18 Moments in My 18th Year

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As I celebrated my 19th birthday a few weeks ago, I thought I would celebrate it by looking back at 18 of my favourite moments from my 18th year; and well what anamazing year it’s been. From buying my first car, going on a birthday trip of a lifetime, organising our 6th form leavers ball and meeting my boyfriend; it’s safe to say this year has been far from boring….

1. Turning 18 and my birthday party – This was a massive event just on it’s own, as I celebrated saying goodbye to childhood and moving into my first year of adulthood. I celebrated it in style with an amazing party, plenty of prosecco and so many amazing people around me.

2. New York- There’s not enough ways to describe how amazing this trip was; it was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I loved every second of exploring the city and the jam packed days we spent in the big apple. It has to be my favourite city in the world so far, and I cant wait to go back again.

3. Buying my 1st car- My 18th year saw me make the biggest purchase of my life so far, as before that all I had ever spent was a few hundred on a good designer handbag, and buy my first car. It’s a little Citroen C1, is metallic green and is my absolute pride and joy. I love her and don’t know what I would do without her.

4. Passing my driving test– Not too soon after buying my car, and after a hell of a lot of practice and lessons, I passed my driving test second time. Learning to drive was a true labour of love for me, but one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. I love driving and the freedom I get from it, so I’m so glad I persevered and didn’t give up hope.

5. A hen do and a wedding- One of my best friends Sasha had an amazing hen do and got married earlier this year. It was such a magical day,she looked so beautiful and I’m so happy for her and her husband in their new journey as mr and mrs.

6. Lots more 18th’s– One of my favourite moments of this last year has to be celebrating all of my friends turn 18 and helping them enjoy their special birthday. I’ve had some amazing parties, celebrations and drunk nights to remember from this year!

7. Nights out– Following on from all the 18th celebrations, there has been many nights out over the last year;as I’ve visited mosh a few times, had quite a few taxi’s home and wanted a kebab after every night has ended. Let’s say I’ve had some eventful nights out that I wont ever forget!

8. Ed Sheeran Concert- Around March/April time I got the chance to go to a sold out Ed Sheeran concert, after a last minute chance to get tickets, and it was by far the best concert I’ve ever been to. Not only do I just love his music, but his ability to be able to entertain a massive audience completely by himself, just amazes me.

9. This blog turned 5– April marked half a century of blogging for me, and its been a bit of a whirlwind ever since, as I’ve worked with numerous companies throughout the year on some really interesting content. I’m hoping to get back into blogging now and focus on working with more brands to create some amazing content for you all.

10. Getting a new job– If A-levels, uni applications and life wasn’t enough, I also got a new job in June as the place I worked at before was closing down and I needed a new challenge. Even though it was super scary, and not amazing at first. I love it now and am already starting to feel like i’m getting a new work family.

11. Making a mastectomy bra- As breast cancer is so close to my heart, after watching my mum go through it herself, I knew my a-level product design coursework had to be based around something to do with that. So, one of the biggest moments of the last year was that I managed to make a mastectomy bra for my final piece and create a project I was incredibly proud of.

12. Meeting my boyfriend- This has to be one of the biggest and best parts of my 18th year, and that was meeting my boyfriend. He’s the most loving, caring and considerate guys I’ve ever met, makes me laugh until I cry, is my partner in crime and just an amazing person to be around. It’s been a crazy 3 months with him, but so amazing.

13. Organising the 6th form leavers ball- One of my greatest achievements this year has to be organising the 6th form leavers ball with 3 of my amazing friends. It was a long process, and we seemed to hit every hurdle possible, but it turned out to an amazing night and I loved every second of it.

14. Finishing school- My 18th year marked my final few days in school and sixth form. It was quite an overwhelming experience to think you will never have to go to school ever again or have a set school day, but its an amazing feeling of freedom and the true start to adulthood.

15. Visiting Paris again- July marked our bi-annual family holiday to France, and this time it gave us the opportunity to head to Paris for a little girly get away. It was only short, but sweet and I had an amazing time looking round all the shops and taking in the beautiful sites. Hopefully next time I go will be with my boyfriend, as he’s never been and I would love to show him round the city.

16. A-Level Results- August brought round A-Level results and one of the best days of my year so far. I got 2 A’s and 1 B, which I was so over-whelmingly proud of and will always look back on with pride. Also, that night brought a mass of celebrations from an amazing family meal to a great night out with some of my favourite people.

17. V-Festival– Straight after results day brought my first festival, and one of the best experiences of my life. I went with two of my best friends and had such an amazing time. We laughed, drank, ate, saw so many amazing artists and made some lifelong memories. Camping isn’t really my thing, but I embraced it and loved every second of it. Just maybe not the toilets or being cold in my tent at night.

18. Starting Uni- Finally just before my 19th birthday, I started my next chapter and headed off to uni. Even though I’m living at home and going to a uni in the city near to where I live, it was still a massive deal to me. But, I’m loving every second, making some amazing friends and the course is amazing so far!

I think its safe to say that my 18th year was a pretty busy one packed full of amazing memories, people and moments that I will never forget. So, here’s to the future and having many more amazing experiences….

Rachel x





Gift Guide- For the beauty and fashion addict

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my second gift guide, based upon the girl obsessed by beauty and fashion!


But first, of course I will have my little everything update. I’ve decided to just call this talk time until I decide upon a proper name for it, because I feel like it really needs a name. Do you have any ideas?? Anyway since my last post quite a few things in rachelspick world has happened. So here we go:


First of all, there is now a massive 991 of us in our little family, but I suppose I can no longer call it little because 991 people is not at all a small number. I’m honestly so unbelievably overwhelmed at the fact that I’m only 9 followers away from 1,000! I will just be so overwhelmed when I finally hit it, but of course I won’t be that overwhelmed that I won’t be sharing it with you all, because if it wasn’t for you, none of this would be possible.


Another thing I want to share with you all is, last week we had the best views EVER, of all time!! We received a massive 249 views, and this month we’ve already beat every single month from February until October this year so far, with an amazing 590 views. I know for some people they may think that that’s not a big number, but to me it’s unbelievable that so many people have clicked onto my little blog and read my ideas and opinions on things. I’m just a girl from Central England that goes about her daily life and at night writes on her little internet space to over 990 people. It’s unbelievable! (Sorry I have used unbelievable way to much!)


This gift guide is all based around the girl who loves beauty and fashion. I know this may seem quite an easy one because you could just buy them a clothes voucher or some make-up, but what you have to understand with these girls is, they’re experts in their field whether it’s beauty or fashion, so they know exactly what’s what and who’s who. So it’s not so easy as you may first think. I would know because I’m one of these type of girls. I know what and where things are from and even spot someone in the street and know exactly where their coat or top is from. I suppose it’s just because I’m always looking online and in shops, because when your a fashion blogger you need to know your stuff!


So keeping this in mind, I have tried to include items that I think will be really unique and something that they won’t expect, because let’s face it, it’s great when you get a present better than your expecting to get or something that you totally don’t expect. I’m not trying to insult all of your present buying skills, but you all know I’m right! Everyone likes to receive something that they love and will treasure, because for me that’s one of the best things about Christmas, that you get to buy something for someone that they will really like and see their face when they open it!



1. A Fashion Magazine Subscription- fashionmagazinesubscriptions.co.uk

2. Design Your Own Perfume Experience– redletterdays.co.uk

3. MAC Make-up Session- visit your local MAC shop or counter for details

4. Fashion Makeover and Photoshoot for One– virginexperiencedays.co.uk

5. ShoeDazzle Gift Card– shoedazzle.com

6. Glossybox Subscription– glossybox.co.uk


My Favourite

The one I would love the most would definitely be the makeover and photo shoot. It would just be a completely unique experience and something that every girl who loves fashion and beauty would love. You would always remember it and it would be honestly so much fun. I recommend this type of thing, if you really want to push the boat out for that special girl!


I hope you find this useful and love reading it as much as I have loved writing it!


Love you all


A Life Lesson #1

“If you can dream it you can do it!”

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a new post idea! I don’t really do that many things where I am sharing my general thoughts, or writing about lessons that I learn through life. So after seeing a similar post on someone else’s blog, I thought it would be a good idea for me to do something along those lines. So here we are, me writing this post for all of you. As a little note before you all read on, I just want to say thankyou for everyone’s support and that I love you all, also that I would never be able to continue sharing my passion with everyone if there was no-one to come and read it all.


I don’t know if it’s just me that thinks this, but I personally I think I am quite an encouraging person and always try to see the brighter side of situations,  I suppose it’s just kind of my nature! I don’t always realise i’m doing it, but I always seem to just cheer people up when they are sad, unless i’m sad too. Sometimes, I think you just need someone who has this outlook on life and that can make you see the better side of a situation even if it seems dreadful at the time. I know that this is a great thing my-self when I need someone.


Because I am always on pinterest, reading quotes and on We Heart It,  I am always reading encouranging little things and pictures, which I really love. So I then have many quotes and little inspiring things inbedded in my head, which just end up coming out when my brain feels the time is right. It’s a bit like verbal diarrhea really!


As I love We Heart It, I think I may do a post on my love for this website, because it is just a great thing to have a look when you have five minutes and the pictures are amazing, I was scrolling down and saw this quote:



This quote just made me think about what I want to do in the future and how I was brought up.My mum and dad always told me that I can do anything that I want and can become what ever I want. They have never been those type of parents that disapprove of my career ideas and have always been there and supported me in whatever I have wanted/want to do. I suppose I am really lucky for this because some people’s parents are very judging and don’t really let there children have their own say in what they want to be and have their own free spirit and mind, but my parents do! This made me realise how lucky I am about that and how my parents are very accepting.


Also the point of this whole post was to make all of you realise, that if you work hard enough and believe that you can do something enough, you will succceed! A lot of people that I know, just say  ” I will never be able to be famous or rich or well-known, because I live here or can not do that!” What you need to realise is that if you truly believe you can do it and are prepared to work for it then you can do it and be the person you want to be. It does not matter where your from, what your family are like or if you can do that thing right now. As long as it is a little bit realistic then you can achieve it and if it’s not realistic then you can still try your best and prove people wrong. I just love proving people seriously wrong.


The morals of this post are:


  • If you don’t believe in your self, how do you expect others too.

  • Nothing gets handed to you on a plate, you have to work for it.

  • Work hard, play harder.

I hope you like this new post idea. Hopefully if this is successful there will be more and it will be a regular thing.  Take from this to always dream big, work hard and remember nothing will come to you on a plate!


Love you all


Blog Challenge #1


Well hello there

Welcome to another challenge post!!!(I’m sooooooo excited right now, I think I might do an excited wee!!) This is a challenge more to do with a blog as a whole and not so much about fashion, but you can take the girl out of fashion but not fashion out of the girl, so it’s got a few fashiony touches just for all my fashion fabulous readers-one of those is you by the way!!


I feel like I don’t share much about having a blog and things to do with a blog as whole. I don’t know why? But I need never seem to get round to sitting down and writing about blogging. I guess I feel like there’s a lot to tell and that you may not want to hear it all. (If you would like to know about my experiences of blogging and more blogging posts, let me know please!) Anyway I thought that I needed a new challenge and thought right Rachel make it blog related!! So I did.


What is the challenge?

This month’s challenge is about developing your blog and getting it more well- known. So that everyone can have a better blog and have a nosy at other peoples. The challenge is to share your blog on another 100 blogs in 10 days! That equals to 10 blogs a day that you need to share your blog address on! But there’s a lot more to it! I hate it when people just post their link and no comment or anything so there’s a few rules, before you think how will she know, I will find out so don’t even think that!!

  • You have to actually find a blog your interested in to read and then post your address on!

  • You need to leave a nice comment that the person will enjoy and appreciate reading!

  • Be polite! Make sure you say “can you please have a look” or “if you would like to”.

  • You could also follow their blog or subscribe to their Youtube, so they know your not just being arrogant and that you actually do care and like their blog!


How do I get involved?

Sorry but this is only a challenge for bloggers but you can still enjoy my links that I will put on the results so you can still find new blogs and talent to appreciate. If you are a blogger first of all you need to inform your readers that you are involved in the challenge by writing a post, you can use this photo and some info from it as long as you say that it originally from here and link to this post or my blog. Then it’s upto you to share your blog and I will keep you updated with tweets and status updates on social networking, on teh blogs i have shared my address on. Feel free to share your blog on mine by the way. The challenge will start tomorrow and will last until Friday 21st, or a week on Friday. Then at the end of the challenge you share you links with your readers. That’s it, so simple but so effective for everyone. It a win win situation really! I will tweet using #shareyourblog.


rachelspicks Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rachelspick


rachelspicks Twitter Page: @rachelspick


Hope you get involved and don’t forget the rules!:)

Love Rachelx