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When it comes to my favourite season for clothing, it would always have to be autumn every single time. I just love everything about autumn, in general, but especially the type of clothing that it guides you to wear. Personally I just love layering, wearing boots and getting a bit of faux fur out, all in the name of looking stylishly autumn appropriate. So, today I thought I would just create a bit of an inspiration board, to get your autumn style juices flowing, and also share 2 of my style icons with you all, to spice it all up a little bit.

This autumn I really want to carry on with the type of clothing items I’ve been loving through spring and summer, however just change them up ready for autumn. This means that my love for skirts, bomber’s and faux leather, will definitely be carrying out through autumn/winter 16. This autumn I really want to get away from that monochrome habit of mine, and experiment with darker and richer tones of burgundy, red and maybe even orange. However, I will never loose my love for a good statement boot and a classic turtleneck.

Lydia Elise Millen

My Style Icons- Lydia Elise Millen

If you’ve read my My Top Spring/Summer Wardrobe Items  or 3 Lifestyle Youtubers That You Need To Be Subscribed To… then you will know who this gorgeous blogger and Youtuber is, and just how much I love her. Lydia Elise Millen has to be one of my all time favourite online creators, and one of my biggest style icons. Her style is so chic, sophisticated and elegant, and just how my style is starting to evolve towards. I love how she uses texture and colour, over using a lot of pattern, to create a really put together outfit. Her style is just so similar to mine, and I know that nearly everything she buys or wears, I will just love it! Check out her blog HERE.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely

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If you’ve read My Curent Makeup Favourites then you will know that I’m literally in love for her makeup range for M&S, and I’m also really in love with her style as well. Similar to Lydia Elise Millen, Rosie has a really chic and elegant style, that makes her outfits oozes off-duty glam. Her use of colour, texture and a variety of different materials, allows her to form gorgeous outfits, without the use of a lot of pattern. Over the last year I’ve really started to nail my style down, which is basically Rosie and Lydia’s style put together. I love to experiment with different texture, fabrics and a bit of colour, without the use of a lot of bold patterns and styles.

Rachel x

#SS | Summer Style Inspiration

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All Images sourced form my ‘Fashion & Style ‘Pinterest Board

Summer style can be one of the trickiest season’s to master, and something which takes a lot of know how about your own personal style and the pieces which truly suit your body shape. Many people can get summer style so wrong, and so I think there’s 3 basic rules when it comes to summer style in general: 1. Know what pieces and styles suit your body shape and flatter your figure 2. Think about your desired colour palette and which colours and patterns suit you and your personal style 3. Most importantly, you need to have a bit of styling inspiration and know how to transition your summer wardrobe pieces into chic season appropriate outfits.

After having a good few weeks of summer sun, and also a holiday in between, I think I’ve got my personal summer style nailed and know exactly what vibes I’m going for. If I was to describe my 2016 summer style, in 4 words, it would be White, Lace, Tan and Chic, due to my obsession with my tan sandals and dedicated to my constant desire to make my style a lot more chic. I’ve really been loving lace camisole’s, at the minute, because of how cool they are to wear, they’re chic and also really versatile pieces; they also add a bit of feminity to any form of outfit. However, white has to always be my go-to colour for summer and a something I can’t get enough of. White dresses and tops have be my favourite variety, however I do own a lovely pair of white trousers, which I love wearing as well.

How would you define your summer style so far?

I’ve you loved this post and would like to catch up on the rest of the #SummerSpecial series so far, you can go and have a read HERE.

Rachel x

My New Wardrobe & Tour


Clothes have to be one of my main additions in life and something that I endlessly find myself purchasing. Being really into fashion and style, I suppose this is really no surprise. However, since only recently, the storage situations for my huge collection of clothes was beyond it’s lifetime and at it’s true breaking point. My wardrobe was 17 years old, and one that I had right from being a little baby, so it was bursting it’s seams as my addiction and collection has grown.

So after a trip to Ikea, as I was in serious need of a new wardrobe, we purchased one called Brimnes. The one I’ve chosen is the smaller two door wardrobe, in the plain and non grained wood. It’s a lot taller than my previous wardrobe, however it’s a bit narrower, and creates a bit more space around my bed and in my bedroom. The elements of the design that I really love, with this wardrobe, has to be the long rail which is the whole width of the wardrobe. In my previous wardrobe, the hanging rail was only half the wardrobe and the other half was shelves. However, this wardrobe creates the best of both worlds, and also offers two deep shelves, on the bottom right hand side of the wardrobe.



On the bottom self and also at the bottom of the hanging rail area, I have two large, white Nylon storage boxes; which contain my tops and my trousers. When we initially looked through the Ikea showroom, these storage boxes where displayed inside the wardrobe, and seemed like the perfect solution to storing a large amount of clothing. This was definitely right, as they provide a really deep storage box, which contains all my clothing that I don’t have room to hang up. They also keep all the dust away from the clothes and allow you to quickly and easily look at what clothes you have in each box, without pulling them out of a folded pile. I roll each item of clothing, in these containers, and then put them into lines, instead of folding them on top of each other. This way you’re able to see all your clothes much more easily, and decide what you want to wear.

However, for me the star of the show has to be the huge amount of hanging space, at the top and the bottom left hand side of the wardrobe. Hanging space was what I always struggled with, when I had my old wardrobe, as I never had enough room to hang all of my clothes and to be able to see them all clearly. But, this rail allows me to hang more than what I did before and to be able to see all my clothes a lot better. I’ve put all my clothes into categories, dresses, tops, skirts, and then from light to dark, within that category. This rail has allowed me to be able to  see all my clothes so much better, choose and put together outfits and also to be able to have all my more special and patterned clothes on display. I love using velvet hangers and these metal and wooden clip hangers, to hang all of my clothes; as they are a lot better than plastic hangers, take up less room and are less likely to snap.IMG_2433.JPGIMG_2431.JPG

Overall, I really love my new wardrobe and I think it provides the perfect storage space for my huge collection of clothes. It’s such a great alternative to what I had before, and provides you with the best of both worlds; due to the large rail and also the two deep shelves. It gives you an endless amount of storage, and even gives me room to store some beauty products and holiday items, which I only use every so often. The storage boxes are the perfect companion to this wardrobe, and fit in perfectly. At only around £6, for 3 boxes, they are super cheap, affordable and also do the job really well.

The actual wardrobe itself is also great value for money, at £80 for the whole thing- including the shelves and rail. It’s very similar to a lot of other wardrobe I’ve looked at from other well known brands, such as Next, however it’s so much cheaper and is actually good quality and very sturdy. I would really recommend giving Ikea a chance, when it’s coming to interior design, as they have some really great pieces on a super affordable budget.

Rachel x

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