A Christmassy Question

 Driving home for Christmas

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my third Christmas post.


Before I really start getting into this post, I just want to let you all know a few things: first of all, I’m amazed how well the November overview posts went down with everyone, it’s not because I thought you wouldn’t like it, it’s just because I haven’t  done anything like that on here before and I was a little nervous on how it would be perceived. But there was no need to worry because you all loved it! THANKYOU!!! Also, we’re getting closer and closer to a massive 1,000 of us now. I can honestly not believe it and I am so amazingly grateful for you all, if it wasn’t for all of you then I wouldn’t be where I am now! I can’t wait until we hit the big number and can celebrate in style.


This post was supposed to be much later in the month, but when I was deciding on my post for today, I just felt like this would be a really lovely post to do and for you all to have a little read of. Today’s christmassy question is:



This question is something that is so personal to every single person out there, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this time will always mean something to you. It’s a time in the year when the world goes crazy and everyone and everything is Christmas related. From Christmas specials on the T.V to the Christmas music plugged every five minutes on the radio and the constant count down of how many days is left until Santa comes down your chimney and delivers your presents. I can only imagine how annoying it can be for someone who doesn’t particularly like Christmas, because even I- and I absolutely love Christmas- release how much everything just twists as soon as late November and December hits. Everything just becomes christmassy and if you don’t like it then this must be so irritating and frustrating, that you have to see it, hear it, even, smell it everywhere.


To me, Christmas is such a joyful and delightful time. I love all the adverts, T.V specials, the Christmas songs playing in the supermarket and most of all, the snow. Snow is something that I absolutely love and personally I think it makes Christmas if it does snow, especially if it snows right near the day.


 Another thing that I really love at Christmas time is family, family, for me, is what Christmas is all about. I love seeing them all on the day and getting cute little presents from them, that they are just so excited for you to open. To me this is something I find so exciting at this time. It’s just buying a present for someone and hoping that they will love it and wrapping it all nice and lovely for when they rip that paper to see a lovely little present for them to treasure. I love it even more when they don’t have a clue what they’re going to get and you are just waiting for their reaction. Obviously it’s not very nice when they don’t like it, but that’s just life and you just have to move on!


Finally, the thing that means the most to me at Christmas is the routine. I love doing my normal Christmassy things and being able to look forward to what we are going to do because I know we will do it because it’s the tradition. In my family we have a routine right from Christmas Eve. First of all, I usually go to someone’s house during the day because my mum is at work, but maybe this year I will stay at home with my dad! Then my mum loves to go to church and go and sing some traditional Christmas carols and have a good mince pie, as they are one of her favourite parts of Christmas. After that, we then go home and my aunty, uncle and sometimes some of their family come over. We watch Christmas specials, swell over the past and at around midnight open our first Christmas presents.  This is one of starts of my Christmas and I absolutely love it.


I’m not going to go over and over my normal routine, but I just wanted to let you all know what Christmas means to me and I would love to know what Christmas really means to you to!


Love you all


How to- The Christmas Jumper

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my second christmassy post. This year I have tried to be really organised and planned a lot of my posts that I am going to do throughout December, so when you all click onto here you will see a new, festive post to have a good read of. Hopefully all the posts will be different and will appeal to everyone, not just the fashionista’s out there. I suppose as it is finally December I can reveal at  least a few themes of the upcoming posts, so you all can dream and wonder about it until the day it arrive’s on the homepage.


I’m the type of person that loves surprises, so I hate things getting ruined for me, when someone spills something about a present I’m getting or a film I’m going to watch. For me when you get told what happens in a film or what you’re going to get, the whole time you are just waiting for it and expecting it, but if it’s a surprise, then that will never be able to happen! So really I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you all, but, I’m planning some kind of festive baking post and a collaboration. I’m not spilling any more than that, sorry!! You will all just have to wait.


For this post, I’m going all fashion on you all and bringing you a post about the absolute favourite for Christmas time, CHRISTMAS JUMPERS! They are always a favourite at Christmas time, mainly because everyone loves to have something special to wear on Christmas day and look a bit stupid and silly. But lets face it, it’s one day out of 365 days of the year!


They seem to get more and more popular each year and more and more keep coming into the shops. So when I was trawling through the internet, to find the five best for a man, and the five best for a woman, I didn’t exactly find it really hard. There was quite a big range, to be honest that really did surprise me. I think it’s just because you can only wear them once a year or only one month in the year, so why really are they so popular?


I have tried to pick all different styles and tastes, so it just appeals to everyone really. Also some are more reserved and less in your face, as some are very over the top and exactly in your face. Anyway, I hope you like my festive Christmas jumper picks:



My Favourite

The one that I would pick to wear if I was a boy, out of all of these, it would be the vintage style robin jumper from ASOS. It’s so simple and actually looks classy, unlike a lot of Christmas jumpers. It’s the type of jumper that your nan would truly be accepting of, not in a bad way, at the end of the day they have a lot more fashion experience than you. I just love this jumper and I would even wear it!



My Favourite

The one that I would pick to have a place in my wardrobe would be the bauble jumper. It’s so sparkly and festive and something that I would love to wear on Christmas Day. Although it’s very pricey at a massive £50!! Maybe not worth the money but you would be able to wear it all of December!! I love it and if you purse can stretch a bit, it’s a great investment.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel inspired for what you want out of your Christmas jumper. See you all very soonie and enjoy any festivities that you may have planned.


Love you all


November Overview- Part 2

When You Wish Upon A Star

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first post of December. I can honestly not believe how quick this year has gone and that I’m actually writing this post knowing that this time in 24 days it will be Christmas day. It’s unbelievable. That’s why I think it’s even more important to over view the past month with part of “November Overview”.


Like I mentioned in part 1, November was a real hectic month for me. I’ve had extra dance practices in order for my show which I did last night and the night before, I’ve had tons of homework and revision to do, I’ve been helping out with the brownies and I have been looking after this little baby. Although I love being busy, November has been a bit too busy for my liking and I can’t wait to get a bit more me time this month. Also I can’t wait to be able to officially listen to Christmas music and not worry that I’m giving myself bad luck!


What I Have Enjoyed This Month

This month I have tried and tested quite a few things and actually really got into them. Firstly I will start with LUSH. As you may probably already guessed, that the first picture on the left in the little collage above is a LUSH bath bomb. Now this may be shocking to you all but before about 3 weeks ago I had never experienced a bath with a lush bath bomb. I know this may sound crazy. The truth is that I have just never got round to actually going in there and buying some. I’ve been there for gifts and with my mum but I’ve never had time to buy a few for myself. To tell you all the truth I absolutely love them! I had this one with was called cinders and smelt just like Christmas and another one which I can’t remember the name of, which smelt just like apples. On the outside it was really plain but on the inside it was bright blue and I even got a little note in it that said bang!


Secondly I’ll talk about Instagram! I think to be honest for the whole year I’ve been talking about needing and wanting to use Instagram more. I think instagram is really inspirational and good and I was sick of having really poor quality photos on there. So when I got an Ipad I just knew I had to use Instagram more and really get into properly. Now I have really used quite a lot I love it. All of these photos above are instagram photos!!!


Finally, I will talk about the picture in the top right hand corner. This was when I first put my background on my blog. When I did this I was feeling like my blog was getting old and a bit boring and cold, so I decided that to create some warmth I had to add a nice background. Since then I’ve not looked back and I think that it’s really helped with my ratings last month. I’ve changed it now for a more festive one but it’ll be back in the new year.


What’s gone on in rachelspick world

In november rachelspick world has been very busy. I have mentioned the fact of my ratings quite a lot and the fact that they were quite low for quite a big part of this year. I don’t know why but they have finally started to pick up after sooo much work and determination. We hit a massive 669 views and had 372 new people visit and have a look around. To be honest I’m so glad that they are finally starting to pick up and now I feel even more determined to pass the 1000 mark in one month.


Also last month we hit a massive 961 followers,WOW. I’m literally so excited to hit 1000 followers and I can reveal that I’m going to do a giveaway when that moment comes. I can’t even believe that 961 people follow my little blog and get an email every time I post. All I can say is thankyou and wow, again.


I hope you enjoyed my overview of november. I couldn’t of done it all without you!


Love you all


November Overview

My November

Hello Lovelies


Welcome! Whether you are a brand new reader, who has just seen this post on your twitter feed,facebook timeline or found me on google, or you have been reading rachelspick for a while. You will hopefully all know I love to start all my posts with a little life update or something that I want you all to know. So in true style of this, I thought I would do a whole post dedicated to these type of things. This post is going to be my little overview of November, what I have enjoyed this month, updates in rachelspick world, things I am looking forward to next month,anything I am going to try to do better as a person and blogger next month and lots more!


For me, November has brought sooo many things. I suppose this is why I am sitting here in my blanket with arms writing this post for you all. It has been one of the busiest month’s,of not only this year but of my whole life. I don’t think I have ever had such a busy schedule as I have this month. To be honest I really don’t even know where to start with this post, I have so many things that I want to tell you that “my minds like a scrabbled egg”, one of the phrases I have used a lot this month. Because I have mentioned that little phrase of mine,  I will start off by telling you all a few things about me and November.


 About Me

I’m the type of person that gets bored of my hair so easily, so I love to play around with new hairstyles and ways to do my hair. So this month I have well and truly brought back many hairstyles I have previously loved and have also come to find some I absolutely love.  First is all about the fishtail plait. Over the summer I loved this hairstyle because it’s so easy, looks really pretty and keeps your hair out of the way. So I brought it back later this month and have loved wearing it when I’m just lazing around or when I want a more casual look in the day. It’s something I think really suits me and something I will definitely be wearing in December.


Also I have loved just wearing my hair really natural. I have naturally straight hair so when I get up I don’t really have to do that much to it for it to look alright. This is something my best friends are so amazed and jealous of. I think it’s the fact that both of them have naturally wavy or curly hair, so they both have to straighten their hair in the morning or mess around with it to make it look half decent.  I have loved giving it a good brush, back combing it a bit, giving it a little jush and I’m ready to go.


Finally this month I have loved wearing a bow/ribbon. I have just pulled a bit if my hair back and pinned this bow in. It just looks so cute and girly and something that I have come to really love over November!


Secondly I will talk to you all about my style this month.

This month my style has been very warm,cosy and monochrome. I don’t really know why but I have loved buying anything monochrome that will go with everything. Monochrome is a trend that is so timeless and anything monochrome can be worn in any season and will never look old. I just love this style and will be carrying on wearing it throughout December, but hopefully with a bit of festive colour too.


What I’m Looking Forward Too

As it’s November the 30th, it obviously the first of December tomorrow.  I can’t actually believe that tomorrow I will be opening that very first door on my advent calendar, smelling the lovely chocolate and counting down 25 days till Christmas. I am honestly so excited for Christmas, it’s unbelievable! I’m just that type of person that absolutely loves anything festive and christmassy. I love snow and that’s something I really want to happen soon because it really signifies Christmas and winter, with snow fights, gloves and wellies. I love to see everyone all wrapped up warm and snuggly!


Something else I am really looking forward to is The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham. Overall I have been going for about 4 years and every year I think it just gets better and better. It’s just a girl who loves fashion and beauty’s dream and it mine! The fashion shows are always one of the bets bits and the highlight of my visit. It’s the dancers, the theme of it and I don’t know just everything about it that I love. I’m so excited to see all the stalls and obviously purchase some things to add to my wardrobe. Hopefully I will take some pictures and do a post on it. If any of you are going then I hope you love it as much as I always do.


Finally, I am sooo excited for Wednesday. On Wednesday I am going to London with four other pupils from my school for a reception at the Houses Of Parliament. This is such a great opportunity for me to find out about business and talk to some MP’s. I’m not trying to brag or anything like that, all I want to do is share my experiences with you all. Hopefully I will also do a post on this, maybe not when we are actually in the houses of parliament but on the train and  when we are shopping and of course London at Christmas.


I have decided that this post will be in two parts, today and tomorrow. I will continue with the rest of my November tomorrow.


Love you all




Playing Around With Scrabble Letters

The Good Old Favourite

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to a little inspiration post. This post is only going to be small but I just wanted to play around with a few things and take some pictures, and thought that I would just write a little post so I could share them with you all!


Scrabble letters are something that have become massive!! With the vintage, chic look being really in and up-cycling, people are trying to find ways of using old things and creating new things. So the scrabble letter is quite an obvious one. It’s just so iconic, everyone knows what its from when they see one and everyone wants something made out of one. Really it’s no surprise when suddenly people started catching on to this trend and digging out their old scrabble and having a little D.I.Y session.


At my mum’s young WI, they have a trading table where they all take different things that they no longer want and can trade it for something else on the table, for a small donation to the group. They don’t have to give anything or take anything, but I went with my mum the other day and someone had put on the table, two jars of scrabble letters. Being a big vintage chic fan, I just had to have them. I thought I could use them for pictures for on here and just in different little things.


Today I was just planning a few posts and saw them on my dressing table out of the corner of my eye. I just wanted to play around with them and see what words I could make and here are the results!


I hope you love these pictures as much as I do!!


Love you all