Exclusive Leather Rose Gold Converse


Without a doubt converse have to be my favourite type and style of shoe to wear. They’re not only the most comfortable to shoes to wear on earth, but they’re also super versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits. It doesn’t matter if you’re pairing them with a casual outfit, to wear to college or uni, or you’ve got a more dressy outfit on but need a pair of shoes you know you can trust, Converse are the perfect choice. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend you wear them for a really special occasion, like a night in town or going out for cocktails with the girls, but for day to day life converse are the definitely the shoe to go for.

I’ve been in love with Converse for quite a few years now, and I honestly don’t think you can beat a pair of the classic white shoe style, as they look so iconic on your feet and really finish a casual outfit off. They’re always the best when they’re really crisp and white, because they look so effortlessly chic and you just cant beat a nice new pair of Converse. However, I’ve strayed from my traditional roots, as I’ve had my eye on the pastel nude collection ever since they were first launched last year. I loved how girly they looked and how they added a bit more of luxe vibe to your classic converse shoe.

So, last week I popped into Office and picked up this gorgeous tan, leather pair with rose gold accents and I’m absolutely in love with them. Ever since I first took them out of the box, they have just lived on my feet and I’m so obsessed with them. Not only are they super comfortable, like all converse, but they are also so beautiful and feminine. The tan leather goes with nearly every colour and casual outfit in my wardrobe, and the rose gold accents just top off the whole look of the shoe for me, as it’s my favourite type of metal. They are quite a pricey pair of shoes, at 62.99, but I honestly think it’s worth the money for the quality comfort and beauty of these gorgeous shoes.

What do you think to the Converse pastels range?

Rachel x

7 Ways to Transition Your Look Into Spring

Ways to transition your look into spring 1Ways to transition your look into spring 3Ways to transition your look into spring 4

Over the last few days spring has slowly started to appear. The weather is getting slightly warmer, it’s not quite at the summer dress stage yet but we’ll have to be patient, march is only a matter of days away and everyone is starting to think about their summer plans. However, one of my favourite things about the winter to spring transition is clothing. You’re finally able to put away those thick winter knits, for something a bit lighter and so much brighter; ready for the warmer months. So, I’m sharing 7 ways that you can transition your winter look into spring.

  1. Play with pattern and colour- Winter is all about those deep colours and textures, however as you move into spring you can experiment a lot more with brighter colours and patterns. I’m in love with this insect pattern sheer shirt, for spring, just because of the mixtures of the bright colours and its not a traditional floral or stripe print.
  2. Lot’s of light layers- Winter is all about one of two really thick layers, but for spring it’s a lot more about a few light layers. Whether it’s a shirt, jumper and then a mac, or a tee shirt and a cami over the top; the key is to look stylish whilst still keeping super warm.
  3. Add a hat- I really love a good hat, and spring is the perfect time to wear them. It’s not too cold and windy, so that it instantly blows off your head, but you can still add something season appropriate to your outfit. Whether it’s a fedora, bobble hat or a baseball cap; spring is the season to add it to your look.
  4. Nude tights are your best friend- Black tights are way too harsh for spring, however it’s still really cold and you need something to keep you warm on those chilly spring mornings. So, a good pair of matte nude tights will be your best friend, because it looks just like your own legs, but super airbrushed and they will go with any seasonal outfit.
  5. Pop a polo neck under your dress- When it’s coming into spring, I’m dreaming of the days when I can just pop a dress on and head out the door. However, it’s not quite warm enough for that yet, but you can still make your summer dresses work in the spring by popping a co-ordinating polo neck underneath. This could be a cream one under a floral shift dress or even a black one under a maxi dress, it’s completely up to you.
  6. Light jackets- A light jacket is one of the best ways off keeping warm during this transition into spring. You can start to stay goodbye to those thick winter coats in favour for something much lighter. My favourite’s have to be a really good mac, they’re super chic and make any outfit look effortlessly stylish, or a leather jacket, as they go with every outfit and you will find yourself wearing it endlessly.
  7. Boots are still a key element of your look- Just because spring is coming doesn’t mean that all the boots in your wardrobe have become redundant, as you can still incorporate them into your spring look. My favourite way to do this is to pair them with dresses or invest in a lighter coloured pair that you can wear all your round.

What do you love about dressing for spring?

Rachel x

5 Style Trends For 2017

Untitled design (2)

In the words of Tom Ford “Dressing well is a form of good manners” and so it’s only polite to be super stylish and own your personal style. Whether you’re more of a Chanel, and love sharp, clean lines with a monochrome colour palette, or McQueen is more your vibe; with lot’s of colour, texture and all things over the top. There’s a trend to suit every taste this year…


This is one of my favourite trends for 2017, and has had a real comeback over the last 6 months. It’s so feminine but with a real uniqueness, as every single piece of embroidery is slightly different and has an almost story behind it. I love how it has a real sense of female empowerment and adds such a statement vibe to any piece.

Post- Minimalism

Simple, chic and sophisticated is being taken to the next level, as a classic garment with an added something, creates intrigue to an outfit. Think Chanel, mixed with muted monochrome and nude’s, to create a really timeless vibe. This trend uses colour shades, texture’s and shape to add interest, opposed to pattern or colour contrast.


Wearing a garment that is sheer is no longer just for those evenings out, and is now being brought into your everyday style. Whether it’s a sheer skirt, shirt or even a bomber jacket, this translucent polyester adds an extra dimension and glamour to any outfit. The best way to rock sheer in the daytime is to pair it with contrasting items; a tee-shirt and sheer skirt, or jeans and a sheer bomber jacket.

Super Bright’s

In contrast to all the other trends, with super brights there is no where to hide as you rock some of the boldest colour’s possible in your outfit. It’s all about the bright blue’s, strong red’s and even yellows and green’s; mixed with a range of different pattern’s and texture’s. This trend is all about being bold and creating a statement in whatever your wear.

Head to Toe Florals

Some form of florals is always in fashion, from season to season, however for 2017 it’s all about rocking the entire pattern from head to toe. There’s no hiding as florals is your best friend in this super feminine and statement trend. The best way to rock this is by wearing a one or two piece set, such as a jumpsuit or a floral suit.

Rachel x

“Inside Vogue” | Book Review

IMG_2918[1]IMG_2920[1]I’m not only a massive lover of all things fashion and style, but I also have a real interest in reading and I love picking up a good book; getting immersed into it’s own world. A really good book grips you from the beginning, draws you into the life of the main character, throws you through twists and turns and gives you utter withdrawal symptoms, as you read that final page. There’s something so magical about reading and when it’s mixed with a true passion of mine, then it can’t get much better.

So, when I found out that Alexandra Shulman, the Editor-in-chief of one of the biggest fashion bible’s in the world, British Vogue, had written a book; I couldn’t wait to add it to my collection and have a good read. Right from the start, I knew it would be so interesting; getting to step into Alexandra’s shoes and reading what it’s truly like to be at the top, of one of the most well-known fashion magazines. Hearing a day to day account of the centenary year, and all the many events that went with the big celebration, such as the Vogue Festival and the centenary issue. Learning about all the ups and downs of being a woman, in a high powered job, and mixing that with being a mother and her day to day life. It’s an honest, heart warming and true representation of Alexandra and the build up to Vogues’ centenary year… and I absolutely loved it.

The Story

Without completely ruining the book, this is a real life account written by Alexandra herself, as she goes through Vogue’s 100th year. It follows her descriptions, views and opinions on the running of the magazine, putting together monthly issues, the vogue documentary and all the events that come with that. She talks in depth about how she feels about the inside vogue documentary and how she is going to be portrayed, in a really genuine and honest way. As well as all the little moments of life, which just get in the way, like having no hot water. It’s not just like reading someone’s diary, you feel immersed by the story, her life and all the events that go along with it. All the references to the fashion world and some of the biggest names, make it the perfect read for someone who loves fashion and ultimately Vogue itself.

The Author

Alexandra is actually a professional author herself, which you find out as she occasionally mentions it during the book, however she really does shoe her talent through this real life diary. She is so honest and open with how she talks about the events of Vogue, and even though she’s technically living the dream, she highlights the downfalls of being in her position so well. The book is written in a very causal diary form, however you can tell from the beginning that she’s a woman who means business, is strong and knows exactly what and who she’s talking about. It also shows just how much she cares for not only her family, but also have a true love for the magazine, every single issue and the people she employs.

It’s a real must-read for anyone who loves fashion and the whole world of Vogue and you can go and pick it up from WHSmith, Waterstones or even good old Amazon.

Rachel x

10 Things Any Fashion Lover Needs To Do Right Now

10 Things Any Fashion Lover Needs To Do Right Now.jpg

As I’m sure you’ve all worked out by now, I’m obsessed with clothes, shoes, style and just Fashion in general. I’m passionate about writing my blog and sharing all my latest fashion related buys and opinions with you all. I love visiting Fashion exhibitions and local events, and London, the fashion capital of the UK, has to be one of my favourite places EVER. There’s such a variety of amazing things to do when you love fashion, especially in the UK, and so I thought I would share 10 things that any fashion lover needs to do right now…

1. Watch ‘The Future Of Fashion’ documentary series’ over Vogue’s YouTube channel.

2.  Visit an outlet village, such as Bicester or Chester Fair Oaks, to name a few of my favourite’s.

3. Watch the film ‘Coco Before Chanel’. It documents the fashion icons life before the success of her infamous, worldwide brand.

4. Visit one of the current fashion exhibitions that are on in London. Some of my recent favourite’s have to be ‘100 Years Of Vogue’ and the exhibition of Diana’s dresses, at Kensington Palace.

5. Spend time shopping and browsing around in a Luxury department store, such as Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty’s.

6. Visit the Victoria and Albert museum. They have an array of fashion exhibitions and events on, throughout the year.

7. Have a good old reading session of your favourite fashion magazine’s, such as Vogue and Elle.

8. Go to Fashion Week, it’s actually a lot easier for the public to be able to get a seat, than you might think.

9. Start a fashion blog and share your love for fashion, with many more likeminded people on the internet.

10. Visit a designer boutique, such as Chanel or Victoria Beckham’s in London.

If you’re a fashion lover, like myself, then I hope you feel inspired to go and do some of the things on this list. If you would like to keep up with my, make sure you go and follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Rachel x