The Best Of We Heart It- September Part 2

The Quotes

 Hello Lovelies


THIS ROUND OF THE BEST OF WE HEART IT POSTS ARE INSPIRED BY my rejuvenated zest for life, a desire for colder months, and a couple of birthday wishes. 


September brought the time to finally bring all the elements for my 16th birthday party together, the invitations, the favors and ultimately the cake. Who can have a birthday without cake? It was something that i had been carefully planning for months, and I had spent a lot of time and effort into really making sure that every thing was exactly how i wanted it. However, that definitely made the pressure pile on when it was time to hand out all the invitations, and find out what the verdict was going to be about the party. The thing is, when you host a party, you need people to be excited about it and want to come, because that creates interest around the whole idea and encourages other people.


Luckily, I have some amazing friends that really supported both me and the party, and I think overall we all had an amazing night. The music was at full volume, the drinks were flowing, and the cakes were ready to be eaten. It went exactly how I planned it to go, even though I had so many worries and fears about the whole thing. It actually worked out so well, and I shouldn’t of worried about anything.


Was your September filled with any birthday joy?


Regarding all things we heart it, last month was far from very productive or active, and that’s why i feel like I’ve again had to dig into the depths of my hearts from September, to create this second post. I just didn’t seem to heart that many quotes last month. Hopefully you still enjoy these few inspiring quotes, and I will be making it my mission to heart some amazing quotes this month.


My Absolute Favourite

I think ultimately my favourite quote from this month would have to be, “do what makes you happy and be done with all the rest”. I don’t really know why i love this quote so much, but i think its just the fact that it really promotes that you should just do the things that make you happy, and that your the most important thing. I think this is a quote that I need in my life in the next couple of weeks, as well as just it being my most favourite quote over all.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this round of The Best Of We Heart It posts, and feel inspired to go and have a good old browse on We Heart It. I only have another three of these posts to do before I start a brand new monthly series for next year.


You can go and have a read of all the series so far HERE.


Love you all


The Best Of We Heart It- September

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


THIS ROUND OF THE BEST OF WE HEART IT POSTS ARE INSPIRED BY my constant love for all things fashion, the urge for warm, autumnal baths, and a bit of feminism. 


September was just one of those months that seemed to go by so quickly, one day it was the first of September and we were all celebrating about the fact that we had to head back to work and school, and the next minute, it was the 30th of September, and my mind was grinding away at me about writing these posts. So far this year I’ve been super consistent with all my We heart it posts, and even though this set may be late, I wanted to still power through and not let myself down by missing a month out.


As I previously mentioned, end of august/start of September is the time when we all head back to school and begin school life again. However this time I had to really knuckle down right from the start of the year, as I’m going to be doing my GCSE’s in this school year and i need to work my arse off to get the grades that i want. Obviously, I’ve you been through the whole process of your final GCSE year, or are going through it now, you will know how much homework you get, and how much is expected of you in every subject. So therefore, I made it my mission to try and stay organised and on stop of everything that I need to do in school, on here and generally in life, so i can then get things done more effectively without getting all stressed out about things. As you probably all know, i get overwhelmed so easily, so hopefully this will help me keep focused and be calm and collected Rachel, not super stressed out and stupid Rachel.


Because of all the amount of work I had throughout the month of September, We Heart it definitely got put on the back burner.  So, when I went to create this post, i had a lot less to choose from than I usually do,  and I think that’s why i found it hard to find a few themes that run through my pictures this time,  to create the little inspired by… subheading, that i have going on at the start of these monthly posts. However, there’s still some really cute and unique pictures that are featuring in this post that I love, and I hope that you do too.


My Absolute Favourite

I think my favourite would have to be the picture on the right hand side, and one down, with the Sony camera. I love how this picture has the camera kind of faded in the background and the main focus in the picture is the lense and the skyline that’s in it. It just seems to represent so much hope and it;s almost like a little insight through a camera lense. i love the way this has been taken and edited, and definitely needs to feature in my photography inspiration pinterest board.


I hope you have enjoyed this round of pictures, and feel inspired to go and find some cute and unique pictures on we heart it.You can cach up on all the previous posts HERE.


Love you all,


Street Style At London Fashion Week SS15

Hello Lovelies


Well, it’s been that time again. When all the fashion forward people of Britain, gather together to celebrate their true love of fashion. It’s an event that many girls admire, and would love to attend; and for the fair few lucky ones, they actually got to sit on the front row of a catwalk and maybe rub shoulders with a few super models.


London Fashion Week is always just such an iconic moment for British fashion, and I think that it really showcases how stylish all of us Brits are! It really makes me proud to be British. I just love to see how varied the styles are, and how people combine different trends, shapes, textures and colours, to really go all out for fashion week. However, this year the celebrities where not the ones making the impression, it was all the bloggers, editors, fashion stylists, that are all normal people, but have a true flair for fashion. Let’s face it, Street style really did rock London Fashion Week this autumn.


Following on from I said in my previous post, which you can go and have a read of HERE. I find street style so inspiring and it’s actually my favourite kind of fashion to keep updated with and read about. It’s just so different and it really makes me think more outside of the box with my own personal style. Somehow, it’s just so much more relatable, because if I see an item that someone on the street is wearing, I know that I’m much more likely to be able to go and buy that item myself; as you can’t really do that with celebrities.


There was so many amazing looks on the streets around London Fashion Week, as I skimmed through the internet and read a few fashion magazines. There was just so many inspiring looks that were so different,cool and edgy, and were something that I would love to recreate myself. When I see a look that really inspires me, from a fashion magazine, or usually from Pinterest, I love to then go into shops and really try to push myself to try new things and branch out my own personal style.


Just above is a few looks that i found on the internet from London fashion Week that I loved, and that I thought were quite different and unique. Most of these represent different elements of my personal taste in clothes, and although i might not necessarily dare to wear them yet, I would still love to one day.


Two of my favourite looks would have to be on the middle row, on the left and right hand side. They both combine a lot of different elements of fashion, such as different contrasting colours, prints and textures. However, they still really work well altogether as one outfit, and I think that’s what I love about them so much. I’m currently doing my textiles GCSE project based around Modern Vintage, and I’m also wanting to use the element of contrasting prints that somehow work together. I think that’s what these looks really remind me of.


I think the moral of the story, is to not just focus all your attention on people that are well-known and that are in the spotlight, because you’re really missing out! Branch out and try to find inspiration from the undiscovered talent of 2014, as bloggers, editors etc…, are soon going to be our fashion future.


I love you all


How To Find Your Style Inspiration

Finding Your Style Inspiration- Pinterest 1Finding Your Style Inspiration- Pinterest 2

Recently, someone asked me “Who’s your style inspirations”. Well, to be honest i didn’t really know what to say. I’ve never really known how people that get interviewed in magazines, ever know who they take they’re inspiration from, and how do they even know that how this person dresses, directly influences they’re own personal style.  It’s always been a bit of blank to me, and it even got to the point were I almost felt like I wasn’t a proper/legit fashion blogger, if I didn’t even know simple things like who do I take my style inspiration from! It made me feel like such a hypocrite, and It really made me question my whole love for fashion and what I do on here.


Personal style is something that is so “personal”, so it always did baffle me how someone could really have lot’s of people that they take inspiration from; and after getting asked that question, it really made me think about who’s style I admire, and who could possibly be one of my “style inspirations”. But, after thinking long and hard, going on pinterest and reading lots of fashion magazine’s, I decided that there really isn’t one or two particular people that inspire me, not celebrity wise anyway. Obviously there is a few exceptions, such as Kylie Jenner and Olivia Palermo, but generally I feel more inspired by street style and fashion bloggers, than any celebrity. I think that’s just because celebrities seem so out of reach, and I would never be able to afford some of the pieces they’re wearing, so why would I want to admire them and read about them, if I’m not going to be able to re-create that look or buy one of the pieces.


Overall, I just find real people’s style so much more inspiring than anything else. I love to go on pinterest and pin lots of looks that I love and that inspire me, or just watching a few of my favourite you-tubers that make some really good styling videos, such as Patrica Bright. If you want to get some great fashion/styling advice from a really down to earth, real person, then you should definitely go and check her out!


So, now you know how I found my style inspirations, here’s a few tips on how to find yours.



The first thing you need to do in order to work out your style inspirations, is to define your own personal style and what elements of fashion you really like. That could be the trend of monochrome, with a splash of colour, or a more vintage vibe with a modern twist. Whatever style’s you like, collect anything to do with them to create a picture of what your personal style en-tales.


Bloggers, Bloggers, Bloggers

Some of the best people fashion wise, are bloggers. There is some seriously talented people out there who have amazing style that I love to admire and take inspiration from. Look out for bloggers going to fashion week or any kind of half dressy events.


Pinterest and Tumblr

I love to find inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr. There’s some amazing things on pinterest, but street style is one of the best of them. I love spending a bit of my spare time flicking through Pinterest and pinning images that I really like, and coming up with ways that I can re-create that with my wardrobe. the internet is an amazing place for people to share what they’ve done or looks they have created, so use it.


I hope that you know you feel more confident about finding your style inspirations, and know that they don’t always have to be someone well known or famous. You can go and check out my fashion board HERE, to start of your style inspiration.


I love you all


The Best Of We Heart It- August Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies




August really was one of those months where I enjoyed every single day, and everyday I had something new, exciting and interesting to do, that i could enjoy with the people I love the most. Although, i was actually on  school holiday through-out most of August, I still managed to be super busy and find something to do with all the end-less amount of time that i had.


Another great thing that the summer month brought, was a serious amount of time to just do whatever I wanted. I think it’s so important in life to be able to have your own time and to just do things that you really want to do. I know that so many people always talk about how essential having “me” time is, but I just think that it’s the best way to re-cooperate and be YOU again.


One of the things that I loved to do whilst I was having a bit of “me” time, was to just have a quick flick through we heart it and have a nosey at all the really cute pictures and quotes that they have on there. If you’ve been a reader of rachelspick for a long time, then you will know that I’m one of those annoying quote freaks, who is always throwing a quote into every situation.


What quotes where they you ask? Well here’s a little run down of my favourite quotes that I’ve hearted throughout the month of August.


My Absolute Favourite

Obviously, I love all the quotes that I’ve picked out, because this post is “the best of…..” quotes that I have hearted. However, I think that i would have t0 choose the picture on the top right hand side, again, that says “Reminder: you have a great smile, use it.” I love everything about this quote, from the floral background, that looks very retro and kitch, to the actual quote, and just how lovely and motivational it is. I’m trying to be less of a negative person, and really trying to embrace being more positive and kind, so this a great quote to go with that.


I hope you have enjoyed this round of The Best Of We Heart It Posts. If you would like to read the first part, all to do with my favourite pictures this month, then click HERE, or you can go and check out the whole series HERE.


I love you all