My Tumblr Favourites/June-August Edition

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As we are now settled into the month of august, and it’s been around 3 months since I last posted one of these posts, I thought it was about time that I brought back my fairly new take on last years ever so popular, ‘The Best Of We Heart It’ posts. Except this time I’m not focusing on the social media site of we heart it, but instead on the even more popular Tumblr.


If you have read a few of my posts where I have spoken about my tumblr page, HERE and HERE, you will know that I am absolutely obsessed with tumblr, and I love to really play around with my page and try to re-blog images that I really love, that I think are super creative and that represent who I am as the creator, and this blog. I see my tumblr page as a visual extension of rachelspick, and as I love how it’s looking at the moment, I thought I would share some of my favourite re-blogged images through the year, in this 3 part series, all under the name of ‘My Tumblr Favourites’.


All images sourced from my tumblr page

My Absolute Favourite

I think my favourite of all the favourites would have to be the picture that is the second one down on the right, which is a picture of a corner or an office/desk which is super pretty and creative, but that is also slightly chaotic. The reason why I love this picture so much, is because this definitely resembles how I like to work and how I’m one of those people who does like things a little bit chaotic, in order to feel really creative and to work to the best of my potential. Also this picture is 100% office goals, and I just love the quote which is in the fore ground of the picture, “Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”.


If you have enjoyed reading this post and would like to delve into a little bit more, check out my last tumblr favourites post for January to may, HERE, and also my tumblr page, which I’m constantly updating and adding new content to, HERE.


I love you all

Rachel x

4 Must-Have Summer Style Items

IMG_2159[1]IMG_2164[1]IMG_2166[1]Hello Lovelies


As the hotter weather is well and truly in motion, and we are now just into the second month of summer; I thought I would share with you my 4 must-have summer style items which I think are essential to living out those long summer days, in true style.


Although I’ve already had my summer holiday, I feel like it’s the perfect opportunity to share this post with you all, because I know that many of you will be heading off to lot’s of beautiful locations over this month and I feel like I’m in the perfect position to share these items with you. I’ve been able to test out each item to the max, and see which one’s fell at the first hurdle and which items I just could not live without…


A great pair of sunglasses 

Let’s face it, if you’re heading off to a hot and sunny destination for your summer holiday, then you’re definitely going to be needing a pair of sunglasses to take with you. I personally love the cat eye style of sunglasses and find they suit the shape of my face the most, however if you go and have a shop around, and try a few different styles on, you will soon find which type suits you better.


For my summer holiday I took away these two pairs from River Island, one’s a tortoise shell print, and one’s a more leopard print, and although they will probably not still be in store for you to buy today, I generally just want to recommend their sunglasses altogether, as they make eyewear that is super stylish and super affordable.


The Perfect Summer Sandal

This year I have found it particularly hard to find a sandal which is not only very chic and stylish, but a sandal which will be durable and is a sensible price to pay for a pair of shoes you only really wear for 2-3 months of the year. However, in the end I did end up finding my perfect summer sandal, in the form of these block heel, strappy sandals from Next. They’re the perfect height, so you’re feet don’t ache too much and they’re still comfortable to wear, yet they look really stylish and go with every outfit. I have them in the nude/pink colour with the gold covered heels, and then the plain white pair. If you’re interested in these sandals, you can go and find out more information HERE.


Denim Shorts

I personally think that you can’t live through the summer season without having at least one pair of go-to denim shorts, that are able to go with anything and everything. They’re an item which will always be in style and will provide you with a base for several amazing summer outfits. I love this pair from Miss Selfridge, as they’re a really versatile denim and will go with any other fabric or colour, however the cute detailing of the balls on the edge of the shorts and the pattern that goes up the side of the leg, adds a really pretty detail to the shorts, and creates a different dimension to any outfit.


A Bikini

Well this bikini isn’t just any bikini, it’s the only bikini that I’ve ever found on the high-street that has provided not only a good fit, a good shape, an amazing price, originality, comfort and such a beautiful look. This is the first year I’ve really had the body to be able to wear a bikini, and I wanted to find the perfect one that was basically like the fit of a bra and pants. As I’m not a fan of the triangle style of bikini’s, where there’s just two pieces of material covering your boobs, I found it really hard to find something flattering and something that fitted perfectly. However, I finally found it in this bikini from New Look. It’s super pretty with this almost crop top style top half of the bikini, with this netting that hangs over the top. I just love how it looks and how nothing is on show or at risk of popping out. If you want to find out more about this bikini, then click HERE.


I love you all

Rachel x

The Beauty Of A Different Place

img_21401 Sometimes in life I feel like you need clarity, something which can trigger your brain to really analyse what you have going on in your life and how you’re tackling each area or section in it. I personally think that everyone needs this in order to continue in life, progress and become a better person each and everyday, even if it doesn’t always feel like you’re developing. These times are crucial to each and everyone of us as people.

Recently it came up in conversation with a friend, that you’re the only one who actually lives your life and is part of each individual section in it. For example, I’m the only one who lives the world of writing my blog, going to my school and doing my chosen A-levels, being with my group of friends, working at the place where I do with the people that I do, and being part of my family. I’m the only one in the world who lives this exact life, and therefore I feel like sometimes you need to just step back and think about how you’re doing with each section of life and how you’re going to go on with each one from where you are now.

The reason why I have chosen the title of this blog post to be ‘The Beauty Of A Different Place’, is because I feel like going to a different place, with a different walk of life, different surroundings and even a different language can help you to just analyse your own life back home and really makes you feel lucky about your own life as an indivual. The work you do, the relationships you have and the hobbies you love to do. These things are all indivual to you and therefore sometimes you don’t need to talk to someone else about your life, but just have a little self talk and self clarification.

I love you all

Rachel x

My Style Inspiration- Olivia Palermo

All images sourced from my ‘Fashion pinterest board


Hello Lovelies


If you read my ‘How to find your style inspiration’ post back in September last year, then you will know that I’m generally not someone who really admires a certain person’s style; and if I was going to, then it definitely wouldn’t normally wouldn’t be a celebrity. I think the reason for this is because celebrities are just so out of my reach and wear clothes that cost money that I would never dream of spending on a item of clothing. Realistically I will never be able to go and buy an item that I see a celebrity wearing, normally this is the case but obviously there is a few exceptions. So, generally I normally admire more fashion bloggers and youtubers who are real people and have real realistic budgets for clothes, that still have amazing style.


However, as I was flicking through my Pinterest, as I literally do every single day, I noticed that a certain celebrity’s style kept appearing over and over again on my ‘fashion’ pinterest board. To be honest, even when I wrote that style inspiration post back in September, I said that Olivia Palermo was one of my only style inspiration exceptions, and since then I have continued to love her style and decided to dedicate a whole post to her and her amazing sense of personal style.


There’s quite a few things that I love about Olivia Palermo’s style, for example I love how she wears realistic items of clothing that are normal and that you could find a high street alternative for quite easily. What I mean by this, is that you often see celebrities wearing a really unique style of jacket, that you might of never seen before; and obviously that’s great for them to have unique items, however you will never be able to recreate that item or look unless you have an item made or make an item yourself that is similar to that. As she always wears items that would be accessible and in turn that makes you relate to her style a lot more, as you can think about what items you have in your wardrobe and how you can use them to recreate similar outfits to her.


Also, I love how chic her outfits always are and how she never looks over done or fake, she always looks very pretty, feminine and super chic. I think the reason for this is because I always strive to try and be very chic with my clothing choices, because I think that you just create an air of elegance about yourself and then you always look presentable. It may also be because I love and admire Parisian style, and that real channels the idea of being chic, and that’s probably why I love the idea and strive for it so much.


I love you all

Rachel x

Summer 2015 Hair & Makeup Inspiration

Hello Lovelies


To go along with my recent Summer Clothing Edit post, where I talk through 5 different clothing trends, colours and styles that I think will be cost-effective and stylish ways to transition your wardrobe from spring to summer; I thought I would create another post to go with that where I talk all about this summer’s hair and makeup trends.


Personally I think that the summer season is the time when you’re most likely to completely change up your hair and makeup. This is all because the weather is getting warmer and you have to adapt to how that makes all your makeup just run down your face, and how it also makes your hair quite dry and lack the moisture and hydration that it needs. Therefore you need to have a number of different makeup looks which will be able to sustain the heat and still look good all day long, and a few different hair styles that will enable you to still have good looking hair, but without it annoying you by being all around your neck and in your face.


Therefore I’ve decided to make a little inspiration post for you all, to make your creative juices flow and get you excited about your hair and makeup this summer. In order to do this, I have put together two small mood boards, one for hair and one for makeup. All these images are based on three trends that are in for that particular thing, such as three different summer hair trends or three different summer makeup trends.



 All images sourced from my ‘Beauty’ Pinterest board


Regarding makeup trends for summer 2015, there is two very similar trends which you would generally expect from a makeup trend/style for this time of year; and these are Bronzed Eyes, and Golden Glow. Then there is the more unique and stand out trend for this summer, which is bringing back an old favourite trend that was popular back in the 90’s, and this is Metallic Blue eye shadow.


The trend ‘Bronzed eyes’ is all about those brown and brassy tone’s on your lids, that are very smudged and smoked out to create a very relaxed feel to an eye makeup look. The best way to create this look is to pick around 2-3 eye shadows to create your look with; a transition colour, such as a light brown, a crease and outer corner colour, a more dark brown or bronzer type of shade, and then a lid colour, such as a really good gold, which would look even better if it was to be a pigment or cream eye shadow, that could be built up to create a more intense and bronzed look to the eyes.


Then there’s the trend ‘Golden Glow’ which is all about creating a very dewy, fresh and ultimately a glowing face of makeup. This trend is inspired by the use of a lot of highlighter, which is very shimmery and will catch the sunlight and create a very fresh face. Then it also really relies on the use of quite a lot of bronzer, that generally follows the shape of the number ‘3’ rule. This is where you take your bronzer around half your forehead and down to under your cheek bone, a slight contour under your cheek bone, to define and enhance your cheekbones, and then round and down again to under your jaw line. Then you repeat that process on the opposite side of your face.


And finally, there’s the trend ‘Metallic Blue Eye shadow’ which is completely different to the other two makeup trends, and channels more of a 90’s feel. This trend is obviously all about the blue eye shadow and making a very smokey and intense look to the lids. When you’re wearing this look, the metallic blue eyes really are the star of the show and you should simply pair them with a nude/brown lipstick and a good flawless base of makeup.



All images sourced from my ‘Hair’ Pinterest board


Talking about hair this summer, there’s three very different hair trends that are really popular at the minute, which all create very different looks to the hair, however they all have one thing in common; a super relaxed feel that is very messy and not at all accurate or polished. There’s the ‘braids/plaits’ trend, the ‘undone updo’ trend, and the ‘loose waves’ trend.


The ‘Braids/plaits’ trend is a style which always seems to be very popular in the summer, as women are looking for alternative ways to style their hair, which still looks very femine and girly, but which is staying all off their faces and creates quite a hippy and relaxed vibe to the hair. My favourite way to incorporate braids into my hair is through having two French plaits on each side of my hair, that are really pulled out and messy, and then pull the rest of my hair into a messy bun. This is a very relaxed feel to a braid and works wonders in keeping you cool in the heat and looking very pretty and feminine.


This next trend leads on very well from my last point that I made about my favourite ways to incorporate plaits into my hair, as that style is basically an ‘undone updo’, and is the best way to keep all your hair off your face and create a hair style which is very fun, cute and also very long lasting. They’re also quite sweat and heat proof, because they’re already messy and the heat and sweat just enhances that and makes it part of the look and feel that you’re going for. They’re also a great hair style to rock, as you can add in a lot of cool different hair pieces to them, such as flower crowns, hair chains and little decorative clips, grips and pins.


The final trend, and probably one of the most popular trends both this season and last season, is the messy and beachy ‘loose waves’ trend. This is all about having very relaxed waves in your hair which have loads of texture and create a very sun kissed and beach babe feel to your look. The best way to achieve this look is to use a curling iron and wrap the hair around the barrel and then really brush it out, or put your hair into plaits the night before and all the work has been done for you already. I wrote a post all about this idea of textured and beachy hair last year, and I would highly recommend it, if you want to know more about how to create this look. You can have a read of it HERE.


I hope you now feel inspired about your hair and makeup this summer and have a good idea of a few hair and makeup trends that you can rock in the hotter months.


All the images that I’ve used in this post where sourced straight from my hair and beauty Pinterest boards, and it would be great if you could go and follow me on Pinterest or just follow those particular boards. I’m always on there pinning new things, so you won’t run out of things to look at and re-pin onto your Pinterest boards.


I love you all

Rachel x