25 Affordable Sportwear Pieces Under £25

Being active is something I’ve loved for years, as I can really zone out from the outside world and just focus on working out. Coming from a dancing background, I’ve always loved that buzz from exercising and the amazing feeling you have at the end. So ever since I stop dancing I’ve always tried to find different ways to exercise that gives me this buzz and also fits in with my life style. Pilates, Barre and swimming are some of my favourites that I’ve found over the last year and they all work different parts of my body and help my mind to really switch off. 

What I love to have when I’m working out is some cute activewear to pop on whilst your excising. You will be able to see from these items that I love a good bit of colour and pattern in my workout wear, but this can sometimes come with a high price tag from the big companies such as Nike and Adidas. So, as I also want to pick up some new bits to add to my collection, since I’ve been really getting into working out during quarantine; I thought I would share 25 beautiful pieces under £25. Affordable, aesthetically pleasing and a great bit of motivation to get working out again! 

Like I mentioned, I love a bit of colour in my sportswear, as I just makes me feel happy, confident and ready for my workout. So, these Under Armour shorts are so me! I love the contrasting pink and orange and how girly they are. I wouldn’t usually wear shorts to work out, however as we go towards summer it will start to get hotter and I’ll need to invest in a cute pair. They are also super affordable at only £22, which is an amazing price for the brand and their quality. Or if you’re looking for a new tee-shirt in your collection then this white mesh racer back, with the pops of neon pink would be a great addition. I just love this piece as its so different from the traditional black and white but would still look great paired with a basic pair of leggings. This is a piece I definitely want to add to my collection and will add more colour into my active wardrobe. 

After a good workout in the gym, I love to have some comfy pieces to throw on and travel home in. A slouchy cropped tee-shirt or a cropped jumper are perfect choices. If you’re looking for some cute after the gym or just chilling at home on the sofa pieces, then this cropped tee-shirt from gym shark would be perfect. I love the colour of this tee and the white branded logo on the front. I’d pair this with a pair of high waisted jeans, a  slouchy jumper and of course a messy bun. This rose pink cropped jumper, also from gym shark, would be a great addition to your activewear wardrobe.  I love how they have changed up their logo and how it has a really relaxed and boxy fit. It’s only £18 and I think that super affordable for a lovely piece of sportswear.  

The New In: Affordable Summer Accessories

Accessories have been something I’ve always loved and are a regular feature on this blog. I just adore how they can really finish off a look and make it look perfect. It’s often not so much about the clothes, but the power of a good accessory of two. You could have a plain tee and a pair of ripped shorts on, and then just pop on a red lip and pair it with a red bag, and you go from boring and simple to stylish and co-ordinated in seconds. It’s all about getting the right pieces, and that doesn’t always mean that they have to be super expensive. 

When it comes to my own shopping habits, I tend to only spend money on luxury items if I know I will get my wear from them and I will keep them for a long time. Otherwise, if its more of a trend led piece, and I know that in a few seasons I will be over it, then I will look to the high-street for affordable accessories to add to my collection. So that’s what I’m sharing with you today, 5 recent purchases of summer accessories all from the high-street. Get ready for massive summer holiday vibes, as I’m counting down the days until I’m on holiday, in the pool and sunning it up. 

I spoke about my new love for statement earrings in my 30 High-Street Style Picks For This Spring post, where I featured a few beautiful pairs that are on sale at the minute. So you all know how much I’m getting into them at the minute and that my vision is to be in my bikini, or swimsuit, with my sunnies on and a pair of statement earrings to channel those chic and glamorous vibes. That’s why I’m buying so many pairs at the minute, as I want to build my collection ready for Spain. 

When it comes to the type of earrings I’m choosing, there’s who main things I’ve got in mind tortoise shell and also versatility. I don’t know what it is about tortoise shell for me but I just love it, it looks so beautiful with my hard features, doesn’t look to harsh and also look really glamorous. I’m also completely obsessed with it and seem to just get attracted to it like a magpie. So that’s why I’ve chosen these two pairs of earrings, with those tones being the main feature. These hexagonal ones from TKmaxx are great to add dimension to an outfit and look so cool. The rounded ones are slightly more elegant and would look amazing paired with a white swimsuit. I also picked this gold pair with the pearl in, as seashells are massive this spring/summer and they would also be really versatile. They could be paired with so many outfits and look so nice for when you going out in the evening for a few drinks. 

When it comes to the sunnies, I’m actually a massive fan of luxury sunglasses, purely because they are better for your eyes and they also last longer. So for me it’s a win win. However, expensive sunglasses, water and chlorine are not a good combination and I needed a few pairs that would be easy to throw on whilst in the pool and that wouldn’t matter if they got broken. So, these two pairs from Primark where super cheap but will be an essential on holiday. They will my constant go-to and of course they have my favourite tortoise shell as a feature on both of them. I would really recommend Primark’s accessories if you’re looking for affordable and trend-led accessories, which you might only want for one outfit or a season. It’s not the most sustainable for the planet, but it’s a more sensible decision for your purse. 

My favourite ways to style these statement earrings is with a fairly simple outfit or tonal colours. With the hoops I love to wear them with an all black outfit, or a with a cropped jumper and white jeans. They just add a bit of extra glam to the look and are some thing so different for my style because I’m such a stud lover. However, its so nice to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and changing up your style, as nothing good comes form your comfort zone. I’m still learning how to style them up, so let me know how you add them into your outfits. 

Some You Can Find On The High-Street

How I Store and Care For My Jewellery Collection

Jewellery is an accessory I’ve really got into over the last few years. I love how it can completely finish an outfit, take it from night to day or just add a bit of personality to a look. The range of jewellery out there is so versatile, and every piece in your collection can be too. You can really tell a story through the jewellery you wear, and personally I love wearing pieces that mean something to me. It could remind me of a special occasion, be bought by someone who is close to me or just be a unique piece I love. I feel like jewellery is just so under estimated, when it comes to an outfit, but I honestly can’t imagine the best outfits, without a touch of jewellery to finish the whole look off. So that’s why I want to share with you how I store, care and style my most treasured jewellery pieces…

My Jewellery Storage and Top Layer

This jewellery box is a new one to my collection, and is actually something I’ve been lusting over for ages. Not because they’re expensive, but it’s just one of those things I’d never got round to sorting out. However, as a treat for myself from myself, this Easter I bought two layers of the Stackers jewellery boxes. 

If you’ve not heard of Stackers, which isn’t that hard as I hadn’t of heard of them until I started working in a department store that sold them. Then they are a storage brand, that focus on providing beautiful pieces to store your most prized pieces in. I think they originally started by making these stackable jewellery boxes, but have branched out to make technology stands, watch and cuff link boxes, jewellery stands and so much more. I would honestly recommend you go and have a look on their website as they’ve got some beautiful pieces that would be perfect as gifts, or to treat yourself to as well. 

How this jewellery box works, is that you buy each layer seperately, and can customise the storage you want, depending on your collection. Normally you would buy a generic jewellery box, with all the storage and sections inside, which may or may not cater to your type of collection. I always found there was nowhere really for necklaces, and I have a lot of expensive necklaces that I want to store properly and look after. So, with these you can choose. The lid has a set layout; with places for your necklaces, rings and bracelets. But you can then buy separate layers which differ in layout, to cater for what jewellery you have. Mine is actually a very similar style underneath, but you can buy ones all dedicated to rings and earrings and deeper ones for watches too. Mine is the largest size, and the lid cost £25. You can then buy seperate layers for £20 each. 

I chose to go for the blush pink design, as not only am I a massive pink fan in general, I just think this shade is so classic and feminine. It would look so beautiful on any dressing table, and go with any bedroom decor. Personally I would love to pair it with a white dressing table and grey interiors, as the two colours would just look so lovely together. 

In the top layer of my box, I like to have the majority of my day to day jewellery in there, which I always reach for. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and tend to wear the same pieces everyday, and then switch them up for special occasions or to pair with a specific outfit. This way I’m able to easily reach the pieces I want to wear, and can also easily put them away at night. As I’m really bad at just taking it all off and leaving it on the side, when I should really just use the same amount of effort and quickly pop them away. It just stops your chain getting tangled and them getting damaged when you’re not wearing them. 

Some of the key pieces I love from this top section is my Tiffany necklace with the rose gold key, the two silver bracelets at the top on right, my Links of London chain bracelet and my Joma thinking of you bracelet. I love stacking these two bracelets and always wear them together on my wrist.  I also love the ring with the three roses, which my aunty bought me and is super special as its supposed to symbolise me, my mum and dad. The ring beside that, which is my favourite from Pandora and kind of looks like to leaves around your finger. It so elegant and feminine and I love to wear those two rings together, one of my left middle finger and one on the right.  The opal ring is also one I chop and change into my looks, as I love how unique it is and it’s also my birthstone, so its supposed to bring you a bit of good luck too. 

The Bottom Layer and Jewellery Care

The second layer of my box has more of my occasion jewellery, and pieces that I don’t wear everyday, such as my Pandora bracelets. I just find they are a little bit to bulky for an everyday wear, and can get quite heavy especially when they have a lot of charms on like mine. 

I have three Pandora bracelets in total and I thought I’d gone through some of the charms I have as well. So, first I’ll talk about my silver bangle, this is the newest to my collection out of them all and one that’s the most simple. Its just a plain silver bangle and has a silver heart clip on, as I wanted something that wouldn’t move around and irritate me. Then, I’ve got the little pink leather bracelet, at the top on the left. This is a softer, more everyday bracelet than the rest and is really comfortable to wear. That also have a silver clip on, but its engraved daisy’s all around it. I will confess I need to wear this more, as I have no wear got the amount of wear out of it as I should have. Finally, I’ve got my classic silver charm bracelet, with a crazy amount of charms on. I actually took some off, as it was getting so full, and popped them on the side for now. On here I’ve got tow silver heart clips to hold the other charms in place, I’ve got two small silver seperaters, a silver open daisy charm, a handbag, a sparkly R, a red love heart glass bead, a guardian angel and 18th charm, a bow and also a big apple from New York. I have an charm that’s got two angel wings, that I also need to pop on to finish the bracelet off. 

In the second section of this layer, I’ve got a few more of my necklaces. As like I love being able to have them on display and be able to see all the different one, so I can choose the right one for my outfit. Necklaces are something I change up quite a lot depending on what I’m wearing, and having them in this storage just really makes me wear them all a lot more. 

In the bottom section, this is a place for earrings or rings, but I decided to put my rings in the top layer and stick to having my earrings in the bottom one. This works so well as I can see each pair and decide which ones I want to wear and what will go with what outfit. My favourites to wear and buy are Pandora, as they are affordable but are also good quality and are so comfortable to wear in your ears, you wouldn’t even known you were wearing them. I have three pairs, and they are the silver knots, the all silver flowers and the silver tear drops too. I’ve also got a small rose gold collection, and do sometimes pair all my rose gold jewellery together. But usually I just like to mix and match my metals, which is mainly silver and rose gold together. 

I find that having the pieces out in the air, or being exposed to the air regularly is the best way to store them, as silver naturally cleans itself in the open air. It’s much better when its being worn, but you do have to be careful with your body lotion and products, as that make it need to be cleaned more regularly, or if you don’t ever take them off. It’s also great to invest in a silver cloth and silver dip, as they can clean anything that’s real silver or gold and can bring it out looking beautiful and clean. The cloth is better for when it just needs a small clean, however the dip is great for a deep clean and keaves it looking so sparkling. You can get them from a jewellers or I know John Lewis definitely stock them too. 

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5 False Sterotypes About The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry can be perceived as one of the most superficial and  image conscious industry’s there is out there. With so many stereotypes surrounding gender, sexuality, looks, social class and so much more, it seems the industry has it all. There does not always appear to be much room for error, when it comes to wanting to work and be a part of the fashion industry. However, after studying it and being a part of it through being a blogger, I want to address some of these stereotypes that are slowly changing and those ones which just aren’t true at all.

1. The Industry Is All Fun & No Hard Work

I honestly think this is one of the biggest mis-conceptions about the fashion industry, as its just completley not true. Actually it’s the opposite. If you’ve ever watched Devil Wears Prada, or Ugly Betty, then you will know that’s it’s far from all fun, clothes and dressing up. Not that these really reflect that much reality, but they show that people who work in the industry work dam hard, no matter what time of day, month or the year. It takes so much vision and work to get a really good magazine out every month, it takes planning and creativity to get out a great range in the shops, and yes there might be some glamour and fun, but not without more than a fair share of hard work.

2. You Don’t Need A Brain To Work In The Fashion Industry

This is the stereotype that I feel like I am often subject too, as i’m studying a degree in fashion. So many people think fashion is an easy way out, and a way to breeze through a degree. But how wrong those people are, because if you haven’t got your head screwed on you will get eaten alive in the industry. There is no doubt the industry is tough and very dog eat dog, but to succeed you need to have grit, determination and a good head on your shoulders. Know what you want and work at it till you succeed.

3. It’s A Woman’s World & All The Men Are Gay

Again, this is one of the biggest false stereotypes I think I’ve EVER  heard about the fashion industry, because it’s just not true. Yes there may be a large amount of women that work in Fashion, as generally it’s an industry women are interested in and more likely to go into, but not completely. I suppose maybe men may have to work a little harder, just as you really need to be someone who gets on with women, but then to work in the industry you need to be sociable in general. However, some of the best people in fashion are men. Look at Henry Holland, Gok Wan, Tom Ford, Micheal Kors, Christian Louboutin, Mario Testino; the list really does go on… They have made such a massive impact on the industry, and really are true icons in what they do. So, it’s definitely not just a world made for women, it’s made for amazing and creative men too!

4. Fashion Is Just For The Rich Who Can Afford It All

For a long time fashion has been perceived as an industry which is purely for the rich and famous, who can have what they want and when they want it. However, over the last five of years I think fashion has really began to change it’s tune. Slowly, the industry is starting to work as one and consider all different styles and budgets. The premium high-street brands have massively grown over the last few years, as well outlet villages and seasonal sales. As women and men of all social classes and incomes want a piece of fashion. Whether that’s from a designer name, a high-street name or somewhere in between. Even Primark now advertises in Vogue, so the fashion industry really is becoming so much more inclusive now, than it ever has been before. 

5. The Industry Is Only For Skinny & Pretty People

This is something I feel so strongly about, as over the last year fashion and size stereotypes has really made a massive turn. Just look at the cover of this cosmopolitan magazine, where a size 26 model is on the cover and championing plus size fashion. Not that I agree with the word plus size, as I think in the industry plus size is exaggerated well too much and actually a lot of plus size models in the fashion industry are just average UK sizes. However, the industry is slowing becoming so much more accepting, and I honestly think this is such a positive and massive step forward.  

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20 Autumn Styling Tips

Autumn fashion can be extremly boring and unimaginative, when it’s cold and all you want to wear is a classic pair of jeans and throw on a jumper. It`s so hard to be able to incorporate a silhoutte into your look and play around with pieces, when your ultimate aim is to stay warm on a chilly autumn day. However, with a few easy tips, which are just quick change ups to the way you’re styling your looks, can completley transform your autumn style. It can go from drab and uncreative, to playful and stylish, with a few easy changes. 

Autumn Styling Tips:

  1. Style your hair in a sleek, low ponytail, as it adds a chic and put together feel to your look.
  2. Pair a basic grey tee-shirt and black jeans, with a piece of interest. This could be a statement coat, bag or even a boot.
  3. Throw on a feodora or a floppy felt hat, to instantly add an effortless glam feel to your outfit. 
  4. Layer, layer, layer. It’s all about creating a focus and dimension to your outfit and popping a shirt collar under a patterned jumper, is a super easy way to nail it. 
  5. Paint your nails in your favourite atumnal colour. This adds a sense of warmth straight to your look, and some of my favourites are burgundy, mulberry and burnt orange. 
  6. Work with a colour palette that you love and suits you. Just because it’s going into Autumn, doesn’t mean you still can’t wear pink or duck egg blue. It’s your style and you look so much better if you’re wearing a colour that suits you.
  7. ALWAYS add texture, as it adds depth and cosyness to your outfit. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks fab paired with other basics, as the main statement piece. 
  8. Gillets are the key to keeping warm in Autumn, when it’s still too warm to wear a coat, but too cold not to have anything. They are a great inbetween and I find they always keep me super cosy.
  9. To style up a classic bag, ready for Autumn, tie a silky patterned scarf around the handles. This adds pattern to your look and also updates a classic, neutral bag. 
  10.  Work on the philosophy, if tight on the top then loose on the bottom, or the other way round. I always think this looks the most flattering for a feminine figure, whilst still looking chic and elegant. 

11. Pop on a headscarf, whether it’s tied around your head or around your bobble, in a classic ponytail. This is bang on trend this season, and definitely an easy way to make a statement in an outfit.

12. Knee-High boots are an easy way to add feminity and a slight sexiness to a covered up autumnal look. 

13. High neck polo tops and jumpers are the new way to add feminity to an autumnal look. If you choose one that empasises the chest and neck, they can look beautiful, super elegant and an amazing basic for any wardrobe.

14. If you’re stuck on what coat to buy this autumn, a trench is a go-to every time. It’s chic, elegant and completley timeless. You can NEVER go wrong with a trench.

15. Add an autumnal lip to your look, but this year I’m loving nude’s, browns and anything in between. They are so 90’s, but they look so classic and I love how they pull a look together.

16. Change up your go-to skinny jeans, for a mom style or relaxed skinny. They are so much more comfortable to wear and look amazing paired with boots and over sized knits. 

17. Flats are super stylish too, in different patterns, textures and metals, they look beautiful on your feet and are comfortable too. What more can you ask for. 

18. Sunglasses are still so needed as we go into those bright autumnal days. So don’t feel stupid, if you still pair some of your favourite looks with a pair of classic sunnies. 

19. Skirts look beautiful in the winter, and the key is to stick to autumnal colours and get a great pair of thick black tights. Primark do some of the best!

20. Add a touch of animal print, as it’s so massive this season. A leopard print belt or a snake print shoe, is my favourite way to channel the trend. 

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