#SS | The Struggles Of Summer Coming To An End

The Struggles Of Summer Coming To An End.pngAs it’s now nearly the end of august and the last bits of summer are starting to slowly fade away, I thought I would talk about the struggles we all face at this time of year. Whether that’s the holiday blues, the fact that we have to go back to school/college or just that Autumn and winter are on their way. We all secretly hate it when the summer holidays are over and when there is nothing to look forward to, other than those colder winter days.

The Holiday Blues

Having the holiday blues has to be one the biggest struggles, as summer is coming to end. We’ve all had that holiday that we’ve been waiting for all year, and when it finally comes we enjoy every second of it, to the point that we never want to leave. So when we eventually head back home, all we have is wishes to be there again and the pure hate to having to go back to day to day life. It’s something that happens to everyone and especially when you’re having a great time with your family/friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather and having a relax and de-stress from anything work, school or just life related.

So, if you’re having a case of the holiday blues, then I suggest that you get planning and start thinking about the next place you’d really love to visit and experience. You don’t necessarily have to book another holiday, but just starting to think about it and looking around at a few places you would like to go. This will make those holiday blues a hell of a lot better. Also, try to make plans with friends and family, for the first few weeks after you get back. This gives you something to look forward to after your holiday and something fun to plan towards. For me, now summer is nearly over, I’m all about my 18th birthday and being able to finally become an adult.

What Do I Wear?

As summer comes to an end, the start of this very awkward seasonal transition starts, which makes it super hard to decide what to wear. There’s often times when September is just as hot as July or August, in the UK, but then there’s also times when it’s constantly raining and autumn has already set in. So it creates a question of what clothes are best for this weird mixture of weather, and the answer is there isn’t any.  You just have to go with it. Make sure you always take a jumper or a jacket with you, in case it rains and an umbrella is an essential in your handbag.  Sometimes it’s going to be a summer dress and sandals sort of day, and sometimes it’s going to a jumper and boots sort of day, just be prepared for both and know that you may go through a bit of a weird dressing stage, at the minute.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Education

As I’m sure many of you can relate to, as summer starts to draw to a close and the august bank holiday hits, it only means one thing and that’s back to school. I think this has to be one of the worst times of the school year, because you’re still stuck in holiday mode. You’re used to getting up whenever you want, doing whatever you want and mostly eating whatever you want, and it’s not going to last for much longer. Here come the early mornings, full days of lessons and the mountains of irritating people that you see at school.

Personally, the only thing that get’s me through the whole first half term is just counting down the days until the weekend and most importantly half term. Just time when you can get away from the hell hole of school and just be free in life. Also, there’s so many good seasonal things to come, such as Halloween, bonfire night and also christmas, so I always think about them and pray that the first term, which is also the longest, will fly by.

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#SS |3 Trends I’m Loving / Summer Edition


When it comes to fashion and personal style, I’m not usually someone who is obsessed with the trends and like’s to follow every single one. I much prefer to just choose items and styles that I love, and create a wardrobe that reflects my own personal style. Not just the latest trends to hit the catwalk. Obviously, as I’m really interested in fashion and want to make it my career, I think it’s important for me to know what the trends are and to be able to comment on what is popular in the fashion world. But that doesn’t meant that I always apply that to my own style. However, throughout each season there always seems to be a few trends, which I love along the way, and as it’s the #Summer Special series, I thought I would start off with a summer themed edition…

The Bomber Jacket


They’re probably one of the biggest trends this Spring/Summer, and a trend that everyone seems to be loving. Whether it’s the thicker style of bomber jacket, popular back in the 90’s, and that can actually be counted as an item that could keep you warm on a chilly evening, or the more current embroidered bomber, which is literally just for show. There’s so many different varieties of bomber jackets and it has to be my number 1 favourite trend this season. Who ever you are, what ever your style or gender, there is a bomber jacket for you.

How I’m styling it: When it comes to styling a bomber I’m all about the super chic casual vibe. I love pairing my various bomber jackets with a good old pair of black jeans, a pair of converse and a casual white tee. For me this is just the best way to wear bomber’s, and they also make a super simple outfit look like you’re really put together. I’m literally in love with them right now.



This trend is definitely a shock to my personal style, as before spring/summer 16 the only place that lace appeared in my wardrobe, was on my knickers. However, the higher powers in the fashion world have been able to change my mind, and I’m officially in love with the lace items I have in my wardrobe. Although, I’m still super picky about what style’s and pieces it comes on. For me personally it’s all about the more chic and classy ways to wear lace, and I like it when it has a very simple pattern and not too much going on.

How I’m styling it: As lace is so super pretty and feminine, and my style is not always that girly, I generally like to contrast it with something a bit more edgy. I have two gorgeous lace camisole’s from New Look, and I really love to pair them with both of my faux leather skirts. By having a girly lace, on a darker or more neutral shade, and an edgy faux leather but in more of a girly pastel colour, means the whole outfit gets balanced out nicely and looks amazing. However, I also have a lovely white lace dress, also from New Look, which I love to go all bohemian with and pair with my brown suede boots and my brown faux suede jacket. This has been my go-to summer look and I actually feel so pretty when I wear this look.

It’s All About the Waist


At one time it was all about the shift dresses and loose boyfriend silhouette’s, however now it’s all about that waist and creating that womanly figure. The most popular way to rock this trend this season, has been through the ‘paper bag’ style of trousers, which pull in at the waist and allows the fabric to create a structured effect around the waist. These trousers really flatter the womanly figure, but they can also look super masculine and rock that #girlboss look. However, throughout the season, what ever outfit you’ve been wearing, it all about pulling it in at the waist, or tucking it in, to flatter that figure. I’m always loving this trend and just think that the silhouette, which it creates, has always suited my figure.

How I’m styling it: There’s quite a few ways that I love to wear this trend, because like I mentioned before it’s something that’s a staple in my wardrobe and I always do it. Whether that’s if I’m wearing a dress, a skirt, trousers or a jumpsuit, I will usually either pull it in and create a waist line, or already be wearing an item that clinches in at the waist. For me I just love tucking tops into skirts and high-waisted trousers, because it looks so much more flattering and feminine. I wouldn’t even really count this as a trend, just more of a styling option. 

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#SS 6 | 10 Reasons Why I’ve Loved Summer This Time Around


When it comes to my favourite seasons in the year, summer doesn’t normally come into that list. The lack of sun that we usually have in the UK, the variety of interesting summer dressing that appears and the lack of really good TV; makes summer one of my less favourite seasons. However, I think summer 2016 may have finally been able to bring me around to changing my opinion, on the hottest season of the year. If we’re lucky. So, I thought I would share 10 reasons why I have loved summer, this time around…

1. In the UK we have actually had more sun than rain. Usually UK summers are absolutely nothing to talk about and definitely not anything you could really enjoy. If it’s not raining then it’s unbearably hot, there’ s not normally any in-between. But, this year has been different and we’ve actually had lot’s of gorgeous sunny weather, to the point where I’ve even managed to get a bit of tan.

2. I think I’ve finally found my perfect summer style. Summer dressing is something I’ve always struggled with, and even up to a few months ago I’ve found it really hard to nail down what trends and style’s I love for summer and which ones I’m going to give a miss. However, I feel like now I’ve really got my summer style semi-nailed thanks to finding some of my ultimate summer wardrobe items and putting it all together to create my ideal holiday wardrobe.

3. Spending time with my mum. When it comes to who I love to spend time with the most, my mum is always someone who comes out tops. We love doing the same things, which is usually shopping, have the same interests and just love spending time together. I think it’s so important to care and take time to really look after your family, especially your mum, as you only get one after all. You can find about more about me HERE.

4. Really enjoying photography and using Instagram. These two things come hand in hand, because this summer I’ve loved documenting my summer through taking beautiful photo’s to share with all of you on Instagram. Why don’t you go and give me a little follow @rachelydia? I’ve got a little theme going on and I’ve just really enjoyed taking lovely photo’s, from my holidays and fun things I’ve done during the summer, to document on my Instagram. Although, I don’t know what I’m going to fill my Instagram with when Autumn hits.

5. Getting a good work balance. This is one of the more boring reasons of this post, however if you have a part time job then you will know where I’m coming from. Sometimes you end up working way too much and have no time to enjoy summer, even though you’re going to have a massive pay cheque at the end of the month. But, this year I’ve been lucky and managed to get a good balance, with a bit of work but also free time.

6. The #SummerSpecial blog series. If you didn’t already know, for the whole month of August, I decided to embark on a new blogging adventure and create a monthly series inspired by summer. I’ve loved challenging myself to keep to my blogging schedule, even though this post is going to up a bit late today, and experimenting with some better content. You can go and catch up on the series HERE.

7. Changing up my hair and makeup. This summer I’ve really loved changing up my hair and trying out a few new different hair style’s to wear. My go-to one, at the minute, has to be having a scalp braid in the top section of my hair and then having loose waves/curls, in the rest of my hair. Make up wise I’ve been addicted to changing up my eye makeup and buying new palette’s. I’ve really been loving the more rose gold vibe and a lighter crease colour.

8. Party planning. This is almost a bit of a cheat, because the party I’m planning for is not actually in the summer, but I’ve still been making plans for it, during the last few months. I’m having a party to celebrate my 18th Birthday in October, and so I’ve really been enjoying doing all things party related. Designing invitations, making and getting decorations and ultimately finding the perfect venue.

9. A new series. I’ve really loved watching an original BBC comedy called ‘Boy Meets Girl’. It’s an hilariously funny drama that follows a young couple, and their family, through life and preparing to get married. I’ve really been enjoying having a good laugh and I just think you can’t beat a really good comedy. The new series of ‘Friday Night Dinner’ on channel 4 is also amazing as well. I really recommend you go and have a watch of both of them.

10. Having holidays in the UK. I usually think that in order to have a really good, sunny summer holiday, then abroad is the only way to go. However, this year I was proved completely wrong ,as I went on my summer holiday to Eastbourne and Brighton. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and Brighton is such a vibrant and amazing place to visit, I really recommend a trip. Also, a trip to the Sherwood Center Parcs proved to me that you can have a really good holiday in the UK, with the amazing accommodation and sub tropical swimming paradise.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and are loving your summer so far. You can go and catch up with the rest of the #SummerSpecial series HERE.

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#SS5 | The Sterotypical ‘Perfect Summer Body’& Body Confidence Tips

bodies-800.jpgThe majority of the time I use rachelspick to talk about more light hearted matters, such as Fashion and personal style, however sometimes I feel like these material topics are just not enough. There are so many deeper and more meaningful things out there to be discussed and I feel like I owe it, to all of my fellow women, to discuss some of these things.

Body Confidence Quotes 2The controversial idea of ‘the perfect summer body’ is shaming so many young girls and women all across the world, as we become more and more addicted to the idea of having the stereotypical ‘perfect’ summer body; which is actually never going to happen. Within the world, this country and even your family and friends there will be a variety of women which are all completely different. There will be petite women, tall women, someone who is a size 18 and someone who is a size 8, and how can you possibly categorise all these different body types under one ‘perfect’ stereotype. The answer is that you can’t and it’s a completely un-realistic and un-achievable idea.

How do the media expect women to love themselves and their bodies if they’re constantly getting bombarded with ‘perfect’ images, which are nothing like a real woman’s body. These images and the ‘perfect summer body’ are in fact not real, and I suppose you could say they are the fiction of the body shape world. They’ve been created, thought up and ultimately they have been tweaked for your own enjoyment. The idea that there should even be a ‘perfect summer body’ in itself is completely wrong, and should never have even been created. Women are all different shapes and sizes, have faced different battles and have completely different genes; making them who they are.

Personally, I think it’s so important for young women to realise the tricks the media play and that they no longer need to shame their bodies. There is actually no such thing as ‘perfect’ and all women have their body ideal which they aspire to and want to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with having goals and ambitions with your body, however you need to realise that no one will ever be perfect and that if you’re a lovely curvy women then you will never be really skinny and have a boyfriend figure. Some things are just not possible, and that ‘perfect summer body’ is one of them.

Real women have curves, lumps, bumps, stretch marks, rolls, fat where they might not necessarily want it and have things they don’t like about their body. When I was younger I suffered, for a long time, with the large amount of stretch marks and the fact that they had appeared on my body at such a young age. They used to get me down and put me off wearing certain things. However, as I’ve grown up and they’ve started to fade, I’ve realised that a lot of women have them and that my body is never going to be perfect. But more than anything, I don’t want it to be. I’m really trying to embrace my body, the skin that I’m in and love every part of myself; as it’s the only body I’m going to get.

Body Confidence Tips

  1. Body Confidence QuotesDon’t avoid looking in the mirror, always try to look in the mirror everyday and really get familiar with your body. If you know what your body actually looks like over what you think it looks like, it will help you to accept it so much more.
  2. Comparing yourself to others is never a good move. Everyone is different and there is no way that you will ever be like that person. So admire their beauty but don’t de-grade yours.
  3. Make a list of things you like your body and always try to focus on those things. Eventually the bad elements should not seem as bad to you and you will always have things you truly love about your body,
  4. Know about clothing styles and shapes which suit you. In order to feel super body confident, try to stick to these and you will know they will always look gorgeous on you.
  5. Realise that the stereotypical ‘perfect summer body’ is not real and pretty un-realistic. Try to aspire towards someone you know, who has the body you would like to have, over a celebrity or a picture portrayed by the media. This body will be much more achievable.
  6. Always try to love yourself and your body. It’s the only one you will ever get, so treat it well and don’t shame it. It really get’s you no where, other than lowering your self confidence.
  7. Have fun with your body and embrace YOU!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this slightly different and deeper style of post. I thought it was a topic that really had be discussed during a #SummerSpecial series, just because of how popular the subject constantly is at this time of year. If you’ve loved reading this post, then you can go and catch up with the rest of #SummerSpecial series HERE.

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#SS | My Holiday Wardrobe & Style Tips


As all those clothes-loving women out there know, putting together a cracking holiday wardrobe is actually a lot harder than it may first seem. The act of actually being able to choose your favourite wardrobe pieces, make sure they all work and interchange together and will also fit into the small luggage allowances, these days, is almost impossible. However, my some kind of miracle, as I arrived and unpacked my bag in my East Sussex holiday destination, a few weeks ago, I soon discovered I had managed to create a really good collection of clothes. They were all within a certain colour palette, fitted and mixed together with each other easily, and allowed me to style up lot’s of gorgeous holiday outfits to wear.


Without worrying and thinking about my summer holiday wardrobe, this year, I managed to put together quite a good selection of my favourite wardrobe items and purely summer appropriate pieces. So, all summer wardrobe’s start off by a good old shopping trip and picking out lot’s of lovely summer pieces to wear on holiday. There’s honestly nothing quite like wearing lovely new clothes when you go on holiday. These shopping trips consist of picking out myultiple new items and kind of working on the vibe that you’re style is heading towards, during the summer. Personally, my vibe is girly chic, with a mix of textures, florals and lace. I still find it really hard to define my style, however I think this is a good attempt so far.

The key pieces of my summer wardrobe are all thanks to New Look, and I think that they were really killing it for Spring/Summer 16. There’s this gorgeous white lace dress, which suits my body shape so perfectly and really is thrown on, go-to piece. I’m also really loving these black and cream camisole’s, because of just how chic, elegant and sophisticated they on; giving any outfit Chanel-esque. This blush faux-leather skirt completes my key pieces, and adds a girly sexiness to an outfit. I really love pairing this with one of the camisole’s to create a chic, but also sexy day or night look. I don’t think any of these items are in stock any more, but New Look are defitely selling this skirt in darker, more autumnal colours.


However, not all the items I packed fitted into the muted colour theme, and there’s was also a few more top’s, trousers and shorts to add to my summer wardrobe. These khaki green patterned trousers, from Peacocks, if you can actually believe that, are my absolute go-to style of trousers at this time of the year. They’re so floaty, light and super comfortable to wear; making them the perfect trousers to wear for hotter weather. The shorts just below the khaki trousers are known as my posh shorts and are an item which allows you to make wearing shorts chic and glamourous. They’re actually a skort style of shorts, however they are made of a floaty dark floral fabric and look gorgeous with the black cami I mentioned earlier.


My Summer Style Tips

1.Know which styles and shapes suit your body shape and really stick to them. I always think that summer is one of the most important times to feel body confident, and sticking to shapes that suit you will maximise your self confidence massively.

2. Think carefully about how much you will actually wear summer appropriate pieces, because if you live in the UK, then you will never really get the wear out of buying really expensive summer items. So, try to buy affordable pieces, which look good, but also have a price that is equal to the amount of wear you will get out of it.

3. Don’t just follow the stereotypical summer trends because they’re popular. Think about exactly what styles suit you and then adapt the current summer trends according to that. Try to substitute shorts for a skort, or white jeans for white trousers, according to your style and what really suits you.

4.Think about future summer’s when buying holiday pieces, because you may not get the wear or use out of them. So if you choose more carefully, then you will be able to wear the pieces for future summer’s and you will love them and feel confident wearing them again and again.

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