TKMaxx Beauty Haul


Beauty is a topic I don’t talk about very often over on this blog, however I do actually really love trying out new products and finding new amazing hidden gems. So, when I headed to Home Sense on Monday, which is just the home, beauty and stationary side of the whole TKMaxx empire, I loved searching the shelves to pick up a few new beauty bits. To be honest it’s very hit or miss as to what you will find, as it’s always different everyday with new stock coming in. But this time round I found some great little gems that I thought I would share with you in a beauty haul.

Catwalk TIGI Hair Mask

Haircare is something I’m constantly interested in. I love trying out new things and finding new products which will really look after and my nourish my long hair. To get my hair in bouncy curls, I have to curl it with straighteners, however this can damage my hair a lot particularly on the ends, so I was looking for a good hair mask that can be a treat for my hair a couple of times a week to give it some moisture and make sure it’s healthy after all the heat I put on it.

So, when I saw this Catwalk TIGI one I picked it up straight away, as it smells amazing with an oatmeal and honey scent (it sounds horrible but is actually so good). It’s also quite an expensive and luxury hair brand, and I got it for a really affordable price of 7.99 instead of over 20.00. I’ve only used it once so far, however I’m already in love with how soft it makes my hair and it really restores the ends.

Evoluderm Micellar Cleansing Water 

Michellar waters are a product I kind of fall in and out of love with. When they find became popular in the UK I loved the L’Oréal one, however over time I found it easier to use a cleanser that removed my makeup at the same time. But recently I changed up my face wash and couldn’t use it to remove my eye makeup anymore, and I needed something better than just a makeup wipe.

So, when I saw this micellar water I thought it would be perfect for what I wanted, as the French beauty products are supposed to be really good and I knew that it would make sure all my eye makeup was fully removed before I headed to bed at night. I’m so glad I bought this product as I absolutely love it. It works so well on my makeup, doesn’t sting or irritate my eyes at all and is just a dream product for 2.99. I will definitely be keeping the bottle for this and trying to hunt down some more once this bottle is finished.


Urban Studio Contour Brush

Contouring is something I love to do to really complete my whole makeup look. It just gives your face so much more dimension and definition, which you can’t get without doing a bit of contouring. However, it can be really difficult to get it right, and I know I’m still trying to master it after around two years of doing it in my everyday makeup routine. I think a lot of it is down to the product and the brush you use. I think I’ve got the product covered with the Kate Moss contour kit from Rimmel, however I needed a better brush. So, when I saw this small rose gold one I instantly knew I needed that in my collection.

What drew it to me was at first the beautiful rose gold colour, which I just can’t get enough of, but also the shape of the brush. It’s such a perfect shape to fit right under your cheek bone and make sure all the product is in the right place, and then the wider bristles helps you to really blend it all out. I love this brush and can’t wait to carry on using it to help me master contouring.

Home and Body Co. Body Conditioner

This a new product I’ve never seen before, and was more of an intrigue buy than anything else. When I saw it I thought it looked really interesting and I’m never giving my body enough love and I’m always forgetting to properly moisturize every night. However, I thought by doing it in the bath that might solve my problem.

I used this for the first time last night and it smells absolutely amazing. Tea tree and mint are both really good natural plants to use on your skin and make it feel amazing. My skin was super soft afterwards, but I feel like you would get through the whole pot quite quickly if you used it everyday. So, I think this is going to be a going out pamper treat for me, to make sure my skin looks and feels amazing when I’m going on a night out.

Have you ever bought beauty products from TKMaxx? Have you found any holy grail products you cant live without?

Rachel x

Trying Out Body Shop Makeup


Makeup is such a huge industry now, there’s so many amazing different brands that are creating such beautiful products for us to wear on our faces everyday. Whether that’s the latest contour kit, eyebrow gel or the newest way to create a matte lipstick; there’s so many things out there, to suit every single taste you could think of. However, sometimes I feel like the smaller and less well known brands, especially if they don’t have a stand in the mothership which is Boots, they often get over looked and their products are not truly discovered. So, today I thought I would try out The Body Shop’s makeup and show you some of my favourite products from their range.

First, let’s talk all about base, as this was my favourite part of the entire range. I honestly think that creating a good base really sets you up for an entire face of good makeup; that’s blended nicely and looks amazing. So, this first step is super crucial for me, especially as this is the type of makeup that I tend to loose from my face first.

Primer’s really are one of my holy grail products, and this WonderBlur primer didn’t disappoint. With it’s soft, silicone texture it smoothes over your skin, fill’s in your pores and creates the perfect base for your makeup. It makes it so much easier, to not only apply your makeup, but it will also last so much longer when it’s on your face, as it prevents your face from trying to soak up moisture from your makeup into your skin to hydrate it. Then, you have to talk about foundation, as this one I tried out from the Body Shop really was gorgeous. It was super light weight on your skin, allowing you to have a light to medium coverage, and it made your whole face of makeup very breathable and almost feel like your own skin. Along with a primer, this product really worked with my skin and lasted a good 6-7 hours on my face, which is perfect when I have a full day ahead of me with college and work in the evening.

So, you can’t have a really good flawless base without the help of a few great brushes along the way, and these BodyShop ones are a real find. They’re not only super soft against your skin, but they also have some amazing blending powers and put on both your face powders, blushers, highlighters and even contour perfectly. That brush has to be my favourite because the shape is perfect to just fit into the hollows under your cheek bones. They also wash beautifully, never become damaged or corse to touch, and also don’t become loose or fray; the perfect brushes for beautiful everyday makeup.

Finally, I have to talk about their gorgeous matte lipstick formula’s, as they are absolutely beautiful. I’m completely in love with how they’re formula’s are a very smoothe and velvet consistency, as you put them on your lips, they then dry to a lovely moisturised matte finish. They don’t dry your lips out or stick to any existing dry patches, and just make your lips look gorgeous. I have one of the dusky pink shades, and it is a true your lips but better colour; adding a really feminine and natural finish to your makeup look.

This post couldn’t have been possible without my lovely friend, who is a Body Shop rep, allowing me to try out so many of the brand’s amazing makeup products. So, if you would like to know more information about any of the product’s I’ve  talked about in this blog post, or would like to keep up to date with great offers from the brand, go and follow her Facebook group HERE.

Rachel x

My Festive Pampering Routine


One of my favourite ways to relax and just have a bit of me time, is to give myself a good pamper. So, when it comes to the festive season, and there’s lot’s of parties and celebrations; my pamper routine get’s more intense and seasonally inspired. Some of my favourite affordable products to use, which are also really good quality and great for your skin, are from The Bodyshop. I love how the brand is all natural, cruelty free and they create such gorgeous products, that smell and look amazing. They also last ages and there’s such a wide variety on offer, which will suit anyone’s taste’s; when it comes to skincare, body care, hair care and also makeup.

The Face

Looking after my skin is something I’ve grown to really love. I had really problematic skin as a child, I was constantly having spot break outs and my skin was super sensitive. So, this has lead me to really want to look after my skin now, and try to keep it healthy and looking really good. These Aloe Vera cleanser and toner, from the Bodyshop, are great for keeping my skin feeling clean and fresh, ready for the day. The Aloe Vera makes sure that the product is gentle on the skin, and as it’s a natural antibiotic it makes sure any dirt or impurities are drawn out of your skin; keeping it really smooth and a good overall tone.

I’m also a real face mask addict, and I really love trying out new ones and seeing which ones work best for my skin. One of my favourite types have to be self heating, that are actually warm as you put them on your face. They create a really deep cleanse of your skin, in a way which is also really gentle and that actually feels great. It’s just a white mask, so there’s no scary colouring to it, that can make your face look seriously weird. It’s all just completely natural and this one is a really gorgeous seasonal scent, of mineral and ginger. Which I’m loving for this time of year!

The Body

Looking after your body, is just as important as your skin, when it comes to pampering, however I often neglect it and don’t give it the treatment it deserves. We can all vow for not moisturising our bodies enough, and I’m 100% a culprit of not putting in the time, or the effort, to give my body a good moisturise every day. But, this Hawaiian Kukui Cream from The Bodyshop has hopefully changed my ways. I love how it’s really thick and creamy, making it really moisturising for my slightly dry skin, but also dries really quickly and isn’t sticky on the skin. What I really hate is having to wait ages for body cream to dry, and then you feel really over sticky and it’s hard to put clothes over the top. The kukui oil really nourishes your skin, and allows it to be really supple and glowing.

A really good bath bomb, is also something I love to use, in my pamper routine. I’m a massive fan of baths, and how relaxing they are when you’ve had a long and busy day. So, I love to make it a bit more special and also great for my body, by popping in a bath bomb. This love heart shaped one, was a gift from America from my Aunty, and smells lovely, but I also really love LUSH bath bombs. They’re my favourite bath products EVER! I’m also obsessed with using bubble bath, and making bath time a true paradise. So, this gorgeous Argan Oil one from The Bodyshop, is perfect for those festive pampering sessions and when you want your skin to be super nourished and smooth.

The Extra’s

The finishing touches of the whole pamper routine, bring the whole experience together and makes it a great way to recharge your batteries and feel more a bit more you again.

Painting my nails has to be one of my most favourite ways to finish off my pamper routine. I’m obsessed with nail varnish, and I have an absolutely massive collection. So, I love being able to choose one of my favourite colours, from my collection and just spend time on me and making myself feel great. Having good nails also really pulls an outfit together and makes you look so much more chic. I also really enjoy putting some oil on my hair, to really nourish it and give it a treatment after the exposure from the day. Heat and damp can really affect your hair, so I love just popping some of this through the ends of my hair, at night, to almost act like a leave in hair mask. Its also great before you blow-dry your hair and after you curl it; to give your waves more definition.

If you’re looking to buy some gorgeous Bodyshop products, then one of my lovely friends is a consultant. She can run a party evening, or just bring the catalogue round, so you can have a good nosy at some of the brand’s latest products. If you live in Leicestershire, then she’s great and you can go and have a peak at her Facebook page HERE. Thank you to her for letting me try out some of the amazing products, and making me want to buy so many.

Rachel x

Oily Skin | Foundation Routine & Products


When it comes to dealing with oily skin and especially when you wear makeup, it’s really difficult to find the right products and create a combination that truly works for you. I know I’m probably biased, but I honestly do think that oily skin is the hardest skin type to deal with, because it can change so much, from day to day, and the smallest change to the wrong product, can really affect your skin. So, as I’ve battled myself for years with my own oily skin and finding the perfect base products, right from the moisturiser all the way to the powder, I thought I would share the ones I’m currently reaching for.

Elemis Flash Balm | Moisturiser

So let’s start right from the beginning and talk about moisturiser. Personally, after finding the perfect foundation for my skin,being able to find a really good moisturiser has to be the hardest job. A lot of the specific oily skin products, I’ve tried, just don’t work for me and end up being too intense, too harsh or awful as a makeup base. However, recently I went for a lovely facial, at my local spa, and this product was recommended to me. I think it’s actually designed to be an anti-ageing product, but it works perfectly for my skin , as it’s an almost 3 in 1 product. It’s a moisturiser, illuminator and also a primer for your makeup. So, not only does it keep your skin hydrated all day, it also mattifies it and creates a perfect base for your primer. I still like to use a primer because my skin just lasts so much better this way, and the product just doesn’t give me quite enough longevity, for an entire day of wearing makeup.

Elemis is an expensive skincare brand, at around £38 for this product, but I would never suggest that you have to go out and buy the product. I’m simply just sharing a really good quality product that works for me and my skin type. It’s always worth investing money in skincare, and that’s a lesson I’m starting to learn after so many awful high-street products. However, if you’re looking for a brand that’s more affordable, then Liz Earle is a really great option and I’m 100% going to venture into purchasing some of their products, after I’ve used my current ones up.

L’Oréal Infallible Matte Collection | Primer, Foundation & Powder

When it comes to my favourite primer and powder, I feel like nothing I’ve ever tried that can currently beat these ones from the L’Oréal Infallible Matte collection. The primer is my literal life saver for my makeup, and creates the perfect silky, smooth and also matte finish, to the skin. I use it with any foundation that I use, and it works wonderfully every time. It’s a product I just can’t live without, regarding my base, because otherwise my oily skin just eats all my makeup and it start to disappear quite quickly. It’s a real bargain product, at around £8, considering it’s quality and how effective it is as an initial base for all your makeup.

Powder is never something I’ve been necessarily attached to, and I don’t really have a favourite one. However, this one also from the L’Oréal collection has worked wonders for my skin. It’s a really great shade and works with any foundation I pair it with, it feels lovely on the skin and not too thick or powdery and just creates a nice finish to my foundation. I’ve had this product for so long now, and can’t even remember how my makeup looked without it.

The foundation is also really great and is the perfect choice for an evening out, especially due to the fact it’s really long wearing and has no SPF in it. This means there’s no horrible flash back on any selfies you take, or a pale white face in photo’s. Its quite a heavy duty foundation and has really high coverage, however its still really comfortable to wear on the skin and is perfectly made to suit oily skin. The entire range really works for oily skin, unlike others on the high-street beauty market, and all the products provide great quality, for the amount of money you’re paying. You can check out all about the range HERE.

Bourjois Healthy Mix | Foundation | N.o 51 Light Vanilla

This foundation has to be current favourite, just because of how illuminating and dewy it looks on the skin, as well as being a medium coverage and really easy to wear. You only need around a pump, to a pump and half and along with a beauty sponge, you can create a really gorgeous look to your skin. It has to be one of the best high-street foundations ‘ve ever used, because of what amazing colour shades and pay off, every foundation in the collection has, and how well it pairs with the L’Oréal primer and ultimately oily skin. It almost works along with your natural oils in your skin, and creates a great foundation, which you can wear for all occasions and can be built up to become higher coverage. This really is another high-street beauty hero, it’s a really affordable price, of around £10, and would even compare well to some more expensive, high-end foundations.

Revlon Colour Stay | Concealer | Light/ Medium

Out of all of these products, this probably has to ultimate favourite, along with the primer, as I just can’t get enough of either of them. These are the only two products in my whole makeup bag that I really love and have no desire to even change up or consider trying an alternative product. This concealer is just so perfect for my skin, as the whole colour stay range is designed with oily skin in mind. So, it works really well with your natural oils to create a really creamy, dewy and medium coverage concealer. I love how amazing the variety of shades are and how the light/medium one really suits me perfectly. It’s a real dream product, because it lasts a long time, can almost double up as a light coverage foundation, has great colour pay off and is also super affordable at only £6.99 a tube. However, this product is so hard to get hold of in shops, especially this shade, because it’s constantly out of stock everywhere; but trust me it’s worth it.

Is there any products you can recommend for oily skin, or just any of those must-try wonder products?

Rachel x

My Skincare Saviours


My skin has always been something I’ve battled with for years, right from a young age when I fought against spot after spot and all the way up to now, when I’m constantly trying to find the best products for my skin. Due to it being something that was so problematic for me, at quite a young age of around 9/10, over the last few years it’s become something I’m really interested in and learning about what’s best for my skin type. I think that’s the real key to finding the perfect products for you, is knowing your skin type and what types of products nourish it and make it a lot more manageable. So, to help out anyone who has similar skin to me and to just generally share the skincare products I couldn’t live without, I thought I would create a little blog post all about it.

To start off with I’ll just give you a quick run down of my skin type and what problems that I face with it; so you can relate to me or understand what type of skin you may have, if you don’t already know. Nowadays I definitely have oily to combination skin, and the majority of my problems lie in that good old T-Zone, the lower half of my forehead and down the bridge of my nose. I generally have normal to combination skin on the rest of my face, and do sometimes suffer with dry skin on the outer parts of my face, especially when it’s really cold outside. Recently, I only really experience spots on my chin, which I once read on Pinterest is all due to hormone’s, and sometimes a few near my eyebrow region too. Although, I have to admit that my skin has got a lot better over the last 2 to 3 years, and has definitely calmed down and been much more manageable as I’ve got older. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m using products that are good for my skin type or just because I’m growing up and my hormone’s are starting to even out a little bit.

Garnier Pure Active Gel Wash | £3.80

This product has to be my ultimate favourite skin product EVER! It’s literally the perfect product for my skin and I’ve been using different versions of it for around 2 to 3 years now. What I love so much about it is that it’s so light on the skin and really cleans it without being too harsh. A lot of products for oily skin contain tea tree, and I just find it to be way to strong for my skin and instead of gently cleaning it, it just irritates it even more. So, this wash is just so perfect because it doesn’t do any of that, and I’d always recommend gel washes because they’re apparently the best one for oily skin types. It’s also a really affordable price, and shows you don’t have to spend lot’s of money to get a really amazing skin care product.

Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner | £2.50

A cleanser and toner have not always been a prominent part within my skin care routine, and I spent quite a long time experimenting with not using them at all. However, that just showed me that even though they’re the secret skin care products, especially toner, doesn’t mean that they’re not a crucial part of your skincare routine. This Nivea Cleanser and toner is really great because it brings both of the products together; making your skin care routine shorter and also a lot easier to travel with. I hate when you have numerous bottle of skincare products to pack with you on holiday, it’s one of my pet hates because they’re so bulky. This cleanser and toner is super gentle on your skin and goes completely against the stereo-type of cleanser’s being harsh and really stripping the skin. This feels so lovey on the skin, and is really simple; making it very nourishing to your skin and not exposing it to lot’s of different things. I’ve found over the years that my skin really does respond better from products that are simple and more paired back.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser | £3.00

This is the latest addition to my skincare routine and the most amazing end to my 3 step skincare routine. I’ve been on the hunt for a really good moisturiser for years now, and have tried endless one’s until I finally found this one, and I love it. It’s the perfect moisturiser in every way really. It ticks the ultimate box of ensuring that my skin always feels hydrated and moisturised; eliminating dryness and excessive oily parts to my skin. However, it also helps to prevent under the skin blemishes and spots; whilst not being greasy or too thick. It looks perfect underneath makeup and makes it last so much longer throughout the day, because my skin is not soaking my makeup up to try and hydrate it’s self. This is a really great product and I would  recommend it to anyone who has oily to combination skin.

Rachel x