Walk In Wardrobe Dreams

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Having a walk in wardrobe has always been a dream of mine. I’d just love to be able to see all my clothes and accessories hung up, and then be able to choose each item to create an outfit with. Having all your wardrobe in one room, where you build your whole outfit; starting from the underwear, all the way to the clothes, and finally the accessories. To be honest I think it’s any girls ultimate wish, who is a fashion lover, to have a walk in wardrobe and a personal dressing area.


However, many girls aren’t as lucky to get a walk in wardrobe, or even a big enough wardrobe to fit their masses of clothes in. But a girl can always dream. Therefore I thought I would share with you some of my design and layout inspiration for my own walk in wardrobe, if I was ever to be lucky enough to have one. I love the boudoir style interior design, where you have shelves and rails for all your clothes, a luxurious chair or sofa to sit and relax on, a dressing table, and maybe even a cheeky chandelier. But I also really love the sleek and modern interior design, where all the wardrobe’s slide open to reveal your clothes and accessories, modern art on the walls and maybe a gorgeous light up mirror which reflects the ‘dressing room for film stars’ vibe.


Do you lust over having a walk in wardrobe? If so, how would you design it, what lines would you go down?


I love you all

Rachel x

5 Things I’ve Learnt from Working In Menswear

5 Things I've learnt from working in menswear

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Hello Lovelies


Back in July ,I started my first ever job. I’d been going on and on about needing a job for a long time before that, so one day I decided to really get my finger out and actually go and apply for some jobs. As you’re never going to actually get a job if you dont apply for any. I’ve always said that I would love to work in menswear, I just thought it would be really interesting. So, one of the few jobs i applied for in my local shopping centre was in menswear, and it happened to be the job i got. I was really happy when I found out, and knew that it would be really great to get experience in a side of fashion i knew very little about.


If you work in menswear, whether you’re a man or woman, then you will know that how women shop is completley different to how men shop. men are very staright forwards, they usually know what they’re looking for and don’t like to stray away from that. However woman like to shop a lot more casually without any real intentions, are a lot more independent shoppers and ask for little advice. When they say women are from venus and men are from mars, this is exactly true when it comes to shopping habits.


Over the time that I’ve been working in menswear, I’ve bugun to see certain trends and shopping habits regulary appearing, and find it really interesting to see the contrast between what a man would do and what, for example I would do, when I go shopping. I’m not saying everyone who’s a woman shops like this and everyone who’s a man shops like that, however I just wanted to share with you some interesting things that I’ve learnt from working in menswear.

Asking for your advice

I’ve found that a lot of men ask for my advice when it comes to the items that are trying on or are wanting to purchase. Whether that’s to decide on what size to get, and whether it fits correctly, what style of item to get, such as a bomber jacket or blazer, and what colour to get depending on their skin colour. They like to know a sales assistants advice, which is something I would not personally do myself.


Reward Cards

Men just don’t seem to be that bothered about reward cards and collecting points, unless they know that they’re a regular shopper. They can’t be bothered with the hastle of it and don’t see the point in having one. As women like to collect points and to be able to get money or rewards for their purchases.


They buy what they’ve come for

Men don’t seem to be that much into impulse buying, when in the heat of the moment you just purchase something that takes your eye. They generally just come and buy exactly what they’ve been looking for or need, and not really any extra’s. As women impulse buy a lot more and buy what they fancy as well as what they need.


Women in their lives opinion’s matter

I’ve found that men really value the opinion’s of women in their lives, whether that’s their girlfriend, partner, wife or daughter, they like to know what they think of an item before they buy it. As women do ask for their friends, mum or boyfriends advice, however they make the ultimate choice themselves; with men it’s more of a 50- 50 choice, between them and their loved ones.


Men really don’t have that much choice

I’ve realised even more now that men really don’t have that much choice of items of clothing to wear in an outfit. They only have a shirt or polo, jumper or cardigan, jeans, shorts or smart trousers and various shoes. They don’t have as much choice as a woman has. We have jumpsuits, playsuits, skirts, dresses, shirts, cami’s, jumpers, tee-shirts, leggings etc..


I hope you’ve found these little things that i’ve learnt from working in menswear interesting, and have enjoyed a bit of a different style of post. If you’ve just started your first job and need a few tips, then go and have a read of my post HERE.


I love you all

Rachel x

The New Satchel Bag

The New Satchel Bag Rachelspick

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There’s a new style of satchel bag in town. It’s already hit the catwalks of big name designer’s such as Chloe and Altuzarra, your high-street shops such as ASOS and Topshop, and now finally straight into your wardrobe’s to rock this autumn/winter 2015. The new style of satchel bag is much smaller and more compact than the original satchel and offers more of a ‘going out with just a few key things’ style of bag, rather than ‘taking everything but the kitchen sink’. It’s now much more rounded at the bottom as it’s basically a semi-circle with a flat top surface; so it rocks more of the fashion forward handbag vibe, that also happens to be a little bit practical.


This new style of satchel bag really is the newest and most bang on trend item to have in your wardrobe’s right now. It offers a different dimension to an outfit, as well as an alternative texture such as: leather, suede, quilting and even a bit of faux fur. Being on trend isn’t ever the most important thing when it comes to style, however if you’re really deliberating whether to take the plunge, then take inspiration from Olivia Palermo who really is rocking the new satchel bag at London fashion week.

How do you feel about the new style of satchel bag? I like some variations, but I think they have to be done very tastefully and be in a colour that will last for a long time, not just a 5 second product that’s just in for this season.

I love you all

Rachel x

Birthday Lush Haul & First Impressions


Hello Lovelies


As I’m such a massive fan of baths and everything that’s related to them, I’m obviously going to just adore the body and beauty company that is LUSH. They make a variety of amazing products, from bath bombs to soaps, from shampoo’s to facemasks; that are all natural, 100% vegetarian and are completely handmade. They’re really the ultimate bath and body company, who make the most gorgeous products that not only look nice, but do amazing things for your skin.


In celebration of all things Lush and the fact that I absolutely love their bath products, I thought I would do something a bit different and haul some the lush products that I received for my birthday last week. Quite a few of these products I’ve never tried out before, so I thought it would also be really interesting to share with you all my first impressions for each one too. Hopefully this will give you a bit of inspiration for what Lush products are out there, and any that you may want to go and pick up as little treat to yourself or for a friend.

The Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

So let’s start with the first yellow bath bomb, in the top left hand corner of the picture above. This is one of their Bath Ballistics where you simply run your bath, adding bubbles or any other products that you desire, stop the water and simply pop it in and watch it fizz away. I don’t know how colourful this bath bomb will be, however I’ve read up on the website that it contains red popping candy inside, and it has an amazing, fresh apple scent, that is truly relaxing when you’re having a bath. I’m really looking forward to using this bath bomb, and I’m sure it will be lovely for my skin.


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

This next one, which looks like a miniature present, in bath bomb form,  is another one of their bath ballistics, where you run your water and then pop the whole thing in. However, this is a little bigger than the Fizzbanger and contains an amazing citrus scent, of cognac and lime oils; as well as a gorgeous gold glitter than runs all the way through the bath bomb, and into your bath water. This bath bomb looks like it will be a true star and make you feel amazing as you sit in it’s zesty and very sparkly paradise.


Butterbear Bath Bomb

As it suggests in the name, this little white bath bomb is in the shape of a bear, and I assume is one that focuses more on the effects of your skin, that it’s visual qualities. When looking it up on the website I found out that it contains a gorgeous vanilla scent and fair trade coca butter, that I’m sure will soak my skin in a lovely and soft lush aroma. I’m sure how I feel about this bath bomb, however I will have to see what I truly think when I try it out.


The Comforter Bubble Bar

This pink and white, swirly, bubble paradise, is one of Lush’s bubble bar’s, where you run your bath, break off a section of the bar, and then crumble it under the hot running water. It’s got a very fruity scent, with the ingredients of bergamot oil, cassis, and cypress oil, in order to create a gorgeous bubbly scent that makes a pink princess perfect bath. I love the bubble bar’s, because unlike the bath ballistics you can use them several times and get a gorgeous bath colour, bubbles and a lovely scent.


Brightside Bubble Bar

This final yellow, orange and red, swirly, wonder, is again one of lush’s bubble bar’s where you break of a bit from the bar and simply crumble it under hot running water. This one combines a gorgeous citrus scent, with tangerine and lemon oil, as well as some Gardenia extract. It creates a gorgeous, uplifting bath, that has an amazing amount of bubble’s, and a lovely orange colour to the water. This looks like a bath product that’s right up my street, and I cant wait to try it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever Lush haul, and feel inspired about what lovely products lush has to offer.


I love you all

Rachel x

The Fur & Patterned Shirt Edit


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As I’ve been on a bit of an unintended blogging break for the last week and a half, I thought I would come back to my blog with a bang and share with you one of my current favourite outfits of the moment. It’s where I mix my ultimate wardrobe staple, plain black jeans, a highly coloured and patterned shirt, and to add texture, a fur black gilet.

This patterned shirt has been a resident in my wardrobe for nearly a year now, however it’s probably only been worn around 4 to 5 times. When I first bought it back at the clothes show in Birmingham last year, I really loved it, but since then I kind of went off it a little bit, and felt it was a bit over the top and in your face. Anyhow, as the 70’s trend has well and truly come back in and big, bold prints are too, I decided on Sunday to pull it back out of my wardrobe and give it a good wear.

The original reason that I decided to pull this shirt out of my wardrobe was because I’d just bought this new black fur gillet from New Look. I’d been wanting one for ages however all the one’s that I’d seen when I went to go and have a look around the shops where super expensive; so when my friend told me about this one from New Look, I went straight away and purchased one.


This gillet has to be my favourite autumn item at the moment. Although I’ve only just bought this one, I’ve been loving the fur trend and think it adds a great different dimension to an outfit and an alternative texture too. In this outfit I love the whole mixture of different texture’s, pattern’s and colours, and how the patterned shirt was allowed to shine and was just paired simply with the black gilet and jeans.

This is one of my favourite autumn outfits so far and it’s so up my street that I couldn’t not share it all with you on here.

I love you all

Rachel x