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This time of the year is the true party season, and that only means one thing you have to find that perfect outfit. It’s about the sparkle, sequins, toule and texture, as you shine all night on that dancefloor. Whether it’s a work Christmas party, when you want to channel your chic party look, a night out with the girls, where it’s all about having fun and sparkling all evening, or a dinner date; where looking sexy and adding that glimmer of Christmas sparkle, is key. There really is a partywear trend to suit every celebration that festive season…

Velvet is one of the most gorgeous trends when it comes to partywear. It’s such a beautiful fabric, that creates a really sexy and chic take on occasion wear. It’s looks lovely when worn in the deep colour palette of this Autumn/Winter, as deep burgundy’s, mulberry’s and greens take over your style. This is a great fabric if sequins are just a bit too sparkly for you, and you’re looking for a more wintery and chic look. However, they do look lovely worn together, and you can really create the best of both worlds.

Sequins are something that are forever in style when you think about partywear. They just scream seasonal celebrations, that are packed full of fun, laughter and spending all night on the dance floor. My favourite type of sequins have to be in the metallic colours, of gold and silver, as they really make the occasion super special. However, they also look lovely in block colours, of purple, black, grey or navy.

Rachel x

My 18th Birthday Party


As this blog really is an online scrapbook of my life and all of the things I love within it, I thought that it was only right to share some of the lovely photos, that were taken at my 18th birthday party…

I held my party at a really amazing venue, in my local city, in their basement lounge/ mini club area. I’d been to the venue previously, for a work Christmas party, and instantly feel in love with everything about it. It looks so industrial, it’s super modern and chic, and also has a really great atmosphere and space for a party.  I wanted to make it really special, so I decided to hire an up and coming photographer, that’s a family friend, to professionally document the whole night; so I had lot’s of lovely pictures and memories to look back on. I personally think he did a really amazing job and I know I will always treasure these photo’s for years to come, whenever I look back on my 18th birthday.

To kick the whole party off, right from the outset, the venue’s manager suggested that he would be able to put out a red carpet, to make the venue’s entrance look a bit more special and party ready; but only if the weather was good. So obviously I was crossing my finger’s for weeks, in the hope that it would be. This, and a pair of big gold and silver, 18 balloons, set the backdrop for all the lovely entrance photo’s. I also wanted to give everyone a entrance drink, and with a rally cute addition of lot’s of gold stripy straws, and some raspberry’s, the drinks looked really amazing and I was really pleased with them. In the centre of each table, I made a glitter covered jam jar, and surrounded it with party poppers and some black and gold confetti. This just finished each table off, and it tied the whole colour theme together.dsc_3335


Inside the venue, all I wanted was for everyone to have a really good time. Happy guests = great party. So, to really document this, the photographer decided to bring along lots of cute photo booth props and get all the guests to have photos with them. There was lot’s of colourful sunglasses, loads of weird and wonderful mouths, and lot’s of genuine real smiles. These photos have to be my favourite out of all of them, because they’re so funny and really capture my friends and family so well.

The photographer also took the time, and the opportunity when it came, to get some really nice candid shots, of me, my friends and my family. In particular, my two favourite have to be the one at the start, where my two of my best friends had just arrived, a little bit more than tipsy. I also love the one of me and my friend Elisha hugging, it’s a moment you don’t usually get to see again on camera, but it’s such a special photo.

dsc_3402dsc_3385dsc_3390dsc_3396dsc_3397dsc_3400dsc_3408dsc_3413 dsc_3473dsc_3409dsc_3497dsc_3487

I had such a great party, dancing all night with my friends and family and getting very tipsy. There’s was so many events going on, to celebrate my birthday, and I’m so glad to have such amazing people around me.

Rachel x

18 Party Wear Buys | Under £50

18 Party Wear Buys.png

Party wear seems like a really relevant subject to me at the moment, as I’m being invited to so many 18th birthday parties and various other party attire style of events. I’m one of those people who finds just as much enjoyment from the whole getting ready process and choosing my outfit, as actually going to the party itself. Therefore, what I’m going to wear is always first on the priority list. So, as I’m sure many of you are in the same situation, at the minute, I thought I would share 18 party appropriate pieces with you all. I’ve also chosen items that are all under £50, to make sure that you’re not breaking the bank, this party season.


MissGuided Grey Dress | £50, ASOS Earrings | £12, MissGuided Dress | £35, Zara Scarf | £9.99, New Look  Dress | £24.99, MissGuided Bomber | £40, ASOS Dress | £40, River Island Sandals | £48, MissGuided Shorts | £25

When it comes to party wear I’m all about the sparkle, sequins and a good bit of glitter. So this MissGuided Black Sequined Bomber Jacket and Gold Tassled shorts, definitely fit into my partywear vibe. I love how this bomber is not the traditional type of piece you would usually wear for a party, but it gives a bit of a different feel to the normal party look and would look great paired with a strappy top and heel’s or even a dress. The black sequins make it really versatile and super flattering, on any body shape or size. As these tassled gold shorts, also from MissGuided, just completly scream partywear to me, and are exactly the type of thing I would choose. Paired with a nice white blouse or a strappy cami, they would amazing, and you would always sparkle on the dance floor. These are again a very versatile piece, and could even be worn in a more sophisticated and girly way, if you chose to.


River Island Skirt | £30, Topshop Sandals | £49, Zara Bag | £22.99, Zara Choker | £17.99, Zara Earcuff | £12.99, MissGuided Bag | £22, Topshop Heels | £32, ASOS Top | £40, Boohoo Playsuit | £18

However, party wear is not just about clothing, it’s also about those accessories and a good bit of footwear as well. These Topshop Silver Pom Pom Sandals and Zara Gem Choker, have to be two of my favourite items to pull a whole outfit together. The silver sandals are a complete statement piece and really allow the feet to do all the talking. I’m not sure whether I could pull them off, but I know they would look great paired with an all black, or even an all white outfit. The key with these sandals is keeping it simple on top, and let the party happen at the bottom. Maybe even pair them with the MissGuided Feather Clutch Bag, to tie the whole pom pom vibe into your outfit. On the other hand, a good piece of jewellery can really bring an outfit to life and will hopefully never become worn. This gem choker is the perfect piece of jewellery, for any party look, just because of how sparkly it is; ensuring you will always shine on your night out. It would look perfect paired with a sparkly number, but also as a statement piece, on it’s own, with a more chic and simple outfit.

I hope you’ve found a few gorgeous items that you would love to wear this party season, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, for regular fashion and style inspiration HERE.

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#SS | My Holiday Wardrobe & Style Tips


As all those clothes-loving women out there know, putting together a cracking holiday wardrobe is actually a lot harder than it may first seem. The act of actually being able to choose your favourite wardrobe pieces, make sure they all work and interchange together and will also fit into the small luggage allowances, these days, is almost impossible. However, my some kind of miracle, as I arrived and unpacked my bag in my East Sussex holiday destination, a few weeks ago, I soon discovered I had managed to create a really good collection of clothes. They were all within a certain colour palette, fitted and mixed together with each other easily, and allowed me to style up lot’s of gorgeous holiday outfits to wear.


Without worrying and thinking about my summer holiday wardrobe, this year, I managed to put together quite a good selection of my favourite wardrobe items and purely summer appropriate pieces. So, all summer wardrobe’s start off by a good old shopping trip and picking out lot’s of lovely summer pieces to wear on holiday. There’s honestly nothing quite like wearing lovely new clothes when you go on holiday. These shopping trips consist of picking out myultiple new items and kind of working on the vibe that you’re style is heading towards, during the summer. Personally, my vibe is girly chic, with a mix of textures, florals and lace. I still find it really hard to define my style, however I think this is a good attempt so far.

The key pieces of my summer wardrobe are all thanks to New Look, and I think that they were really killing it for Spring/Summer 16. There’s this gorgeous white lace dress, which suits my body shape so perfectly and really is thrown on, go-to piece. I’m also really loving these black and cream camisole’s, because of just how chic, elegant and sophisticated they on; giving any outfit Chanel-esque. This blush faux-leather skirt completes my key pieces, and adds a girly sexiness to an outfit. I really love pairing this with one of the camisole’s to create a chic, but also sexy day or night look. I don’t think any of these items are in stock any more, but New Look are defitely selling this skirt in darker, more autumnal colours.


However, not all the items I packed fitted into the muted colour theme, and there’s was also a few more top’s, trousers and shorts to add to my summer wardrobe. These khaki green patterned trousers, from Peacocks, if you can actually believe that, are my absolute go-to style of trousers at this time of the year. They’re so floaty, light and super comfortable to wear; making them the perfect trousers to wear for hotter weather. The shorts just below the khaki trousers are known as my posh shorts and are an item which allows you to make wearing shorts chic and glamourous. They’re actually a skort style of shorts, however they are made of a floaty dark floral fabric and look gorgeous with the black cami I mentioned earlier.


My Summer Style Tips

1.Know which styles and shapes suit your body shape and really stick to them. I always think that summer is one of the most important times to feel body confident, and sticking to shapes that suit you will maximise your self confidence massively.

2. Think carefully about how much you will actually wear summer appropriate pieces, because if you live in the UK, then you will never really get the wear out of buying really expensive summer items. So, try to buy affordable pieces, which look good, but also have a price that is equal to the amount of wear you will get out of it.

3. Don’t just follow the stereotypical summer trends because they’re popular. Think about exactly what styles suit you and then adapt the current summer trends according to that. Try to substitute shorts for a skort, or white jeans for white trousers, according to your style and what really suits you.

4.Think about future summer’s when buying holiday pieces, because you may not get the wear or use out of them. So if you choose more carefully, then you will be able to wear the pieces for future summer’s and you will love them and feel confident wearing them again and again.

If you’ve loved reading this post, you can keep updated with the whole of the #SummerSpecial series right HERE.

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The Workwear Edit | Dressing For A Summer Day

The Workwear Edit Header.jpg

Dressing for a really hot summer’s day is something that the majority of British people find difficult, because we don’t ever have to get used to dressing for extremely hot weather or have much practice in the art of chic high-summer style. However, it’s even more difficult when you’re having to decide what to wear when you’ve got a work dress code limiting your choices. So, after hearing about this post idea from the lovely people at Tommy John, I’m now bringing you 4 summer layering looks and a few tips along the way, to nailing summer workwear.

As I mentioned previously, this post is inspired by Tommy John, the men’s underwear company, and so I’m going to be sharing 2 women’s looks today and also changing it up a bit, by sharing a men’s look as well. However, let’s start with the women’s summer style looks and my 4 tips on how to truly nail it…

Outfit 1 & 2.png

The first of my 4 summer style looks is this one on the left, which has this gorgeous, blush pink jumpsuit at the heart of the look. To help you make sure that you are prepared for all temperature’s, throughout the day ahead, I’ve paired it with this white turtle neck from MissGuided. This type of layering is one of my favourite’s, due to the fact that it can instantly completley transform an outfit, it can make it look more chic and sophisticated, and you’re also able to quickly whip it off, when you get too hot, if you need to. Layering really is the key to chic summer style, and so I’ve also finished the look off with this cream sleeve-less waist coat from New Look. It add’s an extra dimension to an outfit, a 3rd layer to the look and can again also be taken off really easily. However, the sleeve-less style will hopefully keep your arms cool, as well as super stylish.

The second women’s look comes in the form of this shirt dress from ASOS, which has been paired with two more perfect summer style pieces; a floral scarf and open toed/open heeled shoes. The style of this dress, in itself, makes it really cool to wear, as it’s extremely floaty and is made of a cotton blend, however by adding a floral scarf it creates a second layer to the outfit. The scarf allows you to always be able to take off a layer if you need to, and add warmth around your neck area, whilst allowing the rest of your body to stay super cool. The addition of the open toed shoes, which are also open backed allow your feet to look chic and sophisticated, with a slight heel, but they allow your feet to breathe during your day at work.

So as we’ve now covered all the women’s style looks, let’s talk menswear. I actually work in menswear retail, and so I like to think that I know a little bit about men’s style and the best way’s to layer up. However it’s safe to say that the men, in our lives, have a lot less options for smart, summer style than women will ever have.

Outfit 3.png

For men there is just not the amount of options that women have, such as jumpsuit’s playsuits and dresses, therefore you have to be a lot smarter about which pieces you choose when dressing for a summer day at work. So, to kick off my menswear look I’ve chosen this stone bomber Jacket from Topman, which is really the key to the layering in this outfit. This bomber is super lightweight and allows you to be able to have a jacket which can interchange with multiple outfits, as well something you are quickly able to take off and carry if you need to. Bomber’s are also bang on trend, at the moment, and so with this look you will also be hailing those current menswear trends. My second style tip for men’s smart summer style is to think all about short sleeve shirts, these will be the key to still looking really smart but also extremely cool. They can be found in all manner of different patterns and styles, however I’ve chosen this one from River Island because it’s slim fit and also monochrome, so it will go with all manner of outfits and black and white always look chic and professional.

The key to smart summer style really is all about layering and just making smart decisions about the fabric and the style of the items, you choose to wear. Cotton is a great material to choose, because it’s lightweight and also super comfortable. As items which are not as tight fitting, allow you to breathe and stay cool, during the day. If you loved this post and would like to see the first part of the workwear edit series, you can and have a read of it HERE.

Rachel x