Valentines Style Inspiration With Zaful

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Valentines Day is fast approaching and is a time for you to celebrate not only being in a relationship with an amazing person you love, but also to celebrate youself, if you’re single this year. Whether you’re taken or single, you still want to enjoy the day and look amazing doing it, so I’m working with Zaful this Valentines Day to give you some style inspiration and show you some of the beautfiul pieces they’ve got on offer for you to pick up.

When it comes to Valentines this year I want to look feminine and girly, as well as still challenging a chic and elegant look. So my key colour palette is going to be Red, Black and White, with a hint of cream and blush to go along side it. This is because they are not only appropriate colours for the day, but I always think that Red looks beautiful on women and shows a real feminine strength. It looks perfect as a dress, jumper, a statement jumpsuit or just as an accessory to an outfit; with a pair of red shoes or a good old red lip.

So, if you’re looking for a red piece this Valentines Day, this Crochet Cami Dress from Zaful would be a perfect buy. Lace is always such a gorgeous look and so why not wear it in a full piece this year. It would look beautiful paired simply with a pair of nude heels and some bouncy curls, or create a bit more of a european look by pairing it with a loose low bun. You can see more of the lovely dresses they have to offer when you click here. There’s also room for some gorgeous red underwear this Valentines Day, and body suits are the must buy this year. So, this Sheer Lace one from Zaful is the best buy for you. It still creates a sexy look, but keeps it classy and elegant; which you can’t ever beat with underwear. There’s lots more gorgeous choices over on the Zaful website if you’re looking for a new piece this year.

What are you doing this Valentines Day?

Rachel x

My 5 Favourite Party Wear Accessories


Party Wear has to be one of my favourite types of clothing, and I really can’t get enough of some sparkle and a good sequin or two. For me its just the best time for dressing, because I love getting all glammed up and having the opportunity to wear some of my favourite party pieces. However, no good party look is truly complete without a few gorgeous accessories; whether that’s a lovely sparkly clutch or a big statement necklace.

As I’m a bit obsessed with shoes and definitely with handbags, there’s so many accessories that I love to wear, when it comes to going out. However, two of my favourite have to be these sparkly clutch bags from TKMaxx and Miss Selfridge. The black one has a gorgeous iridescent rainbow effect, that glimmers in all different colours, depending on the light, and is really versatile. I’m able to wear it with so many different outfits and is a great investment in my handbag collection. But it’s not exactly the biggest inside, and I can just about squeeze my money, phone and lipstick into it. It’s more about how it looks than how practical it actually is. As, the silver one provides a bit of a bigger and more chic version. It looks beautiful when paired with outfits that are more girly and feminine, as well as when you’re pairing silver jewellery with your outfit. This clutch really sparkles all day and night, and is able to be paired with almost any party wear piece.

Shoes are always a girls best friend and you can truly conquer the world with an amazing pair of shoes on your feet. So, when you’re going out and dancing all night long, a really good pair of shoes is essential. This gorgeous black, laser cut pair have to one of my favourite. They look like they would be really uncomfortable, as they’re super high, however the platform actually makes them quite comfortable, for a pair of high heels. I love how they cover the whole of your foot and are an almost boot style; as well as looking feminine and really sexy.

There’s also this gorgeous pair of silver high heels from Dorothy Perkins, which have to be the perfect pair of party shoes when in comes to how they look. They make your feet look amazing, and really sparkle and shine all night on the dance floor. However, they’re far from comfortable, and are more of a pair you would wear when you don’t have to walk around a lot. A date night or meal out is when these shoes would be in their element, but not for a party or any dancing. They look lovely, and are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own, but they’re just not suited to every special occasion and night out.

Jewellery is something I really love to wear when I’m going out, and I really love being able to finish my look off with lot’s of my favourite pieces. This gorgeous silver floral necklace ,from Topshop, is really no exception. It’s the biggest and most glam piece of jewellery I own, but it really does look amazing when your going out and want to look super glamourous. It sparkles and shines all night, and is a great addition to a plain white shirt or to just top a look off altogether. The ribbon tie just adds a bit of femininity to the piece and makes sure that it doesn’t look too over powering, when you’re wearing it.

Rachel x

What’s in my bag?- Zara

So I went shopping and this happened….



First of all I will get this out of the way and just quickly apologise for the fact that I am supposed to be posting everyday but have not posted for 2 days (I think). So I would just like to say sorry and also thanks for all the great feedback on the Zoella Style Post. You all seemed to love it and I can assure you that more are coming your way. THANKYOU to everyone Love you all.


So as you probably have already guessed, we have a new post concept again and I am sooo excited to be finally sitting down and writing this. I have been meaning to do this for ages and my camera was flat!! So anyway I got my camera charged up and went on a photo taking session for this blog post. I ventured into my garden for some pictures, so adventurous but I thought I would use the garden while I still can!!


I am just loving using my own pictures as much as I can because It adds a more personal feeling to the blog and the post. I love people’s own photography when I read blog posts so I know how you all feel. As much as I know I can not use my own photography for everything, anything I can, I am going to really try to. As I want to make this blog the best it can be, for not only my benefit but mostly yours, so you can all really enjoy reading it and keep coming back.








So this post is all about the few items I picked up from zara. Zara was a place I just never really went and in m local city it has quite a small window and I have just always walked by it without a thought. But one day I said to my mum ” Why don’t we go and have a look in there?”. I instantly loved loads of the pieces and new I had to come back and buy some. I loved the feel of the shop, it just has a totally different feel to any other high-street shop. It feels foreign and like a designer shop. All the staff were really friendly and the stuff is not only great quality but also really nice. So this is my new shop love at the moment.


So I thought I would do a post on what I bought but after seeing this idea on someone else’s blog, I decided this was the way to do it!!! It is just a great way to showcase a few items you have bought from a certain shop without doing a full on haul.


If you read regularly, you will have seen my wishlist post. About 2 weeks ago. This included a few items that are in this post and also some items that I have now bought. I did that post just before I was going to buy this stuff, so I was even more excited to get it!!


The Leggings

I don’t know if it is that clear but I bought two pairs of leggings, one grey and one black. These leggings are like the basics of Zara and they are quite thick with elastic on the sides so they don’t dig in at all. Also these leggings are a hreat price at only £19.99, because honestly they are the most comfortable leggings that I have ever worn!! They are just so confy and keep you warm and cosy, especially as it’s getting more wintery now!!! They are just something I think every girl needs to have in their wardrobe. They are just amazing, a must buy!!!


The Jumper

This was included in my wish-list and something I literally love. It is monochrome, so super good for autumn/winter and monochrome is soooo time less so it will last me ages. I just love how confy it is and is thick so will keep me super warm. Also with a pair of the leggings and this it is so warm and will look great with uggs. It was £25.99, a little pricey but great quality.


I hope you like this post and you will feel inspired to go and have a look in Zara. While your in there, buy a pair of the leggings!!


Love you all