Easter Rocky Road Recipe


Baking is something I really love to do to relax and spend time being creative in the kitchen. As easter is coming up and it’s all about enjoying the sweet treats, I thought I would get baking and make some of my own. So, i’m sharing a super yummy and amazingly chocolately rocky road recipe, which is an easter themed version of the lovely Tanya Burr’s recipe.


What You Need:

– A Saucepan    – A Spatula or Wooden Spoon    – A Glass Bowl    – A Square Tin    – Grease Proof Paper or Tin Foil    – Weighing Scales    – A Rolling Pin            – A Sandwich Bag

For The Rocky Road:

-150g Butter    -350g Dark Chocolate     -4 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup    -250g Plain Digestives

For The Topping:

-100g of Mini Marshmellows     -90g of Mini Eggs    -50g of Melted Dark Chocolate    -3 Cream Eggs    -Small Bronze Honeycomb Decorations

1.Line a square tin with grease proof paper and measure out all of your ingredients.

2. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup together in a bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water on a low heat.

3. Put the digestives into a sandwich bag and bash them with a rolling pin until there is a mix of crumbs and pieces of biscuit left over.

4. Pour the biscuits into the chocolate mixture and stir in the mini marshmellows.

5. Pour the mixture into the tin and make sure it’s completley even.

6. Cut the cream eggs in half and position across the top of the rocky road, as well as the mini eggs and any other chocolately decorations you want to add.

7. Melt the 50g of chocolate in a bowl above a saucepan of boiling water on a low heat, and then use a teaspoon to drizzle the chocolate on top of the rocky road.

8. Put the rocky road into the fridge for at least 2 hours, however leaving it over night is also a really good idea.


Are you going to be doing any easter baking this weekend?

Rachel x

My Tumblr Favourites/June-August Edition

Hello Lovelies


As we are now settled into the month of august, and it’s been around 3 months since I last posted one of these posts, I thought it was about time that I brought back my fairly new take on last years ever so popular, ‘The Best Of We Heart It’ posts. Except this time I’m not focusing on the social media site of we heart it, but instead on the even more popular Tumblr.


If you have read a few of my posts where I have spoken about my tumblr page, HERE and HERE, you will know that I am absolutely obsessed with tumblr, and I love to really play around with my page and try to re-blog images that I really love, that I think are super creative and that represent who I am as the creator, and this blog. I see my tumblr page as a visual extension of rachelspick, and as I love how it’s looking at the moment, I thought I would share some of my favourite re-blogged images through the year, in this 3 part series, all under the name of ‘My Tumblr Favourites’.


All images sourced from my tumblr page

My Absolute Favourite

I think my favourite of all the favourites would have to be the picture that is the second one down on the right, which is a picture of a corner or an office/desk which is super pretty and creative, but that is also slightly chaotic. The reason why I love this picture so much, is because this definitely resembles how I like to work and how I’m one of those people who does like things a little bit chaotic, in order to feel really creative and to work to the best of my potential. Also this picture is 100% office goals, and I just love the quote which is in the fore ground of the picture, “Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”.


If you have enjoyed reading this post and would like to delve into a little bit more, check out my last tumblr favourites post for January to may, HERE, and also my tumblr page, which I’m constantly updating and adding new content to, HERE.


I love you all

Rachel x

Camden Market

Camden Lock Bridge

Camden Market was one of the few places that I had never visited, that yet really screamed out “Me”. It’s always been one of those places that I’ve wanted to visit for so many years now, but living so far away from London, I’ve never really had the chance. Although I would love to live and work in London, unfortunately I’m still a bit too young yet to pack my bags and head for the big city.


Obviously, although I had always longed to roam the unique streets of Camden, I had never actually been there before; and it was a bit of jump into the dark when i suggested to my Aunty and Mum that we should go and check it out for ourselves. However much you research a place or see pictures’s, you never get to know the vibe of the place or what it’s really like. Camden is definitely a place that you need to just go to and visit, because honestly it is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. It’s just so much different to the traditional side of London that we all know. There’s no busy businessmen or commuters barging past you with their briefcases running to the next meeting, or hardly any really typical tourists that are wanting to buy all the London crap and souvenirs, or taking photo after photo. But to be honest, I’ll take that one back; because I wasn’t shy with my camera that day.


Camden TownCamdenCamden ROKIT VintageCamden SunglassesCamden London PrintCamden Amy Whinehouse

Although I expected it to be a really unique and urban place, you always have a vision of how somewhere is going to be, and although my original idea of Camden was ever so slightly off, looks-wise, it blew me away more than you could ever know; and I still can’t believe that i had never set foot there before Saturday.


Camden is just one of those places where everyone is so laid back, and people just casually wonder around without a care in the world. Unlike many places in the capital, it has a real feel of community and soul, every person that had a market stall, or owned a cute shop or boutique along the main high-street in Camden, just seemed to be so passionate about what they had made or what they did as a career. So many of the people where really genuine and down to earth, which creates a great atmosphere to just casually ponder around in and have a good old chat while you shop. I think that it’s one of those places that you would love to be a part of, whether that’s through being a resident there or a business owner. There’s just something about Camden, that has really strengthen my love for our capital city.


Camden LockCamden BridgeCamden Lock MarketCamden Lock MapCamden Indoor MarketCamden Indoor Market 2Camden Lock Bridge 2

Camden Market is just somewhere that is so different, unique, and urban, and is definitely somewhere that you need to go and have a ponder around the next time that you’re in London. But i know that it’s not always that easy.


I love you all