How To Get To Know Yourself and Be In Your Own Company

Over the last few weeks and months I’ve had a lot of learning to do, as I’ve been thrown into an adult world when I’m still only in training. I’ve had to be in the deep end and forced to swim as that was the only way to get everything done, carry on and be able to stay a little bit normal. As well as learning all about houses and bills, I’ve also had to learn how to be in my own company and what can pick me up on a bad day and how to look after myself. Whether that’s doing something I love, meeting with friends and family, taking the time to pamper myself or sometimes just taking a long walk with the dog and having time to think. 

I think being comfortable with yourself and your own company is really hard to master and it takes so long to get to that point where you feel balanced. I’m far from at that point yet, as I’m slowly trying to work my way through becoming a fully fledged adult, but I thought I would share some of the ways I’ve been doing it recently. 

Make Time Yourself

When you’re going through a difficult time, I think its easy to be able to mask over your feelings, by being busy and not taking time for yourself. I’m not saying this is the way I find keeping busy great for my mental health, but I know that at the minute myself is my first priority and making sure I’m okay. So I make sure I don’t expect too much from myself and give myself time to do something just for me. That could just be as simple as watch a film I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, or. finish a new tv series. But anything that for you and makes you feel happy, as only you can truly be behind your happiness, no one else. 

Have Some Pampering Time

Recently I’ve rediscovered pampering and just how good it can make you feel. earlier in the year I had been so occupied doing other important things that I dint take time to paint my nails or do a facemark. It might seem such a small thing, but for me it makes such a difference as it makes me relax and feel good about myself. I used to pamper myself all the time, and it also makes me feel like me again. Its something that I can go to as a place to escape from everything else and just enjoy something fun and girly. Honestly if your ever feeling down, put a face mask on and paint your nails, and I can guarantee you’ll feel so much better. 

Make Plans With Family And Friends

Nothing helps me more than being surrounded by people that I love. I just think it’s such good therapy as you can tell them your problems, they can give you some good advice and most of all you can listen to them and get distracted for a while about their life. I really think that it so nice to keep meeting up with people and making plans, as at the end of the day why not enjoy yourself. 

When it comes to what plans to make, I love going out for lunch as you can have a really good chat over food. My favourite thing EVER. Or you could go for afternoon tea, drinks, out for a meal, go shopping or my most favourite recently go to an exercise class. This helps you just have a good laugh together and is great company to get your motivated to work out. 

Do Something You Love

For me doing something I love is the best way to just enjoy being on your own. It could be to play sport, watch a film, do something that’s your hobby or just relax. I personally love writing for this blog or doing my uni work. They are both something that are so personal to me and that I can really escape into. It something that only I can do, for myself, and I can also be super creative. That always makes me feel happy. The best way to do this is also to get a good snack, your favourite drink and great place to sit, with unlimited time to get it all done. This way I get so lost in doing it and the time flies by. 

Get Exercising

Being a dancer for so many years, dance and exercise has always been something I’ve loved. However life has been getting in the way for the last few years and I’ve not been able to dance. But now I’m really trying to get into doing classes and swimming. My favourites are Aqua Aerobics and also Dance and Tone. If you’re looking for a new class, have a look on your local gyms timetable. I find they are the best way to have fun and get fit,  as the instructor motivates you and it’s a super easy way for you to work out harder than you usually would. 

The New In: Affordable Summer Accessories

Accessories have been something I’ve always loved and are a regular feature on this blog. I just adore how they can really finish off a look and make it look perfect. It’s often not so much about the clothes, but the power of a good accessory of two. You could have a plain tee and a pair of ripped shorts on, and then just pop on a red lip and pair it with a red bag, and you go from boring and simple to stylish and co-ordinated in seconds. It’s all about getting the right pieces, and that doesn’t always mean that they have to be super expensive. 

When it comes to my own shopping habits, I tend to only spend money on luxury items if I know I will get my wear from them and I will keep them for a long time. Otherwise, if its more of a trend led piece, and I know that in a few seasons I will be over it, then I will look to the high-street for affordable accessories to add to my collection. So that’s what I’m sharing with you today, 5 recent purchases of summer accessories all from the high-street. Get ready for massive summer holiday vibes, as I’m counting down the days until I’m on holiday, in the pool and sunning it up. 

I spoke about my new love for statement earrings in my 30 High-Street Style Picks For This Spring post, where I featured a few beautiful pairs that are on sale at the minute. So you all know how much I’m getting into them at the minute and that my vision is to be in my bikini, or swimsuit, with my sunnies on and a pair of statement earrings to channel those chic and glamorous vibes. That’s why I’m buying so many pairs at the minute, as I want to build my collection ready for Spain. 

When it comes to the type of earrings I’m choosing, there’s who main things I’ve got in mind tortoise shell and also versatility. I don’t know what it is about tortoise shell for me but I just love it, it looks so beautiful with my hard features, doesn’t look to harsh and also look really glamorous. I’m also completely obsessed with it and seem to just get attracted to it like a magpie. So that’s why I’ve chosen these two pairs of earrings, with those tones being the main feature. These hexagonal ones from TKmaxx are great to add dimension to an outfit and look so cool. The rounded ones are slightly more elegant and would look amazing paired with a white swimsuit. I also picked this gold pair with the pearl in, as seashells are massive this spring/summer and they would also be really versatile. They could be paired with so many outfits and look so nice for when you going out in the evening for a few drinks. 

When it comes to the sunnies, I’m actually a massive fan of luxury sunglasses, purely because they are better for your eyes and they also last longer. So for me it’s a win win. However, expensive sunglasses, water and chlorine are not a good combination and I needed a few pairs that would be easy to throw on whilst in the pool and that wouldn’t matter if they got broken. So, these two pairs from Primark where super cheap but will be an essential on holiday. They will my constant go-to and of course they have my favourite tortoise shell as a feature on both of them. I would really recommend Primark’s accessories if you’re looking for affordable and trend-led accessories, which you might only want for one outfit or a season. It’s not the most sustainable for the planet, but it’s a more sensible decision for your purse. 

My favourite ways to style these statement earrings is with a fairly simple outfit or tonal colours. With the hoops I love to wear them with an all black outfit, or a with a cropped jumper and white jeans. They just add a bit of extra glam to the look and are some thing so different for my style because I’m such a stud lover. However, its so nice to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and changing up your style, as nothing good comes form your comfort zone. I’m still learning how to style them up, so let me know how you add them into your outfits. 

Some You Can Find On The High-Street

Renovated Office Tour

A proper office is somewhere I’ve been wanting so badly in the house, because I just work so much better with a dedicated space to go. It makes me feel so much more focused and stops me getting distracted with doing other jobs around the house. I can also just leave out all my work, close the door and come back to it fresh the next day. I did already have my desk somewhere else, but true to myself I grew out of it so quickly and soon had no storage. So when I began to renovate the house, this was our first project and I cannot wait to finally show you the finished result. 

My vision for this room was to create a really calm and organised space, that I could relax in and do my work. Whether that was writing this blog, doing uni work or just having a browse online. It needed to feel calming but also have my design mark all over it. Generally I do love more modern design and especially as I was keeping this glass desk from Ikea, I based the majority of the room around that. I also knew I wanted to have a hint of rose gold, as I already had a few office accessories that would look beautiful in there. So, then I just had to find a wall colour to go with that colour theme, and choose a clean, neutral colour to finish the look off. 

Lets firstly go over the basics of the room to begin with. All the walls have been painted in Dulex Chic Shadow, which is the perfect light grey. Its very neutral, yet a really warm and classic colour for any room in the house. To pair with that all the woodwork is in Satin Wood, also by Dulex. It just gives the room such a clean feeling and looks super modern. 

When it comes to the carpet and blind, I wanted to again go for something neutral, as this room is actually my smallest room, and in the future could be used as a bedroom. So I wanted it to go with any colour scheme for the future and match with the rest of the house. That’s why I chose a cream and white flocked carpet, which is going to flow onto the stairs and landing, and a matte white blind. It’s actually from an amazing website called Blinds 2 Go, which can make each one custom sized to your windows at a really affordable price. I wanted something fresh, easy to keep clean and smart, so this was the perfect choice. 

When it comes to the furnishings, I had two main things in mind. I wanted storage and needed to do the room affordably. It’s a room that’s so vital for me to stay organised in, and something I lacked in where my desk previously was, so that’s why I’ve got these two rose gold magazine holders and paper tray from Next Home. After thinking about how I use the space, I knew I needed a space to put books and notepads to do with uni, as well as a place to put sheets and letters I needed to get back to. This way everything has a place and my desk doesn’t get cluttered.

I also chose to buy this set of draws and stationary holder, from Ikea, so I can put all my office stationary in and all the extra’s, like sticky notes, staplers, bluetack and so much more. I would recommend both of these, and they are ridiculously cheap and work so well to keep each category of items organised and out of your main desk. Having it underneath the desk is a great way to use your space and is really convenient. 

To store all my everyday essentials, like pins, paper clips and wires I bought these two mason jars from Home Bargains. I loved them because they were rose gold, but they are also so handy for storing office supplies in and keeping it all neat and tidy. It’s not the most conventional but they work amazingly well. Then I just bought this white plant pot from Ikea, to hold all my pens. It’s nice and big to store all the pens I could ever need, and was also super cheap. 

To dress the room up, I added a candle from New Look that also has a rose gold lid, to match with the room. I’ve also got this scrabble letter coaster and this cute quote display from Next. It just dresses the desk up and makes a cute, little corner. 

Finally, I wanted to add some light to the room and also a feature, so this lamp from Aldi seemed like the perfect choice. I love how modern this looks in the room and I think it really makes it. It looks beautiful and was such a bargain. Its so worth keeping your eye in Aldi as it has so many great deals, with some amazing products. 

5 Hot Handbag Trends You Need To Know About

Handbags are an accessory that I’ve loved for such a long time, and I’ve got to say I’ve become a bit of a collector off. I just love how they can just finish off a look and are also so versatile with so many different outfits. They can be changed seasonally, as you change up your wardrobe and can also be paired specially with an occasion look. It’s just an essential for any woman, as we all need a bit of a Mary Poppins bag to carry all of our day to day items in. 

In my last post I was showing you some beautiful high-street pieces,  to get your spring wardrobe ready, so it’s only right to show you 5 of the hottest new handbag trends all over the catwalk this season. As the designers just can’t get enough of mixing practicality with style, and creating amazing pieces which you can incorporate into your spring wardrobe too . That could be a designer piece, or a cheaper high-street alternative, but that’s  completely up to you. 

Feature Handle Tote

This is a really classic and timeless style of bag, and is still traditionally associated with vintage market sellers. So due to the rise in the interest in vintage, and everything old and beautiful, the feature handle tote has had an upgrade, with solid handles of wire, bamboo and wood. 

For spring 2019 I would think about bringing the softer shades into your wardrobe, with the light woods and also the creamy bamboos. Not only do they add another texture to your outfit, but also add a real natural look which is just so popular in the fashion industry these days.

This style of bag is perfect for those full out days when you’ve got work in the day, and cocktails with the girls in the evening. You would be able to easily fit your laptop, lunch and your phone in there, as well as your heels for the evening and a change of top too. It would be great for the woman who loves to carry it all and always has that over flowing Mary Poppins style bag. 

3 On The High-Street

Crochet Shopper

The trend for making ordinary, everyday items into pieces of fashion is becoming so much more of a common thing recently. It’s all about taking those ordinary items, and giving them a spotlight on the catwalk. This trend is no exception, as it’s taking the classic netted shopper bag to the next level, and into a statement piece. 

They are perfect for an everyday bag, and making them stars of the show. Having a simple white tee and blue jeans, but adding a bright crochet shopper and you look feels instantly more glam. From supermarket shopper, to style stealer in minutes. Or if you’re worried about their strength, you can also pick up a leather one, like this tan one from Zara. That has quite a lot more structure to be able to hold a few more items. 

3 On The High-Street

Formal Shoulder Bag

Workwear is over the catwalk and the high-street this season, as styles are adding that smarter edge to a look. Think tailored trousers, a classic blazer, a loafer and then this trend fits straight into that. It’s all about taking that vibe through your clothing and straight into your accessories too. They classically would look amazing paired with a more tailored look, however I would love to pair it with a more casual look to create a real contrast. I’m thinking a crop top and some high-waisted trousers, with this and a pair of barely there sandals. It’s casual yet smart and stylish. Perfect for an evening out with the girls. 

With this look you could splash out and purchase a luxury piece, but I think you can find lot’s of beautiful high-street alternatives for a lot less, if you want a piece of the trend but don’t want to pay a fortune. For example this coral one from Topshop is such a beautiful colour and looks really unique. However, it only has a small price tag and would still look fab paired with some luxurious fabrics. 

3 On The High-Street

Jelly Bag

It’s not just the crochet shopper that is making a style breakthrough, but so is the Jelly bag too. This brings back a retro revival, with playful and novelty items,  but on an everyday level. Think more plastic the better and in brighter and bolder colours. Pastel are a must have at the moment, as well as bright yellows, reds and greens. They look great paired with contrasting feminine items or as a statement with a classic outfit. 

However, it’s not the only way to take up this trend, as you can also get more grown up and luxury versions, in leather. They are in more muted and everyday colours and can be laser cut with more intricate designs. You can also have a play with the shapes and styles, as they come in so many sizes, tote’s, cross body bags and even more.

Woven Tote

In 2018 it was all about getting those products out there that were handmade and artisan. We all wanted to showcase more than mass manufactured products, and everyone wants a piece of something unique and handcrafted, that supports local people and fashion at the same time. However, this year the catwalk is channelling a more homemade and d.i.y spin onto the whole styles. 

So this season it’s all about moving it into woven leathers in decorative weaves and colours as well. From the neutral and classic to the new and bold. Its all about the woven and showcasing that. On the high-street you can get a classic black one, or go out and get a woven one mixed with tortoise shell handles. It all depends on your aesthetic and love for style. 

3 On The High-Street

30 High-Street Style Picks For This Spring

Spring style is just around the corner and we’re beginning to see peeps of it every few days, well we are in the UK anyway. Although it still makes me sad that I’m still having to reach for a jumper and jeans, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come and bring the brighter style with it. Hopefully over the next month we will begin to see the weather get better and better, she says as she’s sitting in Starbucks and it’s pouring it down outside. But it will come eventually and that’s why I’m showing you 30 beautiful spring pieces, all from our high-street hero’s to help you see some of the lovely pieces out there at the minute. 

For me this spring all about those muted brights, which just look like they’ve been faded in the sun for a little while. Because of this, they all tone beautifully together and look perfect paired with another bright to create a clash, or a tonal neutral to make the colour pop. This flows all the way through into accessories, with square and circles taking centre stage. Whether this is on a belt, bag handle or an earring. They create dimension in a look and even for a stud lover like me, I’m slowly adding a few bigger pair of earrings into my look, to really make a statement. 

At the minute I’m really into jewellery and belts. I feel like accessories are such a great way to change up your outfit and just add a piece of trend to your look, without investing in a lot of clothing items. You could pick up these pack of two shell necklaces, which are super bang on trend at the moment, for around £15 and add them to so many of your looks without the need to buy a few clothing pieces. 

I also love these gold leaf earrings as they would be beautiful on holiday paired with a bikini and a cover up. They would add a bit of glamour to any look and are such a steal. Perfect way to invest in the statement earring trend without spending a fortune. Good old Zara!

When it comes to clothes I’m really loving a classic, tailored blazer at the moment. This one from Miss Selfridge would be perfect to pair with any summer look, as the dusty purple is just so feminine but also grey enough top pair with almost any other colour. I would say hello would look fab, if you’re brave enough. 

I also a love a good dress in the spring and summer, and I’ve got so many choices here. From mini dress, floaty maxi dresses and a wrap over floral number. There’s always a dress for you and they are so easy to just throw on and instantly have a summer outfit sorted.