The Spring Clothing Edit

Photos all sourced from Tumblr

Hello Lovelies


As we are beginning to see glimmers of the warmer weather and the season is starting to change, I thought it was about time for a new style of post and one that has be based around my true passion in life, Style.


Whenever we move from season to season, whether that’s spring to summer, autumn to winter, or in our case, winter to spring; there’s always new trends and key items which have been highly featured on the catwalk, that have then influenced the shops and our buying habits. We all like to have a bit of the new season and to update our style and bring it out of the old and into the new. However, it’s not always easy to identify these key items, as the shops obviously update their whole stock ready for the new season, but we can’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Therefore, I have created a little fashion post, which you are reading now, called The Spring Clothing Edit, which includes around 5 key trends, colours or pieces which I love, and that I think will be cost-effective and stylish ways to bring your style into the next new season.


The Floppy Hat

This pretty, yet super stylish accessory is one of the first items on my list as soon as I think about spring. The key to spring dressing is all about layering, and this style of hat complements this perfectly, as the weather is just right for it. There’s hopefully no windy rain storms that will not only blow your beautiful hat off your head, but also ruin the whole look and ‘flop’ of it. It’s maybe not something you could wear everyday in spring, especially not when there’s April showers, but it’s a great piece, that with a pastel or nude touch will blend in perfectly to create a new, updated, spring wardrobe.


The Pastel Coat

Even though the weather is beginning to get warmer, you are still going to need a thick outer layer to throw on for when it’s gets a bit chilly. And, the pastel coat is the perfect thing. Although pastels have not been that highly featured in this year’s spring trends, unlike last year, a lot of us still have some lovely pieces hanging around that will still complement the new 2015 spring trends perfectly, such as white jeans. By using this piece, you are keeping warm in a stylish way, and also saving money by using an item from last year or from last season and you are also creating lovely outfit combination’s for the new season to come.


Black and White

Like many previous seasons, black and white is featured highly again as one of the most easy, chic and stylish trends to wear for spring 2015. The two colours that are involved in this trend complement each other perfectly and create an outfit that any fashion icon could die for. My favourite ways to rock this trend is to wear one of my many black and white slogan tee-shirts from River Island, with a pair of black jeans, a textured black jumper/cardigan, a black leather bag and some fur skater shoes. The mix between black and white and all the textures takes it form boring two tones, to a lovely outfit. Who said wearing black is boring?


Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

As soon as it starts to get a bit sunny, you need a pair of these super chic, accessories to get your face ready for spring. They are one of the most common types of accessory for the warmer months and something which can only be made any better by the latest trend of tortoise shell. This pattern takes the boring old pair of ray bans, cat eye’s or visors and changes them into a must-have accessory that can instantly bring a cool and classy vibe to an outfit this spring.


Khaki Green

This season there is a brand new colour on the block, and it’s called Khaki Green. We all know of the colour in a way which is no so stylish, as it is mainly known for being the ‘it’ colour for anything to do with the army and camouflage. However, this season we have taken it out of the rough and sturdy army wear, and brought it into a stylish way to wear green. With it’s muted tones it goes perfectly with a variety of colours and particularly complements a good white or camel piece. My favourite way to wear this colour has to be through a block of it, such as a trench coat, a pair of jeans or maybe just a fedora (not technically a block of the colour, but oh well)


I hope you feel inspired by this new fashion post, and feel like you know a little more about a few key items, trends and colours which are coming up and what you need to look out for to update your wardrobes.


I love you all


March Update

Pictures sourced from Tumblr and We Heart It

 Hello Lovelies


As it’s a new month in what is seeming to be an extremely fast 2015, I thought it was about time that I updated you all on what has been going on away from my online home and what you can expect from rachelspick over the next couple of months.


Although I do hate to admit it, my little blog has definitely been neglected a little bit again for the last few months. It seems that my life has gotten so busy recently and I have barely had time to breathe and sit down to write a post, or I have really not felt in the right frame of mind to write anything at all. There’s so many personal reasons why this has happened, and I don’t feel like its appropriate to spread them all over the internet because they are way to close to both my heart and my family’s. But I would just like to apologise generally for my absence and the fact that I have not always been the most consistent blogger lately.


However, I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks I can begin to get back on track again and actually make use of being able to pre-write my posts and them actually go up on a later date. This way I am still able to regularly bring and post new content on my blog, but not have to always start from scratch whenever I want to post something new. It will also give me peace of mind that I have new content going up on my blog when I am having to spend all my time revising for my exams.


This post is mainly about the fact that you are all going to have to bear with me over the next few months until my GCSE’s are over and then my time becomes my own again and I can actually dedicate a lot more time to this blog, which I love writing. I am hoping that if I get my ideas together and get organised, that you will be still seeing new posts but if you happen not to for a couple of weeks or so, then please just bare with me. I’m not quitting blogging or just having a break, but it’s just that I’m working really hard for my exams which are going to affect my future in a fairly big way.


I hope that you all understand, and as always are so constantly supportive and still visit and come have a read even if there has been nothing new for a while.


Love you all


A Love For Paris

All pictures sourced from Tumbr and We Heart It


Without a doubt, I have a love affair with Paris. Although I may have only visited the beautiful place a few times, I just seem to have an inner love for all things Parisian. It’s doesn’t matter whether it’s a just a picture of somewhere pretty in the city or whether it’s a tee-shirt with some thing French and Paris related. I just love anything and everything about it!


Back in October I went on a school trip to the city in question, and it was honestly the best holiday I have ever been on. It was packed full of French fun, and lot’s of amazing trips in order to see the beauty of the city and all of it’s famous monuments. I never been so tired in all of my life, but I have also never had so much fun in a city, and being in such a stunning one which you see so many pictures of on We heart it and tumblr, makes it even better. One day I’m going to post all my photos from that holiday on here, because I can’t not share the amazing moments and memories I had there with all of you.


Whilst researching for this post, I found an amazing Tumblr blog that is great for Paris Photography. It’s actually where I got quite a few of my photos for this post from, and if you’re a fan of Parisian related photos then you need to go and have a good old look and follow, because you would absolutely love it, like I do. It’s called Paris Beautiful, and you can go and have a look HERE. Also, it has an lovely French quote at the top of the blog which I couldn’t not share with you all; “Paris le jour, Paris la nuit, sous soleil ou sous la pluie, Paris sera toujours… Paris!”. Which means “Paris by day, Paris by night, under the sun or in the rain, Paris will always be…Paris!”.


There’s also a lovely song by an amazing up and coming artist on Youtube called Josh Savage, and the song is called Lost in Paris. It’s one of the most gorgeous songs that I think really captures the vibe of Paris and is so visual that you can almost imagine yourself being there right at the moment you’re listening to the song. You can go and subscribe to him HERE, and listen to the song HERE.


Do you have a love affair with Paris?


I love you all


Party Wear Wishlist

1. Topshop RARE metal toe sandals £52.00, 2. ASOS Needle & Thread embellished mesh lace dress £75.00, 3. Topshop long sleeve wrap playsuit £39.00, 4. River Island pink fur large clutch £30.00, 5. ASOS premium bonded fit and flare dress £65.00


Hello Lovelies

Even though it’s way past the traditional party wear season, of Christmas and new year, I still feel like party wear is really making an appearance in my wardrobe now and will be in the next couple of months. It’s just because of how many 16th birthday’s I seem to be going to, and general other dressy events. So, I just thought that a good old wish list, inspired by this current theme of fashion that is very relevant to me at the minute, would be the perfect way to kick off the new month and my first style post of the year so far.


Being a very glamorous person, I love getting all dressed up. It’s a time to don the glitter, the sparkles, and any outfit that normally just sits looking pretty in your wardrobe waiting for that one special event when it gets to have a bit of an outing. It’s a time when I flourish the most with my style, because I love party wear and just how each piece that you have can make you feel so good and has so many amazing memories sewn into in. Getting glamorous is just my thing, and I absolutely love it!


As I have been needing so much dressy, party wear, I have obviously been lusting after it too. There’s not actually that many pieces in the shops anymore, because Christmas and New Year’s Eve have long been gone and now the shops seem to think that everyone has a serious lack of parties and events to go to. However, I still managed to find a few pieces that not only tickle my party style taste buds, but they hopefully do yours too.

Firstly, there’s this gorgeous sparkly playsuit from Topshop, by a brand called Oh My Love. It’s a gorgeous royal/navy blue colour, with flecks of blue glitter running through the whole piece. It’s something that would look so gorgeous on a night out and could really be a simple statement piece that would take little accessorising to create it into the perfect going out look. The best thing to do would be to pick one metal colour, such as gold, silver, copper etc.. and then just wear accessories with this colour in. This way you will create a sophisticated, going out look. that will look super stylish and co-ordinated. Perfect!


Another item that I’ve found is these gorgeous metallic strappy sandals, also from Topshop. I love how these are a current twist on the traditional black strappy sandal that goes with anything and everything in your wardrobe. These would just create a different, more edgy feel to any outfit that you paired them with, and at £52.00, they may be a bit expensive, but they would seriously be a statement piece that you could rock over and over again in 2015. As this year is carrying on the love for metallic’s.


Party wear will always be something that I will love to look at, buy, and make the most amazing memories in. And, I hope that I have inspired you to evaluate your party style so you can feel the same about it too.


I love you all


5 Life Lessons Learnt in 2014


Hello Lovelies

Without a doubt, 2014 was a really crazy year. It had so many amazing moments which I will always treasure in my heart forever, and moments that weren’t so nice, that I will remember for all the wrong reasons. Obviously I’m not going to discuss these on here, as I’m sure you can all appreciate that I don’t want to discuss all elements of my life on the internet.


Sticking to the nicer moments of 2014, there was so many that I will always remember and love. For example, In October I went on a school trip to Paris, with 4 of my really good friends. Not only was it the most fun filled, amazing trip of my whole life, it was also full of new experience’s and just saying yes to doing everything. It was one of those moments where you truly appreciate just spending time with people without the internet or your phone to rely on. We just had so many funny moments that were purely down to what funny things people did each day, in order to keep us entertained. I always find those are the best moments!


Also, I hit probably one of the first big age milestones of my life, which I can actually remember, which was my 16th Birthday. I always knew that I wanted a big party to celebrate my big birthday, and even pre-warned my mum about it a year before, just so she had a lot of time to get used to the idea.


My birthday party was definitely one of those things where I chose every part of it myself. I chose the venue, the food, the music, the decorations, everything that I wanted, was able to happen; and I loved every single second of it. Honestly I have never danced and sang so much in my whole entire life, and for that one night, I just had no cares or worries, and completely let myself go.


2014 seemed like a real growing up year, a chance to really begin to act like an adult and not rely on my parents so much to get me through various situations. I have learnt how to do so many different things on my own, and have got a lot more confident when doing things new or going into situations I have never met before; which I suppose is a really good thing.


I’ve also learnt so many life lessons along the way, and have realised to appreciate every single thing that happens in every single moment in my life, even the bad things. There is always something good that come out of a positive situation and I think that 2014 really taught me that, and the fact of how short life really is. I think that’s why I really wanted to write this post and really share with you what lessons I learnt throughout 2014, and which ones I would like to take forward this year.


1. Do something you love everyday

Life is way too short to be doing something that you hate. Spend your life doing something you always enjoy and you will feel so much more content and happy with your life. I love this quote because it really motivates me to blog and makes me realise that although schools is important, your blog is something you love and something you need to make time for as well.


2. There is no time like the present

Don’t put things that you need to do off, just because you know you will have time to do it tomorrow. Just pick yourself up and force yourself to do a few of those things on your to-do list. Honestly, you will, without a doubt, thank yourself for it later.


3. Life is too short

You never know what is round the corner in life, so you shouldn’t waste time doing pointless things or hanging out with pointless people. Just live your life all the time how you like it, because at the end of the day, you are the controller of your own future, and only you can determine what life you will lead.


4. Appreciate every moment

You never know when something may happen or when you may never have the opportunity to do a certain thing again. So just live for the moment and take every opportunity you have and really conquer your fears. Not because you have to, but because you really want to, and will be so proud of yourself when you do.

5. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person

There’s times in life when people say things that are hurtful and times when things happen that are sometimes not worth letting get to you, and just letting it go over you head and deciding to be the bigger person. It creates so much less stress in your life and teaches you to grow up a bit.


I hope that you are already having a great start to 2015, and feel motivated to have a great year!


I love you all