My Five Highlights From The Month Of July


I know July feels like so long ago, as we’re now over half way into August and the warm summer weather is slowing slipping away from us; but I’m still living in the glory of some of the amazing things that happened in July. With 18th birthday parties, a leaving ball to plan and go to, a two week holiday to look forward to and a new job I was just starting to relax into, I think you can say July was a busy month for me. So, I thought I would share my five favourite parts of it with you all…

IMG_6337Sixth Form Leavers Ball- This had to be my ultimate highlight from July, because it was such a amazing night and a massive achievement for me and my best friends; as we were on the organisation committee. After 3 months of planning, hitting endless hurdles and quite a few strong opinions on the way, the night went down so well and everyone had such a good time. The playlists we created worked perfectly, the photo booth turned up and was used all night, the food was so yummy and the room looked gorgeous. That was personally my favourite part. The black and gold theme we went for worked so well and hanging the balloons, paper pom poms and fans from the ceiling just topped the whole look of it off completely.

I was also in love with my white lace French Connection dress, as it was the perfect choice for the ball and to be able to wear out in the club afterwards. With the accessories I just kept them neutral and then went for a brown smoky eye and lot’s of bronzer. I also adored my hair, the lady who did it for me was so lovely and it was exactly what I wanted.  It was girly, had that relaxed boho vibe and looked gorgeous with my dress.

20369744_10154813150892895_6432531080327199198_oFamily Holiday- Every other year its become a tradition that my whole dads side of the family go on a big 2 week holiday together. It’s a holiday of family fun, laughter, making memories and spending time together. For the last few years we’ve headed off to the region of Normandy in France, and it’s a place where we all love to go to really relax, visit the beautiful beaches, try out the local food and become a French person wandering round all their gorgeous towns and villages.

This holiday is always a highlight of my July, every time we go on it, because I just love being able to spend so much time with my family and all enjoy each other’s company. We’re all pretty crazy and opinionated, but we all love each other and support everyone no matter what.

2 Days in Paris- Where we’re staying in France wasn’t too far from Paris, and as I’ve always wanted to go back ever since I visited back in 2015 on a school trip; my mum treated me to two days in Paris. We headed to Rouen in the car, and then took the train to the centre of Paris.

We stayed in a beautiful, small boutique hotel called Hotel Baum, and it was the perfect girly get away. It was only  small double room, as we got it for an amazing price on Secret Escapes, however it was still so beautiful, it looked over the small conservatory of the hotel and was super modern, with plenty of velvet. We spent time having a really good shopping trip, as I had done all the tourist things before, headed down the Champs-Elysées and had dinner sitting on one of the side streets, in a beautiful French restaurant. It had definitely fed my love for Paris even more and I can’t wait to go back again, hopefully with my boyfriend this time.

untitledNights Out- June and July brought a lot of nights out for me, as it was the end of exams, we went out after the leavers ball and it was also one of my best friends boyfriend Adam’s 18th birthday.

I’m not going to lie, I love a good night out and especially when it’s with so many of my favourite people that I know I will have a great time with. We always look after each other, drink we each other, dance our arses off and just have an amazing time. I don’t always drink that much, because who needs to drink to have a good time, but I always come home with more amazing memories and had a great time. Here’s to a lot more nights out in the future!

 My New Job- Although July was a month full of fun, drinks and nights out, it was also a big month for me as I was settling into a new job. It’s only a part-time retail job, as I need some way to feed my shopping addiction and pay for my car, however it was still a really big deal for me as I was leaving my previous job and a team of people I absolutely loved. I didn’t have much choice as the store was closing, however I knew I needed a new challenge and something to get my teeth stuck into.

Throughout July I was really just starting to get my feet under the table, get used to how differently the new company I work for do things, and get used to being the new girl again and not knowing everything. Even though I’m still learning new things every day meeting new people I’ve never seen before and still making small mistakes; I’m really loving it and I know that job was meant to be, after 2 months of job hunting.

What have been your highlights of the summer so far?

Rachel x




What I Bought On Holiday | Normandy Edition


Feminist Tee-Shirt | Pimkie, Floral Kimono | Pimkie, Embroided Bralette’s | H&M, Grey Silky Shorts| H&M, Purple Scalloped Playsuit | H&M

Clothes shopping abroad is something I always want to fit in, during my holiday. This is because I love finding some beautiful pieces, which ‘hopefully’ not everyone in the UK will be wearing. It’s so fascinating browsing their shops and seeing their trends and most popular items for the season. A lot of the time it is very similar to the UK, however I do generally find they’re always one or two seasons behind us, as London is a real hub for fashion and very influential in the latest trends.

So, as I’ve just recently got back from a lovely holiday in Normandy in France, I thought I would share some of the lovely items I picked up during my visit…

Feminist Tee-Shirt | Pimkie | £5.00

Pimkie is my favourite shop to look in whenever I’m in France, because I love the generally girly style of their items and their price points are also really good. Some of their items are probably aimed at younger teenage girls, however I always love to see what pieces they have and hopefully add a few more beautiful pieces to my wardrobe. I think that they are also stocked on ASOS, if you want to try and get hold of any of their items.

When I saw this feminist tee I knew I had to have it, because I’m really into wearing relaxed grey tee’s with white jeans and converse, at the minute, for a super casual summer look. I also loved the word on it, because I am a feminist and do really believe that all genders should have equal equality and the opportunity to be treated fairly. So, I do think it’s good to promote that, even though I’m far from a hard core, bra burning feminist.

Floral Kimono | Pimkie | £13.50

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with kimono’s, because I do really love how they look on and how they draw a summer outfit together, but I just never seemed to be reaching for the ones I had in my wardrobe. However, recently I’ve seen so many women rocking them with jeans and mixing patterns with striped and graphic tee’s. So, when I saw this beautiful floral one in the sale for 15 euro’s, I thought it would be a great chance to try and really fall in love with them again. And, so far it’s been working wonders, and I’m obsessed with pairing it with white jeans and a delicate lace cami. It just looks so feminine, girly and also great for a festival as well.

Embroided Lace Bralette’s | H&M | £16 each

Having small boobs actually makes finding comfortable bra’s really difficult, because you don’t have that much to fill a traditional bra cup and I often find the tee-shirt style bras that do fit, just aren’t that pretty. So, bralette’s are my go to when it comes to a beautiful and yet still comfortable bra. Not all bralette’s suit me, as we all have different bodies and feel comfortable wearing different things, however as soon as I tried these embroided one’s on from H&M, I instantly fell in love. They have a really comfortable elasticated band, and four different sets of loops at the back, so you can alter the fit as much as you like. The fit around the boob is also really good, they surprisingly give a good amount of support and also look so beautiful. The only down side is that you can’t wear them under anything sheer as you can really see the embroidery, unless of course that’s the look you’re going for on a night out.

Grey Silky Shorts | H&M | £18

Shorts are another item I really struggle with, because I like to have a really good high-waisted fit, as that’s what flatters my body shape the most. However, being tall makes it’s so hard to find ones that actually do this, and don’t pull near your crotch. So, when I found this gorgeous grey, silky pair from H&M, and they fitted and looked so beautiful, they were straight in my basket. I love how they have a paper bag style, elasticated waist; that you draw in with the tie and tuck in a top to create a really nice shape. The colour is also so beautiful, super chic and classic; a perfect match to my style and wardrobe. The only thing I would say, is that they can look like pyjama’s really easily, so you have to be careful what you pair them with.

Purple Scalloped Playsuit | H&M | £25-£30

Playsuits are one of my favourite pieces to wear during the summer, because they’re so easy to just throw on and instantly have a beautiful outfit, and also have the comfort of shorts which prevents any type of pant flash that could happen. So, when I tried this beautiful scalloped edged one from H&M, I knew it had to come home with me. I absolutely love the deep purple colour, which I think really compliments my hair and skin colour and would also be great for that summer to autumn transition as well. The scalloped detail makes it super feminine, without being over the top, and the open backed design looks beautiful on a special occasion.

What’s your favourite brands to buy from when your on holiday?

Rachel x

What’s In My Bag | Kate Spade Red Across-Body Bag


Handbags and being nosy are two of my favourite things in life. So, I thought that putting these two things together and showing you all what’s in my beautiful new Kate Spade bag, would be a great post to kick me back into blogging…

So let’s start things off with the bag, my absolute favourite part of this whole post. It’s the latest addition to my handbag collection, accomplice to all my outfits and the new love of my life. This is because of just how beautiful, yet amazingly spacious and practical it is. The size makes it so easy to just throw a few essentials into and head off for the day, so you’re not ever taking more than you need and everything is really easy to find. The greatest challenge is when my car keys are in my bag and I have to fight with my gorgeous grey pom pom to find my lipstick in the morning, which is something I can definitely cope with compared to my bigger, heavier and easier to scratch designer bags.

Practically, the grained leather that this bag is made from, makes it so good for everyday use, as it makes it a lot less likely to scratch and more durable when being opened and brushed up against. It won’t transfer colour from a piece of clothing and it also has two really good pockets to put small or valuable items in. The adjustable strap is great for providing you with the option to have the bag on your shoulder or across your body, making it great for days out and other day to day jobs. However, what I love the most is the pillar box red colour, because it’s so iconic and is also such a statement piece. It really adds something else to every outfit and creates a classic yet summer vibe to my wardrobe.

  When it comes to whats actually in my bag, I’ve definitely had to cut down to the bare essentials; only the things I really need in my bag and not things to solve any bad situation I might ever be in. So, I always carry my phone, which is the Samsung J5 and is literally always attached to me at the hip. I’m always keeping up my friends, family and my boyfriend on a daily basis, so it’s one of the most important things I carry in my bag. Then next it comes to my car and house keys, which are also pretty key to me being able to get around and also get into the house. I love to have a pom pom of some description on my keys so I always know where they are and so they look pretty. I love this one from Helen Moore purely because of how soft it is and the beautiful colour!

Carrying a small bag means there’s no room for a massive purse, like my purple Lulu Guiness one, so this great little pink zip pocket purse, from H&M, is a perfect substitute. I always carry all my cards, such as my debit cards, my student card, ID and any other points cards I might have, and usually a bit of loose change. However, notes are a rarity as I hardly ever have money physically, I use my cards for everything.

So, then really all that’s left is a few more key items that help me through day to day life, such as a good pack of tissues, especially as it’s hay fever season at the moment and my eyes love to water randomly, and also some body spray; to make sure I always smell fresh throughout the day. Also, I nearly always carry my headphones so I can always listen to music or watch a Youtube video and of course the essential girl items, when mother nature is calling. I like put these away in the back pocket so they’re easy to get to and also can’t just randomly fall out of your bag at any time.

Rachel x

3 New Festival Buys


Festivals are such popular summer events to go and are packed full of wild, wacky and colourful outfits. There’s never a dull moment when you’re rocking the double denim look, mixing florals and stripes or owning that huge floral crown. However, you do also have to think practically when going to a festival, as in reality they are amazing fun but can be super rainy, windy and cold. So, as I’m going to V Festival this year with a group of my friends, I thought I would share some of the practical, yet stylish, buys I’ve picked up so far.

Green Raincoat | Topshop | £25

Not only is this the most practical piece from this mini haul, it’s probably the most sensible clothing item I’ve bought for a long time, usually I’m all about style over practicality. But, I knew this would be a piece I would really need for the festival as it would keep me warm on colder nights, would look good paired with any festival outfit and was also a bargain in the sale at £25. I love how the striped lining adds a bit of fun to the piece and even though it is quite practical, I know it will still look cute and stylish during the weekend.

The Roma Rucksack| MAHI Leather | £94.50

This little beauty was a gorgeous gift from my lovelies over at MAHI leather and will be perfect to house all my festival essentials for the day. I love how it has two zipped pockets at the front, which you can access really easily and how it also has a really spacious main section to the bag as well. It will be great for in the evenings when I want to  take out a jacket and also my phone, money and maybe a few drinks or something to eat. They’ve also made it even better by personalising it with my first three initials, RLK; which I just love and makes it so special. All their gorgeous bags are 100% leather and that means that it will wear really well, last a long time and be okay in the unpredictable weather at the festival.

White Embroided Shirt | Zaful | $26.49

This is my favourite piece from this mini haul, because not only do I love a good shirt but I’m also obsessed with embroidery; and this piece ticks both of these boxes. What I like is how well the beauties at Zaful described this item, which meant that I was super impressed when I got this shirt through the post and surprised at the online to real life pay off. It looked exactly the same and even the embroidery looks just as beautiful and intricate as it did on screen. They also come packaged up so beautifully as well and all it needed was a good iron and it was ready to go.

I really cant wait to style up this shirt with a good old pair of denim shorts, maybe even contrast it with a black ripped pair, to add a different feel. It’s such a casual style and cut that it always looks effortlessly chic, and is also super soft against your skin. The embroidery doesn’t irritate you at all and you can even roll up the sleeves to change up the style of it too. I’ve even got my eye on some of the beautiful floral bodycon dresses on their website, which would also be a great festival day outfit.

The only criticism I would make about it would just be the sizing descriptions, from their small, medium, large into British clothing sizes. I got guided an XL would be a UK size 12, however this is a bit big for me and I could of easily got a large if it wasn’t for the fact that the shirt looks great over-sized.

 What do you have planned this summer?

Rachel x

3 Ways To Find Your Summer Style Inspiration

Untitled design (9)

I’m always on a mission to get that perfect chic summer Parisian look, which looks super effortless no matter what the temperature, country or occasion. It’s a look that I love to admire and which I’m really trying to build my capsule summer wardrobe into. During the rest of the year, I love to have multiple pieces I can wear for all seasons and weather’s, but with summer I like to really choose my key go-to items that all work well together and can create some gorgeous looks. However, I personally find a chic and classic summer wardrobe pretty hard to nail and not let the heat and convenience of shorts and a tee become my staple wardrobe. So, I’m sharing 3 ways that I’m loving, to gain inspiration for my summer style…

1. Get On Pinterest– As you all know I’m a massive fan of Pinterest and I can’t get enough of scrolling through all the beautiful images and quotes they have. However, what I love even more is the amount of gorgeous style inspiration. So, I love to make a fashion and style inspiration mood board, get scrolling and pin some of my favourite images on there. Then, you can come back to it later, when you’re stuck for outfit inspiration or packing for a holiday.

2. Spend Time In Your Wardrobe– This may sound a bit ridiculous, but honestly one of the best ways to feel inspired by your summer style is to know exactly what items you have. Start by clearing out all your colder, winter pieces and then focus on all the beautiful summer pieces you have. This way you can start to see what colour palette’s you’ve got going on and plan what items you can wear with what.

3. Be Nosy- One of my favourite things to do is people watch and so mix this with a way of gaining some good style inspiration, and I’m hooked. I’m talking just observing what other women’s outfits, what colours, styles or patterns they’ve styled with what, or even how the mannequins have been dressed in shop windows.

With style it’s all about being inspired and having the intrigue to want to play around with your wardrobe and create some gorgeous outfit combinations.

Rachel x