Winter Holiday Clothing Pieces For Under £25

Now that Christmas is over I really just want the mornings to get lighter and the weather to get warmer. I feel so sick of the cold and horrible weather, and don’t want to keep seeing grey clouds whenever I look outside. So I’m super excited to be going on holiday and getting some winter sun at the end of February, and I’m sure lots of you are too. Or you’re thinking about it. Of course you will need some lovely new pieces to wear on your holiday, which is what I’ve been shopping for recently. So I thought I would share some of my favourite picks that are in my basket right now…

When it come to summer I love a good one piece. They are just so easy to throw on, when you’re hot and bothered, and a good way to style up an outfit. That’s why I love this red floral maxi dress, and especially this dusky pink mini dress. They would be great to transition from day to night and all you would need to do was add a heel and you’re all good to go. This black and white playsuit would also be beautiful as a bikini cover up, but styled together with some accessories and jewellery and its would be lovely for a sunset dinner. Or if a one piece isn’t your vibe then a statement piece might be the way to go, with this spotted maxi skirt. I love how effortless and chic this piece is and would look amazing around the pool. It’s so feminine and the slits up the leg just keep in bang on trend too. 

When it comes to a holiday I love to have some summery accessories to pair with my outfit. they may not be what I would usually wear at home, but on holiday I love  a more pattered and relaxed vibe. Effortless chic is always my go to look. So, that’s why I love this scarf, patterned hair tie. It would look beautiful just paired with a white tee, a denim pair of shorts and a red lip. Then of course you always need that one handbag that goes with all your outfits from day to night and this wicker one from New Look would be perfect. It’s really channeling the bohemian holiday vibe, and would be the perfect versatile piece. Or if it’s a new bikini you need, as at the end of the day they are what you spend most of your time in, then I’m in love with this black and white spotted one. I will definitely be purchasing this, as its just so chic and I love the relaxed fit.

20 Fashion Trends For 2020

2019 has been a real turning point when it comes to fashion. Athleisure has really come into it’s own and now everyone pairs trainers with their everyday work outfit. Street style is a full fusion of high-street, designer and everything in-between; and it was truly the time to change up your look. So, 2020 can only get more exciting, as the catwalk is becoming more and more wearable and amazing style is accessible to everyone. We can welcome the chunky trainer, midi denim skirts, boxy blazers, ruffled sleeves and so many other beautiful trends into our wardrobe’s over the next year. 

For 2020 I feel like there really is a trend for everyone and there’s an overall 70’s and 80’s theme. There’s a real feminine edge with soft knits, prints and dresses, but that’s contrasted with masculine shapes and power dressing elements. The boxy blazer is back, think borrowing your boyfriends blazer and pairing it with your favourite skirt or pair of shorts. The high-waisted trouser is now coming out of the office and becoming a beautiful piece for a night out, or even paired with a tee and a pair of chunky trainers. You can also welcome a quirky take on the classic trench coat, as well as a traditional feminine pleat, in skirts, trousers and sleeves. 


This year I’m really excited to be experimenting with my style and trying out new things. I honestly think you can get stuck in a rut so easily and the key is to just take that leap and by that one item thats out of your comfort zone, which you love. Find an outfit to pair it with it, even if it’s just classically your style, you will start to see yourself doing it more and more. I’ve done this over the last few months, whilst on placement and it makes getting dressed so much fun again. I love taking inspiration from my friends outfits and people in the office. It inspires me to buy certain items or pair certain things together. So 2020 is the year for affordable style and a chance for you to really change up yours. It’s a new decade so why not do something different and these 20 trends are the perfect place to start…

5 A/w 19 Coat Trends & Where To Buy Them Affordably

I’m a real autumn lover and I honestly think that’s because of the fashion. All the layering, jumpers, boots and of course a really good coat. I’m a bit of a addict when it comes to a coat, as I love to have variety during the winter. For me its the piece that completes your seasonal look and is also what everyone else sees mot of the time, unless you’re inside. I honestly think you would wear an all black outfit and pop on a statement coat and you’ve got an amazing look. They are such a staple, and now are not only functional but super stylish too. 

When it comes to a coat I think it’s not always about that trend piece. For me its a piece that can work with your entire wardrobe and that is versatile. You don’t really want a coat that you can only pair with one outfit. However, this year a lot of the classic styles have really come into the front of fashion, as they’re also super practical too. But they can come with a heavy price tag. As we come more fashion focused and willing to invest in the perfect piece, it can also cost us more to get one we love. It doesn’t have to be like that though, that’s why I’m sharing with you five coat trends for a/w 19 20 and also where to pick one up without breaking your bank. 

This season it’s all about comfort mixed with style. Let’s take the puffer jacket. I love this baby pink one from New Look, as it still adds a touch of felinity, but it will also keep your super warm during the colder months. Or if a puffer isn’t for you then a parks probably is. Think long lined, fur hood and super versatile. This cream one from ASOS is perfect for those long Sunday walks or on your community to work. Then you’ve got the more trend led pieces, starting with the faux fur coat. These are a piece I love and I actually have a super fluffy one of my own. They add a real touch of warmth to your look and can also add a statement, like this leopard print one form New Look, or red one from Matalan. Then you’ve got the wrap coat, which is the epitome of stylish and chic. They look effortlessly elegant and are perfect paired with a jumper and some leather trousers. Finally, there’s the double breasted coat and the most classic piece. I love them in muted colours with tortoise shell buttons. 

New Look

I love New Look. It’s the perfect mix between fast fashion and good quality. Obviously you won’t buy a piece form them and know it will be in your wardrobe for years, but it’s the perfect place to buy those trend pieces, for your wardrobe, that you can pick up every year. So of course the prices reflect that, and you can always buy pieces really affordably. These coats are no exception, with all of them under £50. Whether it’s a comfortable puffer or a trend lead faux fur coat, they have it all and always have offers on too. So if you see something you love keep an eye out for money off, such as the 25% off they have on some items at the minute.


This is not a shop I’ve personally shopped in for such a long time, however I feel like they are really starting to make tracks back into the industry again. They really are the epitome of affordable style and are doing an amazing job at bringing those trend pieces at amazing prices. With coats under £40.00, there isn’t anywhere else on the high-street you could pick an item up at this price. So if you’re looking for that trend lead coat, this season, then maybe pop and have a browse. 


Everyone has different versions of affordability and ASOS is bringing those higher price points to our trend led pieces. What’s amazing about these items though, is that they are nearly all ASOS Design pieces, which means they are designed in a much more premium way and are better quality. So if you’re looking for a jacket you can rock for a good few seasons, then they are your best friend. 

George At Asda

George at Asda have really stepped up their game over the last few years and have been focusing on affordable, trend led pieces. So, if you’re looking for a super affordable coat this season, then go and have a browse around an Asda and see what they have to offer. I’m in love with this mint green parka and also this olive green trench, as they are so classic and always look super chic.

6 Wearable Trends For Spring Summer 2019 You Need To Know


When it comes to the fashion industry, trends are the first thing that most people think of. It’s the slice of it that we can all love and enjoy, and bring into our own styles in a unique way. They are what leads the way in the industry and are the core to the rest of it. It’s how fashion is portrayed to the public, and how an everyday person will get to buy into it. However, being a fashion student I get to delve into the industry and tell you that it’s so much more than just these trends you see on the catwalk,  and that for me personally a lot of the trends on there’re purely for the luxury end of fashion. They influence how and what we shop, but it’s our chance to take them, and make them commercial. Make them wearable for everyday, and that’s why I’m sharing 6 spring summer 2019 trends, which you can just that to. 

They are already pretty wearable, which you can see in some street style pictures I’ve popped in below here. So what I would recommend is get Pinterest, it is the mothership and I absolutely love it for so many things. However, I honestly think Fashion is one of its massive strengths and especially if you’re looking for street style. It’s the perfect way to see how other fashion lovers, like you and me, have style up their outfits and the current trends. It really gives you inspiration about your own wardrobe and what you can do to piece some of your favourite pieces together to create new looks. Sometimes buying new pieces isn’t even needed, all you need to do is shop your wardrobe and find items that suit the trend and style them together, or in a different way to how you usually would.

All About The Neutrals

Neutrals is always a must have every season, as it goes with everything and always looks so classy. However, this season it’s all about the beige and pairing it with more beige. You need to make sure if you’re wearing a neutral, it’s an all over outfit and you’re in it head to toe. It doesn’t have to be the exact same shade, but just keep it in a similar colour palette, and you’re ready to go. I love this trend when you want to look stylish, but don’t have the time to pair a full outfit together, its quick, easy and looks amazing, especially paired with tortoise shell. 

Bright Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are n0t a trend I particularly love, but I do love them on other people. They can look so casual, paired with a tee and trainers, but also really put together with a blazer and shirt. A look which I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really liking and might have to try myself. But this summer it’s been taken up another notch and its all about the pastels and brights. Having that cycling short to add colour in your wardrobe and not just to be a sea of black. I imagine they’re super comfortable to wear, and I’m sure if you look hard enough you will all find a pair that you can bring into your wardrobe. 

Casual Lace

You always think of lace as something either for the bedroom or for the evening. Well this season lace has had a casual tone down and is being put into everyday, casual pieces. Whether that’s a tee-short or a basket ball top. It almost takes casual to a slightly new level, and yet it’s still super comfortable and fashionable. It would be perfect for the girl that loves to dress up everyday, but still needs to be comfortable. I bit like me I suppose. So I guess its time for me to go and get some casual lace into my wardrobe ready for this spring and summer. 

Bleached Bleached Bleached

Worn denim has been a massive trend for ages, with ripped jeans, loads of different shades of denim jeans and reworked denim jackets. However, this is all about that bleached and faded look. Looking like it’s been out in the sun for too long. It’s the perfect colours for summer, with it’s light white’s blues and pastels, and looks beautiful against a nice tan. 

The Fruity Co-Ord

Co-ords have been massive over the last few years and suits have really had a new revival. As power dressing is slowly starting to come back into style, and we’re obsessed with mixing smart and caudal styles together, it’s about time we brought back some colour. So this season it’s all about the bright suit, in a variety of colours to suit all skin tones and every fruit you can imagine. If a full suit isn’t your thing, then a bright blazer would be a perfect alternative too. 

Boiler Suits

Boiler suits were a trend I really wasn’t sure about when I first saw them, but after taking the plunge and inventing in the trend myself, I actually love them now. I love how a piece that traditionally is so masculine, when paired in the right way and put with a belt, can really enhance the womanly figure and look beautiful on. They look great paired with boots in winter or trainers in summer, and are just the perfect off duty look. 

5 Hot Handbag Trends You Need To Know About

Handbags are an accessory that I’ve loved for such a long time, and I’ve got to say I’ve become a bit of a collector off. I just love how they can just finish off a look and are also so versatile with so many different outfits. They can be changed seasonally, as you change up your wardrobe and can also be paired specially with an occasion look. It’s just an essential for any woman, as we all need a bit of a Mary Poppins bag to carry all of our day to day items in. 

In my last post I was showing you some beautiful high-street pieces,  to get your spring wardrobe ready, so it’s only right to show you 5 of the hottest new handbag trends all over the catwalk this season. As the designers just can’t get enough of mixing practicality with style, and creating amazing pieces which you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe too . That could be a designer piece, or a cheaper high-street alternative, but that’s  completely up to you. 

Feature Handle Tote

This is a really classic and timeless style of bag, and is still traditionally associated with vintage market sellers. So due to the rise in the interest in vintage, and everything old and beautiful, the feature handle tote has had an upgrade, with solid handles of wire, bamboo and wood. 

For spring 2019 I would think about bringing the softer shades into your wardrobe, with the light woods and also the creamy bamboos. Not only do they add another texture to your outfit, but also add a real natural look which is just so popular in the fashion industry these days.

This style of bag is perfect for those full out days when you’ve got work in the day, and cocktails with the girls in the evening. You would be able to easily fit your laptop, lunch and your phone in there, as well as your heels for the evening and a change of top too. It would be great for the woman who loves to carry it all and always has that over flowing Mary Poppins style bag. 

3 On The High-Street

Crochet Shopper

The trend for making ordinary, everyday items into pieces of fashion is becoming so much more of a common thing recently. It’s all about taking those ordinary items, and giving them a spotlight on the catwalk. This trend is no exception, as it’s taking the classic netted shopper bag to the next level, and into a statement piece. 

They are perfect for an everyday bag, and making them stars of the show. Having a simple white tee and blue jeans, but adding a bright crochet shopper and you look feels instantly more glam. From supermarket shopper, to style stealer in minutes. Or if you’re worried about their strength, you can also pick up a leather one, like this tan one from Zara. That has quite a lot more structure to be able to hold a few more items. 

3 On The High-Street

Formal Shoulder Bag

Workwear is over the catwalk and the high-street this season, as styles are adding that smarter edge to a look. Think tailored trousers, a classic blazer, a loafer and then this trend fits straight into that. It’s all about taking that vibe through your clothing and straight into your accessories too. They classically would look amazing paired with a more tailored look, however I would love to pair it with a more casual look to create a real contrast. I’m thinking a crop top and some high-waisted trousers, with this and a pair of barely there sandals. It’s casual yet smart and stylish. Perfect for an evening out with the girls. 

With this look you could splash out and purchase a luxury piece, but I think you can find lot’s of beautiful high-street alternatives for a lot less, if you want a piece of the trend but don’t want to pay a fortune. For example this coral one from Topshop is such a beautiful colour and looks really unique. However, it only has a small price tag and would still look fab paired with some luxurious fabrics. 

3 On The High-Street

Jelly Bag

It’s not just the crochet shopper that is making a style breakthrough, but so is the Jelly bag too. This brings back a retro revival, with playful and novelty items,  but on an everyday level. Think more plastic the better and in brighter and bolder colours. Pastel are a must have at the moment, as well as bright yellows, reds and greens. They look great paired with contrasting feminine items or as a statement with a classic outfit. 

However, it’s not the only way to take up this trend, as you can also get more grown up and luxury versions, in leather. They are in more muted and everyday colours and can be laser cut with more intricate designs. You can also have a play with the shapes and styles, as they come in so many sizes, tote’s, cross body bags and even more.

Woven Tote

In 2018 it was all about getting those products out there that were handmade and artisan. We all wanted to showcase more than mass manufactured products, and everyone wants a piece of something unique and handcrafted, that supports local people and fashion at the same time. However, this year the catwalk is channelling a more homemade and d.i.y spin onto the whole styles. 

So this season it’s all about moving it into woven leathers in decorative weaves and colours as well. From the neutral and classic to the new and bold. Its all about the woven and showcasing that. On the high-street you can get a classic black one, or go out and get a woven one mixed with tortoise shell handles. It all depends on your aesthetic and love for style. 

3 On The High-Street