ever had from Pandora, and were actually both bought for me as presents. Before I had these, I never really used to like wearing rings because I had always had cheap one’s that felt uncomfortable to wear or were more statement pieces. However, once I added these two to my collection my love for rings began and I’ve loved them ever since.

How I Style? – I love to style these two rings separately, as the thicker floral band ring can’t be stacked and looks much better on it’s own as a single piece. So, I always tend to wear them together and put the thicker banded one on my right middle finger and then the thinner floral enamel one on my left middle finger. Then, I will usually pair my silver heart bangle with them, as its not too over the top and just ties all the silver pieces together nicely.

Sterling Silver Bangle | £55

This bangle has to be my favourite out of all the bracelet’s in my collection, and that’s because it’s so simple and classic, and is also really wearable with so many outfits. I usually hate wearing bangle’s because they always seem to dig in around the bony parts of your wrists and move around a lot; however this one is just a little bit bigger than my wrist and because it has the clasp it makes it so easy to put on and take off. I also love the Pavé Open My Heart Clip that’s on it, because it adds a bit of glamour and sparkle to the piece, but it still looks chic and super feminine.

How I Style? – I would style this up with a more dressy outfit, such as when I go on a night out or for drinks with the girls, or when I go to work and want to add a bit of classic sparkle to my outfit. I think it also looks beautiful paired with my two floral silver rings, and a pair of silver crystal earrings to finish the look off.

FullSizeRenderDazzling Daisy Ring | £55 & Daisy Band Ring | £75 & Classic Band Ring | £100

My three rose gold rings are my favourite items out of my whole collection, because I absolutely love rose gold and think it looks so pretty and feminine; and these rings are no exception.

Again all these rings have been presents and have little stories behind them that make them even more special, such as the thin band daisy ring was bought with money I got from my family for my AS Results. So, I know that whenever I wear it, it reminds me of my achievements and those results. Similarly, the classic band ring, which is the newest addition to my collection and something I can’t stop wearing was bought my mum as a present for my A-Level results, so it will always remind me of the day I got them and how happy I was. As the daisy band ring was an 18th birthday present from my Aunty and Uncle, and something I will always treasure and remember from a special birthday.

How I Style? – My favourite ways to style these rings is to stack the classic band ring with the daisy thin band flower ring on the top, and then also wear the thick daisy band ring on my right middle finger. I don’t always wear all of them, but I usually alternate and wear two at a time, one on either hand. Then I usually pair it with a dainty gold initial bracelet I have as well, to finish the look off.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet | £55

This is the first ever Pandora jewellery piece I had and will still always be the most classic from the brand, as it’s where they started. Their charm bracelets are still so iconic and I love how you can personalise them and make each individual one to suit you, tell a story and have memories behind each bead. All of mine have been presents, that have bought for me for various different occasions, so they all have a lot of meaning for me. For example, the bracelet, two heart clips, the bow and the two thin crystal beads were all a present from my mum for my 16th birthday, and then I had various beads for my 18th birthday and other special events in between. The only thing I don’t like about these bracelets is that they can get really heavy with all the beads on and then be hard to wear all day.

How I Style? – Generally as this bracelet is so heavy, I usually only wear it for special occasions, such as going out for drinks or on a night out. I never wear this everyday as it’s too bulky and I also don’t want to risk loosing any of the beads, which I actually have done before.

What are some of your favourite pieces from Pandora?

Rachel x

Partywear Style Inspiration & Trends


This time of the year is the true party season, and that only means one thing you have to find that perfect outfit. It’s about the sparkle, sequins, toule and texture, as you shine all night on that dancefloor. Whether it’s a work Christmas party, when you want to channel your chic party look, a night out with the girls, where it’s all about having fun and sparkling all evening, or a dinner date; where looking sexy and adding that glimmer of Christmas sparkle, is key. There really is a partywear trend to suit every celebration that festive season…

Velvet is one of the most gorgeous trends when it comes to partywear. It’s such a beautiful fabric, that creates a really sexy and chic take on occasion wear. It’s looks lovely when worn in the deep colour palette of this Autumn/Winter, as deep burgundy’s, mulberry’s and greens take over your style. This is a great fabric if sequins are just a bit too sparkly for you, and you’re looking for a more wintery and chic look. However, they do look lovely worn together, and you can really create the best of both worlds.

Sequins are something that are forever in style when you think about partywear. They just scream seasonal celebrations, that are packed full of fun, laughter and spending all night on the dance floor. My favourite type of sequins have to be in the metallic colours, of gold and silver, as they really make the occasion super special. However, they also look lovely in block colours, of purple, black, grey or navy.

Rachel x

What I’ve Worn | Girls Night Out


I’m known by all my friends for my Mary Poppins wardrobe and the endless amounts of pieces I pull out from it, to wear to different events. I’m always shopping around and buying new items, that I love, to add to my collection. So, considering this, I thought it was about time I started sharing some more of my outfits in a blog post; showing you my latest outfit combinations and the pieces that I repeatedly love to wear. The series is going to be called  ‘What I’ve Worn’ and will hopefully feature lot’s of different pieces from my wardrobe; from casual everyday outfits, to going out with the girls. I hope you’ll love it, and feel like you have a bit of a better insight into my style and taste…


This combination was my outfit of choice on Saturday night, when I went out for drinks with one of my really lovely friends. I wanted to look dressed up and ready for night out, but also classy and chic. So, I felt like this sparkly jumpsuit, from Topshop, was the perfect choice. It’s really comfortable, which is an essential when your going to be drinking a lot and probably going to be pretty tipsy. It looks great on and really works with my height ,due to the jumpsuit style elongating my legs; and fact it’s all in one, makes it a really easy piece to just throw on and look instantly glam. The gorgeous silver sparkle, adds another dimension to the look, however I do find myself regularly shedding glitter, wherever I  walk.

To pull the whole outfit together, I went for my lovely black, satin, strappy bow heels from M&S. I’ve already raved about them, over in my 18th birthday Get Ready With Me, but I just have to mention how lovely they look on. They look so glamourous and perfect for any evening out, however they have a really feminine and girly edge to them, which I really love. I also paired the look with my blue ‘en vogue’ clutch bag, from Miss Selfridge, which just screams me and that I actually forgot about until Saturday night. It added a really nice bit of colour to the outfit, and made it pop! The jewellery was my normal rose gold, fossil watch, and I wore my two gorgeous silver Pandora rings, to top the whole look off. I thought the silver ones would look better and tie in nicely with the silver on the jumpsuit, opposed to my rose gold ones; which I’m constantly wearing at the minute.

What key pieces do you love to wear for a night out?

Rachel x

3 Coat Styles | A/W 16


Personally, I don’t think that you need to follow the latest trends or be really modern, to have style. It’s all about embracing what ever you like to wear, and being able to style an amazing outfit together; that’s what personal style is all about. But, how ever much we can try to get away from the trends and what the most influential designers are wanting us to wear; the catwalk affects every part of the fashion world and is inter-woven within every fashion lover’s mind.

When it comes to trends, I like to know what’s popular and current, however I’m not obsessed by them and instead I prefer to just purchase items that I love and want to wear. Whether that’s the new most in coat, or just a shirt I’m really loving the pattern of, I tailor the trends around myself and my own style. So, as a coat has to be one of the biggest purchases you can make for A/W 16, I thought I would share 3 realistic coat trends for the season. Trends that are achievable and can easily be inter-weaved into your current everyday style…

1. The Quilted Jacket| F&F | £35

Quilting has to be one of the easiest trends, to not only be able to purchase, but also to be able to wear; as long as you’re smart about it. The key to getting quilting right is knowing your proportions and the exact fit you need. Personally, when it came to buying this burgundy coat from F&F, I knew I’m traditionally a size 12, however I chose to go up a size so that I would be able to wear jumpers or a few layers underneath it, and still feel comfortable. On the other hand, you have to be really careful that a quilted jacket doesn’t drown your body and create quite a bulky shape around your upper half. Therefore, you need to try and get the best of both worlds; allowing for a bit of jumper room, but also ensuring that it’s not too big and takes over.

When it comes to styling quilted jackets, it really depends on the colour and style you have. However, the one that I have really is a bit of a more standout piece and I like to keep my outfit chic and classic to go along side it. Jeans, boots and a white tee/ shirt work really well and keep the whole outfit fairly casual, as let’s face it realistically no one can make a quilted jacket look extremely high fashion, especially when wearing it everyday. However, this is a trend that is super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and can be worn by almost anyone.

2. The Trench Coat | Calvin Klein | £60+

The trench coat trend is one of the most chic and high fashion coat trends ever. It’s such a classic look and can be worn with any outfit; adding a sense of glamour and style. The key to nailing the trench trend is fit, quality and definitely colour. In order for the trench coat to really look amazing, it needs to just gently skim the body and flatter the waist, by the addition of a belt. It should always be able to be done up, but should also not be too big and loose.

However, finding a good quality trench is key, and really finishes the look off. My favourite ones are the traditional wipe-able polyester, or the thick cotton style; depending on what type of coat you want and when you want to wear it. The colour is so important and will either make it into a staple item in your wardrobe, that you can always reach for, or be an item you love but isn’t actually that versatile within your wardrobe. So, I would suggest either Tan, Beige/Cream or Black. They’re super neutral colours, go with everything and are really chic.

3. Boyfriend Coat | M&S | £70

This is a coat trend that has hit the fashion world by storm, over the last few seasons, as masculine tailoring meets high end feminine fashion. So, this probably has to be one of the hardest trend’s to nail and to be able to add into your current A/W 16 wardrobe. The structured, longline, tailoring can so easily overwhelm you and your outfit, therefore you need to make sure that you have a good fit and shape to your boyfriend coat. Make sure that yours is not too long, and compliments your height; petite and tall range’s are really good this and making sure that a item suits your structure. The design of the coat is also super important, and finding the right one of key; whether it’s a more simple straight cut style, or a more complex double breasted and pocked design.

When it comes to styling the boyfriend coat, it’s all about almost contrasting the style and shape of the coat. Pair it with more tight fitting items of clothing, which may still be tailored, such as a really lovely shirt/blouse and tailored peg leg trousers. On the other hand, you could compliment the style of the coat and pair it with a pair of loose fitting boyfriend ripped jeans and a baggy V-neck tee. The key is to decide what style you want to channel and that will compliment with your wardrobe , and the boyfriend coat will be your best friend.

Don’t forget to check out my first seasonal buys for Autumn/Winter 16. I talk in detail about this gorgeous burgundy coat from F&F, and a lovely new jumper style that I’m obsessed with.

Rachel x