19 Memories From 2019

2019 what a roller coaster of year you were. I know it’s clique but honestly it was so up and down for me. I had some of the best moments of my life, like moving to London and starting my dream placement. But there was also so many difficult times, when I had to grow up and take on so much responsibility. It was the year for growth, memories and opportunities. I feel like I really found myself, and what’s important to me in life. So much happen last year and here’s 19 of my favourite moments..Going to Amsterdam with Ed and getting some wet deserved couple time after a super busy January. It was a place we had both want to go to for so long and we had the best time exploring and doing all the touristy things. 

  1. Moving to London with my best friend and getting to live my dream of living in the city.
  2. Our family holiday to Spain in August. This is where this photo of me on the unicorn was taken, and honestly it was the MOST relaxing holiday and I loved every minute. 
  3. My 21st trip with all my amazing friends to center parcs. It was such a lovely and memorable way to celebrate a big birthday and I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday. 
  4. Finishing second year with a first, after a really stressful, life changing year. 
  5. Going on my first work trip to Poland, and realising that through my dream job I will get travel to some amazing places and do some incredible things. 
  6. Going to see some amazing west end shows during my weekends in London. Wicked will forever be my favourite, but I also loved Grown Up’s and The Bank Robbery That Went Wrong. 
  7. Going to Winter Wonderland with all my best friends over two weekends. We had the best time and we smashed the ice bar and ice skating too!
  8. Going to see Take That live. They wouldn’t be the first people I would choose but we got given tickets and honestly they were the best band I’ve EVER seen live. They were so incredible. 
  9. Having a weekend away with Ed and getting to go to Twickenham and spontaneously seeing School Of Rock. 

10. Renovating and decorating my house to truly make it my own home.

11. Our annual family trip to center parts, where we just had amazing family time playing games, drinking and making memories. 

12. A family holiday to Norfolk in July, which consisted of wondering round little villages, shops, games and family meals. 

13. A girly spa day to celebrate finishing second year or university. 

14. Lots of family meals and family evenings. My family mean the world to me and I just love spending time with them.

15. Canoeing in the Spanish sea with Ed, his twin and her boyfriend. 

16. Starting work at my dream job in fashion buying and merchandising. 

17. A girly bottomless brunch, with one of my best friends, for my 21st birthday present. It was incredible and we want to do it every week now. 

18. Having a lovely surrounded by all my family and friends.

19. Going to see West Side Story at my local theatre on Boxing Day. I love going to see shows and this one was just brilliant. 

The Impact Of Our Fast Fashion Obsession

Sustainability is such a massive topic in the fashion industry right now, and there’s no surprise. I’m not sure whether it’s because I study and work in the industry, that I’m so aware of what struggles its facing and problems its creating. But it’s a topic that everyone who’s a consumer should be aware of. So, I thought I would share a bit of an insight into what our fast fashion obsession is really doing for the environment and why it’s such a hot topic at the minute.

The fashion industry is the fifth worse industry for impacting negatively on the environment and it’s due to so many factors. It uses 98 million tonnes of oil every year and emits more greenhouse gases than all of the world’s air travel. This mean’s that it’s using non-renewable energy that is very resource intensive to gain and can also not be there for future generations. As the greenhouse gases contribute to the depletion of the o-zone layer and global warming. The amount of dyeing and treatment of our favourite fabrics, also contributes to 20% of global water pollution. This is going into rivers that developing countries use to wash and cook with. So not only is it causing massive effects on the environment, but also on the health of our world population too. 

In todays modern world we are so lucky to be able to have access to clothes 24/7 and from any location we want to buy them from. However, this means that we don’t keep our clothes for as long, as we can so easily go and buy something new. It could be a few years, months or even just a day, for a special event. It’s been proved that on average the lifetime of a garment in the UK, is only 2.2 years. Also, £140 million clothes which are still wearable make their way into landfill every year. These are all items that we could donate to charity, sell or give away, and make sure it’s life continues, until it’s no longer wearable. 

So, I think the question on everyones lips is what can we do to make this situation better. For a start it’s all about being aware of what you buy and how much you buy. Try to buy more high quality pieces that will last longer, and that will you will treasure. Over cheap items, that you will only wear a few times. This way you are not putting more items into the cycle and being more responsible with your clothing choices. Also, when you’ve finished with your pieces, they always have another life so make sure you give them away, donate them or sell them. An item you may be finished with is always someone else treasure. Finally, think about the brands you’re buying from. All brands usually have a statement or stance on sustainability and you can see what they do to be more environmentally friendly. Fast fashion brands are generally not as sustainable due to how they make their items so quickly, where they make them and also how many items they clear through ready for the next season launch. Just have a think and do some research before you buy an item. One small thing you do can feed into a massive change. 

Learning To Get To Know You & Self Care

I’ve officially been living in London now, for just over two months and I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I guess the saying is true, time really does go fast when you’re having fun. When I sit and think about the last few months, I realise that my 18 year old self dreamt of living in London. Going into central every weekend and living the city lifestyle. Sometimes I get so caught up in what’s going on right now and the future, that I forget how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown, even in the last three months. Earlier this year I had no time to think about myself and was just trying to cope with my grief and new responsibilities. So now to be able to take time to reflect back and  really put myself first, has done so much for me. It makes me realise no matter what is happening, you need to prioritise and care for yourself first. You are the only one who can control your feelings, mood and emotions, and you can never under estimate the power of self care. 

Being in a new place, in a new situation and new people, really makes you see everything in a new light. It makes you appreciate such small things. For me it’s spending those lazy days with my boyfriend, spending time with family on a Sunday evening and having them just a stones throw away. It’s the fresh air, the green fields and the beauty of your home comforts. Going to all the cute gift shops, garden centres and craft fairs. It makes me realise how much home holds a place in my heart, and also that I should never take anything for granted. It’s really made me see what makes me happy and what things I value in my life. 

When your whole life changes so much, it’s takes you a while to realise what makes you happy and content everyday. What to do when you’re down and you need a pick me up, or just how to really relax after a long day. Self care is something I’ve been massively getting into and something that takes a lot of practice. Just knowing you and being aware of yourself is so vital to your success. Just knowing what environment you thrive in, both at home and at work. What days you work best, and what days people are best to leave you alone, for me that so a Monday. They are not my day at all. Or just knowing what makes you really you. 

Since getting back into blogging and reading, I’ve realised they are two massive self care acts for me, in such different ways. Reading is a real escape for me, a way to just relax before bed and switch off from the world. Just sit in my bed and let myself enjoy a really good book. I think that’s why I love holidays so much too, because there’s always a book involved for me. Then there’s blogging, something which holds such a massive part of my heart. This blog is where my fashion journey really began and it’s grown up with me. It’s a place that’s mine and where I can really share anything and everything I want to with you all. It’s always my little project and makes me excited to keep developing and growing it. 

So, all I’m asking of you is to make sure you think about you more and make time for the things you love to do. Whatever they may be, however big or small, do things that help you to detox and relax. Switch off from the world and most importantly just help you be a better person. Trust me you’ll thank your self for it and everyone around you will too. 

Some Self Care Ideas: