Get Ready With Me | My 19th Birthday

A birthday is always an excuse for me to get dressed up and enjoy being a bit more glamourous than I am everyday; and my 19th birthday was no exception. After such an amazing 18th year, I knew I had to go into my 19th with a bit of a bang, no way as big as last years, but a good celebration was in order. So, to make sure the night kicked off in the right way, I made sure I had an outfit on that I loved and felt really good in, as well as pulling it all together with hair and makeup that had a kind of everyday glam vibe. I was so happy the outfit as a whole I thought I would share it in a blog post with you all….

The Outfit

When it comes to going out, I’m a massive fan of having that one key item that you can put on and feel instantly put togther and ready for the evening. Whether that’s a dress playsuit or a jumpsuit, a love a good one hit wonder I suppose; except I love to wear them over and over again and they’re my trusty go-to pieces. So, when it came to choosing an outfit for my birthday drinks in my local city, it was a no brainer that I wanted to pick one of these items from my wardrobe. So, this red, lace dress from AX Paris ended up being the dress of choice for the evening, purely becaause I feel really good when I wear it, it looks good and I could also pair it with a good old red lip.

To finish the look off, I wanted to make the dress the main focus point and so I stuck to a more neutral colour palette. I went for a beautiful pair of patent nude high heels, with a good platform to add a bit of height to the evening. These are far from the most comfortable heels I own, but they look amazing on, and so that balanced out the pain they cause. Then I added my trusty rose gold Pandora rings, and my Armani exchange watch and a black and white clutch to tie it all together. To be honest the bag wasn’t my first choice, but I couldn’t find the bag I really wanted to use so I had to make so with this one.

Hair & Makeup

For my hair and makeup I went for a more everyday glam look, as I wanted to still look natural with a bit more of a dressed up version. So I created a gorgeous brown smoky eye to add a bit of depth to my makeup look and a bit of intensity to the eye, using the Morphe 35T palette. This is actually one of the loves of my life and would really recommend buying it because it`s so versatile, and it also helps that it looks beautiful as well. To complement the eye look I went for bronzed, dewy skin and a good old matte red lip. I wasn’t the most popular with my boyfriend, but it tied the whole look together. When it came to my hair, I went for my trusty loose curls but added lots of extra volume, to the roots, to add bit of extra glam to the whole look. This just brought it all together and made me love my hair for the whole night.

The Night

I headed to a few local bars in my local city for drinks and a cocktail or two, with my boyfriend and 6 of my best friends. I had an amazing night chatting, drinking and catching up with them all, especially as three of them are at uni away from home and I don’t get to see them that much. To be honest it was quite a messy night, as I made the mistake of mixing too many drink combinations. However, I was the birthday girl and so I had a good excuse to get drunk.

Rachel x

Have Faith In Your Journey

Have faith in your journey post

I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, and that no matter how hard the situation is or the lesson you have to learn, it was brought to your life for a reason. I’ve got to admit there’s been times in my life where I’ve not been able to know the reason, not even for a long time, but as you look how the path of your life altered from that point, you begin to realise. Whether that’s loosing your job, but then being offered a new one that can take you on a different career path, or whether it’s falling out with a friend and actually realising that the friendship was toxic and that you’ve been able to make much better friends since. You need to have faith in your journey, what’s set out for you is there to challenge, scare and even intimidate, but not ever to defeat.

As it comes up to exam season, there’s such a huge new life chapter waiting ahead for me, and I know that I’m just about to close my entire childhood one. In two weeks time I’m going to be saying goodbye to school for good, doing my exams and looking forward to being let free into the world and to really start the path to my dream career. I already know where I’m going and what I’m going to do, but if you don’t you just need to have faith that whatever happens there’s a reason behind it. The best you can do is put plans in place, work your arse off and hope that you get the results you want and need. If you do then that’s amazing, you’ve got the pass to the next stage in your life, whether that’s A-Levels, College, an apprenticeship or university. However, if you don’t quite get what you were hoping for, then don’t loose faith as there’s a different path set out for your life that will make you succeed. Yes you may have to work hard for it, but we all will; so have faith that no matter what challenge’s life throws at you, you are strong enough to take them.

Our whole human bodies are made to be broken, hurt, damaged and imperfect, but they can also be fixed, healed, can forgive and can be worked on. Just because you life takes a different turn, does not mean that you have failed at it. Instead it’s leading you to better things. Some of the best people, ideas, and situations come out of nowhere and you need to take them in your stride and know that they’re meant to be in your life for a reason. But don’t ever feel like you can’t be scared of them, as change is not only such a massive thing in your life but it’s also not really liked by anyone; but it has to be done.

Good Luck to all you lovely people starting exams over the next few weeks and months, I know you’ll smash it and remember to always have faith in your own journey.

Rachel x

Exclusive Leather Rose Gold Converse


Without a doubt converse have to be my favourite type and style of shoe to wear. They’re not only the most comfortable to shoes to wear on earth, but they’re also super versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits. It doesn’t matter if you’re pairing them with a casual outfit, to wear to college or uni, or you’ve got a more dressy outfit on but need a pair of shoes you know you can trust, Converse are the perfect choice. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend you wear them for a really special occasion, like a night in town or going out for cocktails with the girls, but for day to day life converse are the definitely the shoe to go for.

I’ve been in love with Converse for quite a few years now, and I honestly don’t think you can beat a pair of the classic white shoe style, as they look so iconic on your feet and really finish a casual outfit off. They’re always the best when they’re really crisp and white, because they look so effortlessly chic and you just cant beat a nice new pair of Converse. However, I’ve strayed from my traditional roots, as I’ve had my eye on the pastel nude collection ever since they were first launched last year. I loved how girly they looked and how they added a bit more of luxe vibe to your classic converse shoe.

So, last week I popped into Office and picked up this gorgeous tan, leather pair with rose gold accents and I’m absolutely in love with them. Ever since I first took them out of the box, they have just lived on my feet and I’m so obsessed with them. Not only are they super comfortable, like all converse, but they are also so beautiful and feminine. The tan leather goes with nearly every colour and casual outfit in my wardrobe, and the rose gold accents just top off the whole look of the shoe for me, as it’s my favourite type of metal. They are quite a pricey pair of shoes, at 62.99, but I honestly think it’s worth the money for the quality comfort and beauty of these gorgeous shoes.

What do you think to the Converse pastels range?

Rachel x

The Best Street Style & Trends | LFW 17

Street Style LFW 1Street Style LFW 2London fashion week has to be one of the biggest annual events in the city, and one of the most exciting for fashion designers, bloggers, editors and anyone who is big in the fashion world. I’m thinking Anna Wintour, Lucinda Chambers and maybe a Kardashian or two. I’m sure it’s amazing if you get to visit whilst it’s running despite actually going to watch a show, however for most of us everyday fashion lovers we aren’t that lucky. So, I thought I would bring LFW to you and share some of my favourite street style looks and trends from the event.

Denim: This really is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe and especially for someone who loves fashion and has every type imaginable. So, it’s no wonder this was such a massive street style trend this LFW. Whether it was the return of the denim jacket, but so much more oversized and sometimes embroided,the denim shirt which is great for wrapping around your waist and creating an effortless and cool vibe to your outfit or a bang on trend pair of ripped, distress ( or both) jeans. Denim really is a great foundation for so many looks and is so timeless.

It’s all about the colour: Colour seems to have been a really massive trend on the streets this LFW, as it’s been exploding in so many different styles, patterns and textures. My favourite has to be the multi-coloured fur jacket, this is such a statement piece but yet looks so classy pair with an all black outfit underneath.

Tailoring: This has been a really popular trend this year as many are looking to mix more casual shapes with a structured, tailored shirt or blazer. It’s no longer about the whole entire look being of one style and tailoring is massively popular when used to dress up denim and create a chic, relaxed, professional look. My favourite way has to be through a really well fitting Mac, in in a black, nude or one of this seasons colours.

Rachel X

7 Ways to Transition Your Look Into Spring

Ways to transition your look into spring 1Ways to transition your look into spring 3Ways to transition your look into spring 4

Over the last few days spring has slowly started to appear. The weather is getting slightly warmer, it’s not quite at the summer dress stage yet but we’ll have to be patient, march is only a matter of days away and everyone is starting to think about their summer plans. However, one of my favourite things about the winter to spring transition is clothing. You’re finally able to put away those thick winter knits, for something a bit lighter and so much brighter; ready for the warmer months. So, I’m sharing 7 ways that you can transition your winter look into spring.

  1. Play with pattern and colour- Winter is all about those deep colours and textures, however as you move into spring you can experiment a lot more with brighter colours and patterns. I’m in love with this insect pattern sheer shirt, for spring, just because of the mixtures of the bright colours and its not a traditional floral or stripe print.
  2. Lot’s of light layers- Winter is all about one of two really thick layers, but for spring it’s a lot more about a few light layers. Whether it’s a shirt, jumper and then a mac, or a tee shirt and a cami over the top; the key is to look stylish whilst still keeping super warm.
  3. Add a hat- I really love a good hat, and spring is the perfect time to wear them. It’s not too cold and windy, so that it instantly blows off your head, but you can still add something season appropriate to your outfit. Whether it’s a fedora, bobble hat or a baseball cap; spring is the season to add it to your look.
  4. Nude tights are your best friend- Black tights are way too harsh for spring, however it’s still really cold and you need something to keep you warm on those chilly spring mornings. So, a good pair of matte nude tights will be your best friend, because it looks just like your own legs, but super airbrushed and they will go with any seasonal outfit.
  5. Pop a polo neck under your dress- When it’s coming into spring, I’m dreaming of the days when I can just pop a dress on and head out the door. However, it’s not quite warm enough for that yet, but you can still make your summer dresses work in the spring by popping a co-ordinating polo neck underneath. This could be a cream one under a floral shift dress or even a black one under a maxi dress, it’s completely up to you.
  6. Light jackets- A light jacket is one of the best ways off keeping warm during this transition into spring. You can start to stay goodbye to those thick winter coats in favour for something much lighter. My favourite’s have to be a really good mac, they’re super chic and make any outfit look effortlessly stylish, or a leather jacket, as they go with every outfit and you will find yourself wearing it endlessly.
  7. Boots are still a key element of your look- Just because spring is coming doesn’t mean that all the boots in your wardrobe have become redundant, as you can still incorporate them into your spring look. My favourite way to do this is to pair them with dresses or invest in a lighter coloured pair that you can wear all your round.

What do you love about dressing for spring?

Rachel x