7 Things I Learnt From My First Holiday Alone

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Going on holiday for the first time without your parents is always something you look forward to, however it can also be quite daunting. Knowing that you have sort everything out yourself, be responsible, pay for everything and still have a good time, is a lot to take on all at once. So, as back in February me and my boyfriend Ed had our first ever holiday alone together, I thought I would share 10 things that I learnt along the way…

  1. Do Your Research – Research the place or area you’re going to, so you can know about the best places to go and visit. You don’t want to miss on going somewhere that’s really interesting or beautiful, and by doing your research hopefully that won’t happen.
  2. Planning Is Key – Making sure that you know what you’re going to do every day on your holiday, plan meals, arrival times etc. This will make your life so much easier. It makes you feel so much calmer and like you’ve got your sh*t together on your first holiday.
  3. Small Holidays Are A Good Start – If you don’t feel ready for a full week or longer holiday alone, then just go for a short staycation at first. This isn’t so daunting and makes it feel more manageable, especially as you don’t have to worry about airports and any real travel times.
  4. Make The Most Of Everyday – When you go holiday, especially a long weekend, you’ve taken the time off work or uni to go, and so you want to make the most of everyday, even the travelling ones. We went to Bath on the way home from our holiday in Wells, as it was a break in the journey and was also a place we really wanted to visit.
  5. Take Chocolate Snacks and Bubbles – These were two things we loved to tuck into after a day full of exploring, and was a nice holiday treat to have.
  6. Create A Holiday Playlist – This was one of my favourite parts about the holiday, as we had a huge playlist to listen to and sing loudly to in the car as we went on our 3 hour journey. It made the journey so much more fun and was a good start and end to the holiday.
  7. Go With People You Love To Spend Time With – You’re going to spend a lot of time with this person or these people, whilst your on holiday, so make sure you go with people you love to spend time with and that like doing the same things as you do. It makes your holiday so much more enjoyable and easy!

Have you been on your first holiday alone yet?

Rachel x

My 2017 Gratitude List


The year of 2017 brought so many amazing moments for me and was honestly the biggest year of my life so far. It went from high to high as I passed my driving test, smashed my a-levels and got results I was super proud of , met my gorgeous boyfriend, got a new part-time job and also started university. That’s only a few of the biggest moments, and there was also so many smaller memories and victories that I hold in my heart too. So, as 2017 did really feel like a year of love, moments, friends, family, memories and  new beginnings, I thought i would share 25 things I was grateful for during the year and through to this brand new one too.

  1. My family and all the amazing things they do and the lovely people that they are.
  2. Meeting my boyfriend and finding someone who is like a bestfriend who I also happen to love too.
  3. For my own hard work and determination to be able to get great a-level grades and go on to study the univeristy course of my dreams.
  4. The teachers and lecturer’s that have faith in me and my career journey, and pushed me to succeed nothing but the best.
  5. For having some more spare time in the week to work on this blog and to dedicate to my boyfriend and my family.
  6. Finding a university course that I love and leading me to a career I can’t wait to be in.
  7. My mum and my aunty’s who are all such amazing women and have helped me to become such a great young woman now.
  8. For my boyfriend’s family who have all welomed me into their family so well and always make me feel supported and loved.
  9. Small day and night dates with my boyfriend
  10. Always having moments to laugh about and memories to remember. Whether that’s a car karoake or just a funny random life moment.
  11. For holidays with my family and friends, where I’ve made unforgettable memories.
  12. For summer park walks, letting life go by and setting the world to rights.
  13. For new friends who I’m loving getting to know and spending time with.
  14. Opportunities to be able to do amazing things, like arranging the 6th Form Ball.
  15. Those sunny days that make you feel so happy about life.
  16. For those moments of pure content and happiness that you have when you sometimes look at the world or a perosn you love.
  17. For amazing conversations with people, where you learn so much about them or just a random topic.
  18. To my little dog Menzes for always being a companion and creating joy and happiness wherever he goes.
  19. To be able to drive and visit so many new places, as it took me so long to learn.
  20. The ability to work with brands and starting earning a bit of money from my blog.
  21. To able to look back on great times and memories we have about my dad.
  22. For working hard and being able to save and afford to go on holiday and buy nice things for myself.
  23. To be able to volunteer at Brownies again and now guides as well. It’s super rewarding and I’m so glad i get do it again.
  24. For a bit of me time, when I can go and have a relaxing bath, catch up on my favourite TV programme’s or read a book.
  25. For my love towards life and my appreciation that life is too short and you should enjoy it, not worry or stress about unimportant things and live every moment.

How was your 2017 and what amazing things were you grateful for over the last year?

Rachel x



My Top 5 Packing Tips

My Top 5 Packing Tips

Hello Lovelies


As the holiday season is approaching and the UK is having a massive heat wave, I feel inspired to go all summery and holiday with you all and share 5 of my favourite tricks and tips on the best way to pack your suitcase or bag, when you’re heading off for a summer getaway.


Personally, I find packing the most annoying and tedious thing, about going on holiday. It’s just such a long process and you have to consider so many different elements of your wardrobe, when your woman. From shoes, to tops, to jewellery and swimwear.  There’s just so many things to remember, and then when you think you might of just about packed everything you could possibly think off, you have a massive feeling of having forgot to pack something, which stalks you right up until your arrive at your destination and begin unpack.


Therefore, I’ve decided that I would help all those other people out there, who hate packing for a holiday just as much as do, by sharing some of my favourite tricks and tips for packing; which not only make the process much easier, but also a lot more thorough and makes you less likely to over pack or forget anything vital.

1. Have a packing list

By having a packing list, you able to split up each part of your wardrobe individually, pack it into your suitcase or bag, and then tick that type of clothing off your list. Personally, I think it’s better to buy a pre-made packing list, which you can get on a pad that you can then rip off and use for several different holidays, or print one of the internet. I recommend this packing list made by a Youtuber called Kayln Nicolson. It’s really thorough and splits up each part of your packing, clothing, toiletries and technology, into seperate pages and sections, to ensure you think of everything you need when you go on holiday. You can go and have a look at it HERE.


2. Outfit Planning

Plan out each outfit that you are going to wear and take away with you. I think the best way to do this, is to lay out each outfit individually on your bed or on the floor, and then see what top will go with the outfit, shoes, and accessories, therefore you are taking things that will actually go with your outfits and you’re much more likely to wear.


3. Key basic items

By packing at least 3 basic items into your suitcase, for example a plain white tee-shirt, a pair of neutral sandals and a colourful kimono, you are able to them pair them with any other clothing items that you have brought with you. Therefore you will not bring so many clothes, and instead have items that can mix and match with various other ones, to allow you to create a variety of different looks.


4. Work on time scales

Work on the basis of how long you are going on holiday and realistically how many outfits you’re going to bring. If you’re going for a week you probably need about 7/8 outfits, and if you’re going for 2 nights, you realistically need 2-3 outfits. Also think about the fact of if you have any washing facilities, and that you could wash something if it gets dirty, you won’t just have to not wear it after one day.


5. Buy mini products

This tip is slightly different to all the others, but by buying mini’s of your favourite products, which often come in large and bulky packaging, such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, you can make your luggage much lighter and fit much more into your toiletry bag.


I hope you have enjoyed a more lifestyle post which is very season and weather appropriate. Also I hope that you find all these tips useful, and make you hate packing for a holiday a little bit less.


I love you all