My 5 Favourite Party Wear Accessories


Party Wear has to be one of my favourite types of clothing, and I really can’t get enough of some sparkle and a good sequin or two. For me its just the best time for dressing, because I love getting all glammed up and having the opportunity to wear some of my favourite party pieces. However, no good party look is truly complete without a few gorgeous accessories; whether that’s a lovely sparkly clutch or a big statement necklace.

As I’m a bit obsessed with shoes and definitely with handbags, there’s so many accessories that I love to wear, when it comes to going out. However, two of my favourite have to be these sparkly clutch bags from TKMaxx and Miss Selfridge. The black one has a gorgeous iridescent rainbow effect, that glimmers in all different colours, depending on the light, and is really versatile. I’m able to wear it with so many different outfits and is a great investment in my handbag collection. But it’s not exactly the biggest inside, and I can just about squeeze my money, phone and lipstick into it. It’s more about how it looks than how practical it actually is. As, the silver one provides a bit of a bigger and more chic version. It looks beautiful when paired with outfits that are more girly and feminine, as well as when you’re pairing silver jewellery with your outfit. This clutch really sparkles all day and night, and is able to be paired with almost any party wear piece.

Shoes are always a girls best friend and you can truly conquer the world with an amazing pair of shoes on your feet. So, when you’re going out and dancing all night long, a really good pair of shoes is essential. This gorgeous black, laser cut pair have to one of my favourite. They look like they would be really uncomfortable, as they’re super high, however the platform actually makes them quite comfortable, for a pair of high heels. I love how they cover the whole of your foot and are an almost boot style; as well as looking feminine and really sexy.

There’s also this gorgeous pair of silver high heels from Dorothy Perkins, which have to be the perfect pair of party shoes when in comes to how they look. They make your feet look amazing, and really sparkle and shine all night on the dance floor. However, they’re far from comfortable, and are more of a pair you would wear when you don’t have to walk around a lot. A date night or meal out is when these shoes would be in their element, but not for a party or any dancing. They look lovely, and are one of my favourite pairs of shoes I own, but they’re just not suited to every special occasion and night out.

Jewellery is something I really love to wear when I’m going out, and I really love being able to finish my look off with lot’s of my favourite pieces. This gorgeous silver floral necklace ,from Topshop, is really no exception. It’s the biggest and most glam piece of jewellery I own, but it really does look amazing when your going out and want to look super glamourous. It sparkles and shines all night, and is a great addition to a plain white shirt or to just top a look off altogether. The ribbon tie just adds a bit of femininity to the piece and makes sure that it doesn’t look too over powering, when you’re wearing it.

Rachel x

Partywear Style Inspiration & Trends


This time of the year is the true party season, and that only means one thing you have to find that perfect outfit. It’s about the sparkle, sequins, toule and texture, as you shine all night on that dancefloor. Whether it’s a work Christmas party, when you want to channel your chic party look, a night out with the girls, where it’s all about having fun and sparkling all evening, or a dinner date; where looking sexy and adding that glimmer of Christmas sparkle, is key. There really is a partywear trend to suit every celebration that festive season…

Velvet is one of the most gorgeous trends when it comes to partywear. It’s such a beautiful fabric, that creates a really sexy and chic take on occasion wear. It’s looks lovely when worn in the deep colour palette of this Autumn/Winter, as deep burgundy’s, mulberry’s and greens take over your style. This is a great fabric if sequins are just a bit too sparkly for you, and you’re looking for a more wintery and chic look. However, they do look lovely worn together, and you can really create the best of both worlds.

Sequins are something that are forever in style when you think about partywear. They just scream seasonal celebrations, that are packed full of fun, laughter and spending all night on the dance floor. My favourite type of sequins have to be in the metallic colours, of gold and silver, as they really make the occasion super special. However, they also look lovely in block colours, of purple, black, grey or navy.

Rachel x

32 Christmas Stocking Filler Gifts | Under £10


32 Stocking Filler Gifts.jpg

Buying gifts has to be one of my favourite things about Christmas. Being able to see your loved ones face light up, as they open a gift you know they’re going to love, is what I really enjoy. However, sometimes it’s not always that easy to find the ideal gift, when you’re on a budget or looking for a few smaller gifts, to finish a present selection off. So, to give you all a bit of inspiration and a sneak peak, into what gifts are out there, I’m sharing 32 stocking filler gift ideas, all under £10…


Stationary Set £10.00 | Zoella Lifestyle, Book £5.99 | Topshop, Camera Bag |, Cup £10.00 | John Lewis, Beauty Set £8.00 | Boots, Game £7.99 |, Poster £10.95 |, Bath Bomb £4.25 | LUSH, Cracker £10.00 | River Island, Set £7.20 | Liz Earle, Set £10.00 | Clarins, Glasses £6.00 | Accessorize, Book £6.00 | Monsoon, Set £8.95 | LUSH

When it comes to some of my favourite bath products, and gifts that I know my friends will love, LUSH wins every single time. They create such lovely products, which are completely natural and vegan; meaning they’re super gentle on your skin and also don’t leave the bath in a mess afterwards. All of their products are gorgeous, however I don’t think you can really beat their seasonal bath bombs, especially the Christmas ones. They really do push the boat out when it comes to not only all the different colours and scents, within the bath bomb, but also really pride themselves in just how pretty they all look. This Christmas pudding one probably has to be my ultimate favourite, because I really love spicy cinnamon scents and the variety of colours in it, when you pop it into your bath.

Another great gift, that no alcohol lover could really deny, is this little book of cocktails. Everyone loves a good cocktail, whether it’s a really simple Mojito or something a little bit fancy (I’m thinking Turtle Bay). So, this book full of recipes for all different cocktails and the little hints and tips, to making a really lovely one, is the perfect gift for anyone in your family. It’s only £5.99 and is great for a stocking filler, or to bring a whole selection of gifts together, this Christmas.


Cupcake Kit £10 | Topshop, Candle £10 | The Body Shop, Kilner Jar £6.99 | New Look, Socks £7.99 | New Look, Colouring Book £10 | Topshop, Bailey’s Set £6.99 |, Bath Salts £8.00 | Joules, Phone Case £8.00 | Topshop, Gift Set £9.50 | LUSH, Mango Hand Set ££8.00 | The Body Shop, Passport Cover £7.99 |, Insta props £7.99 |, Pencil Case £8.50 | John Lewis, Star £5.99 | New Look, Candle £8.99 | Lily Flame, Chocolates £6.99 | Lily O’Brien, Book £5.99 | Topshop, Card Holder £5.00 Accessorize

For the friend that really loves baking and anything cake related, then this cupcake kit is the ideal gift. It includes some really gorgeous festive cupcake cases, with different Christmas patterns and even a fully metallic gold design, to hold your seasonal cupcakes. There’s also some lovely cupcake toppers, for your friend or family member to be able to decorate their baked creation. It’s a perfect gift, for so many different people and can turn anyone into the new Marry Berry, this festive season.

The adult colouring book trend has had another massive boom this year, and the calming effects of spending time just colouring, makes them even more appealing. There’s so many lovely colouring books available out there, from Fashion to travel inspired ones, however this one is inspired by the iconic prints of Liberty. I’m thinking it would be the perfect gift for anyone that is loving this trend, and needs an excuse to have a bit of time out and relax.

The number one fail safe gift, this Christmas, has to be chocolates. You can’t beat them during the festive season, and especially not when they’re handmade and as gorgeous as Lily O’Briens are. These chocolates are a bit of a family tradition, between my mum and her best friend, and we can never really do Christmas without them. This box is only £6.99 and has the most gorgeous selection of flavours, that anyone would love…

Rachel x

Instagram Diary | Autumn 2016

Hello Lovelies

Due to my blog, I’m constantly on social media and use lots of different varieties. However, lately I’ve been really loving Instagram and being able to visually document my life; from those everyday joys, to those special big adventures. It just seems like a really great social platform, for me at the minute, and I really enjoying sharing my blog content and also just having a chat in the comments. So, as there’s been a lot of really big things going on in my life lately, I thought I would do a small big instagram diary for you; explaining what’s behind some of my latest pictures…


This collection of photos are the latest ones straight from my Instagram feed, where you can go and follow me @rachelydia; starting from today and working back to the middle of October. The post right at the top on the left, is a quote I found today, whilst quickly skimming through Pinterest, another addiction of mine. It says: “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happiest girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles” It just seemed so relatable and really accurate to my view on life. Good old Audrey Hepburn!

The picture directly below that probably has to one of my most favourite pictures, I’ve ever posted on my Instagram. It just documents such an everyday, simple afternoon of going for coffee, and yet is such a beautiful photo. I love the marble table, how yummy the cakes look, and I’m still thinking about how amazing that salted caramel hot chocolate was! It was a Café Nero Christmas special by the way. As the last four photos are all from my wonderful trip to New York, and wow was it amazing. We jam packed five amazing days in the Big Apple, going up the Empire State, going to the top of the RockaFella Centre, visting Times Square, eating some lovely traditional American waffles and shopping in the one and only Macy’s. Literally the biggest department store I’ve ever set my eyes on. (You can read all about my trip, in a post I’ve written HERE.)


These second group of photos are continuing on from the previous ones and are from my wonderful trip to New York, in the middle of October, to right at the beginning of the month, when it was my 18th birthday.

Right at the top on the left really documents one of the most breath taking memories of New York, for me. It was taken when we went up to the top of the Rockafella centre, on the first night, and we were able to see the whole of New York light up. No pictures could describe how amazing the view was and it felt so surreal that I was there and able to experience it all, as a present for my birthday. I’m so grateful to my mum, and all the rest of the lovely women, I went with. Then, if you look to the opposite side, on the top right, this is a picture of my first EVER proper legal drink that I bought myself. It was a lovely passion fruit cocktail, from Turtle bay, and I think is going to become a strong favourite of mine, in the years to come.

The rest of the photo’s all document the day and the amazing memories I have, of celebrating my 18th birthday. At the bottom on the right shows a lovely bunch of gorgeous flowers, that all my family bought me, as an early birthday eve present. They were so pretty and such a great way to start my birthday. Then, the next picture along from that shows some of the decorations that my mum put up, in my gold and black colour theme of course, to celebrate my big birthday. We started the day by going for breakfast at a lovely local café, and this was when I found about my amazing trip to New York; this memory is documented in the bottom left picture. All the pictures in the middle are from my party. I had such a great night, celebrating with all my friends and literally dancing nearly all night. I’ve written all about it in a post, which you can go and have a read of HERE.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this style of post, and don’t forget to go and follow me on Instagram @rachelydia.

Rachel x

What I’ve Worn | Girls Night Out


I’m known by all my friends for my Mary Poppins wardrobe and the endless amounts of pieces I pull out from it, to wear to different events. I’m always shopping around and buying new items, that I love, to add to my collection. So, considering this, I thought it was about time I started sharing some more of my outfits in a blog post; showing you my latest outfit combinations and the pieces that I repeatedly love to wear. The series is going to be called  ‘What I’ve Worn’ and will hopefully feature lot’s of different pieces from my wardrobe; from casual everyday outfits, to going out with the girls. I hope you’ll love it, and feel like you have a bit of a better insight into my style and taste…


This combination was my outfit of choice on Saturday night, when I went out for drinks with one of my really lovely friends. I wanted to look dressed up and ready for night out, but also classy and chic. So, I felt like this sparkly jumpsuit, from Topshop, was the perfect choice. It’s really comfortable, which is an essential when your going to be drinking a lot and probably going to be pretty tipsy. It looks great on and really works with my height ,due to the jumpsuit style elongating my legs; and fact it’s all in one, makes it a really easy piece to just throw on and look instantly glam. The gorgeous silver sparkle, adds another dimension to the look, however I do find myself regularly shedding glitter, wherever I  walk.

To pull the whole outfit together, I went for my lovely black, satin, strappy bow heels from M&S. I’ve already raved about them, over in my 18th birthday Get Ready With Me, but I just have to mention how lovely they look on. They look so glamourous and perfect for any evening out, however they have a really feminine and girly edge to them, which I really love. I also paired the look with my blue ‘en vogue’ clutch bag, from Miss Selfridge, which just screams me and that I actually forgot about until Saturday night. It added a really nice bit of colour to the outfit, and made it pop! The jewellery was my normal rose gold, fossil watch, and I wore my two gorgeous silver Pandora rings, to top the whole look off. I thought the silver ones would look better and tie in nicely with the silver on the jumpsuit, opposed to my rose gold ones; which I’m constantly wearing at the minute.

What key pieces do you love to wear for a night out?

Rachel x