30 High-Street Style Picks For This Spring

Spring style is just around the corner and we’re beginning to see peeps of it every few days, well we are in the UK anyway. Although it still makes me sad that I’m still having to reach for a jumper and jeans, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come and bring the brighter style with it. Hopefully over the next month we will begin to see the weather get better and better, she says as she’s sitting in Starbucks and it’s pouring it down outside. But it will come eventually and that’s why I’m showing you 30 beautiful spring pieces, all from our high-street hero’s to help you see some of the lovely pieces out there at the minute. 

For me this spring all about those muted brights, which just look like they’ve been faded in the sun for a little while. Because of this, they all tone beautifully together and look perfect paired with another bright to create a clash, or a tonal neutral to make the colour pop. This flows all the way through into accessories, with square and circles taking centre stage. Whether this is on a belt, bag handle or an earring. They create dimension in a look and even for a stud lover like me, I’m slowly adding a few bigger pair of earrings into my look, to really make a statement. 

At the minute I’m really into jewellery and belts. I feel like accessories are such a great way to change up your outfit and just add a piece of trend to your look, without investing in a lot of clothing items. You could pick up these pack of two shell necklaces, which are super bang on trend at the moment, for around £15 and add them to so many of your looks without the need to buy a few clothing pieces. 

I also love these gold leaf earrings as they would be beautiful on holiday paired with a bikini and a cover up. They would add a bit of glamour to any look and are such a steal. Perfect way to invest in the statement earring trend without spending a fortune. Good old Zara!

When it comes to clothes I’m really loving a classic, tailored blazer at the moment. This one from Miss Selfridge would be perfect to pair with any summer look, as the dusty purple is just so feminine but also grey enough top pair with almost any other colour. I would say hello would look fab, if you’re brave enough. 

I also a love a good dress in the spring and summer, and I’ve got so many choices here. From mini dress, floaty maxi dresses and a wrap over floral number. There’s always a dress for you and they are so easy to just throw on and instantly have a summer outfit sorted. 

4 Accessory Trends You Need To Invest In Now

Accessories are a piece of fashion that I think are the best thing to invest in. They are completely versatile and can be used to compliment any outfit, whether it’s day or night, casual or smart. They are the pieces that pull a look together and ultimately add interest and detail to every inch of your outfit. My favourite ones have to be a classic handbag, as there is not only so many beautiful ones out there, they are also an essential for any woman, as otherwise you would have no where to carry your go-to items. I also love a great shoe, as they really elevate your look and makes sure that you look good even down to your toes. Jewellery is also another one of my favourite accessories too, its so dainty and delicate, and I love wearing pieces that have a special meaning to me.

So, if you’re looking to invest in some new accessories, ready for Autumn/Winter 2018, there’s four key trends that are owning the high-street and catwalks this season…

Velvet Dreams

Velvet was so popular a few years ago, and now it’s come back with a bang. It’s the material that not only has a beautiful texture, but also looks amazing in so many different colours. If you pick a light colour, like this one on this nude block heel, you get a really feminine and girly look to your accessory. However, if you choose a darker navy colour, like the boots in the first image, you get a more autumnal and luxury vibe.

The one thing that velvet always gives is the ability to look beautiful for an evening out, but also lift and add texture to an every outfit too. No matter what you choose to have velvet in, it always looks expensive and adds an instant statement to any look. 

It’s All About The Pearls

This season pearls are everywhere, whether it’s through the classic pearl earring or necklace,they’re also a key embellishment on handbags, shoes and also clothing as well. What I love about pearls is that they have always been so elegant and chic. Every older lady seems to have a classic pair of pearl earrings and a necklace, and that shows how timless they really are. They pair perfectly with anything, and instanly add a tocuh of classic glam and make your outfit look that bit more put together.

Pearls come in all different shapes and varieties, depending on your own taste and and you favourite colours. However, this year the classic white and cream pearls seem to be the colour of choice, as they pair with any other colour and also really stand out against darker colours. If you’re looking for some beautiful pearl accessories, ASOS would be a great place to have a browse. They have an amazing range of jewellery pieces, as well as handbags and also clothing pieces too.


Black & White = Monochrome

Black and White has been a classic for as long as we can remember, and only recently have we decided that it’s about time it got an official name. So, monochrome it is.

Monochrome is actually one of my favourite colour palettes and ways to dress, as it’s so chic and really channels the icon Coco Chanel. I love how you can wear it no matter what situation and you always look pulled together, chic and extremely fashionable. So, its a natural thing that I also love monochrome accessories too, as they literally go with everything!

However, this year it’s not about choosing a black or white accessory, it’s about having block colours highly featured in the design. Such as this Christian Dior flat bottomed bag. It’s all about taking two classic colours and mixing them in different patterns or designs to create a chic, yet on trend accessory.


Silky Head Scarves

The trend is one of my favourites for the whole season, as silky scarves have always been a love of mine. I just love the way they add such a luxurious, rich feel to your outfit and that you can wear them in so many ways. Whether it’s a head scarf, which is super big this season, as an accessory to your bag handles or as a traditional scarf around your neck, and even then there’s lots of different ways to style it. 

This year it’s all about the wearing the scarf on your head, and making hair accessories fashionable again. You could wear it in the traditional way, around your head and tied in a gorgeous bow, or you could tie it around your bobble on your classic ponytail, or even wrap in your hair, through a plait. 

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The Best Autumn Fashion Picks Under £50

Autumn is my ultimate favourite season for dressing. I just love to be able to layer up some of my favourite pieces, and really add dimension and interest to an outfit, which is a lot harder to do in the warmer months, when all you want to do is stay cool. However, in Autumn, you have the perfect combination of being able to dress chicly and also not have to worry about being ridiculously cold either. So, you can wear almost anything and make it look beautiful, as long as you layer it up ready for Autumn. It could be a shirt, denim jacket, boots, jumper or even a dress. The key is Autumn colours, patterns and the pieces you love to wear. 

This year I really need to invest in some new pieces for Autumn/Winter, as last year I thought I would cope with the pieces I already had. However, this year there’s so many beautiful pieces on the high-street, inspired with some of my favourite autumnal trends. So,  I just need to get some new additions to my wardrobe, and I can justify it this year as I do really need some new bits. 

So, I’m sharing my favourite picks on the high-street for Autumn fashion 2018, in snake print, colour blocking, stripes, checks and so much more…

Links For The Items:

Jacket | Skirt | Belt | Turtle Neck | Bag | Pinafore | Dress | Scarf | Top | Boots | Jumpsuit | Trousers | Shoes | Earrings | Bag | Shirt| Head Scarf |Boots |Top | Scarf

Even though animal print hasn’t ever really been my thing, I’m actually really loving it this time around. This leopard print dress from New Look, just looks the perfect way to wear this trend, and I also love the fit of shirt dresses too. This would be perfect for helping to incorporate more sshapes and interest into my autumnal wardrobe, as I get stuck in jeans and a top a lot of time. 

Turtle Necks are something I’ve been loving for ages and for me are such a classic essential for your autumn/winter wardrobe. They go with anything and everything and are basically like the classic black cami or tee-shirt for your summer wardrobe. I love the fit of them and also how warm they keep you too. So, i will definitley be picking up some new one for this year, and these two from New Look and Zara, in colour blocking patterns, will be perfect. 

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How To Nail Wearing Leopard Print

Animal Print is one of the biggest trend this Autumn/ Winter, and is plastered across the catwalk and the high-street, as every shop or designer tries to find their unique way to incorporate it into their collections. It could be a flap on a bag, a statement earring or a full on essential piece for the season. It comes in all shapes, styles and degree’s, you can add as much or as  little as you like.

Personally, my favourite animal print of Autumn/Winter 18 is Leopard Print, as it’s been brought back in a very classic, stylish and effortlessly chic way to our high-street shops. Whether it’s adding a leopard print heel to their shoe collection, a leopard print suede clutch to their handbag range, or adding a statement leopard print coat to the latest fashion range. There’s a piece of this trend for everyone, and it purely depends on your own personal style and how much you love the print, as to how you can nail wearing it this season. 

Stick With The Accessories:

An accessory, for me, is the best thing you can invest in when you want to have a piece of a trend. As you can interchange an accessory with every single outfit and it can stay on trend for so much longer. If you think about what style you invest the accessory in, then you could use it for so many years to come. For example, getting a shoe in a classic court style, or a handbag is a satchel style. They are classic and no matter what print they are in, the style will always be in fashion.

They are also a great way to make a statement in a very plain and simple outfit, such as blue jeans and a white tee-shirt. As you can then pair that look with a statement bag, a cool shoe, or both if they are matching and instantly make the plain outfit pop. So, you could go for a bag, like the one on the left, that’s casual and could be worn everyday. Or, you could go for these statement heels, that would be amazing on a night out, paired with a little LBD. 

Make A Statement:

This is the best way to rock leopard print if you’re really into the print and have quite a bold style. As this is where you pick the main piece of your outfit, in leopard print, and that makes it a real statement piece. Then,  all the other elements of the look just tone in with it classically and effortlessly. So, when you look at the outfit as a whole, the leopard print stands out, and there is no denying it. 

This is also a great way if you wat to invest in the trend heavily, but maybe only in 1 or 2 classic pieces. So, for example, a boyfriend style coat that’s in a leopard print, which is 150.00 or a maxi dress in leopard print, which is 70.00. You’ve spent a lot of money, but chosen to invest it in quality, essential pieces for the season. 

If I was going to do this, I would look at brand such as Whistles or French Connection, for classic, items that are on trend but also great quality. 

Contrast It:

If you don’t want to make the leopard print the focus of your look, then why don’t you contrast it with a different print, colour or graphic. This way the leopard print becomes part of the entire outfit, not just making the only statement. This almost pairs down the strength of leopard print, and also make sit a bit more casual. 

If you’re looking to contrast it with another print, you have to be really careful, otherwise it could be total disaster. So, you need to choose your colour palette carefully, and pick classic and basic colours to contrast it with. For example, pick a print but in black and white, like the striped top on the left or choose a classic jean colour to contrast it with instead. Like the picture below. If I was going to do this, I would choose to contrast it with a graphic tee-shirt or a bold colour, as I prefer to play with texture and colour as opposed to print. But it really depends on your own personal style, as to what you would prefer to do. 

Play With Colour:

This is the one that is the most bold, and definitley only for the colour and print lovers out there. This one really does make a statement, as you’re choosing to wear leopard print but not in the conventional colour. It could be one bold colour, like the green jumpsuit below, or multiple bright colours like the coat to the right. It’s a trend for people who love leopard and want it in every colour. However, it would also work if you love leopard print, but the colours aren’t really your thing, so you want to change up the colouring. 

If you’re looking for pieces like this, I would check out places such as Zara, River Island, Topshop and for a more expensive option, also try Whistles too. It’s all about going out there and shopping the high-street, seeing what amazing pieces they have to offer. 

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The Best Places To Buy Swim Wear On The High-Street

Buying swimwear has always been a huge task for me, as I find it so difficult to find the perfect mix of a comfortable piece, thats also affordable and looks beautiful too. There’s either two ways that it goes; it’s super comfortable but it’s not flattering or particulary pretty, or its on trend but is so super tiny that everything is about to fall out, the moment I move. So, finding that perfect balance is what I’ve strugged with for years, as my body shape has changed and I’m looking for those key, ultimate, go-to pieces of swimwear.

Over the last few years, i’m loving how there’s been such a change in swimwear trends. Not only are we now whole heartedly loving the one piece, we’re also experimenting with shapes, patterns and styles across the entire swimwear industry. We’re no longer just seeing the classic, monochrome all in one, and a triangle bright pink bikini, but now there’s ice cream patterns, sequins, embellishment, high waisted bottoms, cut out’s, and so much more. However, all these beautiful additions come at a price, which makes it harder for us to find beautiful swimwear, when we don’t have £60 to splash out on the newest design.

Where To Shop:

  • F & F at Tesco – Tesco is one of my favourite places to shop when it comes to swimwear. I bought my whole collection from there a few years ago, and went back again this year to buy this black and rose gold bikini. They’ve really upped their game this year, and has experimented with fit, style, and so many colours and prints. They really have created a piece for every type of woman.
  • Primark- This is a place that I’ve always known has created beautiful bikini’s, with super affordable price tags. However, I never knew about the quality or fit of the pieces, and if they really were as good as the hype around them was. But, this year i went into Primark just to bulk out my swimwear collection for my summer holiday to Portugal, and fell in love with this gorgeous toucan, all in one costume. The style was beautiful, I loved the playfullness of the toucan and thought the colours would be perfect for a sunny holiday abroad. I honestly couldn’t recommend enough the quality and designs, but i would watch out for the fit. As I’m tall and to avoid any slipping I had to buy two sizes bigger than I usually buy, to make sure the fit was perfect.
“Beautiful additions come at a price, which makes it harder for us to find swimwear, when we don’t have £60 to splash out on the newest design”
  • George at Asda-  George is another super market fashion brand, that actually has some beuatiful swimwear pieces I’ve never bought any pieces from there myself, but I know my boyfriends twin bought nearly her whole swimwear wardrobe from there. They have so many beautiful style’s, they’re really loving the ruffles this year, and their fit is great too. Super markets really are a hidden gem when it comes to swimwear.
  • New Look- New Look is one of the only fashion highstreet retailers that I really love for swimwear, as they not only sell pieces seperately but also cater to a realistic body shape. They have so many beuatiful, trend lead pieces, yet they make sure they fit like a glove and dont just cater for the woman who want to laise by the pool all day and wear swimwear just to look fashionable.
  • M & S- This isnt a brand i would go to for on trend pieces, however they are amazing for basics and items that fit amazingly well. I’ve got a simple, black, all in one costume from them, and it fits so well. They’re a great choice for piece to go swimming in or perfect for aqua aerobics.

Finding the perfect swimwear can be expensive and so time consuming, when you’re trauling the high-street and not finding anything that’s got the perfect fit, look and price. However, look a little bit deeper and go to some of the hidden gems of the fashion world, the supermarkets, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some beautiful pieces that don’t break the bank…