The Best Of We Heart It- August

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


This round of the best of we heart it posts are inspired by soaking up the last of the summer sun, a love for something retro, and a touch of Parisian chic.


August has been one hell of a month for me. It’s been full of shopping, spending time with family and maybe a bit too much eating out. But it’s all been well worth it after the crazy, roller coaster ride of life, that I’ve had over the last 7 months.


This year has definitely been one of the most unpredictable years of my life, and has by far been one of the most difficult too. I’ve had to learn and cope with a lot of different issues personally and as a supportive family member. However, I feel like all of these experiences have really molded me into a much better person, and have made me realise a hell of a lot of things about life.


Despite all of that,this month has been such a well needed break, and has been a really positive end to a weird and wonderful first half of 2014.  Although I’m still learning and growing as a person, and making a lot of decisions about my life and my future, I’m hoping that the few months we have left of 2014 will not be as testing and difficult as the previous 7, and that I’ll be able to have fun and make some amazing memories with the things I have coming up.


What’s this month been like for you???


Through August I’ve had a bit of an on, off relationship with We heart it. Not in the sense of loving it then hating it, but more just the fact of going from spending a lot of time on there, “hearting” things, to then not spending any time on there at all. I think that’s why I feel like this month’s picture’s don’t quite seem to all fit together quite as nicely as usual, but I think it just reflects the type of month that I’ve had.


So, without further ado, here is my favorite pictures from we heart it throughout the month of August.


My Absolute Favourite

I think it will have to be the picture on the top right of a house that is pink and blue. I don’t really know why i like this picture so much,but i think it just really reminds me of Brighton and the streets of colourful houses that they have there. I’ve never been to Brighton, but I’ve seen so many you-tubers talk about it, and a lot of people I know and have spoken to, have said that they have loved going there. So, i think i might have to be paying a visit there soon!


I hope you have enjoyed the first part of this month’s the best of we heart it posts. If you’ve loved this post and would like to read more. then you can go and check out all the other posts of the series HERE.


I love you all


The Interview Dress Guide

 A sneak preview of the Interview dress guide


Hello Lovelies


Are you looking to get a job, or do you have an interview coming up? If so, then this post really is going to be the holy grail for nailing one of the crucial steps in an interview, first impressions.


They always say that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but 9/10 people usually do. In the modern world, appearance is virtually everything, so getting that first impression right is essential to hitting the interview nail, right on it’s head. But we all know, that’s easier said than done…


Obviously, I’m far from being an expert, but I think there’s kind of a philosophy when applying for a job. What I mean, is that when you apply for a job, you apply because you want the job, it’s very similar to playing a game, you play the game because you want to win. What I’m trying to say is that, you don’t apply for a job because you want to not quite get to the interview stage, or get beaten by someone else. You apply for the job because you want to win the job, and push all the other people out of the way.


So, the key to interview success is to go in there knowing what you want your outcome to be. Obviously, your not always going to get every job that you apply for, because other things may come in the way, such as experience and qualifications. But, if you go in there with a good amount of self confidence, belief and the right attitude, then you will have a much better chance of the getting the job. Someone once told me, that in an interview you may not remember what someone looked like, but you will always remember how they made you feel, and dressing is a big part of how someone first feels about you.


The only way to really get your head around this concept, is to think about life situations and how you react. Imagine, that your sitting in a lesson, and a new person walks in. All you know about this person so far, is what you can physically see. So, undoubtedly you are going to judge that person on what you can see, and if that’s someone that might be a bit unhygienic, or have horrible clothes on, then you may judge them and not want to get to know them, compared with someone who comes in smiling and looks nicely dressed. I met you would choose the second person, because they seem the better option than the first person. It just shows that even though you know nothing about them, you judge them on what they look like, and that’s exactly how an interview is.


So, to help you all out with really looking the part, have created a guide to interview dressing. It really covers all bases regarding interview’s, from showing you exactly what you will need for an interview, to what shoes you will need to wear, what handbag to take, and what extra’s are always a good idea to have with you. But it’s not just any old boring interview guide, because it only covers creative jobs, the missing piece to interview dressing guides.


Also, boy’s don’t get writing it off just get, because there’s also a section for all your manly needs too, and I actually love some of the tips in the men’s section more than the women’s.


Well, what are you waiting for, why don’t you click the link below and go and have a good old read.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of a different style post today, and that you feel inspired to really look the part for that job interview that’s coming up, or will know how to look the part when you need to. Also, make sure to check out, there’s some seriously lovely clothes over there, and I would like to say thank you to them  for letting me share this exclusive guide with all my reader’s.


I love you all


A/W 2014: Fluff & Faux Fur

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the Forth instalment of My Guide To Autumn/winter 2014.


Well, you know fur, it’s coming back in, ready for autumn and winter 2014. But it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. There’s no longer just going to be fur on coats, but also on tops, bag’s, and even shoes. It’s going to be another one of those key elements to your potential style next season, so you need to know how to rock it, and exactly how to get it right. But there’s only one way to do that…


As all you fashionable people know, the whole world of fur in fashion, is not a new thing. It’s been around a lot longer than many of our life time’s, and is definitely one of those trends that kind of never tires, even though it flicks in and out of fashion.


Fur, originally was used by all of human kind to protect our bodies from the climate and any harm. However, fur soon became an item that showed wealth and power, when the Egyptian Kings, in 3000-300bc, would wear leopard skin and lion skin when they performed symbolic ceremonies. Then, in the 11th century, in western Europe, many luxury furs such as ermine, mink, sable, and chinchilla, were reserved for royalty and many other upper class roles. It was even known that some barons would mortgage their land in order to buy ermine for their wives.


Fur really was something that only wealthy and powerful people had. It showed intelligence, strength, and most of all the class of the person that was wearing it. However, today, fur is still a hot topic of conversation, as many animal rights activists are regularly protesting against real animal fur being used to make clothing and other products to sell on the high-street. So, this is why we now only sell faux fur on the high-street, but I’m sure that the royals in the 11th century would of been shocked at that decision. I’m personally against anyone using real fur, in case your were wondering, because it’s not only cruel, but also a bit grim and probably not that clean.


However, we can still rock some amazing faux fur, in autumn/winter 2014, right from the comfort of the great British high-street. It’s a trend that every girl needs a piece of, and will be able to keep for many future seasons.


So, to stop all of you searching the whole high-street to find the best faux fur, I’ve trawled the internet and found 12 of the best pieces around. There’s hopefully a fur item for every taste and style, and they may even convince a faux fur virgin, into having a try.


From Left to Right: ASOS £60.00// New Look £39.99// New Look £64.99// M&S £9.50// ASOS £70.00// Topshop £58.00// Boohoo £3.00// River Island £30.00// Boohoo £3.00// ASOS £10.00// ASOS £90.00// ASOS £35.00

Style Guides

If your a faux fur novice, then you should try out this peach snood from, this royal blue, fur hat also from boohoo, or these cute, muddy cream earmuffs from M&S. All these items are very easy to incorporate into your personal style, and rock the fur trend without going to over the top. They also look so cute and warm in the colder months.


If you love yourself a little bit of fur, then you should go for a bit more of a stand-out piece, that will really last you a long time, and will be an item that you will never want to take off. The best item to go for would be this checked coat with a fur collar from New Look, or this fur gilet from ASOS. they’re both items that would really change up a simple casual outfit, and would also look lovely paired with another fur item, double fur may become a new trend.


I hope you now feel inspired to try out a bit of faux fur yourself. You can catch up on my last post HERE.


All the history about fur was sourced from HERE.


I love you all


A/W 2014: The Box Bag

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the third instalment of my guide to Autumn/Winter 2014.


Today, I’m going to be talking about a must-have accessory, that every woman need’s in their wardrobe. It’s from the family of the woman’s true friend, and looks amazing paired with a cocktail dress and a killer pair of heels. So, your all probably wondering what this mysterious item is. Well, it’s called the box bag, and is the newest must-have handbag to hit the catwalk.


The concept of the box bag is quite self explanatory, it’s basically a handbag, such as: a tote bag, day bag, clutch bag, that resembles a box shape. But, not all box bags have to look exactly like a box, in order to be classed as one. As there are many styles that resemble elements that make the box bag what it is today.


Many box bags are in the form of a clutch bag, because the shape is a lot easier to get away with, when it’s something that isn’t used on a regular basis. Although, there are a few other bag styles that can also be classed as a box bag. If a bag has a strong square structure then it can be classed as a box bag, as well as bags that are more rounded and long. See, there is a few guidelines, but they can quite easily be stretched either way in order to produce the perfect outfit companion.


The concept of them may be quite self explanatory, but how to style them is not so easy. The box bag really is a stand-out piece, and is something that is always going to outshine anyother elements of an outfit. So you have to be smart and savvy, in what you style them with, in order to create the perfect autumn/winter 2014 look.


So, are you ready to take on the challenge of a box bag??


To inspire you all, I have trawled the internet and chosen the best 9 box bags on the market. There’s a style for everyone, all you have to do is pick your favourite.

From Left to Right: Zara £39.99// New Look £24.99// New Look £19.99// Zara £49.99// Topshop £22.00// ASOS £15.99// New Look £29.99// Flying Wardrobe £32.00// Boohoo £24.00


Styling Ideas

Outfit Idea 1

The outfit is a really girly take on the box bag. It uses the Sparkly clutch from zara, and picks out the two key colours of orange and pink to create a vibrant look that would be great for a night out in town. It’s then paired with a few gold coin accessories, to mute down the bold colours.


Outfit Idea 2

This Outfit is a bit more of an edgy take on the box bag, with this bang on trend, bright yellow box bag form Topshop. It’s then paired with muted tones to make the bag the real standout piece of the outfit. The boyfriend jeans add a slouchy and relaxed vibe, with a sheer white shirt undone, and some Chelsea boots, that all create an edgy traveller/photographer feel.


I hope you feel inspired to try out the box bag, you never know it may become you new favourite accessory. Check out my previous post HERE.


I love you all


A/W 2014: Beauty & Hair Inspiration

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second instalment of this month’s Guide To Autumn/Winter 2014!


The second thing that I’m going to be covering, in this month long series, is completely hair and makeup related. It’s all about the latest trends to hit the catwalk, to enable you all to rock autumn/winter 2014, the girly way. Although, I wouldn’t say that all the trends themselves are girly, with a hint of metallic and heavy brows on the cards, as well as edgy hair styles that are bound to bring some masculinity to the table. Next season really is going to be one for the women.


Regarding beauty, next season has two main contrasting trends. There’s the metallic look, with bronzed eyes, lips and a sun kissed face, and the more stereotypical feminine look, with big, fluttery eyelashes and a fault-less completion. Within these two main categories, there’s quite a few varieties of looks that are set to take autumn/winter 2014 by storm, such as blue eyeliner, the nude lips, next to nothing eyes, and ultimately, the angular face! That one definitely is something that your just born with.


I know myself, that when you first hear about a trend it’s hard to visualise the look, and know exactly where to start. It’s just because were not all experts and have the opportunities to have all the latest products and visit all the big fashion events. I wanted to try and make this post really informative and relatable for you all, because I’m far from being an expert at beauty, that’s why I don’t blog about it, but I think that if we all work together, then we can all rock makeup and hair for autumn/winter 2014.


So, to get all your hair and beauty taste buds tingling, here’s a bit of inspiration from the catwalk to get you started.





What I’m going to be rocking

Taking about beauty, there’s so many different looks to choose from, and I’m kind of a bit bamboozled with what look I want to go for. However, I would really like to try the classic femine look, with the big lashes, and an amazing base, because I’m always on the mission to try and create the perfect foundation and concealer combination. But I think I might change it up between the two looks and kind of find a happy medium.


On the other hand. hair wise, I think I going to be heading towards the kind of effortless but chic wave, and plaits. They’re just both hair styles that suit me, and are both hair styles that I already wear and merge into my day-to-day routine. So, I will probably just add a bit of an autumn/winter 2014 kick, and I’ll be ready to roll


I hope your feeling inspired and ready to rock your hair and make-up next season. Also, you can check out the first instalment of the guide HERE.


I love you all