21 Life Lessons I’ve learnt In 21 Years

I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason and that it’s so funny how life can work it’s self out. Although life might deal you the good, the bad and the just completely ugly, it’s all done for a reason. It’s all in the plan for your life and leads you to the biggest high’s in your future. It’s all about embracing your journey and accepting that one day everything will become clear. 

So, over the 21 years of my life, I feel like this has really happened to me. I’ve had to grow up quickly, have a lot of learning curves and tackle some hard moments. But it’s brought me to living and working in London, being successful and more than anything, it’s made me the woman I am today. I’ve learnt so many lessons and I though I would just share a few with you all… 

  1. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but it’s about learning to dance in the rain. 

This is one of my favourite quotes  and is honestly so true. Basically it means that no matter what happens don’t wait for it to pass, for you to get over it and for you to feel better. Life still goes on and carry on enjoying yourself and making the most of every moment, as you never know how long you have left on earth. 

  2.  There isn’t time in life to anything apart from the things you love and enjoy. 

Of course there’s always the small tasks in life you have to do, but use the choose you have in life to do things you really enjoy doing and making you love waking up in the morning. 

  3.  The people around you are the MOST important thing that influence your mood, vibe and how you look at life. 

The people around you just are the biggest support system. You need people that ask if you’re okay, want to make you happy, will be there through the good and the bad and ultimately be there through anything that happens. 

4.  Life is too short to not buy the dress, eat the takeaway and go on that holiday.

You work and live to enjoy every minute of your time on this earth. So please use it wisely and do everything you want to do. Memories are the most important thing and experiences are moments you can never get back. 

5.  Yes I’ve just spent that money, but oh well I’ll go to work tomorrow and earn some more.

What’s the point of working and earning money to always be questioning if you should spent it. Don’t be silly about it but enjoy your money and what you can afford to do. You will get more happiness spending it that seeing it just sit in your bank account. 

6. Always be kind as you never know what’s going on in other people’s private lives.

Just because someone looks fine from the outside and hasn’t made it clear that they have something else going on it doesn’t mean that they don’t. So always be kind and reach out to people if you feel like they need it. 

7. Try and find joy in little things every day.

Life is such an amazing thing and even when you’re not having the best day there is always something to smile about. Some times the best thing to do is just get outside, see the beauty of the world and get some fresh air. 

8. Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

Whatever you show as your personality is what you get back. If you want respect then give respect, if you honesty then give that too. Having people that understand you and are there for you is the best thing ever, and I’m so grateful to have such amazing friends and a boyfriend around me. 

9. Having a relaxing night in is just what you need as much as a night out. 

Having the comfort of home, and being in your pyjamas, can be just as rewarding and enjoyable as night out. I love a good night in with a takeaway and a face mask and honestly I need them to keep me sane. 

10. Get to know you. 

Spend time getting to know you, how you work, what makes you happy and what relaxes you. This makes things so much easier for you and you will always know what to do when you’re feeling down. 

11. Don’t hold grudges its just not worth it. 

Life is way too short to look back on the past. It doesn’t help the situation and it definitely doesn’t help you either. So dress it the situation, how you feel about it and then let it go. 


12. Love your life and your life.

No matter what your life is like or what you’re going through there is always something to be grateful  for and someone who is in a worse situation that you are. 

13. Never talk badly to yourself, don’t ever say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to your best friend. 

You would never say your fat, ugly or awful comments to your friend so why say it to yourself. You are good enough and you need to be you and only you. 

14. Appreciate your family.

This one really depends on how close you to your family, but please always appreciate them. They are so precious and mine just mean so much to me. I love them to the moon and back and they are my true rocks. 

15. It’s okay not to be okay. 

I’m so bad for not doing this but it’s okay to not feel okay. Sometime you will have horrible days and not feel yourself, but that’s fine you’re a human and never beat yourself up about it. 

16. Be your biggest supporter.

Believe in yourself and you’re half way there. No one will support you as much as yourself and its so crucial to succeeding. Know your worth, your strengths and know you can do it. 

17. If you work hard you can achieve anything. 

I really believe that when you work hard you can do anything and it’s so true. Nothing can come handed to you on a plate so work for everything you want. It also gives you so much satisfaction. 

18. Having your own time is so key to your happiness. 

As much as I love being around people, I also really need my own time to just be me. Its so crucial to my happiness and being the best friend and girlfriend I can be. 

19. Manners and kindness cost nothing. 

Being polite, smiling at someone or just doing a kind act costs nothing really and is so rewarding for you and the person receiving it. 

20. Food is always the answer to a lot of my problems. 

I love a good coffee, and a piece of cake. It can change so many problems and especially when you have an ear to listen and have a chat too. 

21. You are always loved by someone. 

You are always loved by someone, you are a mother, daughter, friend, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend etc.. Someone loves and relies on you and don’t forget you’re worth. 

My Top 5 Favourite Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts are something I’ve really only discovered over the last year, as before then I never really saw the appeal. I’m the type of person that wherever I go, if I’m driving or walking I’m listening to music. Especially if I’ve got a song stuck in my head and just need to listen to it. But when two of my favourite Youtubers Lily and Anna started their ‘At Home With Podcast’, I obviously wanted to listen to it and see what they were all about. Well that was kind of the beginning of me having a love of listening to them. I know look for new shows to listen to, and love escaping into them whilst I’m holiday, driving or walking the dog. It’s just something different from listening to music and is like watching a TV programme but without a screen. They are also fab for getting you off looking at a screen and listen to something instead. So, I thought I would share my 5 favourite shows I love to listen to, to inspire you to pick up a podcast or listen to a new show.

'At Home With' - Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

This is a podcast for all those people who love interiors and getting to be nosy. It’s a podcast that mixes an interview with a well-known person showing you around their house. Although you can’t see the house itself, you can see pictures on an app along side the podcast. This is just an interesting show as it allows you to get a scoop into peoples homes and I think it really shows them so much about the interviewee. Also, as they are both Youtubers and don’t really move in the celebrity circles, its some really different people that interviewed. Think people big in Youtube, Blogging and Beauty, opposed to generic celebrities. 

'The Brights' - The Bright Family

This is just my slice of reality heaven and is just so funny. This podcast is basically like a reality tv show, following the Bright family. The second oldest daughter Lydia Bright, used to be on TOWIE and the rest of the family are also known for different appearances. It follows their lives, up and downs and their sisterhood. It’s a real feel good podcast to listen to and the 30 minute show goes so quickly. They’re currently on their second series at the minute, and even if you don’t like TOWIE and don’t know them I would still listen to it. Its just so relatable to any family. 

'Out Of Fashion'

This is just the podcast for all fashion lovers. It doesn’t always have a guest on, but follows to women who talk all things life and fashion every week. But what I love is that they have some amazing people from the fashion industry on like an ex director of Topman. It’s perfect for people who study fashion and are absorbed by everything it entails. I love it and the women who host it are also great at chatting about new shows and books they’ve been reading, which I love to get new recommendations from. 

'Happy Place'- Ferne Cotton

This podcast is just really feel good and follows an interview with a different celebrity every show. With Ferne Cotton interviewing each one, you get to learn about their lives, work, childhood and also things to do with their mental health. She interviews so many amazing people and my favourite had to be Got Wan, as Fashion is always my first choice for anything. Fearne is a really good host and as she’s friends with so many of the people she interviews, its like listening to a deep chat between two friends. It’s just relaxed and easy listening and perfect for lying on a sun bed on holiday. 

'True Tales Of Luxury' - Harrods

This one is definitely for this people who love luxury fashion or dream about owning some. They interview some of the m most interesting people from the fashion and design industry. You get to hear them talk about themselves, their pieces, how they design and their collections. It often people that are more unique, and not the really well-known designers, which is great for the fashion lovers who want to broaden their knowledge of designers and the industry. 

The Mini Renovation Diaries Week 1 & 2

If you’ve not been following my house renovation updates on my social channels or my renovation takeover on Instagram, then you won’t know that I’m currently in the middle of clearing, renovating and re-designing my house. I’m on a mission to modernise it, and make it lovely and fresh. It’s been a long journey so far, but over the last few week things have finally started to come together, as I’ve had a decorator come in and do some work. So, I thought I would share some progress pictures of it all so far and talk about the rest of my plans for the house…

First let’s rewind back and talk about what the house was like before, so you can get a picture of everything. There hall, which you can see above on the left, was a. bit of a crazy space with red and cream wallpaper with sections that has stripes and a diamond pattern on. It was really busy and also had like white bordered sections on both sides, as you walked through the door. The carpet was the same, and all of the woodwork was a cream colour and just scruffy from use over the years. When it comes to the living room, it was the chimney breast that needed work as it was a darker, almost mocha colour. It wasn’t unpleasant but was way too harsh for the room and made it look quite dark. It also had a piece at the bottom where the plaster had come off and the mantel piece was again cream and scuffed a lot. The fences were a faded mix of browns and were all mis matched. The door, which you see below, used to be a burnt red brown colour and the dining room was cream with purple accents on the walls. 

The plan with the outside and the garden is to get all the fences looking as fantastic as they look in the picture above. All painted in a lovely grey colour and all fixed, which still needs to be sorted out. I want to clear all the embarrassing amount of mess and the huge tip pile in my back garden, and have all the shed painted in a lovely light green colour too. Then, I just want to tidy up the garden and get all those weeds sprayed with weed killer, all the grass smarted up, the beds looking beautiful and got some lovely flowers growing. 

When it comes to the house the plan is to continue with the dining room and get it all painted lovely and white. I’m going to get a new carpet in the lounge and dining room, to get rid of the horrible grey one I’ve already got, and a new kitchen floor. As again the current one is way too old and doesn’t go with the kitchen at all. There’s going to be all new beautiful white blinds at each window, a new front door and a brand new bathroom. Which I’m just the most excited about more than anything else. Think cream tiles and some rustic wooden floor style vinyl, I just can’t wait!

20 Summer Event Outfit Ideas

One of my favourite things about this time of the year is all the events that are going on. It could be a simple spur of the moment family barbecue, a drink at the pub, or something more special like a wedding or a garden party. However, whatever the occasion I love to make sure I have the best outfit. I always think that if you’ve got a lovely outfit on and you feel confident, then you always feel much better about yourself and have a better time. Also, the pictures will always look fabulous and you will be on it with those instagram stories and posts for days after. So, to give you some inspiration on finding that perfect outfit for every special occasion you have this summer, I’ve chosen 20 looks that would look beautiful whenever and wherever you like. 

When it comes to a special occasion I love a one piece that you can just throw on, add some accessories too and your look is complete. Then you don’t have to worry about feeling comfortable having things tucked in or being pulled in by a belt. So, that’s why you will see lot’s of gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits in my choices. Whether it’s floaty and floral or structured and sharp, there’s a piece for everyone and every style. But, I do also think a co-ord is a really perfect and on trend way to rock a summer event. As they just add more interest to an outfit and come in so many different varieties. It could be a blazer and shorts, a bardo top and wide leg trousers or a top and skirt. However, if neither of those are for you, I’ve chosen a few individual pieces that you could easily style up to create a beautiful outfit too… 

The Summer Wedding Guest

For a summer wedding I love to look really feminine and go for an outfit that’s lovely and floaty and really comfortable to wear all day. One of my favourite choices would be this floral shirt dress from River Island. Not only do shirt dresses suit so many different figures, but the slit on the side allows you show a classy bit of leg. The bright patterns would also look beautiful paired with nude accessories and add that trend driven and summer vibe. If that’s not your thing then this bright red tailored jumpsuit would be another beautiful choice. I love jumpsuits because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. This one is also great to add colour to your look, and again paired with nude accessories and a red lip and that your look sorted. 

The Prom

So, as it is prom season that means that all my beautiful girls are looking for that perfect dress. It might be for a full on prom, a leavers ball or even just a meal  but you still want to get that outfit spot on. If you’re looking for something still super special, but dresses aren’t your thing then this embellished nude jumpsuit would be perfect. I love this piece so much and how special it looks. It would look amazing paired with metallic accessories or a pop of colour and really would be a standout piece. Or if you are looking for a dress then this red halter neck pleated dress would be the perfect choice. It young,. playful and would also be great to have a good dance in. It would look beautiful paired with metallic or nude accessories and some smoky eye makeup. 

The Garden Party

When it comes to a garden party you want an outfit that’s a lot more relaxed and has a real summer vibe. For me that’s when co-ords are such a perfect choice as they can be worn as separates or paired together and look so chic and put together. If this is what you’re looking for then this bardo top and wide leg trousers, in this dark floral fabric, would be  such a perfect choice. Paired with a pair of gold sandals and shell earrings and you would really pull the look. Or if that’s not your style then you could choose this yellow top and shorts set. This is super feminine, lacey and playful, which will also be super comfortable to sit on the grass or or have a Pimms. 

A Girls Night Out

Finally we have to talk about a good girls night out. It could be going out for a few cocktails, a meal, out to bars and clubs or a full blown girls holiday. Its all about getting glam and going all out for a night with your best friends. If it was me a perfect choice would be this silver sequinned pencil skirt. It would look fab paired with a crop top or a body suit, throw on some heels and you’re good to go. It’s a great mix between sexy and demure and glam but not too over the top. Or if you’re looking for a classic piece then this black jumpsuit would be the piece to go for. It’s chic, classic and would be amazing to have in your wardrobe for so many different occasions. 

6 Wearable Trends For Spring Summer 2019 You Need To Know


When it comes to the fashion industry, trends are the first thing that most people think of. It’s the slice of it that we can all love and enjoy, and bring into our own styles in a unique way. They are what leads the way in the industry and are the core to the rest of it. It’s how fashion is portrayed to the public, and how an everyday person will get to buy into it. However, being a fashion student I get to delve into the industry and tell you that it’s so much more than just these trends you see on the catwalk,  and that for me personally a lot of the trends on there’re purely for the luxury end of fashion. They influence how and what we shop, but it’s our chance to take them, and make them commercial. Make them wearable for everyday, and that’s why I’m sharing 6 spring summer 2019 trends, which you can just that to. 

They are already pretty wearable, which you can see in some street style pictures I’ve popped in below here. So what I would recommend is get Pinterest, it is the mothership and I absolutely love it for so many things. However, I honestly think Fashion is one of its massive strengths and especially if you’re looking for street style. It’s the perfect way to see how other fashion lovers, like you and me, have style up their outfits and the current trends. It really gives you inspiration about your own wardrobe and what you can do to piece some of your favourite pieces together to create new looks. Sometimes buying new pieces isn’t even needed, all you need to do is shop your wardrobe and find items that suit the trend and style them together, or in a different way to how you usually would.

All About The Neutrals

Neutrals is always a must have every season, as it goes with everything and always looks so classy. However, this season it’s all about the beige and pairing it with more beige. You need to make sure if you’re wearing a neutral, it’s an all over outfit and you’re in it head to toe. It doesn’t have to be the exact same shade, but just keep it in a similar colour palette, and you’re ready to go. I love this trend when you want to look stylish, but don’t have the time to pair a full outfit together, its quick, easy and looks amazing, especially paired with tortoise shell. 

Bright Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are n0t a trend I particularly love, but I do love them on other people. They can look so casual, paired with a tee and trainers, but also really put together with a blazer and shirt. A look which I’m not going to lie, I’m actually really liking and might have to try myself. But this summer it’s been taken up another notch and its all about the pastels and brights. Having that cycling short to add colour in your wardrobe and not just to be a sea of black. I imagine they’re super comfortable to wear, and I’m sure if you look hard enough you will all find a pair that you can bring into your wardrobe. 

Casual Lace

You always think of lace as something either for the bedroom or for the evening. Well this season lace has had a casual tone down and is being put into everyday, casual pieces. Whether that’s a tee-short or a basket ball top. It almost takes casual to a slightly new level, and yet it’s still super comfortable and fashionable. It would be perfect for the girl that loves to dress up everyday, but still needs to be comfortable. I bit like me I suppose. So I guess its time for me to go and get some casual lace into my wardrobe ready for this spring and summer. 

Bleached Bleached Bleached

Worn denim has been a massive trend for ages, with ripped jeans, loads of different shades of denim jeans and reworked denim jackets. However, this is all about that bleached and faded look. Looking like it’s been out in the sun for too long. It’s the perfect colours for summer, with it’s light white’s blues and pastels, and looks beautiful against a nice tan. 

The Fruity Co-Ord

Co-ords have been massive over the last few years and suits have really had a new revival. As power dressing is slowly starting to come back into style, and we’re obsessed with mixing smart and caudal styles together, it’s about time we brought back some colour. So this season it’s all about the bright suit, in a variety of colours to suit all skin tones and every fruit you can imagine. If a full suit isn’t your thing, then a bright blazer would be a perfect alternative too. 

Boiler Suits

Boiler suits were a trend I really wasn’t sure about when I first saw them, but after taking the plunge and inventing in the trend myself, I actually love them now. I love how a piece that traditionally is so masculine, when paired in the right way and put with a belt, can really enhance the womanly figure and look beautiful on. They look great paired with boots in winter or trainers in summer, and are just the perfect off duty look.