#SS 6 | 10 Reasons Why I’ve Loved Summer This Time Around


When it comes to my favourite seasons in the year, summer doesn’t normally come into that list. The lack of sun that we usually have in the UK, the variety of interesting summer dressing that appears and the lack of really good TV; makes summer one of my less favourite seasons. However, I think summer 2016 may have finally been able to bring me around to changing my opinion, on the hottest season of the year. If we’re lucky. So, I thought I would share 10 reasons why I have loved summer, this time around…

1. In the UK we have actually had more sun than rain. Usually UK summers are absolutely nothing to talk about and definitely not anything you could really enjoy. If it’s not raining then it’s unbearably hot, there’ s not normally any in-between. But, this year has been different and we’ve actually had lot’s of gorgeous sunny weather, to the point where I’ve even managed to get a bit of tan.

2. I think I’ve finally found my perfect summer style. Summer dressing is something I’ve always struggled with, and even up to a few months ago I’ve found it really hard to nail down what trends and style’s I love for summer and which ones I’m going to give a miss. However, I feel like now I’ve really got my summer style semi-nailed thanks to finding some of my ultimate summer wardrobe items and putting it all together to create my ideal holiday wardrobe.

3. Spending time with my mum. When it comes to who I love to spend time with the most, my mum is always someone who comes out tops. We love doing the same things, which is usually shopping, have the same interests and just love spending time together. I think it’s so important to care and take time to really look after your family, especially your mum, as you only get one after all. You can find about more about me HERE.

4. Really enjoying photography and using Instagram. These two things come hand in hand, because this summer I’ve loved documenting my summer through taking beautiful photo’s to share with all of you on Instagram. Why don’t you go and give me a little follow @rachelydia? I’ve got a little theme going on and I’ve just really enjoyed taking lovely photo’s, from my holidays and fun things I’ve done during the summer, to document on my Instagram. Although, I don’t know what I’m going to fill my Instagram with when Autumn hits.

5. Getting a good work balance. This is one of the more boring reasons of this post, however if you have a part time job then you will know where I’m coming from. Sometimes you end up working way too much and have no time to enjoy summer, even though you’re going to have a massive pay cheque at the end of the month. But, this year I’ve been lucky and managed to get a good balance, with a bit of work but also free time.

6. The #SummerSpecial blog series. If you didn’t already know, for the whole month of August, I decided to embark on a new blogging adventure and create a monthly series inspired by summer. I’ve loved challenging myself to keep to my blogging schedule, even though this post is going to up a bit late today, and experimenting with some better content. You can go and catch up on the series HERE.

7. Changing up my hair and makeup. This summer I’ve really loved changing up my hair and trying out a few new different hair style’s to wear. My go-to one, at the minute, has to be having a scalp braid in the top section of my hair and then having loose waves/curls, in the rest of my hair. Make up wise I’ve been addicted to changing up my eye makeup and buying new palette’s. I’ve really been loving the more rose gold vibe and a lighter crease colour.

8. Party planning. This is almost a bit of a cheat, because the party I’m planning for is not actually in the summer, but I’ve still been making plans for it, during the last few months. I’m having a party to celebrate my 18th Birthday in October, and so I’ve really been enjoying doing all things party related. Designing invitations, making and getting decorations and ultimately finding the perfect venue.

9. A new series. I’ve really loved watching an original BBC comedy called ‘Boy Meets Girl’. It’s an hilariously funny drama that follows a young couple, and their family, through life and preparing to get married. I’ve really been enjoying having a good laugh and I just think you can’t beat a really good comedy. The new series of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ on channel 4 is also amazing as well. I really recommend you go and have a watch of both of them.

10. Having holidays in the UK. I usually think that in order to have a really good, sunny summer holiday, then abroad is the only way to go. However, this year I was proved completely wrong ,as I went on my summer holiday to Eastbourne and Brighton. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and Brighton is such a vibrant and amazing place to visit, I really recommend a trip. Also, a trip to the Sherwood Center Parcs proved to me that you can have a really good holiday in the UK, with the amazing accommodation and sub tropical swimming paradise.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and are loving your summer so far. You can go and catch up with the rest of the #SummerSpecial series HERE.

Rachel x

24 Sparkly Buys Perfect For NYE

Hello Lovelies


I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and have enjoyed spending time with family, have eaten lot’s of yummy festive food and have received some lovely presents.


As the countdown to Christmas is now finally over, all the masses of food have been eaten and all the beautifully wrapped presents have been ripped open; it’s time to start thinking about New Years Eve. Whether you’re heading out to town for a night of partying, to celebrate the new year, or just staying in with family and friends; you still want to look amazing and get into that new year spirit.


However, as Christmas has made a big dent in our pay cheques for the month, there’s not much of a budget to find the perfect party item to rock this new years eye. Therefore, I’ve searched the internet to find 24 sparkly buys which are perfect for this new years eye, that are all completely purse friendly and £50 or under. There’s a little bit of everything, from belts to clutches, from dresses to shorts, to suit everyone’s tastes this new years eve.


ASOS Co-Ord/ Shorts £24.50 & Top £10.00, ASOS Sandals/ £50.00, ASOS Skater Dress/ £26.00, ASOS Cami/ £26.00, New Look Necklace/ £9.99, ASOS Mesh Dress/ £26.00, AX Paris Dress/ £45.00, Miss Selfridge Clutch/ £15.00, Liquor & Poker Jeans/ £45.00, Miss Selfridge Dress/ £40.00, Story Of Lola Clutch/ £31.50, MissGuided Jumpsuit/ £32.50, New Look Shorts/ £15.00, New Look Belt/ £2.00, Jovanna Premier Dress/ £42.00, ASOS Skirt/ £45.00, New Look Clutch/ £19.99, Glamourous at Topshop Top/ £32.00, Jovanna at Topshop Dress/ £30.00, Accessorize Necklace/ £12.50, Rare at Topshop dress/ £30.00, Warehouse Jumper/ £25.00, Miss Selfridge Earrings/ £7.50, Rare at Topshop Skirt/ £25.00


If you’re looking to really stand out this new years eve, then you’re obviously going to need one hell of a statement piece to go along with that. The first item that I would recommend would be this halter neck, sparkly jumpsuit from MissGuided. It’s oozes glitz and glamour as the majority of the jumpsuit is made from a white, sparkly fabric, and then has accents of light silver, dark silver and gold to really set the whole look off. Not only would this jumpsuit be a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe, it would also be super easy to style and would need minimal accessories of gold or silver to pair with it, to really set the whole piece off.


In addition, the second piece I would choose would be these sparkly, ripped mom jeans from Liquor & Poker. They truly are a unique piece that would be perfect for a dressed down new years eve, chilling out with your friends and family, or would also look amazing dressed up and paired with a cami and some strappy sandals. These are definitely an item that few would be able to pull off, but they would look absolutely amazing if worn with confidence and a whole lot of style.


Has any of these sparkly items caught your eye, and maybe something you’ll be rocking this New years eve?


I love you all

Rachel x

My Top 5 Packing Tips

My Top 5 Packing Tips

Hello Lovelies


As the holiday season is approaching and the UK is having a massive heat wave, I feel inspired to go all summery and holiday with you all and share 5 of my favourite tricks and tips on the best way to pack your suitcase or bag, when you’re heading off for a summer getaway.


Personally, I find packing the most annoying and tedious thing, about going on holiday. It’s just such a long process and you have to consider so many different elements of your wardrobe, when your woman. From shoes, to tops, to jewellery and swimwear.  There’s just so many things to remember, and then when you think you might of just about packed everything you could possibly think off, you have a massive feeling of having forgot to pack something, which stalks you right up until your arrive at your destination and begin unpack.


Therefore, I’ve decided that I would help all those other people out there, who hate packing for a holiday just as much as do, by sharing some of my favourite tricks and tips for packing; which not only make the process much easier, but also a lot more thorough and makes you less likely to over pack or forget anything vital.

1. Have a packing list

By having a packing list, you able to split up each part of your wardrobe individually, pack it into your suitcase or bag, and then tick that type of clothing off your list. Personally, I think it’s better to buy a pre-made packing list, which you can get on a pad that you can then rip off and use for several different holidays, or print one of the internet. I recommend this packing list made by a Youtuber called Kayln Nicolson. It’s really thorough and splits up each part of your packing, clothing, toiletries and technology, into seperate pages and sections, to ensure you think of everything you need when you go on holiday. You can go and have a look at it HERE.


2. Outfit Planning

Plan out each outfit that you are going to wear and take away with you. I think the best way to do this, is to lay out each outfit individually on your bed or on the floor, and then see what top will go with the outfit, shoes, and accessories, therefore you are taking things that will actually go with your outfits and you’re much more likely to wear.


3. Key basic items

By packing at least 3 basic items into your suitcase, for example a plain white tee-shirt, a pair of neutral sandals and a colourful kimono, you are able to them pair them with any other clothing items that you have brought with you. Therefore you will not bring so many clothes, and instead have items that can mix and match with various other ones, to allow you to create a variety of different looks.


4. Work on time scales

Work on the basis of how long you are going on holiday and realistically how many outfits you’re going to bring. If you’re going for a week you probably need about 7/8 outfits, and if you’re going for 2 nights, you realistically need 2-3 outfits. Also think about the fact of if you have any washing facilities, and that you could wash something if it gets dirty, you won’t just have to not wear it after one day.


5. Buy mini products

This tip is slightly different to all the others, but by buying mini’s of your favourite products, which often come in large and bulky packaging, such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, you can make your luggage much lighter and fit much more into your toiletry bag.


I hope you have enjoyed a more lifestyle post which is very season and weather appropriate. Also I hope that you find all these tips useful, and make you hate packing for a holiday a little bit less.


I love you all