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Hi, I’m Rachel,

A British student from Central England who has had a lifelong love for fashion and style, and chose to start writing a blog to start her journey to her dream Fashion career. From humble beginnings of a 13 Year old, who had no idea what a blog even was, despite knowing about all the talented people who have their own little spaces on the internet; to a 18 year old who has spent time nurturing her love for affordable style and developing a Fashion & Lifestyle blog which she adores. Rachelspick follows this 5 year journey, from a girl to a young woman…

Starting from very little knowledge of fashion, and my only sources of information were some of my favourite fashion magazine’s and style programme’s on the TV, to discovering my own personal style and having a wide knowledge of fashion trends, style’s, brands and some of my blogging inspirations. However, there is so much more to me than just the fashion lover, clothes addict and blogger. I also have a interest for technology and computing; explaining my obsession with constantly trying to improve my blog design and creating new promotional material! Dance is also another one of my big hobbies, and I have a real love for being able to express myself through choreography and some of my favourite pieces of music. I love to work and collaborate with brands, as well as share my own blog content; reflecting a variety of my passions in my life.

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Rachelspick is a Fashion & Lifestyle blog, based on my love for clothes, shopping and a constant desire to be chic. Using the home grown fashion knowledge, I’ve learnt over the last 5 years, and my obsession with constantly reading the latest fashion blogs and magazines, I’ve created a blog all based around my love for affordable style. Since 2012, rachelspick has gained over 1,400 followers and over 40,000 views, with content including bits to do with fashion, personal style, lifestyle, and also a bit of beauty and blogging know how, thrown in as well.

My reader’s include a variety of fashion loving women, however the majority of my readership are similar like minded and aged, young women, who desire to be a part of and enjoy the new blogging community. They’re currently at the start of life’s journey as an adult and undertaking the day to day struggles of growing up; such as part-time job’s, growing up and looking good on a budget. Recently, in order to invest in my blog and to build it’s readership, rachelspick has undergone a huge make over, thanks to a lovely new chic blog design and it’s very own domain name. It’s currently going from strength to strength.

The-Struggles-Of-Becoming-An-AdultWork & Collaboration’s

This year my work with brands has massively increased; collaborating with MAHI Leather, Zaful, Milly Bridal, Bonobos, AisleStyle and CLC World Travel. I’ve also previously collaborated with industry brands such as Farfetch, Tommy John, Credit Card Insider, Madison Reed, Casper and The Body Shop. I’ve recently become an ambassador for Nia Car Fragrances.

 Rachelspick has taken part in a variety of blogging partnerships and collaborations; including the month long ‘Fashion February’ bloggers series, in which I shared how to style a variety of different fashion pieces, on the high-street. I’ve also taken part in the #Bloggersdoitbetter challenge, and shared a range of blog content based on different topics each week.

I’m always looking to work with new brands which can offer a collaboration which will compliment myself and my blog, as well as appealing to my readers.If you’re interested in working with me please drop me an email at rachelspickblog@gmail.com.

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I think we can undoubtedly say, that my blogging life has been busy since I first hit that ‘Publish’ button in 2012.


Rachel xxx

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