NYE Hair & Makeup Inspiration

Hello Lovelies


After sharing with you all 24 sparkly items that would be perfect to wear for New Years Eve, I thought I would give you a bit of inspiration on how to finish your look off. So this post is all about creating a small mood board of inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing, over your hair and makeup looks this New Years Eve.



First let’s start with the face. When it comes to New Years Eve we all want to add a little bit of glitz and glamour to our everyday makeup routines. Whether that’s just adding a bright and bold lip to match your colour of choice for the evening, or going all out and adding eye lids full of glitter. It’s the one night when you can really experiment with your makeup, as we only get this day once a year.


All Pictures sourced from my Beauty pinterest board.


The two makeup looks that I’m really loving at the minute, from the pictures above, has to be the gold metallic eye and a bold lip. I’m not saying that you have to wear them together, but I just think that they’re both really suitable for the season and suit me personally. The gold smokey eye is perfect for anyone with brown eyes, like myself, as the gold really compliments them and makes them pop. If you have quite deep set eyes as well, then adding a dark brown into your crease and really blending it out; making your eyes look amazing.


Then there’s the red and berry bold lip, that i’ve just been wearing to death over the festive season. They both look so lovely for this time of year, and also add a glamourous pop of colour and interest to any outfit. I especially loved the red lip with just a basic face of makeup and macara, for chirstmas, and I’m now really loving the more berry tones, with a bit of a gold eye.


Now let’s talk about hair. A great person once said that “you’re never fully dresssed without great hair”, so today I want to give you a bit of inspiration on how to be fully dressed for this New years eve.


When it comes to hair, there’s just endless possibilities. You can curl it, straighten it, crimp it, plait, put it up in a bun, put it in a ponytail or have it half-up and half-down. This wide range of options can be a reallly good thing and also a really bad thing, as you have so many possiblities that technically you should never get bored with your hair and should always be trying out new styles.  However, we all know that we get stuck in ruts, have no idea what we want to do with our hair, and then end up doing our go-to hairsyle even when we’re going out. So, I would recommend that you go on Pinterest and look for a bit of inspiration when it comes to your hair this new years eve. Pick a style you really love and run with it, maybe even practice it once before the day, just to make sure your confident doing it and love how it looks with your outfit.


All pictures sourced from my Hair Pinterest board.


Whenever I’m going out I just can’t resist a good curl. I just love how my hair looks when it’s been curled and I think that my hair lays so much better when it has a bit of a curl/wave to it, and not super straight and boring. However, I think that I’ve also began to get into a bit of a style rut with curling my hair, and just see it as the best option for my hair everytime I go out. So the next time I go to properly style my hair, I also want to try something new. Maybe a low bun with a side plait, or a high ponytail with a slight curl, as I just can’t resist a good curl.


What’s your hair style rut at the moment?


I love you all

Rachel x

24 Sparkly Buys Perfect For NYE

Hello Lovelies


I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and have enjoyed spending time with family, have eaten lot’s of yummy festive food and have received some lovely presents.


As the countdown to Christmas is now finally over, all the masses of food have been eaten and all the beautifully wrapped presents have been ripped open; it’s time to start thinking about New Years Eve. Whether you’re heading out to town for a night of partying, to celebrate the new year, or just staying in with family and friends; you still want to look amazing and get into that new year spirit.


However, as Christmas has made a big dent in our pay cheques for the month, there’s not much of a budget to find the perfect party item to rock this new years eye. Therefore, I’ve searched the internet to find 24 sparkly buys which are perfect for this new years eye, that are all completely purse friendly and £50 or under. There’s a little bit of everything, from belts to clutches, from dresses to shorts, to suit everyone’s tastes this new years eve.


ASOS Co-Ord/ Shorts £24.50 & Top £10.00, ASOS Sandals/ £50.00, ASOS Skater Dress/ £26.00, ASOS Cami/ £26.00, New Look Necklace/ £9.99, ASOS Mesh Dress/ £26.00, AX Paris Dress/ £45.00, Miss Selfridge Clutch/ £15.00, Liquor & Poker Jeans/ £45.00, Miss Selfridge Dress/ £40.00, Story Of Lola Clutch/ £31.50, MissGuided Jumpsuit/ £32.50, New Look Shorts/ £15.00, New Look Belt/ £2.00, Jovanna Premier Dress/ £42.00, ASOS Skirt/ £45.00, New Look Clutch/ £19.99, Glamourous at Topshop Top/ £32.00, Jovanna at Topshop Dress/ £30.00, Accessorize Necklace/ £12.50, Rare at Topshop dress/ £30.00, Warehouse Jumper/ £25.00, Miss Selfridge Earrings/ £7.50, Rare at Topshop Skirt/ £25.00


If you’re looking to really stand out this new years eve, then you’re obviously going to need one hell of a statement piece to go along with that. The first item that I would recommend would be this halter neck, sparkly jumpsuit from MissGuided. It’s oozes glitz and glamour as the majority of the jumpsuit is made from a white, sparkly fabric, and then has accents of light silver, dark silver and gold to really set the whole look off. Not only would this jumpsuit be a statement piece in anyone’s wardrobe, it would also be super easy to style and would need minimal accessories of gold or silver to pair with it, to really set the whole piece off.


In addition, the second piece I would choose would be these sparkly, ripped mom jeans from Liquor & Poker. They truly are a unique piece that would be perfect for a dressed down new years eve, chilling out with your friends and family, or would also look amazing dressed up and paired with a cami and some strappy sandals. These are definitely an item that few would be able to pull off, but they would look absolutely amazing if worn with confidence and a whole lot of style.


Has any of these sparkly items caught your eye, and maybe something you’ll be rocking this New years eve?


I love you all

Rachel x

My Festive Pampering Essentials


Hello Lovelies


As Christmas day is exactly only two sleeps away and one full day away, it’s a time when everyone starts to really get into the Christmas spirit and get ready for the big day. One of the big elements about Christmas is family and spending time with all the people you love the most, however that doesn’t leave much time for yourself over the festive period. Therefore, a few days before or even on Christmas Eve, I love to have a good old pampering session and enjoy some truly needed ‘me’ time.  I’m a true bath addict and love spend a few hours running a bath, adding a LUSH bath bomb and catching up with some of favourite youtubers. So, I thought I would share with you all my festive pampering essentials, to inspire your Christmas ‘me’ time.


When it comes to pampering myself, rule number one has to be to run a nice, hot bubble bath; adding any form of gorgeous smelling bath bomb into the water. I love the way bath bombs add a bit of mature fun to your pamper time, and also make your body feel absolutely amazing afterwards. Some of my favourite LUSH bath bombs have to be cinders and golden wonder, however the one in the picture above was a gift from a family member, and it not only looks gorgeous but smells amazing too. I can’t wait to try it when I have a little pamper evening tonight. Secondly, I have to remove all my makeup and give my skin a really good cleanse and clean, then I will pop a face mask on ready to relax in the bath. My favourite masks to use are the 7th heaven ones, which are just a one use sachet filled with a lovely gift for your face. I usually go for ones which are super nourishing and give my skin a deep cleanse.


Whilst I’m relaxing in the bath, I will mane of a head of hair using the quenched sea mineral moisture shampoo and conditioner from OGX. I love how they make my hair feel so nourished, fresh and make it smell lovely. All of their hair products do amazing things for your hair and I would truly recommend them if you’re looking for a new hair care range to use. Then, if I have one available, I will put a hair mask of some description into my hair, in order to really help the build up of product that I get on my scalp and to make my hair feel great. Throughout the whole bath, I love to have my favourite Christmas candle burning away, which is usually a quite spicy and cinnamon scent, as well as catching up on some of favourite youtubers on my ipad, such as The Michalaks, Patricia Bright, Zoella, and Lydia Elise Millen.

Finally, as a head out of the bath and say goodbye to my 30/40 minutes of pure me time, I will put on some of favourite festive pyjama’s, the pair pictured above where from New Look around 3 years ago and are the most festive pair that I own. To top off the pamper time I will choose a few nail varnishes from my collection,  that I like the look off and paint my nails. These colours pictured above are all from my Ciate advent calendar and are all gorgeous shades which I love for this Christmas time.


If you’re interested in seeing what Madison Reeds’ view of the ultimate pamper session is, then click HERE to see their unique infographic. They also have a great hair colour quiz that you can take, to enable you to make the perfect decision about your hair colour, you can go and take itHERE.


I love you all

Rachel x

The Festive Nail Edit

Ciate gold glitter – all aglow, Barry M  sparkly glitter- Red Glitter, Models Own  silver glitter – Juicy Joules, Ciate pink glitter – naughty or nice, Ciate blue glitter – rollercoaster


Hello Lovelies


During the countdown to Christmas, I always love to get in the festive spirit and alter my hair, makeup and nails inspired by that. I just think it’s a lovely idea to not only feel festive on the inside, but to also look Christmassy on the outside too; showing everyone how excited you are for the festive period.


There’s plenty of ways to look in the Christmas mood on the outside, such as wearing a Christmas jumper or festive jewellery. However if you’re looking for something a bit more understated and sophisticated, then why don’t you change up your nail look. Personally, when I’m choosing my festive nail colour, I just can’t resist a good old bit of glitter. It creates such a fun and festive feel to your nails, and adds a bit of Christmas glamour to any outfit you’re wearing this time of the year.


In the picture above, there’s just a few of my favourite festive nail polishes that I love to rock during the Christmas period. One of my go-to colours has to be the gold glitter from Ciate. It’s a gorgeous shade of bright gold, which is perfect when layered on top of a plain gold shade or nude polish. The pigmentation of the polish is amazing and covers the nail really well;  unlike most nail polishes it can be worn on it’s own too, with only two well-painted coats. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more subtle look, I think the Ciate blue glitter would be lovely paired with a simple white polish or a really light sky blue shade. This would create a very icy and snowy feel to your nails, which is perfect for someone who prefers bit more of a understated and less traditional look.


What festive nail look will you be rocking this christmas period?


I love you all

Rachel x

10 Party Dresses For The Christmas Season

ASOS £180.00, ASOS £80.00, ASOS £85.00, ASOS £55.00, ASOS £85.00, Club L £45.00, Frock & Frill £95.00, Ginger Fizz £42.00, MissGuided £30.00, River Island £42.00


As it’s now officially December, it’s time to bring out the good old sequins and glitter and head out to all those festive parties. At this time of the year everyone has some form of party or celebration planned, which obviously means that they’re going to need something to wear. When looking for that ultimate Christmas party look, whether that’s for work, college, or just a good night out with your friends, you want to look amazing. So in true Christmas party style, I’ve picked out 10 of my favourite dresses, on the high-street, for all your festive celebratory needs.


If you have an award ceremony or formal celebration evening to attend, then I would definitely suggest this lovely embellished maxi dress from ASOS. With it’s sparkly top and plain, simple skirt, you will look extremely elegant and beautiful as you go to collect your award. It’s on the pricey side at £80.00, however you will be able to wear it to numerous events and it’s will always look stylish. But, if you have more of a festive party planned, then I would recommend this embellished mesh bodycon dress, also from ASOS, or this Metallic Swing dress from River Island. They’re both great dresses that would be suitable for many amazing parties this festive season. The mesh dress would be perfect if you wanted to look a bit more sexy as well as sparkly, and the swing dress is perfect for a night out as well as an everyday dress,  that adds a bit of Christmas glitz.


Do you have any festive parties to attend this Christmas season? If so, what are you planning on wearing?


Love you all

 Rachel x