Get Ready With Me | My 19th Birthday

A birthday is always an excuse for me to get dressed up and enjoy being a bit more glamourous than I am everyday; and my 19th birthday was no exception. After such an amazing 18th year, I knew I had to go into my 19th with a bit of a bang, no way as big as last years, but a good celebration was in order. So, to make sure the night kicked off in the right way, I made sure I had an outfit on that I loved and felt really good in, as well as pulling it all together with hair and makeup that had a kind of everyday glam vibe. I was so happy the outfit as a whole I thought I would share it in a blog post with you all….

The Outfit

When it comes to going out, I’m a massive fan of having that one key item that you can put on and feel instantly put togther and ready for the evening. Whether that’s a dress playsuit or a jumpsuit, a love a good one hit wonder I suppose; except I love to wear them over and over again and they’re my trusty go-to pieces. So, when it came to choosing an outfit for my birthday drinks in my local city, it was a no brainer that I wanted to pick one of these items from my wardrobe. So, this red, lace dress from AX Paris ended up being the dress of choice for the evening, purely becaause I feel really good when I wear it, it looks good and I could also pair it with a good old red lip.

To finish the look off, I wanted to make the dress the main focus point and so I stuck to a more neutral colour palette. I went for a beautiful pair of patent nude high heels, with a good platform to add a bit of height to the evening. These are far from the most comfortable heels I own, but they look amazing on, and so that balanced out the pain they cause. Then I added my trusty rose gold Pandora rings, and my Armani exchange watch and a black and white clutch to tie it all together. To be honest the bag wasn’t my first choice, but I couldn’t find the bag I really wanted to use so I had to make so with this one.

Hair & Makeup

For my hair and makeup I went for a more everyday glam look, as I wanted to still look natural with a bit more of a dressed up version. So I created a gorgeous brown smoky eye to add a bit of depth to my makeup look and a bit of intensity to the eye, using the Morphe 35T palette. This is actually one of the loves of my life and would really recommend buying it because it`s so versatile, and it also helps that it looks beautiful as well. To complement the eye look I went for bronzed, dewy skin and a good old matte red lip. I wasn’t the most popular with my boyfriend, but it tied the whole look together. When it came to my hair, I went for my trusty loose curls but added lots of extra volume, to the roots, to add bit of extra glam to the whole look. This just brought it all together and made me love my hair for the whole night.

The Night

I headed to a few local bars in my local city for drinks and a cocktail or two, with my boyfriend and 6 of my best friends. I had an amazing night chatting, drinking and catching up with them all, especially as three of them are at uni away from home and I don’t get to see them that much. To be honest it was quite a messy night, as I made the mistake of mixing too many drink combinations. However, I was the birthday girl and so I had a good excuse to get drunk.

Rachel x

17 Sparkly NYE Buys | Under £50

17 Sparkly NYE Buys -Under £50 217 Sparkly NYE Buys -Under £50 1

Nude Heels | River Island, Sparkly Dress | Zara, Velvet Choker | Dorothy Perkins, Crop Top | Zara, Tee-Shirt | Zara, Sequin Bag | ASOS, Sparkly Dress | Zara, Knee High Boots | Boohoo, Pointy Boots | New Look, Denim Jacket | Boohoo, Embellished Dress | Pretty Little Thing, Bodycon Dress | Topshop, Sparkly Ball Necklace | Topshop, Sparkly Tee-Shirt Dress | Topshop, Pink Playsuit | Topshop, Body Suit | Topshop, Across Body Bag | Zara

Dressing for the festive season is all about raiding your wardrobe for anything sparkly and maybe even buying a few new sequin pieces or two; and New Years Eve is no exception. It’s all about celebrating the last night of 2016 in style, and there’s no way you’re going to be rocking a simple little black number. It’s the one night of the year you can really let your style go and choose a piece that you will sparkle in all night; and know that even if 2016 hasn’t been the best year for you, at least you looked amazing in the last few hours of it. So, as this New Years Eve is just around the corner, I thought I would share 17 Sparkly Buys, all under £50…

When it comes to some of the biggest style trends for 2016, knee high boots and body suits have to be mentioned. These sparkly black, knitted Knee High boots, from Boohoo, have to be the perfect piece of footwear to rock for new years eve. They look super chic, elongate your legs and also look amazing paired with a shift or tee-shirt style dress. This pair also have a really lovely point on the end of each boot, which is bang on trend for A/W 16 & 17 and also adds a sharp contrast to a feminine look. On the other hand, this sparkly body suit, from Topshop, would be a great piece to wear if you love a good sequin or two, and want to create a more statement outfit to wear this new years eve. The high neck adds a sense of class, however the plunging slit on the chest keeps it super feminine and sexy. It would look great paired with a more tailored pencil skirt or even jeans, if you’re looking for a more casual look.

A really good dress is a piece I can never fail to love in my wardrobe, and I think new years is no exception. They create an effortlessly chic vibe to your whole outfit and are so easy to throw on and create instant glamour. This one from Pretty Little Thing would be the perfect piece, as it’s not only in a really on trend nude colour, but with pop’s of embellishment it keeps the piece fun and super party appropriate. I’m also really in the love with the long sleeves and the deep slit on the cleavage. However, is bodycon is not your thing and you prefer a piece that’s much more loose and comfortable to wear, then this sparkly blue, ombre shift dress from Zara, would be the perfect choice. The ombre sequin detail makes it a real statement piece and super easy to throw on and pair with some of your favourite neutral heels. The dress really does all the talking and the loose shift style makes it really comfortable to wear, all night long, and will cover a multitude of Christmas sins.

What are you planning to wear this New Years Eve?

Rachel x

The Casual Party Edit


Boots- New Look, Jeggings-Dorothy Perkins, Watch-Armani, Rings and Necklace- Primark and Miss Selfridge, Camisole-Dorothy Perkins


Hello Lovelies


If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, then you’ll know all about my battle with Outfit Of The Day posts. It’s something that constantly seems to be a reoccurring problem when I’m blogging. It’s not that I don’t want to share some of my favourite outfits with you all, it’s just that things don’t seem meant to be. Every time I go to take some photo’s, something happens to jeopardise them, from the sun starting to set and making all the pictures too dark, to my camera deciding that it’s going to run out of battery after the second photo. Obviously the second reason could of been avoided, if I actually checked my camera’s battery before I went out.


Considering all of the problems that I seemed to be having, I decided that there must be another way for me to be able to share my favourite outfits with you all, without actually having to appear in them. This is when I came across a blogger that I follow on twitter, that had created an outfit of the day post, her way. She basically just laid out her clothes, like I’ve done here, and talked about the outfit and each piece. Since then I’ve actually seen quite a few other bloggers do things along the same lines, such as Anna from Viviana Does Makeup, and Lilly Pebbles, but it seemed like such a good idea, that I decided to go and take some photos, and write this post for you all today.


A few weeks ago, I got my makeup on, curled my hair and threw together an outfit , to head over to a little jewellery and clothes party at my friends house. It was a really great night with lots of girly chatter, shopping and some yummy food. But what made it even better for me, was that I loved my outfit. I know that may sound really stupid, but I’m just the type of person that would jump at the chance to dress up and change up my normal day to day, natural, makeup face.


The whole outfit I wore on the night, the makeup I put on, and how I did my hair, was really spontaneous, so I’ll go right back to the beginning and explain each part of my getting dressed routine for you all.


Firstly, I decided on what makeup I was going to wear, and what kind of look I wanted to go for in the evening. For me, this is a crucial part of your makeup routine when you’ve not pre planned your look. This also helps you create some kind of direction to your look and stops you from having any makeup disasters.


On that night, I decided that I wanted to go for a gold, smokey eye, with some bold statement brows, because I think you can get away with the whole deeper look at night, and this type of look is actually my favourite on myself. I used a really nice gold eye shadow, with a darker gold in the crease from one of my MUA pallet’s and used my Sleek, Dark, eyebrow stylist pencil to create some killer bold brows.  I was really impressed with the finished result, if I do say so myself. Although, I have done looks very similar to this before!


Secondly, I had to sort out my hair, because at the moment I really need to get my hair cut and it’s got the stage where my hair is really heavy and weighs my whole head of hair down. So, firstly I knew that I needed to give it a bit of bounce and volume, which is why I applied a hell of a lot of dry shampoo to my roots and massaged it in a lot to remove that horrible, white, sheen that Bastiste gives your hair. Then I flicked my hair straighteners on, so that I could curl my hair, because I like my hair the best when it looks effortlessly wavy, beachy and messy, especially when my hair really need a good cut.


Lastly, I picked out my outfit for the night. I’d recently bought this little blue/green camisole from Dorothy Perkins (I think), and I was dying to wear it because I just adore the really cute lace effect on it and just how extremely girly the whole thing is. I actually bought it a size bigger than I needed, but I wanted it to look really floaty and just be really comfortable. Then, I decided that I wanted the camisole to really be the statement of the outfit, so I just paired it with some black jeggings, again from Dorothy Perkins, that are honestly so comfortable and looks great for any occasion. Finally, I paired it with a cute little pastel pink necklace from Primark, because I thought it went with the camisole really well and just rocked the popular pastel trend.


I hope you enjoyed my first ever kind of outfit post, and have a bit more of an idea of what I personally like to wear. Obviously when I do another one of these posts, I’ll go into more detail about my outfit, which I wanted to do this time around, but today I just really needed to let you all know the background knowledge of the whole thing and how this post actually came about.


I love you all


Statement Necklace Look Book- UPDATED

Chain- Miss Selfridge, Broach and Chain- Dorothy Perkins, Purple- Primark, Small Pink- Primark, Multi-coloured- H&M


Hello Lovelies


Looking back on posts when I first started blogging is never going to be something I enjoy, but it’s even worse when I look back on a post when I have really embarrassed myself. Obviously It’s not like I did an underwear look book and showed you all my favourite pants and bra’s, but still when I look back on my previous statement necklace look book  I just cringe with utter embarrassment. The photos are just so awful and I honestly don’t understand what possessed me to think that it was ok to post these on the internet. It’s honestly that bad, that I’m not even going to link it to this post, because it just embarrasses me so much.


So I thought that it was about time that I redeemed myself and made an updated version. It’s not only because the pictures embarrass me but it’s also because my taste and my collection has matured over the last year. To be honest I can’t even believe how much I have changed over the last year, it’s quite unbelievable. I feel like a completely different person now! One of my main goals of 2013 was to really find my own style that I love, and I think that I really have blossomed and began to create a lovely sense of style, so it’s important that I update you on what my tastes are at this moment in time.


Statement Necklaces for me are a staple that every one needs in their wardrobe. They are just so versatile and if you have one that you really like, then you will honestly want to wear it with everything. Well that’s what I’m like anyway! When I get a new statement necklace I want to wear it with anything and everything, just because I love it so much. It’s probably the “new” feeling. You know the feeling when you buy something new and want to wear it all the time.


These necklaces are my favourite statement necklaces at the moment. I’m loving the look of them all with this cute white shirt from Primark. I think they just add such a different edge and contrast to the girly shirt. Honestly this is what my style consists of at the moment.


My Favourite

The statement necklace I love the most at the most has to be this purple one from Primark. When I first bought this, I loved it, but then got it home and really just fell completely out of love with it and wanted to take it back. But sometimes you just have to work at something and that’s what I did and know I really love it. It probably helps now though because the colours are more in and I have a few tops and shirts that I love wearing with it. I’m loving Primark necklaces at the moment, you should definitely check them out!


I hope you like this updated version and feel inspired to go and have a look in primark.


Love you all


How to- In the pink

The in colour of the season

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first fashiony post of 2014.


I honestly can not believe that it’s already the 23rd of January and this is the first fashion/style post that I’ve done. It’s quite disgraceful really. Even though I’ve been awful with my style posts, I’ve still been trying to give you some new interesting content this month, with the preview of my nail polish collection and a new monthly post, which has been so popular and created 81 people to come and visit rachelspick yesterday, and what was so good about it was, that only 18 of them were new, everyone else was one of you regular readers. WOW, thank you to every single one of you!


To kick of the fashion side of rachelspick into 2014, I’ve got a cracker of a first post, how to nail the big trend of  2014, pink. This colour has always been a very hard colour to wear and since a few years ago would never really of been considered as a “fashionable” colour. But now it’s a totally different story. Everywhere and everyone is going mad for pink and it’s a trend that you truly need to jump on the bandwagon with, if you want to be fashionable this season.


But don’t worry if you think pink’s not for you, because there is a shade for everyone. Light pink for the people that are a bit more wary for going all out , there’s a more coral pink for the beach babes and then there’s full on pink for the girly girls and the more daring of us all. So there will definitely be a pink item for you! To help you all with this, I’ve searched the internet and found some of the best items for you all and there all under £30, except maybe one! Ooops..


Skirt-New Look, Shoes– New Look, Dress-Dorothy Perkins, Bomber Jacket-Matalan, Bag-Warehouse, Top-Matalan, Jumper-Primark, Necklace & Earrings– Oasis, Shorts & Cami -Miss Selfridge, Socks– Topshop


My Personal Favourite

Is the gorgeous coral/pink jumper with a frilly white collar from Primark. I just love this jumper so much because it’s just so femine, pretty and cute, especially the frilly collar. What the best thing about it is, the price, it’s only £12! I honestly think this is such good value for money and I really need this in my life!


I hope you all find a piece that you love and will be rocking the pink trend very soon.


Love you all