16 Pay Day Buys With Zaful


January is always one of the hardest months when it comes to money and treating yourself, as your pay cheque has to last longer and you’ve spent all of december treating everyone you love. However, as January pay day is either here for you or just around the corner, ive teamed up with Zaful to bring you 16 beautiful Pay Day buys. To treat yourself and to enjoy the special occassions there is coming up over the next few months.

Whether it’s a new graphic tee you’re looking for, which i love to pair up with a skirt or just a pair of classic jeans, a new blazer to keep you warm on nights out over the rest of the winter or just a new accessory to add to your wardrobe. I’ve got something for everyone in my litte pay day edit…

If you’re looking for a new piece to wear on a night out, a meal or drinks with the girls, then this gorgeous red cami dress from Zaful would be perfect. The deep red colour is such a statement and looks so good just paired with simple black or nude accessories. I also love how this style of dress looks so elegant and chic, as well as allowing you to show a bit of a sexy shoulder and get your legs out. It really is the best of both worlds and a gorgeous pick with valentines day coming up.  They’ve got so many more lovely pieces over on their website, just click here to go over and have a browse.

Or if adding a new accessory to your wardrobe is more what you’re looking for then these beuatiful grey tassle earrings from Zaful would be a great choice. Not only is grey such a gorgeous, classic and chic colour that really is the new black, they also have a lovely gem stone detail that would look great for a night out. Thye would really add a statement to your look and dress up a casual look. Or, if a handbag is more your thing, then this lovely pink suede one is perfect. I love the square shape of this and how the black chain and the boxy shape, contrast with the girly pink, to create a really modern look. This is one of my favourite pieces and something I cant wait to add to my wardrobe. If you want to check out any of their new styles, go and have a read of the Zaful blog here.

Are you treating yourself this Pay Day?

Rachel x

Rose Gold Jewellery

 Rose Gold JewelleryRose Gold Jewellery 2
© All photos were taken by rachelspick, and belong to rachelspick


Hello Lovelies


My name’s Rachel and I’m addicted to Rose Gold Jewellery. Okay, you got me, I’m not literally addicted to it, as though my life depends on the colour of rose gold; but I do have a growing obsession with the colour, wanting to buy items that feature it and of course wearing it and pairing it all with an outfit.


I don’t really know what attracts me to rose gold, but I don’t particularly wear any type of gold jewellery or actually like it that much, so I suppose it’s kind of a more girly and ‘me’ version of gold. But lately it just seems like I’m more attracted to it than ever before, and have now seemed to have accumulated quite a few rose gold pieces, that I thought I would share with you. Obviously I don’t think any of them are actually rose gold, however a girl can dream and hopefully one day it won’t be costume jewellery that has rose gold featured in it, but real jewellery that is real rose gold.


So, let’s start from the newest piece that has been added to my little rose gold collection, and this has to be this rose gold ‘wish’ ring from Argento. This was actually a present from my aunty, which I had been eyeing up for quite a while, and is part of argento’s new own range of jewellery. If you’re not familiar with the concept of argento, then basically it’s a jewellery shop which contains a number of different well known brands, such as nomination, Pandora, Thomas Sabo, and mixes it with their own range of jewellery, to create one large outlet for a number of different types of jewellery and for all different tastes. And, this gorgeous little ring is exclusive to argento’s own jewellery range. It’s very dainty, small and quite simple and elegant, with the swirly writing of the word ‘wish’ and the small diamante to top of the I, it makes it extremely femine and girly, and is such a perfect gift, with a perfect price tag, of only £20.


Then next, is this large, round faced, rose gold watch from Fossil. If you saw my ‘New watch’ post from about 2 years ago, then you would know that I actually already have a really nice Armani exchange watch, which is still in good condition and something that I wear on a regular basis. However when ,me and my mum visited Bicester shopping outlet, and saw how much reduction they had on the watches, and the extra 25% because it was the bank holiday, we decided to both treat ourselves and buy new watches.


I’ve had my eye on getting a rose gold watch for ages, and have always loved the Michael Kors chunky wrist watches that are rose gold. However, when I tried on fossils version of those watches, they just looked stupid on my small wrists, and although I’m no way a small and delicate person, it managed to completely drown me and make me look like I was wearing my dads watch. Therefore I decided I needed a leather strapped one, very much like my existing watch, and then I found this beauty. It’s very big faced, which I absolutely love, and it has a mix of nude/peach leather and rose gold hard wear around the face, and trimmed rose gold clock handles, markings and numbers.  Without the discount this watch would of been around £80-£100, maybe even more; however, I got at an extremely good discount and would totally recommend you go and have a visit to Bicester village, and get yourself some bargains.


Somehow I feel like rose gold is going to continue drawing me in, and making me love it more and more. I’m sure by the end of the year I will have so many more items to add to my rose gold collection, and may even have to do this post again, but choosing my favourites from my collection. I think that a few of these items may end up being from the new Pandora Rose collection, which looks so lovely and femine, and has my name written all over it.


I love you all

Rachel x

How to get the look but or less- Little Mix

The girls outfits at the One Direction This Is Us Premiere

One Direction: This Is Us - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

As promised here is one of the “How to get the look but for less” from The One Direction: This Is Us Premiere. I felt so inspired by all the fashion at the premiere and thought that as one direction are so popular and a lot of you will have watched vlogs, clips or seen pictures, will mean that you will have seen an outfit and think wow I love that look, “I wish I could rock that, but it’s too expensive!”


Well with this post you will be able to rock the look and for a lot less. I love finding style icons and trying to see if i can rock a look a celeb has and it’s even more fun when you can afford to but the things your seeing or trying on. So have a sit down, get a notebook and write down what you want to buy. You may even want a beveridge of some kind, (vimto for me)!



leigh anne

She was featured as one of the best dressed woman in my review of the premiere. Check that out here: http://rachelspick.wordpress.com/teen-choice-awards-2012/one-direction-this-is-us-premiere-20813/. This look is just amazing. The  wide trousers and then the very structured peplum top with a plunging cleavage. This look mixes fenime silhouettes and structure with male colours and style. This creates a effortless looks that has everything covered up yet it is still very sexy with the shoulders being on full display and the cleavage. She looks stunning and so can you with this great look for less.


The Look For Less

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Jade as being the youngest of the group has gone with a total contrast to her other band mates. She has gone for more of a playful look with a splash of colour with a gold blazer and cute accessories such her elephant necklace. But she has turned the look on it’s head by adding some elegant strappy heels with grungy gold detailing that adds a bit more elegance and chicness to the outfit. She looks beautiful and it really rocks the personal style but still intertwining in the theme with her fellow band mates.


The Look For Less

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This outfit has been so popular with all the magazines and press. With Perri showcasing her gorgeous new engagemnt ring from her boyfriend Zayn, she did him proud looking stunning at him film prmeiere.


This dress was one of the hardest pieces to find a high-street version of, as it being so beautiful and the gorgeous flower detailing and nude mess at the top of the dress. I would not be surprised if this was from an independent designer, that made a one off, wherever she got it she did a great job finding something unique and it was a absolute show stopper. Then she simply added a small pair of black drop earrings to complete the look and her in a simple pony. She just looked so effortless and beautiful!


The Look For Less

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Buy the Accessorize earrings here:http://uk.accessorize.com/view/product/uk_catalog/acc_2,acc_2.4/4810190300

I hope you find this post useful and can rock these beautiful girls looks, but on a budget. I loved all their looks and that’s why I have done all three. I hope you find this inspiring to go out and look for high-street versions for any celebs look.


Love you all


Candy Girl On A Budget

Sweet, Sugar, Candy Man…

Hello Lovelies


It’s summer and the pastels are well and truly in. With this trend only pastels are allowed, mixed in with well tailored retro styling. A match made in retro and summer 2013 heaven.


As we all know fashion is great but it’s a lot better when we can have a great look and rock it, but on a budget. I love fashion even more than the next person and even I like to get a bargain and feel great but know that I have not spent a fortune, and that when this trend goes out I can just put the items away and not feel guilty that I have spent a lot of money on something, I have just put into the cupboard. Isn’t this something we all want as women of nice taste.


With this in mind I have created a view of the best on offer to cover this trend on the high-street. With nearly every item under £50, with just a few added extra’s that stretch the purse a little more, to get you thinking and inspiring.




Pale Pink Vinyl Pencil Skirt £38.00


Organza Insert Calf Skirt £48.00


Diamond Grid High Neck Top £24.00


Bright Fluro Shirt £38.00


Rees 2-Pat Hi Sandals £62.00


New Look

Pastel Blue and Pink Gemstone Necklace £12.99


Glam Three Sparkle Drop Earrings £5.99



Cardigan £34.99



Selected Ellinor Retro Shorts With Pockets £25.00


Shiny Pu Jacket £14.00


Bow Print Turban With Front Bow Tie Detail £12.00


Pieces Disle Leather Belt £12.00


Chunky Metal Keeper Waist Belt £8.00


Bag With Chunky Lock And Top Handle £30.00


PARDON Pointed High-Heels £30.00


Double Colour Drop Earrings £6.00


River Island

Pink Leather Plain Cluff Court Shoes £55.00


Short Sleeve Boxy Shirt £26.00


A Few Outfits To Get You Started

Outfit 1

outfit 1

Outfit 2

outfit 2

Outfit 3

outfit 3

Although there is not that much out there in the high street at a first glance, sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper and uncover the true gems.


This look is great with most of the items being under £50. This makes the trend affordable and great to rock for anyone. I love it and even if you can not afford every item you can pick a few that would be great staple pieces. I recommend the cardigan as one major staple piece. I could of put it with all of the outfits and it just goes with everything in this trend. Also the white boxy shirt. This item is also very versatile and great as it goes with everything. I love both these pieces and coming in at only £61.00 for both items, it’s a great investment and something that won’t break the bank.


Useful Websites










I hope you feel inspired and I can’t wait to see you all rocking the Candy Girl look!

Love Rachelx

A Few New Additions

Diamonds are a girls best friend…..

Bonjour mes amis


Recently, I have found a love for jewellery and discovering what jewellery I own. I feel like I never really wear that much jewellery and I have so much that I really should get more wear out of it! As I am always so busy, going to school, sometimes I never even think about putting a pair of earrings on in the morning. So recently I have really tried to do this and wear my jewellery sooooo much more.


After trying to do this as much as I could, I just found a great love for how a piece of jewellery could change an outfit and decided I needed some new pieces to add to my collection. (This was maybe a bit of a mistake) As this how this post ended up being written, as I have a few new pieces that I would like to share with you!


Earrings and Rings

ring and earrings


After always having trouble with rings( because my fingers are a it big poggy) When I found this ring in Primark that fitted me, I immediately put it in my basket. I just love the colour, it’s bang on trend and adds a little bit of colour to any outfit. I just love it and a bargain at £2.00. The earrings were just a purchase I saw and thought I like, so I bought. I think they would look great with just a pair of jeans and a white tee of some sort. They will definitely look good as being the only piece of jewellery and with your hair up!!! I also love them.


blue earrings


I’ve had my eyes on these for quite a long time and when they were on sale I just thought I have to have them. Which girl does not like having a few diamonds, even if they aren’t real. At the same time I bought some light blue jeans and they will marry together perfectly and will also look great to rock a bit of a Kate Middleton look. Love them!!!!!


superwoman ring


This ring is really just a bit of fun and play. I saw this in a cute shop in France and just thought I will buy that, it’s right up my street. I love pop art and this was a similar style. Also being a bit of a feminist I believe that all woman are super woman and that us woman can do anything so suits me down to the ground.




This necklace is something that I absolutely love and have been looking for, for a long time. I love the mix of the two types of gold, normal gold and rose gold. Although it is really tough it really is quite fenime and a great piece with an over sized tee and jeans or denim shorts. Also it adds a hard edge to any outfit with just adding a few other gold, bronzy accessories, such as my gold cross earrings.

cute necklace


This necklace is just so cute and quaint and something that is really unique. It reminds me of a really nice charm bracelet and I just love it. Although I have not worn it yet, it’s a piece to be worn on its own as it is quite statement.

jewel necklace


This necklace has really been one of my summer staples, which I have just worn with soooo many things. It’s super girly and a real statement. I have a pair of purple shorts that it look really nice with and at that price is a great thing to buy. I love H&M, it’s just great and if you don’t shop there much, you really need to.


I hope you have enjoyed this little haul and my jewellery love. I hope you find inspiration to love your jewellery and discover it. I have loved writing this post, even though it has been a long process to finally finish it.


Love you all