My Skincare Saviours


My skin has always been something I’ve battled with for years, right from a young age when I fought against spot after spot and all the way up to now, when I’m constantly trying to find the best products for my skin. Due to it being something that was so problematic for me, at quite a young age of around 9/10, over the last few years it’s become something I’m really interested in and learning about what’s best for my skin type. I think that’s the real key to finding the perfect products for you, is knowing your skin type and what types of products nourish it and make it a lot more manageable. So, to help out anyone who has similar skin to me and to just generally share the skincare products I couldn’t live without, I thought I would create a little blog post all about it.

To start off with I’ll just give you a quick run down of my skin type and what problems that I face with it; so you can relate to me or understand what type of skin you may have, if you don’t already know. Nowadays I definitely have oily to combination skin, and the majority of my problems lie in that good old T-Zone, the lower half of my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. I generally have normal to combination skin on the rest of my face, and do sometimes suffer with dry skin on the outer parts of my face, especially when it’s really cold outside. Recently, I only really experience spots on my chin, which I once read on Pinterest is all due to hormone’s, and sometimes a few near my eyebrow region too. Although, I have to admit that my skin has got a lot better over the last 2 to 3 years, and has definitely calmed down and been much more manageable as I’ve got older. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m using products that are good for my skin type or just because I’m growing up and my hormone’s are starting to even out a little bit.

Garnier Pure Active Gel Wash | £3.80

This product has to be my ultimate favourite skin product EVER! It’s literally the perfect product for my skin and I’ve been using different versions of it for around 2 to 3 years now. What I love so much about it is that it’s so light on the skin and really cleans it without being too harsh. A lot of products for oily skin contain tea tree, and I just find it to be way to strong for my skin and instead of gently cleaning it, it just irritates it even more. So, this wash is just so perfect because it doesn’t do any of that, and I’d always recommend gel washes because they’re apparently the best one for oily skin types. It’s also a really affordable price, and shows you don’t have to spend lot’s of money to get a really amazing skin care product.

Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner | £2.50

A cleanser and toner have not always been a prominent part within my skin care routine, and I spent quite a long time experimenting with not using them at all. However, that just showed me that even though they’re the secret skin care products, especially toner, doesn’t mean that they’re not a crucial part of your skincare routine. This Nivea Cleanser and toner is really great because it brings both of the products together; making your skin care routine shorter and also a lot easier to travel with. I hate when you have numerous bottle of skincare products to pack with you on holiday, it’s one of my pet hates because they’re so bulky. This cleanser and toner is super gentle on your skin and goes completely against the stereo-type of cleanser’s being harsh and really stripping the skin. This feels so lovey on the skin, and is really simple; making it very nourishing to your skin and not exposing it to lot’s of different things. I’ve found over the years that my skin really does respond better from products that are simple and more paired back.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser | £3.00

This is the latest addition to my skincare routine and the most amazing end to my 3 step skincare routine. I’ve been on the hunt for a really good moisturiser for years now, and have tried endless one’s until I finally found this one, and I love it. It’s the perfect moisturiser in every way really. It ticks the ultimate box of ensuring that my skin always feels hydrated and moisturised; eliminating dryness and excessive oily parts to my skin. However, it also helps to prevent under the skin blemishes and spots; whilst not being greasy or too thick. It looks perfect underneath makeup and makes it last so much longer throughout the day, because my skin is not soaking my makeup up to try and hydrate it’s self. This is a really great product and I would  recommend it to anyone who has oily to combination skin.

Rachel x

My Style Struggles


When it comes to shopping for clothes, we all have our certain struggles with finding our latest new purchase. One of the main causes of my style struggles, has to be my height, because I’m basically a giant in terms of how tall women generally are. Being around 5ft 11 means that everything is long, including my legs, body and arms, and I’ve even got big feet just to top it all off. So, my struggles are mainly down to my height, but I’m also an example of those small boobed girls out there, who have almost nothing and just have to use it to our advantage.


Being tall when your a woman definitely has it’s advantages, don’t get me wrong. You always look tall and semi-elegant, you tower above nearly all women and a quite a few men too, which some do find quite intimidating, and you often get the suggestions that you ought to be a model. Which to be honest is my personal favourite one. However, when it comes to buying clothes, it’s almost anything but fun.

Playsuits have to be my number 1 struggle, because they’re never quite right. They’re normally not long enough in the body and you end up with a wedgie, where you don’t want one, or you can barely move or sit down, because it just about fits. Then there’s skirts, you have to get used to the fact that every short skirt is going to be even shorter on you, and will usually just skim the bum cheeks. Tights are always a must, and make sure you don’t bend over too far.

Talking about tights, they’re another nightmare for me. I have to always buy the biggest size the shop have, which is normally an XL, just because my legs are so long and no one likes a sagging gusset. That has to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever! Also jeans are another style struggle of mine, because they’re never quite right. I have to make sure I get the perfect leg length, which I’ve only just worked out is 31 inches, so that they are long enough and I don’t have to much ankle on display, but I also have to check they fit nicely around the ankle and aren’t too big and stick out at the side. I know it seems crazy but it really does happen to me; maybe its just my big feet stretching out the leg holes.

Then there’s the fact that I also have small boobs. This isn’t such an issue, but still brings a few struggles when it comes to choosing what clothes I can wear. Mainly, I generally don’t choose any type of dress or top that has a wrap over design on the boobs, or needs a good bit of cleavage. Let’s face it cleavage is never going to happen for me, so it’s always better to just avoid anything that might need it. Also, this creates problems when you’re trying to buy a bikini. The majority of bikini’s have the traditional triangle style top, however when you have small boobs they aren’t really that flattering, in my opinion. They look much better when you have bigger boobs and can fill the top out more. Otherwise if you have small boobs, you can easily look 13 all over again.

I hope you can relate to some of these problems and it would be great if you could tweet me or comment your style struggles too.

Rachel x

3 Autumn Fashion Buys


As I mentioned in my previous Autumn Style Inspiration post, Autumn has to be my ultimate favourite season for fashion. I’m just all about layering up, pulling on a really good pair of boots and heading out into a chilling morning, in your brand new coat. I’m just so over summer now, with it’s long, hot, sticky days, and I’m dreaming of the weather getting colder and being able to style up lot’s of seasonal appropriate outfits. So as I’ve already started my autumn/winter shopping, in preparation for those colder days, I thought I would share 3 of my autumn fashion buys, with you all.

Mulberry Winter Coat | F&F at Tesco | £35

This has to be one of my favourite autumn buys so far this year, just because of how beautiful this coat is. I’m not normally a person to go for comfort and practicality, over style, just because I’m always choosing coats that look super stylish and that ooze that ideal autumn style. However, in reality it’s just not happening when you live in England and it rains for 85% of the days, in Autumn and winter.

So, this coat seems like the perfect one to fit both categories. It’s really similar to one I saw in Zara for £85, but as they didn’t have my size, this one actually turned out to be a much nicer and cheaper option. I absolutely love the mix of the mulberry colour of the coat with the camel fur, to create a really chic but also super warm coat. It has all the practical elements I’m going to need: a hood, pockets and it’s really warm, but also has a bit of a chic eschimo vibe, which I love. It was a bargain at £35, and F&F is definitely a place I would recommend, if you’re looking for a good winter coat.

Cream Peplum Jumper | French Connection | £20

This was my first ever autumn/winter 16 buy, and ever since it’s become a resident in my wardrobe, I’ve been dying to wear it. What’s different about this jumper is that it’s not too thick and actually looks chic and sophisticated, without giving you that shape-less winter jumper look. The cream colour has a Chanel vibe, and the peplum at the bottom adds femininity, shape and also adds something really unique to it’s whole look.

I don’t usually shop in French connection, just because I don’t have any shops near where I live and I’ve never really had a massive desire to want to shop from there. However, this buy was from one of their outlet store’s, and I have to say that I’m super impressed with it so far. It’s really lightweight, for a jumper, has a good shape and a good fit. Only the test of time will show how well made it really is. However, I really love this jumper, it’s so my style and I know i’m going to get loads of wear out of it this autumn/winter.

Grey Short Chelsea Boots | New Look £19.99

Having a really good pair of boots in your autumn/winter wardrobe, is a true essential. They get you through endless rainy autumnal days, keep your feet super warm and cosy, and also look super chic and stylish. All of last winter I was looking for a really lovely pair of grey boots. I wanted something a bit different to the traditional black and sometimes brown. So when I found these in New Look, for a bargain at £19.99, I knew I needed them in my life.

What I really like about these is that they look stylish without having a massive high heel. A lot of pairs, actually all my pairs of boots, have some form of heel. They look really good, make me look like I have legs for days, and look great paired with an autumn skirt or dress, but aren’t always that comfortable. So, this pair will be great for those longer winter days, when I’m going for a cold autumn walk or when I’m just not feeling towering above everyone. I’ve not actually worn these yet, because it’s not been cold enough, but I can’t wait until it gets a bit more chilly, to pair all of these items together.

Rachel x

10 Ways To Gain Blogging Inspiration


1. Get on Pinterest– When it comes to looking for any type of inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go. It’s full of gorgeous images, for all matter of different occasions, which are bound to get your creative juices flowing. You could even write a post sharing some of your favourite pins or talk about your Pinterest boards.

2. Do something spontaneous – The real burden of blogging inspiration has to be routine, and so go and do something spontaneous, to really break that habit. Hopefully this should help you break out of your blogging box and feel inspired by being in a new place and doing something different. You could even take your camera with you, and make a blog post all about your spontaneous day.

3. Your favourite online creators- The best way I find to gain a bit of blogging inspiration is to go and watch, or read, some of your favourite online creators content. This is what first made you love blogging and they create content you love to read, and so this should spur your love for blogging to return, and even give you a few post ideas as well.

4. Get away from the internet- Spend some time away from the internet,  in order to truly reflect on your blog and where you want to go with it. It should help you to re-focus on yourself and your own content, and not be obsessed with comparing yourself to other bloggers and their success.

5. Switch up your blog design- I personally think there’s nothing more inspiring for your blog than changing up it’s design. I’m obsessed with having a Pinterest worthy blog, and so nothing makes me more motivated than to create amazing content, than when my blog is looking at it’s best. Try investing in a new blog theme from Pipdig, or just trying out a bit of HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

6. Grab a magazine- Magazine’s have to be the nearest things to blog’s and were probably what inspired a lot of people to starting writing one. So why don’t you go back to your blogging roots and have a good read of some of your favourite magazine’s. This always gives me so much inspiration for blogging in general, and also gives me lots of ideas for future blog posts.

7. Talk to friends & family- I always think that you can never under estimate the power of help from your friends and family, and they can actually help you out with almost anything in your life. So ask them about your blog, what content they would like to see on it and read themselves. They might have some ideas you’ve never even thought about.

8. Look back- Go on your blog and look back on some of your favourite posts and think about the times when you were on a really good run with blogging. You could even look back at past blog posts, which you maybe don’t like anymore or that you could re-invent and add to again now.

9. Reflect on what you want- Reflect on your blog, which direction you want it to go down and what you want out of it. This should help you re-focus why you blog and help you to nail down some content that you feel inspired by, and want to write.

10. It’s all about you- You blog is a reflection of yourself, your hopes & dreams, fears and down falls, loves and everything in between; so make sure you love your blog and would like to read it. Think about the content you like to read and make sure you’re content and blog just SCREAM YOU.

Rachel x

Autumn Style Inspiration & My Style Icons

Autumn Style Inspiration-Rachelspick 2.png


When it comes to my favourite season for clothing, it would always have to be autumn every single time. I just love everything about autumn, in general, but especially the type of clothing that it guides you to wear. Personally I just love layering, wearing boots and getting a bit of faux fur out, all in the name of looking stylishly autumn appropriate. So, today I thought I would just create a bit of an inspiration board, to get your autumn style juices flowing, and also share 2 of my style icons with you all, to spice it all up a little bit.

This autumn I really want to carry on with the type of clothing items I’ve been loving through spring and summer, however just change them up ready for autumn. This means that my love for skirts, bomber’s and faux leather, will definitely be carrying out through autumn/winter 16. This autumn I really want to get away from that monochrome habit of mine, and experiment with darker and richer tones of burgundy, red and maybe even orange. However, I will never loose my love for a good statement boot and a classic turtleneck.

Lydia Elise Millen

My Style Icons- Lydia Elise Millen

If you’ve read my My Top Spring/Summer Wardrobe Items  or 3 Lifestyle Youtubers That You Need To Be Subscribed To… then you will know who this gorgeous blogger and Youtuber is, and just how much I love her. Lydia Elise Millen has to be one of my all time favourite online creators, and one of my biggest style icons. Her style is so chic, sophisticated and elegant, and just how my style is starting to evolve towards. I love how she uses texture and colour, over using a lot of pattern, to create a really put together outfit. Her style is just so similar to mine, and I know that nearly everything she buys or wears, I will just love it! Check out her blog HERE.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

My Style Icons- Rosie Huntington-Whitely.png

If you’ve read My Curent Makeup Favourites then you will know that I’m literally in love for her makeup range for M&S, and I’m also really in love with her style as well. Similar to Lydia Elise Millen, Rosie has a really chic and elegant style, that makes her outfits oozes off-duty glam. Her use of colour, texture and a variety of different materials, allows her to form gorgeous outfits, without the use of a lot of pattern. Over the last year I’ve really started to nail my style down, which is basically Rosie and Lydia’s style put together. I love to experiment with different texture, fabrics and a bit of colour, without the use of a lot of bold patterns and styles.

Rachel x