10 Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe Into Autumn

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1. Add different layers, from a shirt under a jumper or a denim jacket over a dress. The key to dressing ready for the unpredictable autumn months, is having those multiple layers that look super stylish and are also pretty practical as well.

2.Change up your colour palette. Say goodbye to the brights and the pastels, and say hello to the deep purple’s, navy, orange’s and camel’s. Although that blush pink is still in for autumn/winter 2017.

3.Add in another texture, whether that’s through a fur Gillet, a woven scarf or a chunky knitted jumper.

4.Pop on an autumnal nail varnish, I’m absolutely loving burgundy at the minute, or play around with an autumnal eye makeup look.

5.Add a boot to your look. It’s the most classic way to transition your wardrobe into autumn and is one of the best as they go with everything. Shorts and dresses for those warmer autumn days and jeans or tights for the colder days.

6.Go a few shades darker with your jeans. Think dark navy and black, a quick and easy way to transition from summer and into autumn.

7.Change up your accessories, such as saying goodbye to that bright across body bag and hello to that dark bowler bag for this autumn/winter.

8.Why not try a jumper and skirt combo, as the jumper is perfect for those colder autumn days but that skirt still leaves a bit of leg on show and channelling the summer vibes still.

9.It’s all about adding a coat, whether that’s your go to green parka, that boyfriend style coat or just a classic leather jacket.

10.Say hello to hair simplicity. Say goodbye to hair glitter and plaits, and say hello to those natural soft waves under a cute bobble hat.

Are you looking forward to autumn dressing?

Rachel x

How To | Restyle Your Work Space


Having a well organised and ultimately a well styled work space, is essential for me to really be able to be productive and get things done. My desk is generally the hub for all things related to my blog, as well as a place to store a few folders and things to do with college. So, I feel like it always needs to be an inspiring place, that makes me feel creative and helps me to produce some great content, for you all to read. You can go and read My Desk Tour post HERE, for more info about my work space.

However, lately I’ve been getting bored of how it looks and how cluttered it seems. So, I thought I would rework and change it up a little bit and bring you all along with me; sharing my tips and the steps I go through, along the way.

1. Create The Atmosphere


Whenever I’m doing any type of re-organising or tidying, I will always put some background music on, to create the right atmosphere. It’s usually a Spotify playlist or the radio, because then I can listen to loads of different songs, back to back, and don’t have to keep going to choose a different song to listen to. My favourite type of songs, when doing this type of thing, have to be really good party tracks that I love listening to, know all the words to and that I generally jam out to, in the car. At the moment this is the likes of all Justin Biebers new songs, and anything on the charts.

It’s also essential, that when you set out on your re-organising mission, that you know exactly what you want to achieve at the end of it all, and that you have plenty of time to do it in. I hate it when you run out of time, when your tidying up and end up losing track of what you have and haven’t done, or really loose your motivation. The best thing to do is to just get it all done in one go and then you will have a lovely new space to work in.

2. Clear and Clean


In order to know what space your working with and to create a blank canvas, you first need to just clear your whole work space completely. In my case I just took everything off my desk and put into all onto the floor in our conservatory. This way I was able to see my desk completely empty, see all the things that I wanted to put back on and think about the way I would like to re style it.

It’s also a really great idea to just give your space a good clean and create a nice space for you to begin your re-organising in. This will just create a proper blank canvas and will make sure you’ve done a really effective job at restyling your work space. It will also make you feel better when you’re in there, if you know it’s lovely and clean. In my case I just dusted the desk and then gave it a quick clean, with some glass cleaner.

3. Re-Style


 The masterpiece of this whole process really is the finished result and therefore you need to now put everything back into your work space and decide how you will style it. I just decided to put a few notebooks and things away, tidy up and store some of the small items that were cluttering my desk and kind of switch the whole layout around. I decided to put all my fashion books on the right and all my work and notebooks on the left; leaving room for my small storage draws and my pot of pens, in the middle.

I’ve not changed it around that much, however to me it just feels so much more fresh and new now. I feel excited and inspired to go and work in there; knowing it’s looking a bit different and is also nice and tidy and clean.img_28291


Have I inspired you to give your work space a makeover?


Autumn Style Inspiration & My Style Icons

Autumn Style Inspiration-Rachelspick 2.png


When it comes to my favourite season for clothing, it would always have to be autumn every single time. I just love everything about autumn, in general, but especially the type of clothing that it guides you to wear. Personally I just love layering, wearing boots and getting a bit of faux fur out, all in the name of looking stylishly autumn appropriate. So, today I thought I would just create a bit of an inspiration board, to get your autumn style juices flowing, and also share 2 of my style icons with you all, to spice it all up a little bit.

This autumn I really want to carry on with the type of clothing items I’ve been loving through spring and summer, however just change them up ready for autumn. This means that my love for skirts, bomber’s and faux leather, will definitely be carrying out through autumn/winter 16. This autumn I really want to get away from that monochrome habit of mine, and experiment with darker and richer tones of burgundy, red and maybe even orange. However, I will never loose my love for a good statement boot and a classic turtleneck.

Lydia Elise Millen

My Style Icons- Lydia Elise Millen

If you’ve read my My Top Spring/Summer Wardrobe Items  or 3 Lifestyle Youtubers That You Need To Be Subscribed To… then you will know who this gorgeous blogger and Youtuber is, and just how much I love her. Lydia Elise Millen has to be one of my all time favourite online creators, and one of my biggest style icons. Her style is so chic, sophisticated and elegant, and just how my style is starting to evolve towards. I love how she uses texture and colour, over using a lot of pattern, to create a really put together outfit. Her style is just so similar to mine, and I know that nearly everything she buys or wears, I will just love it! Check out her blog HERE.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

My Style Icons- Rosie Huntington-Whitely.png

If you’ve read My Curent Makeup Favourites then you will know that I’m literally in love for her makeup range for M&S, and I’m also really in love with her style as well. Similar to Lydia Elise Millen, Rosie has a really chic and elegant style, that makes her outfits oozes off-duty glam. Her use of colour, texture and a variety of different materials, allows her to form gorgeous outfits, without the use of a lot of pattern. Over the last year I’ve really started to nail my style down, which is basically Rosie and Lydia’s style put together. I love to experiment with different texture, fabrics and a bit of colour, without the use of a lot of bold patterns and styles.

Rachel x

My 5 Favourite Things About Autumn

5 Things I Love About Autumn

Pictures are soured from my Pinterest boards

As were now officially in autumn, and autumn is my favourite season of the whole year; I thought I would share with you my 5 favourite things about this leafy season.


The autumn clothing. I love how you can put layer upon layer to create a great autumnal look. A few of my favourite ways has to be the autumn dress, with thick tights and boots, the cute collar popping out from under a jumper, and the thick winter coat, paired with a cosy scarf and gloves.


Lot’s and lot’s of hot chocolate’s, that are covered in cream, marshmallows and usually a flake. You can’t go through any autumn without having a good hot chocolate or two.


Cuddling under a really fluffy blanket, getting all cosy and warm, to watch the TV or a film.


Having an evening bath, when it’s completely dark outside, a candle slowly flickering, and a lush bath bomb, with a gorgeous scent, fizzing away.


My ultimate favourite thing about autumn has to be my birthday, I suppose that’s why I love autumn so much, because I’m such an autumn baby, being born in October. I love going out at night for a meal with all my family, and celebrating the fact that I’m turning another year through my teens.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out my 5 ultimate favourite things about autumn. It’s my number one favourite season. I love the leaves falling off the trees, the chill in the air, the layers and layers of clothing, and just everything that feels so cosy about autumn.

If you’ve loved reading this post, and want even more autumnal love from me; then go and have a read of my previous autumnal post HERE.

I love you all

Rachel x

Autumn Nights

Hello Lovelies


There’s so many reasons that Autumn is my favourite season of the whole year. I don’t whether it’s just because I’m an Autumn baby, and Autumn brings so many celebrations for me, or whether it’s just something that I’ve developed over the years. However, I’m not really that much of a summer person. I’m not saying that I hate everything about the season, but I don’t like being over hot, and having to dig out all your summer clothes to find something that is cool enough to wear all day. It’s just not really my thing, but everything about Autumn obviously is.


Pictures Sourced from Google Images


The one main thing that I love about Autumn, has to be the atmosphere. I just love everything that you do at this time of the year: from snuggling up in hundreds of blankets to keep warm, lighting lots of candles and watching them slowly flicker, or just the hot chocolate’s and hot food that we all love to eat to fill us up for the chilly day ahead. It’s just something that is so iconic of Autumn, and because it’s in between Summer and Winter, everyone seems quite happy to embrace the jumpers, coats, scarves, and all the layering. Which is also one of my favourite parts.


Being a fashion lover, the whole style and trends side of Autumn is super important to me. No one wants to look like an absolute autumn wreck, because they’ve got a cold, and they’re having to wear thousands of layers to keep warm. We all just want to embrace the fact of the temperature’s getting cooler, and look chic even though it’s freezing. That’s why I love to layer by wearing shirts under jumpers and have the collar just poking through, and coats on top of jumpers to snuggle it up a bit. Then add some cute wintry accessories, like scarves, gloves and maybe even a cheeky floppy hat or two.


Let’s face it, Autumn is Amazing and we all need to embrace everything it has to offer. Even if your a lover of the warmer months, you just need to light a few candles, switch on your fairy lights and sit down to a good old book, and I’m sure you will fall head over heels in love with it.


I love you all