How-to – Christmas

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come trueeee. Baby all I want for Christmas is youuuu! It’s Christmas, and time for chrimo dinner, songs and most of all presents! But before any of this you need a special outfit for Christmas season! Some people don’t see the point in buying something special for Christmas but I do! You can feel special and look stunning in front of the family you only see once a year, which is normally at Christmas. So I want to help you with this as there is many shocking items of Christmas clothing. From reindeer ears to hideous Christmas jumpers, there’s everything. Also there is many ways to go seriously wrong. So here I go, on my Christmas clothing spree! For you!


Mela Monochrome Aztec Print Dress £25.00


Barry M Gold Glitter Nail Polish £2.99


Knitted Xmas Candycane Jumper £50.00


Gold Embellished Prom Dress £69.00


Multi Glitter Platform Court Shoes £19.99


Eylure Midnight Party False Lashes £4.99


Burgundy Suede Platform Court Shoes £15.00


Blue Eyelash Lace 2in1 Dip Hem Dress £16.00


Silver Diamante Round Stud Earrings £2.99


Silver Rhinestone Collar £30.00


Parisian Black and Gold Sequin Scoop Back Dress £29.99


Party Nude Studded Boot £75.00

D.I.Y Photo Display





This is my first ever crafty post, so I hope you like it! Today after reading a post on Sprinkle Of Glitters blog, I decided that I would create my own version of a D.I.Y photo display. I love Interesting display items and ones that are made by my own hands and cost nothing are even better. I hope that you find it as inspiring and interesting as I did.

What you will need:







Collection of photos and cards




1. First find a place to put your photos. Find somewhere that you can see them and really appreciate them.

2. Cut a piece of string a long as this place and add a bit extra so the string bows in the middle.

3. On each end put a pin in, to hold the string and pictures. Then tie a knot around the pointy end of the pin.

4. Put together a card and a picture on each peg! Jig then around until you like the order.


Hope you like it! Hoping to see all your fan displays too!


Still Blushful Mua Makeup Pallette Giveaway


I want to tell you all about this amazing MUA giveaway from Still Blushful. I came over her blog from an advert on Sprinkle Of Glitter’s blog, and instantly loved it! I hope you can too! I love giveaways but feel like I am not developed enough to do one or that I even know what to give away. So instead I am going to promote some else’s!



  Undressed is cool toned. It has more pale pinks and greys.


Heaven & Earth is warm toned. It has more beiges and browns.

Both are great palettes: good shades, well pigmented and they blend smoothly.

As usual I am using Rafflecopter for the giveaway.  On  the  Rafflecopter screen above just select how you want to enter and  do  as  it says 🙂


You will get two (2) entries by leaving a comment on the giveaway post,  this is   mandatory. You can get five extra (5) entries if you follow the blog   on Google Friend Connect (GFC) or via e-mail, they are near the top of  the right   sidebar. You can get an extra five (5) entries for promoting the  giveaway on your blog. You can get an extra three (3) entries for tweeting about  the giveaway and linking to it. You can tweet once a day!


You can enter either once, by leaving a comment, or a second, third time and/or fourth time by following the  blog on GFC, promoting the giveaway on your blog and tweeting it! Easy!

The giveaway will close in two weeks on Friday December 14. The winner  will  be selected from  random using Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open worldwid

 If you want to enter click this link!

Please enter and good luck!!

November Views

Well done!

Beat my ratings again, by quite a lot! From 668- 825! I’m so happy! Thankyou to all my followers and people that have commented and visit too! Thankyou! Could not of done it without you. We are definitely on the way to 1000 views!

How to – Movember

Go all moustache! November is moustache growing month, and any man can grow a moustache for charity during this time. Over the month men will grow a moustache, get people to sponsor them and at the end of the month send the money to Movember and Sons for them to mainly give to men’s health programme’s . During this month you can also donate (but you don’t have to grow a moustache). Many companies have made special products to celebrate this, including HP sauce, who have created there own bottle with a moustache on and Links London have created a bracelet, charm and cufflinks that has silver moustaches on. So this month unite and celebrate Movember whether it’s growing one or buying things to sponsor this event, it doesn’t matter! Here’s some things I think would rock this unique trend.

Moustache Clip Page Markers £1.99

Pink Moustache Topper Pencil £2.50

Classic Notable Moustache Set £4.99

Black Moustache Double Ring £3.50

White Moustache T-Shirt £7.99

Grey and White Stripe Moustache Print Socks £1.99

Misumi White Top Hat Moustache Vest £9.99

White Love Moustache T-Shirt £7.99

Fred Handlebar Moustache Corkscrew £8.99

Moustache Print Wallet £6.99

Movember Charm £45.00

Moustache Zip Purse £8.00

Moustaches Tee By Tee And Cake £20.00