5 Way’s I’m Learning To Overcome Set Backs

The last few months have been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions for me. I know it has been for everyone during lockdown. One minute I’m happy, loving life and another minute I’m not looking after myself and starting and finishing work late everyday. Being on placement too and working a full time job during lockdown, still learning new things everyday, has definitely had its challenges. I’ve had to learn how to be more independent, work on my own without all my colleagues around and really understand how crucial it is to put yourself first. A few weeks ago I really had got to a point where I just had to stop and re-evaluate my work, life balance. I was just working so hard, trying to do everything perfectly and ultimately just burning myself out. Since then I’ve had a good few weeks of work, with a fresh mind set and hope that this set back is behind me. So, I thought a lot of you might have been having similar situations and that I would share how I refreshed my mind set and got over my set back.

Set back’s are one of the hardest things for anyone to overcome, this could be in private life or in at work, but they are even harder when you’re a perfectionist and you want everything to be perfect. However, the fact of life is that nothing can ever be perfect, there’s always going to be things that are out of your control, things that happen that are not ideal and not how you planned. But I’m really learning now that it’s not about what the set back was but it’s about how you’re going to move forward from it.


This might seem really obvious but just taking a step back to address the set back and what’s happen just helps you put some objective clarity on everything. For me I just had to step back from work, understand why I was feeling so burnt out and what things were causing me to feel so stressed. So then when I went back I could have fresh eyes and try to create a new routine for myself, to stop me from getting burnt out again.


This could be taking some holiday off work to have a mini break away or to just spend time with friends and family. Just whatever takes you out of your normal day to day environment, where you can wind down and relax. Then you can really just switch your head off from the situation and spend time with people you love. I know that always makes me feel so much better.


When you’ve had a setback I can guarantee that someone you know had had a similar one too, at some point. They can always give you the best advice and tips of how they got over it. Also, there’s so many articles online that can really help, sometimes all you need is to talk over the situation, then park it and move on.


This is something I’m still working on, but the best way I try to think about it is only ever talk to yourself like you would to a friend. For example if you’ve been trying to loose weight and had a set back, where you’ve not lost any for a while, you would never tell your friend you still look fat and are a failure. So don’t ever tell yourself that. Be kind and understanding with yourself. We’re all humans, we make mistakes and we are even better at moving on.


This is the best and the hardest part, as you now have to face the situation again. It could be going back to work, trying to get a friendship back on track or seeing your partner that you’ve been having time out with. Whatever it is it’s time to try to try it again. The best way I did this was to create a different work environment for myself and be strict. Try to create a different feeing when I opened my laptop and not the feeling of dread I had before. It’s all about moving on and try to forget what happened before and start a fresh, as holding onto things is always heavier than you think.

How To Stay Motivated & Still Reach Your Goals In 2020

Staying motivated is one of the biggest struggles I’m having at the minute. Maybe its because I’ve over lockdown and just need to get out and have a bit more normality in my life But, it’s a real struggle to get up everyday and get my work head on. Just to be able to switch on my computer and be able to fully concentrate and be just as productive as I am in the office, would be a dream. Just because we’re starting to get back to our normal routine’s, doesn’t mean we need to be our best selves everyday. I know I’m definitely not and actually finding it so hard to not beat myself up and remember this is a crazy time and I’m allowed to have off-days. I thought you might be feeling the same, whether you’ve been working at home for the last 10 weeks or getting ready to go back, here’s a few ways I keep myself motivated and ideas I want to try over the next few months to get me through working at home. 

This is something I’ve not get tried but I’ve seen so many people talk about it. Basically you create a visual board to represent goals or things you want to achieve throughout the next year. I think this would be perfect for me, as sometimes I get so caught up on the smaller details and everyday things, that I forget the bigger goal and what I’m working towards. Like when I do something wrong at work and beat myself up, I forget its all helping me grow and develop as a person and do better in my career. So if I had a quick vision board to look, during these times I really remember the reason behind what I’m doing. I also think it helps you stay focused and remind yourself what you want in your life and not to settle until you have these things. 

This links to the first point, but I honestly think it really helps you to give you clarification and perspective on things. For me the reason why I do everything is to make my family proud and to know that my mum and dad are looking down on me with pride. I want to achieve my goals and be able to live a comfortable and happy life. Go on nice holidays, treat my family and friends, give myself a settled life and be in a position to be able to support charities and special causes. Of course this is a long way off, but when I’m having a bad day it helps me remember what my end goal is and the person I want to be in the future. I definitely have days when this isn’t even a option to think about, but its something I want to force myself to think about more and stop getting so caught up in small hurdles or failures. 

This is the biggest lesson I need to learn from myself, as I honestly need to believe in myself more. Whenever I fail or feel unmotivated I loose all faith in my ability and myself. One of my favourite quotes is ‘believe in yourself and you’re halfway there’ and this is so true! Half of the battle is knowing you can ace that exam, nail that presentation or get a high grade on that assignment, but its hard when you’re struggling and want to do the best you can. So, we can all take a lesson from this and believe in ourselves more. Know we are enough, that we have the ability to achieve anything and deserve to succeed just as much as anyone else does.

Due to these crazy times it’s so hard for a lot of us to achieve our goals. I know for a lot of my friends who are finishing uni and closing an amazing chapter in their lives, are so scared of the future and what else is to come. When they will get a job, how long it will be and just what to expect next. So, use the time to think how you can work towards your goals. Do a course in something you love, create new goals to make yourself a better person or create new routines for yourself. Spend time researching or update your linkedin profile. There’s s0 many other ways to achieve your goals, just not necessarily the normal ways you would think. Or if you really can’t reach them this year, then be okay that it’s going to take longer than you wanted, don’t be down hearted as no one planned for a global pandemic to happen. 

When I’ve had a bad day or really struggling with something, I find taking some time out to think over it, is great. Just reflecting on what happened, what I could have done better and them ultimately just getting over it. I think the biggest battle is accepting it happened, moving on and accepting its part of the journey. I’m a perfectionist and like things to be done to a high-standard, which means I have high standards for myself too. So like I always mention, I love having a bath, watching my favourite or delving into a new series, and also chatting it through with a friend or family member. They see you from a different perspective and love you for who you are. They will always give you true and honest advice.

10 Round Ideas To Change Up Your Next Zoom Quiz

Keeping in touch with family and friends online has become such a massive thing for not only me but across the country. I feel like Zoom has never been so popular. I’ve honestly never done so many quizzes in my life and I’ve now become and expert in finding fun new quiz rounds to try. I’m definitely not a quizzer and frankly I’m awful at quizzes, so I love a modern quiz with different picture, music and just random rounds to keep me engaged. As you could probably guess the traditional history and geography rounds just really aren’t my vibe or tailored to anything I really know. So, I thought I would share 10 fun quiz rounds for you to try. Some I’ve already tried and loved and other’s are one’s I’m still waiting to include… 

1. Find The Object:

This is a round I love the sound of and can’t wait to try out. I just think it’s such a fun and interactive way to do a quiz. Basically all you need to do is choose a list of different objects and whoever brings back the item onto the screen first wins the point. It’s not intellectual at all but a fun way to keep people entertained during lock down! 

2. Baby Photo’s / Celeb Baby Photos:

This is one of my favourites a great way to get to know each other or just test everyone’s knowledge. It’s always so interesting to see if people have changed from their baby photo or still have the same face as they do now. If you can’t get baby photos then do celebrity one’s instead. They are super easy to find on the internet and always a topic of great discussion. 

3. Guess the TV Set:

This is a new one I’ve recently discovered and was in my family quiz last night. Basically all you do is find pictures of different tv show sets and you have to guess where it’s from. I’ve also added in a questions about the number of episodes or you could ask about the number of views that programme has had too!

4. Emoji Quizzes:

These are just everywhere at the moment and you can get hold of one really easily. Basically you choose a theme and then make a set of emojis to represent it. For example different tv shows, countries, sayings or capital cities. If you don’t find one you like then you can easily make one yourself and its a fun way to change up your quiz rounds. 

5. 50 50 Questions:

This round is a bit more traditional, but easy to play. All you have to do is choose two things and you either choose one or another. For example, which one is biggest, which logo is correct, or which picture is right! This one is still great for avid quizzers and you can some really hard ones in there too. 

6. Theme Show Songs:

I love this round and its one of my favourite’s. I just what way too much TV, especially at the minute and so its a great way to test your knowledge. It takes a while to set up as you have to get each song downloaded to easily play during your quiz. But I just think it’s really interactive and fun! 

7. Who’s Most Likely Too?

This is a great one to do with friends or family, you just need to know each other quite well. Basically just pick various statements and who ever gets the most votes for each statement wins the point. So if 5 people choose a certain person then they each win a point. I love questions like who’s most likely to become prime minister or embarrass themselves in public. If you google this then loads of fun questions will come up!

8. Logo Quiz:

Again not a traditional round for a quiz but a super fun and family friendly idea. You wouldn’t believe the amount of logo we see in our daily lives and notice. This is one of my favourites to play as I actually know quite a lot. 

9. It’s All About This:

To keep it interesting its super fun to have a whole round about one thing. This could be all about Disney, all about London or just a random topic. Its the ultimate test of knowledge about a certain topic and is just a good laugh as some people love them and some just hate them too!

10. Merge That Face:

This is a great round to just have a good laugh. All you need to do is find a website where you can merge two people’s face together. It could be two celebrities or two of your friends or family. It’s just a fun way to change up your quiz and always makes every laugh. 


Things I’ve Currently Been Loving – Lockdown Edition

During lockdown I’ve had so much time on my hands to fill. I’m usually super busy and don’t just take some time out for myself. But lately I’ve really been loving having some me time and just baking some sweet treats, discovering a new tv series and spending the next few days bingeing it from start to finish, and doing a million zoom quizzes with friends and family. So, I thought I would share a few of my favourites that I’ve discovered during lockdown. From my new favourite beauty brand, to series I’ve been loving and new recipes I’ve been discovering. 


During lockdown I’ve been really trying to get stricter with my skincare routine and stop my skin from breaking out. I’m not sure why my skin has reacted badly, when I’ve not been wearing makeup everyday, but I’ve had moments where it’s been really bad. So, after being recommend this brand by my bestie and flat mate, I decided to give it a go. It’s called The Ordinary, and is amazing skin care but at an affordable price. There is not any unnecessary promises, beautiful packing or amazing advertisements, just great products. I use the Squalane cleanser, Niacinamide 10% serum and Azelaic acid suspension moisturiser, and been pairing them with a toner I was already using. I chose these based on my oily skin, so if you fancy trying them out there’s a full guide of the best products for each skin type of their website. 

I’ve also been loving doing a face mask, just to pamper myself and give me a little pick me up. I’ve always liked the Garnier sheet facemarks, but they are a little pricey just for one use. However, they’ve been on offer everywhere lately and you can get them on amazon too. I love the Aqua Bomb hydrating mask and the Lavender hydrating sheet. They are perfect for travelling, neat and compact and don’t go everywhere, like a liquid mask would. They also make your skin feel amazing afterwards. Whether that’s extra hydrated, soft, glowy or just feels super clean. 


At the minute I’m obsessed with discovering new tv series and rewatching some of my old favourites. Just anything to keep me occupied really. One of my latest discoveries is a Sky original and called Brassic. It’s set in a fictional town and follows a group of friends through a lot of tricky situations they find themselves in. It’s super funny, easy to watch and got some amazing actors in. 

If you’re looking for another easy to binge series, then Too Hot To Handle on Netflix is a great one to choose. A lot of you might of already watched it, but it’s basically a smaller version of Love Island, but with a twist. It’s only 8 episodes long, fun and easy to watch. A perfect way to fill an afternoon. 

On the Netflix theme I’ve also just started watching The Crown. I feel like everyone’s watched this, as it was one of the first original Netflix series, but I thought it was about time I did too. I love the royals and was obsessed with watching Victoria,  so I thought I would love this too. It’s a really great series so far, with some amazing actors in. However, it’s a series you really have to concentrate on so you don’t miss anything, which I don’t always fell like doing at the minute. So I’m not binging it, but watching a bit at a time. 

If you’re looking for some girly romantic comedies to watch then To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series is perfect for you. This was again recommend to me and I loved every second. We just sat and binged both films last Saturday afternoon and it’s the perfect way to spend a day in my opinion. 


I feel like food and drink are one of the only things to get excited about at the minute. So I’ve been loving discovering new baking recipes, when it’s my week to bake. I’ve found some of my favourite recipes on Jane’s Patisserie. Her website is full of amazing recipes that always come out tasting lovely. My flat mate is also dairy free and there’s some great vegan recipes on there too, that just taste perfect. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve also discovered that Pret have released some of their recipes for lots of their amazing treats. I made the dark chocolate and almond cookies and they honestly tasted amazing. They had a pinch of salt in, mixed with the dark chocolate,  just tasted out of this world and they are the best cookies I’ve ever had. If you fancy trying them out, then check out the Pret website. 

So, when it comes to drinks we like to have something different at the weekend to have during our zoom quizzes. So each week me and my bestie take it in turns to sort out drinks. We love the cans of cocktails, the boxes of pornstar martini and this week’s newest favourite is a good glass of Pimms. 


Let me know if you try out any of the recipe’s I’ve mentioned, tv series I’m loving or just decided to try one of the beauty products. I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy and happy, and that this post brings you a bit of inspiration to try out something new. 

Life Lessons We Can All Take From Our Time In Isolation

Let’s face it this time in isolation was not only unexpected for most of us but also a completely new experience. Staying in for such a long period of time, not working and spending so much time around the people you live with. Unless you’re one of the amazing key workers that are keeping our country running. It was a case of one day life was more or less normal and the next day it was totally different. Honestly, with everything going on I don’t think we will ever be back to how we were before and we will have a new normal. That might be how we think about hygiene, our physical and mental health, how we work and also just about ourselves. We have all had to learn new things and had to live life differently to how we ideally would. So there’s so many lessons I will personally take out of lockdown with me and one’s we can all take as an individual, family and as a nation. 

1. Take Time Out

This time in lockdown has shown me that I need to give myself more time out, to rest and just be. I usually hate not having anything to do or something planned, but being in isolation has meant I’ve had to slow down. Although I would love to be able to go and sit in a pub garden right now or go shopping in central London, I also know now that I will choose a day just being a home just as much too. It’s not as boring as I use to think it was and actually its a lovely place to just rest and recuperate, especially if you have a comfy sofa and a fur baby to cuddle. 

2. Support Small Businesses

Recently because shops have been closed I’ve been buying online and especially from ‘not on the high-street’. I usually love a little gift shop and picking up little unique presents, but I can’t do that at the minute for birthday presents. All of this has made me realise how much we should be supporting our local businesses, where every time they have an order or sale you are helping someone to succeed not just put money into a large companies pocket. it’s all about balance, but being conscious to support the local cafe’s and restaurants over the big chains. 

3. Being Outdoors Is Essential

I think before lockdown some of us had really forgotten the power of being outside, getting fresh air and just being in an outdoors environment. Only being able to go out to the supermarket and our hour of exercise a day, it’s made us all realise how powerful a breath of fresh air is and how good it is for your mental health too. I know when I’m having a hard day, a long walk will instantly lift my mood and it’s always made better when it’s beautiful weather. So after lockdown lets spend more time outdoors and less time inside in front of a screen. 

4. Keeping in Touch

We all live busy lives, in this crazy modern world, so we do forget to take the time to catch up with our loved ones. But being in lockdown and not being able to see them, makes you realise how much you value them. It could be seeing your mum once a week, going for drinks with the girls on a Friday night or a chat with your colleagues at work. So more than anything, take the time after lockdown to stay connected with the people you love, as its so easy to do so in this amazing technology filled world. 

5. We Don’t Need To Always Look Our Best

mWe don’t always need to have our nails looking perfect, hair cut every 6 weeks and makeup done everyday. My team at work have seen me looking my most natural and raw and it makes no difference to you or your work. I love dressing up for the day and it helps me feel ready for the day, but if I leave the house on a chilled day, makeup isn’t always going to be my first priority. I’m loving not wearing makeup and its doing wonders for my skin!

I hope even one of these just relates to you and your experience in isolation so far. Stay safe, healthy and prioritise your mental and physical health.