Top 2020 Sneaker Trends

The trainer has had the biggest revival ever this year. They’re all over the catwalk, the high-street and feature in everyone wardrobe’s. They are now the go-to shoe and no matter what the occasion some form of trainer is now acceptable to wear. I personally love pairing a patterned trainer with a smart blazer, to create the perfect office outfit. Whether it’s a casual day look, a date night outfit or anything in between, a sneaker is the perfect day to night shoe. There’s so many different styles, trends and brands that you can spend ages trawling around to find the perfect style for you. So I thought I would share some top trainer trends this year to help guide you, but if you want any more inspiration you can head to where you browse all the latest styles. 


Neon is a trend that’s constantly going in and out of fashion. It reminds me of 80’s raves, fluffy leg warmers and a flashback in fashion. But now it’s had a massive revival and is being done in a fun, modern way. Think of pops of neon on the sole, laces and even the entire shoe, but in a simple and classic design. The Nike Air Max 270 React is a perfect example of this. It mixes muted neon trainers to take the classic Air Max to a new level. They would look great paired with a blazer and a graphic tee, or a distressed double denim look. 


This is a style that I would nerviest think I would be adding into my wardrobe, but it’s a style I’ve grown to love. Working for a fashion company and particularly in the shoes department, it makes you more conscious about what you’re putting on your feet and how to style them up for a casual office outfit. These are a style that only dad’s would have been wearing a few years ago, but Balencia broke the mould and make the chunky sneaker ridiculously fashionable again. There’s now a new era of the chunky sneaker with graphic sole’s, patterned laces and in tonal colours. The Nike RYZ 365 would be the perfect shoes to add to your collection. I’m loving the tonal colours, that will go with any outfit, and add a sense of class to any look. 


Until recently everyone wanted an interesting and stand out trainer, with different pattern’s and colours. However, to keep the sneaker truly timeless they’ve gone all white. That’s white sole’s, white laces and a full white shoe. It’s all the design detail without the unique colour’s or patterns. The best part about them is they are super versatile and gender neutral. They can be worn with anything, by anyone and at anytime. For a casual day out, casual office chic or even an evening out. 


In the early 2000’s high tops were everywhere and the high-street was full of them. Whether it was a classic high top Chuck Taylor or a Nike Jordan, and now they’re back. We are not only loving classic cup sole’s, and low cut trainers but also a sneaker that goes higher up the ankle. This time it’s gone platform, all white or all black and got a pop of colour with graphic lettering or heel patterning. I personally love pairing a classic high top with a wide leg boiler suit.  It’s the perfect comfortable but still put together look!


Pastels are always a really chic way to transition your wardrobe from winter into spring and start adding those lighter colours. So having a pair of pastel trainers would be a perfect way to automatically do this. It’s also a great way to add colour to your wardrobe overall, if you’re a lover of black and white. Its an easy way to throw on a colourful accessory with no need to worry about matching a whole outfit together. Get a bright or graphic pair and they can be the statement and you can just throw on some jeans and a tee to finish the look off. 

8 Post Lockdown Sales You Need To Browse Now

Lockdown has been such a crazy time for all of us and every industry, particularly retail. There’s so many retailers that have disappeared from our high-street, struggling to stay afloat and trying hard to build a new normal for the future. A lot of retailers have a lot of spring stock and not a lot of time to clear through it. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to take advantage of being able to buy some new items for our homes and wardrobes, at amazing value. So, I thought I would pull together six of the best sales out there at the moment that we all need to browse… 

1.Charlotte Tilbury

I’m always in awe of the beautiful packaging and products that Charlotte Tilbury create. I love the rose gold packaging and their eye shadow palettes are to die for. So, its so exciting that they are currently offering unto 20% off on selected makeup and skincare items. 


If you’re looking for a few new items to change up your wardrobe as well as your home, then the H&M sale will be a perfect one to shop. With uptown 50% off that summer dress you’ve had your eye on and that set of beautiful wine glasses, I think it would be a perfect way to treat yourself during lockdown. 

3.TKMaxx & Homesense:

These are two of my favourite shops to browse around, never knowing what I will find to add to home or my wardrobe. Their values are always on point and you can never complain when you see that pair of shoes you loved in Office in a TKMaxx store a few months later for £20 less. So, its even more exciting to know that both of these stores will be having huge lockdown sales when they open their doors in the middle of June. But if you can’t wait then you can also shop their amazing finds online too.

4. In The Style:

They’re well known for their celebrity collaborations and creating collections inspired by the latest trends. I’ve been absolutely loving their new loungewear collections, as well being able to shop some of those summer pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while but at an amazing price. They currently have unto 70% off everything, so you can finally pick up that GC tee-shirt you’ve been seeing all over Instagram. 

5. Topshop

As its been such lovely weather for the last few months, and there’s glimmers of hope that we will be able to enjoy summer, with holidays and family barbeque’s, we’re finally starting to think about the perfect outfit choice. I personally love a good floaty dress, paired with a chunky pair of trainers or just a cute pair of sandals. At Topshop they’ve got uptown 50% off your perfect summer dress and so many more offers on the rest of your current wardrobe. 

6. John Lewis

This is an aspirational shop for so many people, as its full of beautiful brands and quite a few high price points. But thanks to the lockdown we’re getting a chance to get a slice of the John Lewis luxury but at uptown 50% off. Think fashion, shoes, beauty and even homeware. 

30 Lounge Wear Pieces Under £30

Lounge wear is a word I’m seeing all over everyone’s instagram’s at the minute. It’s the clothes that are nearest to wearing our pyjamas and we just can’t get enough of them. It could be leggings, a sweater dress, jumper or even a pair of slippers. Personally, I’ve been browsing every site’s lounge wear pieces to find the perfect ones. However, also still trying to justify spending more money online shopping this month. So, just to push away my want to buy lounger and also to show you some of the beautiful pieces out there, I’ve pulled together 30 loungewear pieces under £30. 

,Being tall I love a good jumpsuit and honestly think they are just an instant outfit, as soon as you throw them on. They’re super comfortable to wear and work for every occasion, so they will in our loungewear wardrobe’s too. If you’re looking for a new one, then this mint green one from In The Style is gorgeous. The colour is bang on trend, super summery and also would be perfect to pop out to the shops or out for a walk in too. If you’re looking for something a bit warmer, this all in one sweat jumpsuit from PLT would be perfect. the graphic logo is everywhere across the high-street and would be really easy to pair with chunky trainers. This would be a great one to throw on and do some errands, when life gets a little bit more back to normal. 

Loungewear for me can come in so many different forms depending on your own style. I think sometimes it just as nice to have those lounge pieces that are literally a second pair of pyjamas, as that slouchy tee-shirt or sweater dress. That’s why I’ve thrown in some pieces that you can easily incoroprate into your everyday wardrobe too. let’s take this black, star and moon tee-shirt. I would be perfect paired with some leggings for lounging round the house, but would also look great paired with a blazer and jeans, This is so simple yet effective and its hard to find a cute black, graphic tee. Or take this long cardigan. they are everywhere this season and having a real comeback. I love this one because of the colour and the way that it can just be really comfortable and cosy around the house. But pair it with a white shirt and ripped jeans and you’ve got a gorgeous spring/summer look. 

If separates aren’t your thing and you just want an easy instant outfit, then dresses are the way to go. I love how effortless they are and they are perfect for when the weathers nice and you can pop out into the garden. I love this grey and white striped one. It’s baggy and oversized and would be really comfortable to wear throughout the day. Pair it with white chunky trainers and a denim jacket, you’re good to go. If you’ve got a work meeting and need to look professional, but still want to have maximum comfort, then this peplum sweater dress would be perfect. It’s got that real wearing my boyfriends jumper vibe, but with a pop of frill underneath to bring it altogether. This is so effortless and would be perfect to throw on as a day to day outfit, after lockdown. 

Wearable Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

The fashion industry can be so far from relatable and wearable sometimes. With designer catwalks, expensive clothing pieces and supporting uneatable lifestyles. However, over the last few years, and especially for this spring/ summer season, creating relatable trends has been really buzzing around, I honestly believe that fashion should be accessible for everyone. We should all be able to have a piece of a trend if we want to and we should all be able to have a piece of the industry. Last the end of the day, so many of the fashion trends work from the bottom up now, and come from everyday people like us. From street style, to festivals to bloggers. So, this season I’m so excited that I’m sharing some of the most wearable trends that we can easily invest in… 

Tropical Prints

When it comes to summer its so nice to see some exciting patterns coming through. Playing with pattern has been something I’ve really been trying o get into my wardrobe more and so I’m super excited to be able to try out tropical prints too. So we are still invested in the animal prints, but then also think about palm trees, leaves, birds and lots of green. Of course theres other colour options if green isn’t your vibe. 

Summer Leather

Leather started to slip back into our wardrobe back in winter last year when everyone was starting to rock a leather trouser. However normally as it gets into the warmer, leather starts to fade away as we want lighter fabrics and textures. But for this season leather is staying. So think about those leather shorts, a leather blazer, or even just leather accessories. But it’s back for the rest of the season and so theres a way everyone can add a bit of it into their wardrobe. 

The Updated Trench

Trench coats have always been such a classic wardrobe item and I believe they always will be. they work for both men and women, look so chic and can be worn in so many different ways. So this season the trench coat has been updated to play around with different colours and pattern. I’m in love with the bubblegum pink one in the picture below, but you can still stick to a more classic colour if you want to. 

The White Dress

If I’m honest I don’t think anything says summer more than a white dress. They are just so floaty, easy to throw on and suit everyone. theres always so many different styles to choose from and I just love them. If bohemian with puffy sleeves is more your thing, or structured and embroidered. There is a piece for everyone and we all need at least one in our wardrobe. 

Feminine Suiting

Suiting is something that is really becoming really big in women fashion. Having a good fitting blazer, or pair of trousers can instantly make you feel so empowered and I love mixing the structure with a relaxed tee-shirt and jeans. They are the perfect way to quickly dress up an outfit or add a bit of something more to your outfit this season its all about suiting, and in all bright colours, If you love blazers why not get a bright pink one for spring/summer. 

90’s Minimalism 

This year we are again inspired by the 90’s, but instead of the denim, baggy trousers and checked shirts, we’re channelling the minimalism. We’re thinking monochrome colours, and using structure and form to create interest in the outfit. It could be pairing a floaty skirt but with a  structured bra top, or a pair of structured black trousers with a white shirt. It’s all about tonal outfits and channeling the 90’s vibe. 

10 Ways To Incorporate Pattern Into Your Wardrobe

Pattern is something I’ve always thought was not really my style. I found it easier in the summer when all you had to do was throw on a statement dress or playsuit on, and you were good to go. However, when its came to the winter I found it super difficult. I’m always just more drawn to the more classic and chic styles. Since working in fashion, and seeing everyone style up different outfits everyday, I feel like I get daily outfit inspiration and I love it. It really inspired me to pick up a few new patterned pieces and style them up. To be honest I still like ton pair them with minimal and plain accessories or pieces to finish the outfit off, but I’m really enjoying evolving my style. Fashion is meant to be fun and I feel like I’ve found that again with my wardrobe. I thought some of you may have the same problem during the darker months and struggling to get something different in your everyday style. So, I’m sharing 10 ways to incorporate some fun pattern into your wardrobe with a few hints and tips to get you started…