The New M&S

An unexpected twist

Hello Lovelies


Before I start writing this post I just want you all to know a few things. First of all, I am sorry that I have not posted for about  a week, I have been so busy with dance rehearsals and homework. Also I would just like to thank you all! After January this year my monthly ratings went down a lot and they were down for quite a long time. But since September they have been slowing rising and this month is going really well so far. So thank you for all your support and I love you all. Finally I would just like to point out that there is 939 of us now that follow rachelspick and I am so amazed and excited to hit that 1000 mark!! I want to mark that occasion with something special, if you have any ideas please let me know!


As you may already of guessed by the title, this post is about M&S. I know that for some people this high-street shops name is almost alien to them,  because for the last few years M&S’s clothes have really gone down hill and I doubt that anyone under 55 even wanted to look at the clothes in there despite buy any. So you are probably wondering why I am even writing this post  because I am a teenager and this blog is mostly read by people that are young and wouldn’t be interested in M&S. But a few months ago I went in there, because me and my mum went in the cafe and I saw quite a few things that I liked. They were out of my price range and I didn’t have any intentions of buying them, but, it just made me wonder about how the shops changed and that there were things that younger people would actually be caught dead in!


After this, I just kept seeing things to do with M&S, such as: the new collection, new adverts and pieces in my look magazine. All of them were really positive about M&S and how it as changed and become somewhere where you could actually find some really great pieces. I’m not saying that now it’s a full on, in trend high-street shop and that everything in there is for the younger age, but it’s definitely on the up.


This does make me really happy to be honest, because I do think that M&S’s things are really well made and last a long time. So to have that on the high-street at a good price and really accessible, is a great thing for the British shopping scene. Nowadays many shops love to charge the earth for the lastest nerd top or red shoes, but really your not getting any value for your money because they will last about 1 month and will be ripped or scratched and then don’t really look that great. As if you buy  something from M&S, you know that it will be made well and will last. Also you can guarantee that you will get good value for your money! A winner really.


Baring this all in mind I have chosen some pieces that are in trend and suitable for the younger age but also great value for money by choosing things under £50. This creates the best of both worlds for you all and I hope that these items will prove to you why you should go and have a look there.


  • Collection Leather Look Ankle Grazer Denim Jeggings £25.00

  • Collection Animal Print Skater Dress £39.50

  •  Collection Bead Embellished Ponte Shift Dress £45.00

  • Collection Sequin Embellished Mini Skirt £35.00

  • Limited Edition Bobble Hat £9.50

I hope you like this post and feel inspired to go and shop in M&S.


Love you all


Is it just me that’s sick of personal style blogs??

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my first more controversial post. This post is based around something that I feel quite strongly about and it may become a little bit of a rant. But I won’t worry about that, because I know that you all like it when I go off on a bit of rant and really let you all know how I feel about something.


As you have probably already realised by the title of the post, today I am going to talk about personal style blogs and what I think about them.


Obviously rachelspick is a fashion blog, I am not going to deny that. But the thing that really gets me about fashion blogs is when they are almost solely based around personal style. I mean by this, that nearly all the posts are about  what the writer has worn or an “outfit of the day” post. For me when I click onto a fashion blog, after searching in general for them and I see that it’s a personal style blog, I almost want to cry inside. To be honest I’m not going say that I hate every personal style blog and they all make me feel like this, but when you’re constantly seeing personal style blog, after personal style blog, it does start to have that effect on you!


Personally, I think that when you have a fashion blog that when someone scrolls down all they see is “outfit of the day”, “monochrome”,”playing with colour”, it’s not only really boring, seeing them brag about how they can wear clothes and the fact of what clothes they own, it’s also really lazy. Just because, there’s not really that much thought that goes into that type of post and that it’s alright do occasionally but not every single time, it’s nice to have a variety.


I know that all of you may be thinking that I am a bit of a hypocrite right now!! I don’t know if I have ever really mentioned this but when I get older I would like to become a fashion stylist. Now, I know that for a stylist the job is about clothes and styling people and what goes with what. So you’re probably all thinking, why are you even writing this because surely you want to show you styling skills and how you style things. But the thing is, I do want to be a stylist and I’m not saying that I don’t think that outfit of the day style posts are good, all I am saying is that for me personal style blogs are boring and an easy way out of creating a successful fashion blog. Also, fashion is about so much more than just buying some clothes from the high-street and putting them together, this is a part of it but true style is when you take old and mix with new, create a new trend or step out of the box, not just standing in front of your shed and saying that you bought a new dress from Zara. Anyone can go and do that and pair it with some shoes! As truly talented people take it beyond that and create art, play with backgrounds, write a good load of text too and show their flare.


On the first picture it says “Fashion Blog Definition” but you can’t fully see the actual definition. So I thought after seeing this picture, that it would actually be quite interesting to know what the definition of a fashion blog is, so I took to Google and found it out:


Fashion Blog

“Fashion blogs are blogs that cover the fashion industry, clothings, and personal style.

For me this is so true and I totally agree with it. Fashion blogs should cover all parts of fashion:  personal style, the fashion industry and clothes,shoes, bags etc. There are just so many parts of fashion and personal style is just one part of it. I’m not going to say whether someone should keep posting these type of posts on their blog or not but all I can say is that I think it’s boring and it’s not just me that thinks this either. Also I’m not going to say that my blog is perfect and covers all parts of fashion and I will admit that I still need elements of certain things on my blog such as personal style, I am working on this and hopefully soon you will see a personal style post on here. But don’t worry it won’t be a really regular thing.


I hope you enjoyed this post and that I didn’t offend anyone. All i wanted to do was share my opinion and cover a subject a lot of bloggers talk about.

Love you all


November Wishlist

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my November wishlist! I haven’t done one of these for soo long it’s ridiculous. I’ve done quite a few gift guides, but I haven’t done a wishlist, of things that me personally, would like to buy. This post has been something that has been in my post diary since the first of November and I just kept moving it, until today, when I actually feel like I have something to put on my wishlist. I know for some people they always have something that they “wish” for, but as it’s only just been my birthday and I got money, gift vouchers and a lot of things I wanted, I have kind of bought a lot of things especially clothes wise, that I wanted. So this wish-list will not be that much based around clothes I want, but on other little interior things, especially ones for Christmas! As I’m already so excited!


For me wishlists are quite exciting things, because I love seeing what other people want! Not only because I’ m such a nosey person , but also, because I might see something that I want to buy. I suppose it’s kind of like a mini shopping catalogue! But, a shopping catalogue that you actually want to buy from, not one of those horrible ones that has all old people’s clothes in. Not like that lovely grey, sweater vest that your grandma bought you from that book she gets through the post. Then you have to act like you love it!


This time of year is always my favourite, just because I am such a winter person. I love everything winter, such as snow, the cold, Christmas, comfy jumpers, absolutely everything except rain. Winter is just a lovely time for me and a time that I always look forward to. There is just so much to love in the winter for me; snow, something I absolutely love, Christmas, which I am so excited for this year because I can not wait to listen to Christmas music and wrap all my presents for people really nicely. Also, in the winter it’s my birthday,something every one loves, and I do my annual dance show. I mentioned this in my last post,” life insight”, so I won’t go into too much detail about it other than it’s something I always love doing and look forward to it every year.


 Life Insight post:


 Baubles, Lights and Heart- Wilkinson’s,

Candle -Yankee Candle

Hat- Primark


As you can see, some of the interior items are from Wilkinson’s. While I was searching for a few items I really liked in the new Christmas shop, I saw some gorgeous Christmas interior gems that are to die for. The good thing about these items and Wilkinson’s  in general is that it’s so affordable. All the prices are sooo great and are a good quality so they will last a good few years. But the best thing is that the items are so beautiful and are things that are making me want to go and have a shopping spree for Christmas in Wilkinson’s.


These cute little bath products from LUSH are also to die for. All LUSH’s products are natural and smell so gorgeous that all you want to do is have a nice long bath. It definitely is bath season, when you want to in that warm water and have a real good soak. So to make your bath extra special, you need some extra special bath companions such as: this cute little snowman, shooting star bath bomb, silver stars and little Santa’s grotto, all from LUSH!!


Love you all


Life Insight

You never know everything about someone

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a new post idea! This is going to be a weekly post, that I think will be on a Friday. I have chosen to do this as a weekly post because I don’t really have any posts that I write strictly every week. So I wanted to create something that I hope you will all visit my blog every week to see and will look forward to.


Going back to october, I mentioned the fact of my blog not being that personal and that although I love writing what I do, I think it will benefit from some more personal posts too, give it a bit of warmth. I personally think that some of the best blogs are personal and the writers share a lot of their lives with their readers. Although I think that’s lovely, it’s hard to find a balance. Because you’re still an ordinary person and want to have privacy, but also you want your readers to feel really connected to you and feel like you know each of them individually.( Well that’s what I want anyway)


I think that’s why I find it so hard, with anything personal on here. I always find it hard to find the balance between sharing not enough, so people are really nosey and want to know about your life more, and sharing too much. Obviously I am a normal person that has friends and family and people close to me, but not all of them want themselves broadcast across the internet for everyone to see. I know for some people this may seem strange, because I have chosen to do this and go down this road of blogging, but I still have a personal life too! I want to develop as a blogger and hopefully find that balance. I am not going to say that I am an experienced blogger or anything like that, to me, I feel like I still have so much to learn and that my blog is still only a baby. The thing is, when your a blogger you never stop learning and that’s one of the beauties of it.


After scrolling down we heart it (my favourite websit of all time, I absolutely love it) I was going down hearting things and was starting to see quite a few really nice pictures to do with dance. Such as, point shoes and just general girly,dance pictures. If you have been a reader of rachelspick for a long time you know that about a year ago, I did the 30 day photo challenge on here, and on this one particular day:


“A picture of something you”

I created a little slideshow of things that represented me, at that time. Looking back on it now, I have changed so much, there’s a picture of me and I just look sooooo young compared to now, also I mention the fact of singing. I love singing and I always have, but recently it has been put on hold for my other passion in life, dance!


Pictures sourced from we heart it<3


Dancing has not always been a passion of mine. But after my parents encouranging me to go to our family friends dance school, I soon began to catch the dance bug. Going every week, meeting some amazing people and learning to dance was the best thing I could of asked for at that time. But being quite a lot larger than I am now and being in a class with people a lot smaller and skinnier than you,  it was hard for me. But I still loved it, although I may not of been that great at it.


I still remember when I first started dancing and the fear that I had. I suppose it was nothing like what I would have now, if I was in that position, but to me at the age 8/9 it was still a little scary. I only really knew one girl, that went to my school. I knew her quite well but she had been dancing a long time and she knew all the other girls from a very young age. As you can imagine though of someone of that age, I soon started to make friends and have fun!! At this time I had never done any proper dancing before and so I really started as a complete blank canvas, learning ballet, tap and modern, right from the beginning.


I soaked everything up and soon started doing exams and participating in the yearly show. The show, even now is to me the best part of the whole thing. The atmosphere, the performing, the costumes, the lights, the everything, I just love it and always will. Now looking back on the first DVD of the show I did, I can see all the mistakes and how inexperienced I was, to be honest I can barely even watch it because it makes me cringe inside. But all I can say is that I am really proud of myself to be where I am now, because I never expected it.


So let’s fast forward to now! I have been dancing for 6 years and I have loved every minute of it. I have 5 medals from the shows, four exam plaques, ballet,tap,modern and freestyle, bronze and silver and various exam certificates. But to me the certificates and all that doesn’t really mean that much, because I have made some amazing friends from it! I love them all and my QDC family. I see them more than my own family, I can be completely my self around them and wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.


But one of my biggest achievements in my dancing journey is doing dance in school and getting the top mark, getting most improved dancer in the show and doing GCSE dance. Back then I would never of thought I would be doing GCSE dance and getting the dance school’s most improved dancer and my dance class too. I hope I can continue to love it and have a great show this year.


I hope you liked this in-site into my life and that you know me a bit better now. Also that you liked the first post in the series.


Love you all


A Life Lesson #2

“No matter how hard life gets there’s always tommorow!”

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to the second post in the “A Life Lesson” series. It was extremely popular last time, so I hope it’s as popular this time as before.


First of all, I would just like to apologize for being a bad blogger and not blogging for over 3 days. Although I have been bad, you all definetly have not. On sunday, we reached the highest amount of views in one day I have ever had and last week, we had the highest amount of views for as long as I can see back. Thankyou to you all, it means a lot and I would not be able to do it without you!


As you can probabaly tell by the mini title, this life lesson post is going to be based around having a bad day. Trust me, I know that when your having a bad day it’s not great. You nearly always start the day in an awful mood and you don’t want to go to work or school, feel really ill or something is getting you down. So you are already in a bad mood and things never go the way you want and it’s just typical that things don’t go to plan when your having a bad day. Normally, when your having a bad day, things escalate and get out of control because your in a bad mood. When this happens, you just want to go home and start the day again or lie in a dark room.


Another thing that happens when yor having an awful day is you think that your life is never going to get better. It’s like your in a bubble of bad atmosphere and it’s so thick that you can never pop it. The main thing is in this sitation, the bubble is in your head, really the bubble was never there and there was just a little black cloud floating over your head that day. That cloud passed and now you can see the blue sky.


What I am trying to say is that, however awful your day is, it will end.I love this quote because it’s just so true and when i saw it I knew I had to use it in one of my life lesson posts because it’s so inpirational and makes you realise that there is hope. Sometimes, when your having a less than perfect day, you get to the point where you feel ike life is on tp of you and you get so caught up in life that you don’t know which way to turn. In these times of need, you need something to put you back into reality, this quote is a great one. You could put it as a reminder on your phone, a wallpaper on your computer or a lock screen on your ipod, put it somewhere you will see it and remember it.


I hope you all like it and take from this post that everydya is a new day!


Love you all