TKMaxx Beauty Haul


Beauty is a topic I don’t talk about very often over on this blog, however I do actually really love trying out new products and finding new amazing hidden gems. So, when I headed to Home Sense on Monday, which is just the home, beauty and stationary side of the whole TKMaxx empire, I loved searching the shelves to pick up a few new beauty bits. To be honest it’s very hit or miss as to what you will find, as it’s always different everyday with new stock coming in. But this time round I found some great little gems that I thought I would share with you in a beauty haul.

Catwalk TIGI Hair Mask

Haircare is something I’m constantly interested in. I love trying out new things and finding new products which will really look after and my nourish my long hair. To get my hair in bouncy curls, I have to curl it with straighteners, however this can damage my hair a lot particularly on the ends, so I was looking for a good hair mask that can be a treat for my hair a couple of times a week to give it some moisture and make sure it’s healthy after all the heat I put on it.

So, when I saw this Catwalk TIGI one I picked it up straight away, as it smells amazing with an oatmeal and honey scent (it sounds horrible but is actually so good). It’s also quite an expensive and luxury hair brand, and I got it for a really affordable price of 7.99 instead of over 20.00. I’ve only used it once so far, however I’m already in love with how soft it makes my hair and it really restores the ends.

Evoluderm Micellar Cleansing Water 

Michellar waters are a product I kind of fall in and out of love with. When they find became popular in the UK I loved the L’Oréal one, however over time I found it easier to use a cleanser that removed my makeup at the same time. But recently I changed up my face wash and couldn’t use it to remove my eye makeup anymore, and I needed something better than just a makeup wipe.

So, when I saw this micellar water I thought it would be perfect for what I wanted, as the French beauty products are supposed to be really good and I knew that it would make sure all my eye makeup was fully removed before I headed to bed at night. I’m so glad I bought this product as I absolutely love it. It works so well on my makeup, doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes at all and is just a dream product for 2.99. I will definitely be keeping the bottle for this and trying to hunt down some more once this bottle is finished.


Urban Studio Contour Brush

Contouring is something I love to do to really complete my whole makeup look. It just gives your face so much more dimension and definition, which you can’t get without doing a bit of contouring. However, it can be really difficult to get it right, and I know I’m still trying to master it after around two years of doing it in my everyday makeup routine. I think a lot of it is down to the product and the brush you use. I think I’ve got the product covered with the Kate Moss contour kit from Rimmel, however I needed a better brush. So, when I saw this small rose gold one I instantly knew I needed that in my collection.

What drew it to me was at first the beautiful rose gold colour, which I just can’t get enough of, but also the shape of the brush. It’s such a perfect shape to fit right under your cheek bone and make sure all the product is in the right place, and then the wider bristles helps you to really blend it all out. I love this brush and can’t wait to carry on using it to help me master contouring.

Home and Body Co. Body Conditioner

This a new product I’ve never seen before, and was more of an intrigue buy than anything else. When I saw it I thought it looked really interesting and I’m never giving my body enough love and I’m always forgetting to properly moisturize every night. However, I thought by doing it in the bath that might solve my problem.

I used this for the first time last night and it smells absolutely amazing. Tea tree and mint are both really good natural plants to use on your skin and make it feel amazing. My skin was super soft afterwards, but I feel like you would get through the whole pot quite quickly if you used it everyday. So, I think this is going to be a going out pamper treat for me, to make sure my skin looks and feels amazing when I’m going on a night out.

Have you ever bought beauty products from TKMaxx? Have you found any holy grail products you cant live without?

Rachel x

My Festive Pampering Essentials


Hello Lovelies


As Christmas day is exactly only two sleeps away and one full day away, it’s a time when everyone starts to really get into the Christmas spirit and get ready for the big day. One of the big elements about Christmas is family and spending time with all the people you love the most, however that doesn’t leave much time for yourself over the festive period. Therefore, a few days before or even on Christmas Eve, I love to have a good old pampering session and enjoy some truly needed ‘me’ time.  I’m a true bath addict and love spend a few hours running a bath, adding a LUSH bath bomb and catching up with some of favourite youtubers. So, I thought I would share with you all my festive pampering essentials, to inspire your Christmas ‘me’ time.


When it comes to pampering myself, rule number one has to be to run a nice, hot bubble bath; adding any form of gorgeous smelling bath bomb into the water. I love the way bath bombs add a bit of mature fun to your pamper time, and also make your body feel absolutely amazing afterwards. Some of my favourite LUSH bath bombs have to be cinders and golden wonder, however the one in the picture above was a gift from a family member, and it not only looks gorgeous but smells amazing too. I can’t wait to try it when I have a little pamper evening tonight. Secondly, I have to remove all my makeup and give my skin a really good cleanse and clean, then I will pop a face mask on ready to relax in the bath. My favourite masks to use are the 7th heaven ones, which are just a one use sachet filled with a lovely gift for your face. I usually go for ones which are super nourishing and give my skin a deep cleanse.


Whilst I’m relaxing in the bath, I will mane of a head of hair using the quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo and conditioner from OGX. I love how they make my hair feel so nourished, fresh and make it smell lovely. All of their hair products do amazing things for your hair and I would truly recommend them if you’re looking for a new hair care range to use. Then, if I have one available, I will put a hair mask of some description into my hair, in order to really help the build up of product that I get on my scalp and to make my hair feel great. Throughout the whole bath, I love to have my favourite Christmas candle burning away, which is usually a quite spicy and cinnamon scent, as well as catching up on some of favourite youtubers on my ipad, such as The Michalaks, Patricia Bright, Zoella, and Lydia Elise Millen.

Finally, as a head out of the bath and say goodbye to my 30/40 minutes of pure me time, I will put on some of favourite festive pyjama’s, the pair pictured above where from New Look around 3 years ago and are the most festive pair that I own. To top off the pamper time I will choose a few nail varnishes from my collection,  that I like the look off and paint my nails. These colours pictured above are all from my Ciate advent calendar and are all gorgeous shades which I love for this Christmas time.


If you’re interested in seeing what Madison Reeds’ view of the ultimate pamper session is, then click HERE to see their unique infographic. They also have a great hair colour quiz that you can take, to enable you to make the perfect decision about your hair colour, you can go and take itHERE.


I love you all

Rachel x