New Years Eve Style Inspiration

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my last post of 2013. Before I start rambling on about 2013 and what it’s been like, I want to create a little post and end on a high, because no one wants to read on and on about my life, when they have a party to get ready for. So I’ll be doing a post on that at the start of January for you all to enjoy. Also I’m so glad that you enjoyed my watch post and I love you all.


New Years Eve is a time for really getting glammed up, because let’s face it, it is the last day of the present year. It’s a time when you can really celebrate everything good and bad that’s happened and look on to what will lay ahead for you in the coming year. A true reflection. A way to kick off the dust of 2013 and start 2014 with one big, hell of a bang!


With this occasion being such a special one, you need a special outfit to go with it. So I have searched the internet and styled up three different outfits to tingle your taste buds this New Years Eve. Whether your going for a night on the town, for a dinner with friends or just chilling at families house, there is a look for everyone to feel truly inspired by.


Outfit 1

The Casual yet classy
Black Daisy Print Tunic Dress-New Look


Outfit 2

The Dressy


Outfit 3

The Cute But Absolutely Fabulous


I hope you enjoy reading this post and find inspiration for your New Years Eve Outfit.


Love You All


My New Watch


-Background Alexa Chung “It”
-Armani Exchange Watch


I’ve been looking for a new, “posh” watch for ages now. Looking from window to window in jewellers for that perfect one that isn’t an absolute fortune. Something that I could treasure whenever I looked down at it to see the time and an item that would always add a bit of class to any outfit. So when I saw this I instantly fell in love with it and wished that hopefully one day it would be mine.


I honestly felt like the luckiest girl alive when I opened that shiny pink and black gift bag and saw that matte black H.Samuel bag just sitting there waiting to be opened. Pure joy just ran through my body as I saw it!! I’d been looking at so many different ones from £90- £200, but this one was just absolutely perfect and screamed me. With white padded detailing and silver gems in each corner of the pattern, rose gold handles and Armani exchange strip, with a white leather strap.


I don’t want you to all think that I’m trying to show off or anything like that, but I just really wanted to share with you all my joy and excitement, because I think some of the best posts are personal and the one where you can learn a bit about the blogger behind the blog. I don’t really do many posts about my personal things so this is hopefully the start of several new things.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a great new year!


Love you all


10 Tips For Wrapping Your Christmas Presents


Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my guide on the 10 tips you will need this Christmas to wrap your presents.


I know that for many people wrapping presents can be one of the true chores of the season,and something that is often left until the last minute because of how annoying it can be. But for me it’s one thing that I really don’t mind. Being a creative person, I love making it look pretty and creating almost a piece of art to give someone. I feel like if it’s wraped nicely then it encourages you that little bit more to open it (not that anyone wouldn’t want to open a present) especially if it’s from a person who doesn’t really buy you the greatest presents. But mostly it makes you feel so special. Really at the end of the day that’s what Christmas is about, making other people feel special and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, if your religious obviously. But even if your not then you will have your own meaning of Christmas, whether that’s family, spending time with people who you don’t really see or just having a well deserved break.


Many of my friends and family always comment on me and my mum’s wrapping. They always comment on how we’ve made an effort with all the ribbons and bows or just how well we’ve wrapped it. I’m not trying to show off, all I’m trying to say is that it may take you a bit longer to really make it look nice but it will pay off, people will comment on it and appreciate it. Even if don’t, you’ll still feel so proud of yourself. So to help you achieve this I’ve come up with a list of 10 tips that will help you along your way to wrapping your presents this year:


1. Look around on Pinterest or in magazines for inspiration on how you would like your presents to look.

Hopefully then you will feel inspired to want to create something really amazing and you will have a few ideas on what you want to do. Here’s a few Images that may help:


2. Buy lots of different things to put on your presents and to wrap them with.

Then you can make each present individual and unique and it will make the present wrapping stage a lot more fun, because you will be able to play around with it and create different looks.


3. DO NOT buy any cheap wrapping paper.

4. Choose a paper that the person’s present that you’re wrapping would like.

Because at the end of the day you want them to like it, even if you don’t!


5. Measure out the right amount of paper and make sure that it’s not to small or big.

Although big is better than small, because you can always cut some off, but then you’re wasting paper.


6. Make sure that you cut the paper straight.

If you can’t cut in a straight line very well then draw a line using a pencil and ruler which you can then cut along.


7. When you’re wrapping make sure all the edges look neat.

A good trick to this is to just fold the edge over and hide the horrible edge and then stick it down. Then it will be straight and will look so much neater, and most of all the person will never know!


8. Choose decorations that the person will love.

9. Sometimes less is more.

Using rustic garden string instead of ribbon is a great one to do! It looks so effective and I’ve done this on nearly all my presents this year. Also you could just use a luggage label for the tag. It looks rustic, chic and wonderfully simple.


10. Make it all look pretty and presentable.

Make sure all the bows are tidied properly, that the tag is written and in the right place and that it looks like something you would like to receive.


Here’s a few of my wrapping according to my little tricks and tips to help you all along the way.

I hope you find this useful and have fun wrapping your Christmas presents this year.


Love you all


Gift Guide- For the beauty and fashion addict

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my second gift guide, based upon the girl obsessed by beauty and fashion!


But first, of course I will have my little everything update. I’ve decided to just call this talk time until I decide upon a proper name for it, because I feel like it really needs a name. Do you have any ideas?? Anyway since my last post quite a few things in rachelspick world has happened. So here we go:


First of all, there is now a massive 991 of us in our little family, but I suppose I can no longer call it little because 991 people is not at all a small number. I’m honestly so unbelievably overwhelmed at the fact that I’m only 9 followers away from 1,000! I will just be so overwhelmed when I finally hit it, but of course I won’t be that overwhelmed that I won’t be sharing it with you all, because if it wasn’t for you, none of this would be possible.


Another thing I want to share with you all is, last week we had the best views EVER, of all time!! We received a massive 249 views, and this month we’ve already beat every single month from February until October this year so far, with an amazing 590 views. I know for some people they may think that that’s not a big number, but to me it’s unbelievable that so many people have clicked onto my little blog and read my ideas and opinions on things. I’m just a girl from Central England that goes about her daily life and at night writes on her little internet space to over 990 people. It’s unbelievable! (Sorry I have used unbelievable way to much!)


This gift guide is all based around the girl who loves beauty and fashion. I know this may seem quite an easy one because you could just buy them a clothes voucher or some make-up, but what you have to understand with these girls is, they’re experts in their field whether it’s beauty or fashion, so they know exactly what’s what and who’s who. So it’s not so easy as you may first think. I would know because I’m one of these type of girls. I know what and where things are from and even spot someone in the street and know exactly where their coat or top is from. I suppose it’s just because I’m always looking online and in shops, because when your a fashion blogger you need to know your stuff!


So keeping this in mind, I have tried to include items that I think will be really unique and something that they won’t expect, because let’s face it, it’s great when you get a present better than your expecting to get or something that you totally don’t expect. I’m not trying to insult all of your present buying skills, but you all know I’m right! Everyone likes to receive something that they love and will treasure, because for me that’s one of the best things about Christmas, that you get to buy something for someone that they will really like and see their face when they open it!



1. A Fashion Magazine Subscription-

2. Design Your Own Perfume Experience–

3. MAC Make-up Session- visit your local MAC shop or counter for details

4. Fashion Makeover and Photoshoot for One–

5. ShoeDazzle Gift Card–

6. Glossybox Subscription–


My Favourite

The one I would love the most would definitely be the makeover and photo shoot. It would just be a completely unique experience and something that every girl who loves fashion and beauty would love. You would always remember it and it would be honestly so much fun. I recommend this type of thing, if you really want to push the boat out for that special girl!


I hope you find this useful and love reading it as much as I have loved writing it!


Love you all


Gift Guide- For the I’ve got it all

Oh simple things, where have you gone

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first of four gift guides ready for the Christmas period.


Before I get into the actual post, I’m going to do my usual thing and give you a mini update about things, to be honest I really need a name for this section,if you have ideas please comment on this post or tweet me.


If you keep in touch with me outside of my blog, such as on twitter and facebook, then you will know that the last week has been extremely busy for me. I’ve had a week full of exams and so many other things to do, that my little baby has been left to fend for it’s self a little bit. But I couldn’t be more proud of it! I mentioned in a small post update on Friday on my facebook page about how well it’s being doing without me, obviously this makes me feel so amazingly proud of myself and even more thankful to every single one of you. Honestly I would never be able to sit here and write a post and know that over 980 people are going to get a notification in their inbox about it, if it wasn’t for all of you!


 This year Christmas has just seemed to creep up on me. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t believe that there’s only one more weekend left until the big day and there’s only another 9 days to get any presents that we may need for our family or friends. Just to think that in 10 days time it will be Christmas day and hopefully we’ll all be tucking into our Christmas dinner and pulling off the lovely Christmas paper on our presents.


So considering this, you’re all  probably thinking ” why is she doing a gift guide this close to christmas”. Well the true reason is because I personally think that a lot of other people have done theirs way to early and that gift guides should be around this time. I know mine is about a week late but personally I think that you should do you Christmas shopping actually in December so you need a gift guide in December not October!


Also I’m doing my gift guides now to help anyone who is having a late minute problem for a present for someone, such as ” the has it all”, ” the technology guru”, ” the buy we whatever” and “the beauty and fashion addict”, as I need a little bit of fashion in all of this. I want to create gift guides to really help solve those Christmas problems that really give you sleepless nights and make you run around on Christmas eve looking for something to buy for the next day. As I want to help you all have a good, stress free Christmas build up. So for the next 3 days I will be posting a different gift guide for each of these scenarios.


Hopefully, if you have all read the title of the post properly, you will know that today’s gift guide is based around ” the got it all”. You will always have someone or several people in your family or group of friends that fit in this bracket. They are the type of person that just has everything that ever really want or need. So it makes it extremely hard for you to find a present that they will not only, not have but also will really like and appreciate, because often these type of people have very exacting standards about things.


So in order to really please these type of people you need to find something really unique and something that they wouldn’t just be able to go straight to their local high-street and buy. Therefore anywhere that has really unique items is a must and one of the best places to go for these type of things is the good old internet and onto websites like I have used a few of their gorgeous items in my gift guide, so instead of carrying on talking about it I’ll just get on with it right now:


For a woman

1.Personalised “From The Kitchen Of’ Stamp“-

2.Set Of Four Personalised Drinks Coasters–

3. Flo Jo’s Knicker Making Kit Scarlet & Olive-

4. Design Your Own Personalised Star Necklace–


 6. Personalised Home Cushion-


For the man


1.Grapevine Gift

2.’The Day You Became My’ Key Ring–

3. Personalised Leather Camera Strap–

4. Four Month Recipe Discovery Kit




I hope you find this inspiring and it solves some of your tricky present buying problems.


Love you all