Easter Rocky Road Recipe


Baking is something I really love to do to relax and spend time being creative in the kitchen. As easter is coming up and it’s all about enjoying the sweet treats, I thought I would get baking and make some of my own. So, i’m sharing a super yummy and amazingly chocolately rocky road recipe, which is an easter themed version of the lovely Tanya Burr’s recipe.


What You Need:

– A Saucepan    – A Spatula or Wooden Spoon    – A Glass Bowl    – A Square Tin    – Grease Proof Paper or Tin Foil    – Weighing Scales    – A Rolling Pin            – A Sandwich Bag

For The Rocky Road:

-150g Butter    -350g Dark Chocolate     -4 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup    -250g Plain Digestives

For The Topping:

-100g of Mini Marshmellows     -90g of Mini Eggs    -50g of Melted Dark Chocolate    -3 Cream Eggs    -Small Bronze Honeycomb Decorations

1.Line a square tin with grease proof paper and measure out all of your ingredients.

2. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup together in a bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water on a low heat.

3. Put the digestives into a sandwich bag and bash them with a rolling pin until there is a mix of crumbs and pieces of biscuit left over.

4. Pour the biscuits into the chocolate mixture and stir in the mini marshmellows.

5. Pour the mixture into the tin and make sure it’s completley even.

6. Cut the cream eggs in half and position across the top of the rocky road, as well as the mini eggs and any other chocolately decorations you want to add.

7. Melt the 50g of chocolate in a bowl above a saucepan of boiling water on a low heat, and then use a teaspoon to drizzle the chocolate on top of the rocky road.

8. Put the rocky road into the fridge for at least 2 hours, however leaving it over night is also a really good idea.


Are you going to be doing any easter baking this weekend?

Rachel x

Easter Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies


As Easter is well and truly around the corner, I thought it would be really  helpful to create a little gift guide to inspire your present buying and giving this Easter. It’s no longer as easy to be able to just exchange a plain chocolate egg, as many people are now becoming a lot more health conscious, and therefore would prefer another cute easter  gift. Personally, I love to have one or two really lovely easter eggs and then be given money or a another cute present, for easter, that I can enjoy and keep for a long time. So, this gift guide is full of all different types of presents, for all the unique and individual people in your life.


Top to Bottom, Left to right: Balloon Bunny Necklace- notonthehighstreet.com/ Carrot Gift Set- LUSH/ Mini sewing easter set- notonthehighstreet.com/ Bunny Pocket Mirror- notonthehighstreet.com/ Family Hamper set- M&S/ Letterbox flower bouquet- notonthehighstreet.com/ Easter Gift Set- Hotel Chocolat/ Bunny Cushion- M&S/ Bunny Fairly Lights- notonthehighstreet.com/ Secret Garden Candle- Lily Flame/ Silver Bunny earrings- notonthehighstreet/ 3 Votive Gift Set- Yankee Candle


If you looking for a present for someone who loves the spring and the season that Easter’s in, but wouldn’t necessarily want a chocolate easter egg, this letterbox flower bouquet set from notonthehighstreet.com is the perfect gift. It enables your friend or relative to receive a lovely bouquet of their own personalised flowers, straight to their door, which they can enjoy throughout the entire easter season; without gaining any chocolate weight. Or, you could go for this Secret garden candle from Lily flame. It has a gorgeous floral scent which could truly fill the room with a fresh and spring-like feeling, which your family or family can enjoy. They will also be able to enjoy it throughout the whole season of easter and watch how well this good quality candle will burn.


Alternatively, if you looking for an easter gift for a couple or a family, then this hamper from M&S would be a great choice. It has a complete mixture of seasonal cakes, chocolates and sweets, which all the family can enjoy and be a part of. It is quite expensive at £50, however if you split this between a couple or family of 4, it works out fairly cheap and works out better than if you were to buy each item individually. Or, you could go for this completely chocolate easter hamper from Hotel Chocolat. It has a mixture of their finest chocolate blends, white, milk and dark chocolate’s, as well as the traditional easter egg and bunny. This is definitely for the chocolate lovers of your family/friends, and not for the faint hearted when it comes to sugar. However, it’s a great gift and something that your potential gift receiver would really enjoy.


Then there’s also the more permanent gifts, which are keep sakes and that can be treasured and loved for ever. These silver bunny earrings from notonthehighstreet.com, truly fit this keepsake brief. and enable your family member or friend to enjoy and celebrate the easter season, but in a physical form. They will be able to wear them throughout the season and  also all throughout the year; truly making the most of your easter gift to them. Or, on the other hand you could go for this balloon bunny necklace, also from notonthehighstreet.com. These come in three different tones of metal, silver, gold and rose gold, and showcases a balloon style easter bunny. This would look really lovely throughout the easter season and again could be worn throughout the whole year; adding something extra to any outfit.


Which easter gifts will you be giving out this year?


Rachel x


A Little Easter Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies


The tradition of Easter, except all the religious and biblical references, is to give a chocolate egg to all your friends and family. The shops always go crazy at getting all the different chocolate brands to create their own egg and have now even began to make their own versions of more artisan and homemade style eggs, which are just a little bit more classy that the traditional one. However, today’s post is not about the good old tradition, but it’s about the people which don’t fit that mould and which prefer something a little less sugary as a gift for the holiday.


There’s always thousands of options to choose from when it comes to Easter and chocolate eggs. Over the years the Supermarkets have really upped their game regarding them and now stock over 20-30 different brands and styles of the chocolate traditions. However, it’s not only until recently that some people have began to not necessarily want a chocolate treat for Easter, but instead something a little bit different but still Easter inspired. This is why I have created this little Easter gift guide, to inspire you and let you know about some of the best little Easter gifts, which are not chocolate, that are available on the high-street this year.


From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: notonthehighstreet.com £5, LUSH £19.95, notonthehighstreet.com £7, notonthehighstreet.com £18, John Lewis £8, notonthehighstreet.com £29, Yankee Candle £12.99, notonthehighstreet.com £11.95, M&S £9.50


The first gift which any bath lover would love to receive, has to be some of the new Easter Collection from LUSH. There’s some amazing products that range from Bath Bombs to Soap and even shower gel, that’s all inspired by the spring holiday. The yellow bunny gift above is called Funny Bunny and is one of the gift sets which LUSH annually bring out. It includes the Dragon Egg bath bomb, which may look boring from the outside, but as soon as it hits the water and begins to fizz, it turns your bath into a feast of colours, and is perfect for someone who can never decide what LUSH bath bomb they want to use. There’s also the fluffy egg bath bomb, the bunch of carrots bubble bar, which you just crumble around a 1/4 of into running water for an amazing alternative to bubble bath, and the Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb.


The second gift, which I am sure any woman in your life would love to receive, has to be these Easter rings and bracelets from notonthehighstreet.com. They are something which I noticed as I was  researching on the internet for this post, and were just too cute and too much of a good idea to not include in this gift guide. With their cute Easter references, they are still very much for the spring holiday, however they are very much a different approach to the easter gift that chocolate eggs are. These provide a perfect keepsake for your loved one and something they can wear during this year’s spring holiday, Easter’s to come, and even all year round if it really tickles their fancy.


The final gift, which I’m sure that all the hot drink lovers in your life would like to receive, has to be this monochrome, rabbit mug from M&S. This gift is super easy as it would appeal to both the men and the woman in your life, so you could go out and buy a few, and then just distribute one to each to your male and female friends. It’s really unique with it’s graphic, monochrome print, and would be a great little token gift to give someone this easter.


I hope that you now feel inspired on what to buy and what’s out there for people which might not necessarily want a chocolate treat this year for Easter; and that you all have a great Easter whether that’s spending the whole weekend eating chocolate, or going out with friends and family.


I love you all


The Aquarium Collection


From Left to Right: Pacific, Mermaid, Mediterranean


I’ve been eyeing up the new aquarium collection from Barry M for quite a long time now. Every time I go and look in Boots I always just seem to be attracted to the bright metallics of the collection and how beautiful they are, but the whole thing of “I don’t need any more nail polish” always stopped me from picking one up and purchasing it. To be honest I don’t actually need any more nail polish, I never really needed the last about 20 bottles that I’ve bought, but it was more that I just wanted more nail polish.


At the moment Boots have got the amazing 3 for 2 on any make-up product on. Obviously this is the perfect excuse to maybe buy something that you have wanted for ages or something that you may not actually need, but let’s face it, all girls wants, out way their needs. So when I went in yesterday, I had to go and buy the nail polish that I’d been eyeing up for ages. I originally only wanted “Mermaid” because I loved how it reminded me of the sea and just how unique it was, but when I knew it was three for two, I also picked up another two from the same gorgeous collection, Pacific and Mediterranean.


Even though there’s a massive hype over Barry M nail polishes, you still never know what a new collection is going to be like, and whether it’s going to be as good as the existing ones. So I was still a little wary when buying them, because they are very different from what Barry M has ever done before and they don’t always get it right. I remember when they first brought out the textured range and everyone wanted one, but then when people started to actually use them and review them, they weren’t actually as amazing as everyone thought and they actually looked really weird on the nail. It was a great idea but they just didn’t quite get it right, and that’s what I thought may of happened with the new aquarium Collection.


Although I have only had chance to use one, however I did actually want to wear them all, I already think they’re really good and I highly recommend them. To be honest I think every single blogger would! Barry M nail polishes are known for being amazing, not only because they literally are so cheap, but they are also amazing quality and could easily pass for a high-end nail polish. I think every girl has at least one in their collection. They are just so easy to fall in love with and are so easy to use and dry so quickly, so you never have to sit there waiting for hours on end for nails to dry, which for me is a must. I also love how rich the colours are and how the look on the nail, compared with in the bottle.


Have you tried any of the aquarium collection??


Love you all


Easter D.I.Y Craft

D.I.Y Crafts

As Easter is only about two weeks away I thought I would get all crafty and do a post for an Easter craft. It’s time to get your feathers out and your little chicks, to get in the Easter mood. Although it’s not a main festival its a festival that nearly everyone celebrates and that’s why I love doing crafts for this time of year. Anything goes at this time of year, be creative!

Paper Eggs


This crafty project is perfect if you have limited materials and you want a fun, vibrant way of brightening your Easter. Its so easy to achieve with these simple steps.

What you need

  • Patterned or plain paper

  • Scissors

  • A stapler

  • A needle & thread

How To

1.  Download and print the egg template. Cut out the size/s you want.


2. Select 4-5 sheets of paper that you like and fold them all in half.


3. Place the template/s on top of the paper and cut.


4. Stack them all on top of each other and staple in the middle.


5. Unfold the egg shapes outward around the staple to form a egg shape.


6. Use a needle to make a hole in the top and add a piece of tread for hanging.


7. Make as many as you like and hang them somewhere nice!!


For more information and the template check out: http://craftandcreativity.com/blog/2013/03/12/papereggs/

For more crafty Easter crafts and ideas visit my Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/rachelydia/easter-crafts/


Have fun and get creative!

Love Rachelxx